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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

children of the stones

The children were spending their Summer holidays in a picturesque English village.
It was idyllic.
The air warm and scented.
The townsfolk cheery and good hearted.
Only slowly but surely the children began to suspect that the town was being quietly take over by devil worshippers.
The only sign that someone had been absorbed into the cult was that they would no longer use any traditional sort of greeting which might have a Christian connotation.
Slowly but surely the children noted that more and more of the townsfolk no longer seemed to be themselves.
The old lady in the sweet shop confided in them that she knew evil was afoot.
They were sure she would never be taken over.
Then one day as they were leaving the shop the old lady called after them in a sing song voice: "Happy Day children."
It was a most chilling moment.
I still don't think I've seen it bettered in any horror movie.
They just knew.
She was gone.
Children Of The Stones was a British series.
It was shown on Ireland's RTE in 1975.
For some months during the Autumn of that year, youngsters in the tiny Irish hamlet of Kilcullen, could talk about nothing else.
The plot unfolded over about twenty half hour episodes.
It scared the bejabers out of me and I was always curious as to who might have written and produced it.
Whoever it was seemed, to my brilliant mind, to know more about the forces of darkness than any mere amateur.
Fast forward 37 years.
Irish poet James Healy suspects his country and his faith is being undermined from within.
He has been trying to map the unfolding conspiracy.
Certainly some of those involved in the broadcasting medium and within the Judiciary are Marxists who spent the Cold War rooting for the Russians.
It seems that similar co-conspirators are lurking in the upper reaches of the Civil Service, in the Univerisity system and in the Police.
Yet the conspiracy is not just being run by Marxists and former Marxists.
There is a whiff of Free Masonry about.
And ever so faint, but clearly discernible, the tincture of satanism.
Most tellingly of all, James Healy suspects that the Marxians, anarchists, and satanistic Free Masonic cultist would be destroyers of Ireland's Christian civilisation have for the first time ever managed to plant an agent among the hierarchy of the Irish Catholic Church, to wit Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
If the most malign aspect of the conspiracy has been the culture war against the Catholic Church, then the most shockingly vitiating factor in that culture war, the element most likely to lead to victory for the forces of darkness, has been the presence in a senior position within the Catholic Church of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Get this.
Archie receives inexplicably adulatory news coverage from the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent, from the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Times, and from the bankrupt Stalinist State funded anti Catholic RTE, the most anti Catholic newspapers and television stations in Europe.
These people have spent the last forty years contriving slanders against every Catholic Bishop Ireland.
But they love Archie.
You explain it.
If he's not one of them, what the hell is he?
So I'm fairly confident I can see some of the outlines, the contours, of the conspiracy.
But the uncanny thing is the way in which it is growing.
Last month Maureen O'Dowd of the bankrupt leftist New York Times also wrote a column lauding Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
She wrote like a young girl in the first flush of romantic love.
It was a Kodak moment for me to realise just how many friends Archie now has among international leftist newspaper contributors.
Then a few weeks later, the atheistic pro IRA Phoenix magazine wrote a similar paean praising him.
The Phoenix wrote that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was the only Catholic leader people might listen to with respect.
Now why would an atheistic crypto IRA rag like the Phoenix write in praise of a supposedly Catholic Archbishop?
I was a tad stunned.
Normally the Phoenix apes to hate everyone Catholic and non Catholic alike.
Its only kindnesses are reserved for IRA and Muslim terrorists.
I kid you not.
But when it comes to it, why shouldn't the Phoenix throw in its lot with the other Marxians?
It was always really only a matter of time.
So Maureen O'Dowd and the Phoenix are singing Archie's praises.
Whoever next?
And then Father Thady Doyle, the bluff, decent, hard working, no nonsense editor of the Curate's Diary, a little regional self published magazine that has become world famous, wrote an article respectfully quoting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin as warning that the Church is at breaking point.
The Curate's Diary was set up by Father Thady forty years ago.
There hasn't been much of Archie in it up to today.
And now this.
At a stroke Father Thady seems to have abandoned all his reservations, if he had any, about Archie's attempts to drive a generation of Bishops from office so that he, Archie, and his atheistic liberal allies, can remake the Chruch in their own image by appointing the Bishops' successors.
Why on earth would Thady have overnight abandoned his apparent detachment from Archie's machinations?
Why would Father Thady be now quoting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin with apparent tacit approval?
Great Scott.
It's like the old lady in the sweet shop.
They've got Thady.
None of us are safe.
Not since Children of the Stones have I been so horrified.


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