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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

timeline to the boston bombings

November 2012: Resovietising Russian President Vladimir Putin warns the Americans that the Tsarnaev brothers, Dzokhar and Tamerlan, are Muslim Jihadis looking for a chance to bomb people to death wherever they can. The Americans ignore Putin's warnings.

February 2013: James Healy contacts the FBI's Boston Station Chief, a man publically styled Richard Deslauriers, via email warning of an uptick in Islamist activity on the streets of Boston where Healy is resident. Healy notes that having been routinely followed by Jihadis and their associates in the Chinese Triads in Dublin, he has noticed a similar monitoring of his activities by similar people in Boston. He suggests that there is ample opportunity for a sting operation whereby the FBI might follow the followers and interdict them from any Jihad murders they may be about to commit. He sends a copy of his nutty email to the CIA. Both agencies ignore it.

April 2013: The Tsarnaev brothers and their Al Qaeda unit bomb the Boston Marathon.


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