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Sunday, July 08, 2012

this week in the jihad

1. The Brits have arrested over a dozen Muslims in three separate police swoops. The Muslims were planning to shoot up the Olympics. None of them will be expelled from Britain. None of them will be executed. And only the very unluckiest will serve any jail time at all.

2. The French have decided that the downing of a passenger jet over the South Atlantic three years ago with the loss of hundreds of lives was an accident caused by technological and pilot error. In the initial aftermath of the crash the French had announced that there were at least two known Jihadis on the board. The French have now rowed back from this and prefer to think that the plane just crashed. This is in keeping with French strategy generally in the War On Terror. A strategy summed up by the phrase: Pretendez vous que ca n'existe pas et peut etre ca s'en va. Pretend it's not there and maybe it will go away. Bear this in mind. The French are still insisting that the Muslim Jihadi stabbing of the mayor of Paris in 2002 was a homophobic hate crime rather than an Al Qaeda attack. They similarly insist that a series of assaults and murders of Jewish people are merely normal street violence. French media has abandoned the story of the Jihadi attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse where a loan Muslim assassin shot three little girls one by one execution style.

3. The Muslim Al Qaeda father of the Muslim Al Qaeda assassin who slaughtered three little school girls, as well as a Rabbi, and three French paratroopers, is sueing the French government for not capturing his schoolgirl murdering son alive. Six French police officers allowed themselves to be wounded by the schoolgirl killing Muslim in their attempts to capture him alive. This isn't enough for his Al Qaeda loving father. So Papa Mussie is sueing the French Republic and the French are letting him do it. All the assassin's family are being allowed to retain French citizenship. And now this family of Muslim assassins are going to be permitted to put the French State and security forces on trial. The school girl executing assassin (He shot them in the face and filmed himself doing it) was given a formal Muslim burial in a French graveyard. I kid you not.

4. In Ireland, Muslim graffiti has appeared on the toilet door in the Cafe Costa on Dame Street. The graffiti reads: "In this land the priest is king." No Mussies. The priest isn't king here. The king is liberal leftist judges who've been purchased by Al Qaeda. Or you wouldn't be living here. But that can change.


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