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Sunday, July 01, 2012

we idlers

Something called Brenda Power, writing in something called The Daily Mail, has once again turned her formidable intellect to the subject of people in receipt of unemployment benefits attending the European Soccer Championships.
The Daily Mail is obsessed with the unemployed.
Apparently its proprietor Lord Dacre was waylaid by a group of passing unemployed people in his youth and bitten badly on the testicles.
He was an unlucky fellow Lord Dacre.
As he stumbled away from his encounter with the unemployed, he was ambushed by a gang of wild homosexuals who savagely paid him compliments on his natty dress style.
He never recovered. (cf Rupert Murdock who was waylaid by the same maurauders in similar circumstances with the same results.)
But I digress.
We're talking about Brenda Power's marvellous insights on unemployed people who dare to attend football matches.
The Daily Mail's British edition owes bankrupt idiot banks in excess of a thousand million dollars. (These banks are idiots and bankrupt precisely because they loan money to a bankrupt idiotic anti Catholic newspaper like the Daily Mail.)
Brenda Power writes for the Irish edition of the Daily Mail.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail owes idiot banks in excess of a hundred million dollars.
The Daily Mail will never repay any of these debts.
Its staff can draw a salary solely because bankrupt idiot anti Catholic governments in Ireland and Britain have thrown public money at banks whose commercial nous is zero, as evidenced by the fact that these same banks are out of pocket to the Daily Mail to the tune of more than 1200 million dollars and counting.
Here is the news.
Brenda Power you are unemployed.
Brenda Power you are receiving unemployment benefit disguised as a salary from the bankrupt Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail has no money.
Brenda Power, you are being paid with public funds from bankrupt banks that are being financed by the bankrupt Irish government using more public funds which they are borrowing from the Germans.
The only difference between you and unemployed people on social welfare benefit is that the unemployed people on social welfare benefit are honorable enough to admit that they are unemployed and to claim the modest sum that is officially reserved for them.
Brenda Power you are... oh words fail me.
There is no market on earth for your writings beyond the vastly inflated State sponsored subsidies that you and the rest of the staff at the bankrupt Daily Mail receive each week courtesy of State owned bankrupt banks.
I would ask you to please try moderating your tone with a little humility and self awareness when you discuss issues relating to the unemployed.


Interestingly enough, the subject of unemployed people receiving social welfare payments is also currently agitating the great minds at yet another similarly bankrupt anti Catholic newspaper group styling itself Independent Newspapers.
Today in the Sunday Independent something called Eilis O'Hanlon writes: "The culture of long term welfare entitlement is innately damaging."
I do not wish to be over critical of Independent Newspapers.
It's all already been said.
There is a whiff of something degraded over this newspaper group.
The Sunday Independent in particular is bathed in the roseate hue of a vague congenital hoordom: Editors marrying their hag assistant editors whose daughters clutter the corridors with purple (anti Catholic) prose as conformist as it is invidious, moving confidently through a mist of canabis fumes and nepotism, while saturnine talentless career lefties sneer at the ancient faith but never utter a word about the neo feudal hijacking of power and opportunity within Ireland by the paper's hoormaster proprietor Sir Anthony J O'Reilly and his odious keleptocratic corporatist rackateering cocaine addicted sons.
I'm not saying Eilis O'Hanlon got her job by riding some hoary dessicated cocaine addicted old goat among the plethora of hoary dessicated cocaine addicted old goats on the company Board.
Nor am I saying that she got her job by being the daughter of some talentless bitch who rode a hoary cocaine addicted old goat among the hoary cocaine addicted old goat management and directors of the company Board.
I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
I am merely saying that I cannot detect a smidgen of merit in her writings.
Independent Newspapers owes uncounted thousands of millions of dollars to idiot banks.
Offiicially we know that around 470 million dollars worth of debt is due for payment to creditors soon.
Independent Newspapers will never pay these debts.
Like the Daily Mail group, Independent Newspapers, and its scruff anti Catholic staff, and even the immortal Eilis O'Hanlon, exists solely on borrowings from idiot bankrupt State owned banks.
They are paid with State funds.
This is a peculiarly immoral and unfair form of social welfare.
Eilis O'Hanlon like the unconquerable Brenda Power, is paid a salary from bank borrowings, ie from the money the Irish government gives corrupt bankrupt gangster banks so that they can maintain the farcical pretention that the banks are still trading.
Eilis O'Hanlon you...
Oh just read my message for Brenda Power.
And shut your hole.


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