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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

here's one

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
Apparently some incarnation of a British music combo styled The Clash are putting out cover versions of that band's greatest hits.
I alight upon the updated version of Rock The Casbah.
It goes:

"I really don't like this
Rock the Cosbies
Rock the Cosbies.
By order of  Gloria Allred
All 1970's tramps
Can collect a ten million dollar pension
And a million in food stamps
They randomly pick an 80 year old TV celebrity
And claim to have been in his hotel room
In 1973
That he gave them a potion
And sundry other things
Then the room began to spi-n-n-n-n
I really don't like this
Dung ger dung dung
Dung ger duk dung dung
Rock the Costbies
Rock the Cosbies
Gretchen Carlson got fired from Fox
Without a pension plan
She called up Gloria Allred
Who was her only man
They cooked up a tenuous allegation
About Fox CEO Roger Ailes
And the Murdock Corporation paid
Twenty mi-ll-ion-n-n
I really don't like this
Rock the Cosbies 
Rock The Cosbies
This is not Kosher
Rock the Cosbies 
Rock the Cosbies
With feminist attorneys
And bimbo eruptions
And a presumption of guilt when any gold digger impugns an elderly man
Rock the Cosbies
Rock the Cosbies"

Well, well, well gentle and refined travellers of the internet..
After all these years.
I think I'm actually starting to like the Clash.


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