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Friday, June 29, 2012

the cult of talkers

Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny promised to pay no one in his government entourage more than ninety thousand Euro a year.
The figure was still too high for a country that is destitute but never mind that.
Ninety grand was the ceiling he set.
Enda Kenny is paying his personal adviser 220,000 Euro per year.
We have obtained a transcript of this professional talker's most brilliant advice to Enda Kenny.
Here's what he said:
"The economic indicators are in flux and it is still difficult to discern clearly an end to the present event horizon going forward. Economically it is necessary to steer a course of action which will predetermine a positive outcome should the international variables begin to improve. The most important policy we need to initiate at present is to go to a graveyard at midnight, cover our bodies in written incantations from the Kabbalah, and throw a dead cat over our shoulders while shouting: Warts Go Away."
Two hundred and twenty grand a year folks, plus bonuses, plus expenses, plus another twenty million in pension in entitlements for that.


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