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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the inheritors

Coffee with the RTE types.
They're laughing about Ireland's revolutionary tradition.
They're scorning the rebellions which pockmarked the road to the present incarnation of the Irish nation as a Republic.
They're ladling contempt on Theobald Wolfe Tone, Eamon DeValera, Padraig Pearse et Al.
Particularly Al.
They hate him.
And I, no friend to RTE types, to Ireland's revolutionaries, or to rebellions generally, am keeping silent.
Presently the RTE types cease their excoriations of the founding fathers and pause for air.
"What about you Heelers?" one of them crows. "You're supposed to be some sort of a Catholic but you're more of a West Brit. You don't like them rebels do ya. You're more a West Brit I think. Go on. Whaddaya think of the bould rebels?"
"Just remember," I say softly. "you live in the house they built."


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