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Sunday, October 23, 2011

in the eye of the storm

Rain falling through the universe and Stephens Green.
I am feeding the ducks.
Pigeons are scrambling over my shoes for a few crumbs.
About a hundred sea gulls are screaming around me attempting to intimidate the ducks.
The sea gulls are pushy and aggressive to the other birds but I still love them.
They've learnt to come right up to me. Before they would observe a safe perimeter and wait for me to throw them some bread.
Now they fairly bowl over the pigeons for the more closely contested scraps.
Some stalwart pigeons scout between my legs for safer crumbs.
It's hard for them to get their share since the sea gulls figured out the way things work.
And the rain is gusting through my frame.
And joy is gusting with it.
The Lord once told some of his hangers on that "the kingdom of heaven is among you."
He seemed to be saying that it's awful close.
Right here if we'll only see it.
I saw a shadow of it today and liked it lots.
Oh gentle readers.
If you've ever been oppressed by evil spirits, by demons of the mind, by the world, by the vicissitudes of life, by persistent nuisance emails from the Irish Labour Party, or by fears your countrymen may vote for atheistic abortionist establishment fakes in a presidential election, if any of these things have ever gotten you down, go to the park and feed the ducks I tells ee.
The God of the Hebrews will meet you there.
And he'll show you the heaven that is.


Blogger Genevieve said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, James.

5:56 AM  
Blogger heelers said...

Gen, always a pleasure!

7:44 PM  

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