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Sunday, July 01, 2012

the hijacking of ireland by the quinn family and their accomplices

1. Sean Quinn robbed billions of dollars from the Irish nation simply by burglarising Anglo Irish Bank through the use of his accomplices on the bank staff, to wit then Anglo Chief Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm and others, who granted him and themselves multiple billion dollar loans that they could never repay.

2.The Daily Mail has received video footage of members of the Quinn family negotiating with Russian and Ukrainian gangsters who have been helping the Quinn family to conceal some of the billions the Quinns have stolen from Ireland by siphoning the money into supposed property deals in Ukraine.

3. My analysis is that the video footage has been forwarded to the Daily Mail by the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters with a view to destroying the Quinns so that the Quinns will be thereby prevented from hassling the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters for the stolen money that the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters had been helping the Quinns to hide.

4. Russian gangsters are dangerous people.

5. The Quinn family have associations with Irish gangsters formerly involved in IRA terrorism.

6. The Quinn family are dangerous people.

7. Corrupt Irish parliamentarian Liam Lawlor who served a pattycake prison sentence in Ireland, died in a car crash in Moscow. I do not believe for a second that the car crash that killed Liam Lawlor was an accident.

8. I believe the Quinns are lucky that their gangster associates are trying to ruin them by sending video tapes to the Daily Mail rather than by killing them.

9. There is reasonable doubt that the Irish courts system is capable of trying the Quinns.

10. It is not known how many Judges the Quinns own.

11. Circuit Court Judge Patricia Ryan was married to the recently deceased Irish government Finance Minister Brian Lenihan. Brian Lenihan looted the treasury and borrowed Ireland into a hundred years of unrepayable debt (mortgaging the nation and its future) to conceal the burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank by the Quinn family and by their allies within the management of Anglo Irish Bank and by their accomplices in the Russian mafia. Brian Lenihan bankrupted Ireland to keep the Quinns in BMWs. Brian Lenihan escaped justice by dying. In view of the fact that his wife is a Circuit Court Judge, what chance have any of us of getting redress for the theft of our nation, our prosperity, our freedoms and our very lives, by this cabal of criminals?

12. High Court Judge Leonie Reynolds is a daughter of Albert Reynolds, a former Fianna Fail Prime Minister most famous for claiming he didn't know about a million pound donation to his pet food factory from a Muslim who later received an Irish passport.

13. Judge Eamon De Valera, a descendent of the founder of the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party continues to preside over frivolous libel cases against anyone who attempts to speak the truth about the corruption of Fianna Fail supporters and connections. Among his greatest hits was the award of two million dollars to Monica Leech, a woman who claimed to feel libelled by Independent Newspapers attempts to report on the circumstances in which she received hundred thousand dollar government payments for designing websites no one ever visited, a situation she explained as having occurred when: "The government Minister saw me in a restaurant and called over: Design that website for me." She claims that this casually called out salutation in a restaurant represented the entire tender process for a 150,000 dollar government contract. A second such contract for a similar amount was awarded to Monica Leech after a more conventionally staged tender process. Following half hearted media attempts to even mention, let alone report, the dubious circumstances in which Monica Leech obtained two contracts for her worthless services from a corrupt Irish government Minister, various (massive) sums of money have been paid out by those same media groups to that same Monica Leech for supposedly libelling her. The circumstances in which more public money founds its way to Monica Leech from State owned broadcasters without any Judicial ruling on their liability, touch on grand farce. I'm laughing so hard, one of my sides just split. Get this. The Irish national broadcaster RTE gave Monica Leech hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money without any libel court ruling, after an anonymous caller to an RTE radio show suggested that Monica Leech had received hundred thousand dollar government contracts because she had given blow jobs to a government Minister. This anonymous caller was never identified. Could he have been a friend of Monica Leech's engaged in a double cross? It's an easy 140 Grand. He was never identified and RTE gave this dreadful woman another 140 G's of my money without any court proceedings or public hearing into the matter whatsoever. The Monica Leech case against Independent Newspapers at least found its way into a court room. We didn't exactly get justice, mind. But why worry? No matter how often the nation loses, Monica Leech and her crass co conspirators in the Fianna Fail political party, stay well in front. So Judge De Valera forced Independent Newspapers to pay Monica Leech two million dollars for the crime of stating the bleedin obvious. Judge De Valera was also responsible for the similarly disgraceful gift of twelve million dollars via a spurious libel award to Donal Kinsella, known as the naked ape, for his attempts to gain access while naked to the hotel bedroom of one of Kinsella's underlings at the company where he worked. Judge De Valera's justification for awarding Kinsella a king's ransom against the company, was that Judge De Valera and his tainted jury believed the company's damage limitation press release following public consternation about the naked ape's exploits, had hurt the naked ape's feelings. Kinsella and Leech are, like Sean Quinn, Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, their wives, mistresses, odious families, et al (particularly Al, I hate him), and their cats Tiddles, part of the same pseudo elite that uses established political parties and corrupt judges like DeValera, to reduce the Irish people to the level of farm animals.

14.The present Minister for Finance in the Republic of Ireland, Michael Noonan, who is a member of the corrupt kleptocratic Fine Gael party which is in coalition with the corrupt kleptocractic Labour Party, ie the parties elected to repudiate Fianna Fail's kleptocracy, has stated: "I feel sorry for Sean Quinn."

15. Senior Irish Times journalist Kathy Sheridan stated on national television that she felt sorry for Sean Fitzpatrick the former chief of Anglo Irish Bank whom she claimed was a decent man. Fitzpatrick was a key figure in Sean Quinn and his family's burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank and of the nation.

16. Alan Dukes, a former leader of Fine Gael who lost his parliamentary seat after corrupt police officers from his security detail leaked details of his philandering with his secretary, is now Chief of Anglo Irish Bank. The appointment of Alan Dukes, a Fine Gaeler, came during the final two years of Fianna Fail's government and was a key factor in Fianna Fail's looting of the treasury to bail out their gangsters friends in gangster banks, giving the whole blagg the veneer of cross party non partisanship. In my view, Alan Duke's complicity in Fianna Fail's grand theft of the nation makes Alan Dukes a thoroughly opprobrious figure.

17. The present Fine Gael and Labour Party coalition, which was elected to repudiate Fianna Fail kleptocracy, has in fact upheld and extended Fianna Fail kleptocracy.

18 Fine Gael and Labour have purchased the bankrupt worthless gangster bank styling itself Allied Irish Bank for the bargain basement fee of ten thousand million Euro of public money. One of the Board members of Allied Irish Bank is Lochlainn Quinn who is a brother of Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn.

19. Fine Gael and Labour have continued the Fianna Fail practice of packing the Judiciary with Judges chose from among their sons, daughters and party apparatchiks.

20. Ireland has been hijacked. The question is: What do we do about it?


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