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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The Muslim terror army sweeping through Iraq is Al Qaeda.
The appeaserish handwringers of the West, ie CNN, Sky News, Amnesty International, the BBC, Barack Obama, and any media entity owned by Rupert Murdock, are engaging in the most urbane self indulgent quasi masturbatory faux civilised analysis regarding the exact identity of the Muslim Army Of Isis.
They find it all so complicated.
CNN and Sky are always confused as to the identities of the perpetrators of the latest Muslim atrocity against the human race.
Any admission that Al Qaeda is a world wide terror army which threatens the human race, would be like admitting that President Bush was correct to go after them in the first place.
I don't see CNN admitting that any time soon, do you.
Hence the eternal and interminable analysis about the latest Muslim flag of convenience whether it's Boko Haram, Al Shebab, Ansar Al Islam, Isis, the Chechens, the Uighurs, the psycho Mussies du jour in France, the Black Jackets in Dublin, or even the pilot Mussie who murdered 300 passengers on that Malaysian aeroplane a few months ago.
Here is the news.
They are all Al Qaeda.
Boko Haram in Nigeria is Al Qaeda.
Al Shebab in Somalia is Al Qaeda.
Isis in Iraq is Al Qaeda.
The Chechens in Russia are Al Qaeda.
The Uighurs in China are Al Qaeda.
The Mussies slaughtering schoolgirls in France are Al Qaeda.
The Black Jackets in dealing drugs in Dublin are Al Qaeda.
The heartless Malaysian pilot bstaad is Al Qaeda.
And Al Qaeda itself is...
Al Qaeda is the cult of the assassins in modern Islam.
The Cult Of The Assassins has defined Islam for fifteen centuries.
Incidentally the victims of the Cult Of The Assassins in any era always include many millions of Muslims either slaughtered, maimed, impoverished or enslaved.
That's why they all want to live in our countries.
The Muslim Cult Of The Assassins is at our gates.
It has swallowed its own bigotry long enough to liaise effectively with Chinese Triads, Russian people traffickers, Nigerian devil worshippers, new Eastern European gangs, and old Italian Mafias, along with near defunct former communist narco traficante western political terror groups like Ireland's IRA, Spain's Basque separatist ETA and the Colombian Farc, and their ilk, in order to get here.
Muslims swallowing their own bigotries long enough to establish cooperation with other groupings of scum is new.
It could be a game winner for them.
One thing is sure.
It's not going away.
We either fight it.
Or we surrender to it.
Al Qaeda and their racketeering allies have not left us any other choice.
The wars of the future will be mafia.


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