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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

results of the heelers enquiry into the wikileaks controversy

1. I don't like the proprietor of the Wikileaks website Julian Assange.
2. I believe Julian Assange may have published leaked American State Department communications on the website primarily to cause vexations to American foreign policy. His principal known allies in publishing the documents, namely the New York Times and The Guardian newspapers, lead me to conclude that Julian Assange does not wish America well. I may be wrong in this. But I don't like him. And I don't like his friends.
3. I am drawn to conspiracy theories as to who might be behind Julian Assange's Wikileaks website. In constructing such theories I would postulate that leftists like George Soros may be involved, or a foreign power such as Russia, or even in the most unlikely scenario a mass murdering terrorist entity such as Al Qaeda. If the Qaeda were involved, their involvement would probably have come indirectly through a Saudi or other Arab or other Muslim financier. I have also considered the possibility that the current leaks to Julian Assange's website were a deliberate American secret service operation. At one stage I considered this theory not to be without merit, simply because I personally found most of the leaks made America look good.
4. Nonetheless I assert that Julian Assange should not be facing extradition from Britain to Sweden on what have been up to now frivolous and unspecified charges. There is strong circumstantial evidence that these charges have been contrived in Sweden to discredit him and deprive him of his liberty. If President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are involved in such machinations with a view to extraditing Julian Assange onward from Sweden to the USA, then Barack and Hillary are themselves betraying America. And they are doing so simply because they have been personally embarassed by an office snitch. Nothing more.
5. Media groups should not have spent the past month asserting effusively that Julian Assange faced charges of "sex crimes" in Sweden. No reference to "sex crimes" should have been made unless details of those crimes were available. If the Swedish authorities were not engaging in a vexatious attempt to impede Julian Assange's liberty, then they should have immediately issued details of what precisely they wanted to charge him with. Publication and propagation of the term "sex crimes" in relation to Julian Assange was deliberately inculpatory and misleading.
6. The repeated publication and iteration by the media of the phrase "sex crimes" in relation to Julian Assange, showed not just an ignorance of the law but an overwhelming ignorance of the English language. It was a disgraceful piece of incompetence on behalf of the very media groups which are currently leeching off Julian Assange's journalism.
7. The term "sex crime" is so broad, and can mean something so atrocious or something so insignificant, that in a case like this no journalist worth his salt should every print it or say it, or refer to it, other than to decry it as an obvious attempt to besmirch Julian Assange's reputation.
8. Nor should the Administration of President Barack Obama be pursuing extradition proceedings against Julian Assange for espionage.
9. I believe that that the charges in Sweden against Julian Assange are vexatious exercises in frivolous legalism with the express, explicit and deadly intent of depriving Julian Assange of his liberty and causing maximum disruption to his website.
10. I consider it undignified for the Obama Administration to treat a leak from their State Department offices as a matter of international espionage.
11. I consider it opprobrious that the whole weight of international law and international policing is being turned against Julian Assange.
12. I remind you gentle readers that President Obama's Administration identified ten deep cover Russian spies engaged in the most malign and incontrovertible espionage in the United States earlier this year. President Obama immediately returned those ten Russian deep cover agents to Russia. So why on earth is he hounding Julian Assange whose sole and purely notional crime was to publish documents which were provided to him by a third party?
13. I say it again. The pursuit and attempted criminalisation of Julian Assange is undignified, inconsistent, and brings discredit not just to America but to the entire Free World. (Hint: I'm not worrying too much about any discredit accruing to Africa, Russia or China.)
14. Julian Assange is being criminalised because his actions could be construed as making the Obama Administration look sloppy. This is not a war crime. It is not espionage. I can sympathise with Hillary and Barack. They must have had a tense Monday morning when they realised their Administration was leaking like a sieve. But the grand total of charges against Julian Assange should read: He made the Obama Administration look sloppy. That's all there is.
15. Julian Assange may or may not have intended to cause disruption to American foreign policy by publishing information and documents which were apparently leaked to him from the State Department by a low level employee. What he intended is not important. What he intended is not a matter for law enforcement agencies or for extradition hearings.
16. In any case, the end result of the publication of these confidential State Department reports has not been to disrupt American foreign policy. There has been perhaps a little collateral embarassment to the Obama Administration in general and to State Department Chief Hillary Clinton in particular. But that's it. It's not a war crime. If Hillary is annoyed, she needs to improve security procedures in her office. Not drag down America by hitching the nation to her own credibility and hounding an internet entrepreneur whose activities formerly helped her party into power.
17. The documents published on Wikileaks have rather surprisingly provided an interesting and insightful illustration of the refreshingly biting realpolitik that goes on behind closed doors at the upper echelons of State power. It is the sort of realpolitik that rarely peeps through amid the recycled cliches and arid press releases of international diplomacy.
18. The published documents are journalistically relevant. And most of them rebound to America's credit.
19. The revelations about various Arab governments whose spokespersons seem to mouth perpetual anti Americanisms, the revelation I say that these same Arab governments were hoping against hope America might prevent Iran from gaining atomic bombs, this revelation alone I tell you is worth a billion dollars of cliched public relations press releases.
20. The only really negative revelation for President Obama came with the disclosure that American State Department officials apparently actually believed the nonsense being fed to them by Chinese communist government officials when discussing Korea. This also is instructive. For me it was instructive because it made me realise that I know more about Korea than Barack's advisers do. Chinese diplomats had been telling President Obama's representatives that China's communist party government had no objections to the reunification of North Korea and South Korea. And Barack's people believed them. This is absolutely fascinating. Because it's such a transparently deceptive ruse by the Chinese communists. North Korea is effectively a province of China. China maintains North Korea as a fake independent nation merely to cause proxy instabilities among prosperous democracies in the region, such as Taiwan, Japan and of course South Korea. The Chinese communist government does not want prosperous free nations on the borders of China. The presence of Free Nations on China's borders might make China's citizens even more anxious for their own freedom. Hence China last year sponsored a successful Maoist rebellion in Nepal. Hence China continues to sponsor Maoist terrorists in northern India. And hence China maintains North Korea as a nominally independent Maoist client slave state. In reality North Korea is nothing more than the most abject and barbarously mistreated province in the People's Republic Of China. North Korea would democratise overnight if China stopped propping up its murderous psychotisised communist regime. For Barack's people to be uncritically reporting to their president that the Chinese communists are willing to see both Korea's united is incredible. I'm afraid folks that the emergence of this piece of cretinous diplomatic proto delusionalism among Barack's senior staffers is more likely to suggest the real reason why President Obama's Administration is hounding Julian Assange than any genuine concerns about espionage.
21. The Wikileaks publications did not make America look bad. Hounding Julian Assange is making America look terrible. It's un-American. It's crass. It's letting the side down.
22. The disconnection of Julian Assange's website by internet service providers is shabby and dishonorable. The behaviour of Visa, Paypal and other such companies in restricting payments to Julian Assange's website is despicable. Such machinations are not typical of American law enforcement or American governance or American polity. By engaging in these strategies against Jullian Assange, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration are bringing the law into disrepute.
23. Real lovers of America and real lovers of freedom, say publish and be damned.
We do not stifle leaks or whistleblowers through arbitrary criminalisations. We leave that sort of tosh to Vladdie Putin and the new Soviets.
24. Let truth be told and let heaven rain.
25. Cease this invidious pursuit of Julian Assange.

Monday, December 06, 2010

chairman of soccer's governing body Sepp Blatter announces that the 2018 world cup will be held in russia

Sepp Blatter: "As Chairman of football's governing body FIFA, or Federation Internationale de Football et de Assassinations, it is my pleasure to announce that the 2018 world cup will be held in Russia. It was a no brainer really. The Brits could never hope to stage a world cup. What with their pathetic democratic values and love of freedom. I much prefer Putin's Russia. Now there's a country that kicks ass. I was particularly impressed by Russia's invasion of the small peaceloving nation of Georgia barely two years ago. The Russian army rolled over those Georgians like they weren't even there. And with typical elan, Putin choose the opening day of the Olympic Games to make his move. With missiles, bombs and bullets, he brutally detached two regions from little Georgia while the world was watching ice hockey. Hilarious, no! Our decision to send the world cup to Russia was also heavily influenced by Putin's successful assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006. Alexander Litvinenko had dared to criticise the actions of Putin's government in Russia. Putin's heartless psychotic assassins Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovkun murdered Mr Litvinenko in a barbaric and cowardly fashion by putting Polonium 90 in his tea. Lugovoi and Kovkun then fled back to Moscow. Lugovoi was appointed to the Russian parliament in order to give a two fingered salute to the rest of the world. Putin's administration has since refused to extradite Lugovoi to Britain to face charges for his cowardly murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Instead Putin ordered heavy bombers carrying nuclear weapons to buzz British airspace. Hoo baby. That was showing those evil Brits. We at FIFA like our assassins to be cold blooded cowards and those are just the sort of assassins Vladimir Putin has turned loose on the world. They don't always finish the job but their intended victims are always a good deal less comfortable after the attempt than before it. Witness former Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko whom Putin also had poisoned. Yuschenko survived. But afterwards Putin still stole his country by gerrymandering an election in Ukraine and installing an ethnic Russian gangster called Yanukovich in the top job. Sheer class. Is there no end to Putin's talents. At FIFA we've decided this genre of barbarity is just the sort of tough love that international soccer needs. Bring it on Mr Putin. Soccer needs you. I mean, come on folks. Think of the innovations Mr Putin will bring to football. Players sidling up to each other with Polonium 90 sprays. There will no longer be any need for personal fouls. If you wanna foul a player from now on, you just assassinate him. Oh yes. The world cup was long overdue a trip to Russia. Who cares that the Russians don't have any football stadiums. Football stadiums are just a detail of history. Like free countries on Russia's borders. Arf arf. Other factors weighing heavily in favour of the Russian bid for the world cup, were the recent provision by Putin's government of top grade atomic reactors to the Islamic Republic of Iran, subsequent to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declaration that he was going to wipe Israel off the map. Chutzpah. That's what Putin's got. Buckets of chutzpah. And of course Polonium 90. No shortage of that either, eh Vladdie? Anyhoo. We at FIFA were never going to leave the world cup in the hands of those namby pamby Brits. It's time we had a world cup with real bite. So we've handed it over to the psycho killers. This should be a hoot. The decision to give the world cup to Russia more or less became inevitable when President Putin sanctioned the assassination of the conscience of Poland. That is to say when Mr Putin ordered the downing of a passenger jet carrying Poland's President and nearly a hundred other Polish politicians and army staff. These were the Polish leaders who had defied communism throughout their own lifetimes and had safeguarded Poland's nascent liberation since 1991. These were the ones who knew precisely the depths of evil to which Russian communists could sink. These were the ones whose courage and witness served as a beacon for the younger generation of Polish people whom Putin wished to propagandise back into Sovietism. These were the incarnations of Poland's soul and the guarantors of Poland's freedom. Putin wiped them out at a stroke. And then stole the Polish presidency for another pro Russian figurehead through yet another gerrymandered election. Yeah the 2018 world cup goes to Russia. But how many of you seriously think there's gonna be a 2018?"

confucius he say

All life is but an actor, a poor player who struts and frets a brief hour upon a painted stage, then gets pelted with snowballs in the street by disaffected urban youth who probably couldn't even spell snowball if their lives depended on it. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, (and snowballs), signifying nothing.