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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the inglourious basturdz

Morning at the Reichstag.
Fuhrer Enda Kenny is being briefed by Gestapo Chief Alan Shatter.
"Ze Catholic Church is collapsing on all fronts Mein Fuhrer," says Shatter. "Even as we speak our einsatzgruppen are rounding up the stragglers for, er, repatriation."
"You mean Baldy Quinn has gone around again to shakedown priests and nuns on their death beds in old folks homes demanding more cash for anyone claiming to have been an abuse victim?" enquires the Fuhrer.
"Yes Mein Fuhrer," says Shatter. "Zat is exactly vot I mean."
Suddenly the music of Kenny Loggins greatest hit fills the cabinet room.
Enda Kenny and Alan Shatter freak to the beat.
The song goes:
"Shakedown shakedown
All the atheistic Marxians bringing Christianity down
Shakedown shakedown
We're busted
Ner ner ner"


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