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Friday, April 19, 2013

the family of the al qaeda agents who bombed boston

Family members of the Muslim murderers who bombed Boston, are currently clogging up the airwaves on radio, television and print media, claiming they are disgusted with the little assassins they reared, succoured, brought to America and turned loose on the rest of us.
The family of young Dzhokar and his co murderer young Tamurlan, claim to be stunned by their children's cowardly islamist attacks on the Boston marathon.
Who could have seen it coming!
Muslims bombing human beings in the streets.
Never heard of such a thing.
You raise your kids to hate anyone who isn't Muslim and then they go out and act on everything you've ever taught them.
So very surprising.
Excuse me while I wring my hands.
Presumably the family of young Dzhokar and young Tamurlan just never noticed when young Dzhokar and young Tamurlan were building bombs and priming their machine guns in the basement of the family home.
The occasional shout of "Death To America" at the breakfast table was probably put down to the exuberance of youth.
Kids, these days!
The things they say.
And do.
Sure it could happen in any family.
The family of the latest Al Qaeda murderers to be unmasked executing citizens on main street, are playing it a different way from the last batch of Al Qaeda assassins to be similarly unmasked.
A few years ago the family of Hassan Malik, the Al Qaeda murderer who slaughtered thirteen soldiers and an unborn baby at Fort Hood, went on the air immediately after his attacks to blame those attacks on his victims, ie on the American army. Hassan Malik had infiltrated the American army on behalf of Al Qaeda in order to commit mass murder. Clearly in justifying his actions, his family weren't worried about losing their residency in the United States.
I think we should make them worry.
I am tired of worrying about them.
In France the family of the Arab assassin who murdered three French soldiers, then broke into a school to film himself murdering three little Jewish schoolgirls and a Rabbi, and then shot six French police officers (he didn't manage to kill them) who were trying to take him alive, that family I tell you, are currently sueing the French government for failing to capture their murdering psycho Muslim son alive.
You couldn't make it up.
Here's a thought.
When a Jihadi attacks citizens on Main Street, lets expel his family, and his friends, and anybody who meets him for coffee in the Starbucks on Westmoreland Street, anyone who works with him in the Starbucks of the BT2 building on Grafton Street, and anyone from the Chinese Triads who helps him with harassment activities in the Ilac Centre toilet on Henry Street, and anyone whose number is on his mobile phone.
Why not just send these bstaads home.
All of them.
It's time to change the rules.
No more Arab terror.
No more Al Qaeda's.
No more Jihad.
Send them home to their glorious happy sunshiney Muslim lands to contemplate what they have lost and why they have lost it.
It is time to teach the Jihadis the meaning of fear.


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