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Saturday, April 17, 2010

john and michelle

eternity and the moment in caress
this little church is now the universe
two souls together in mystic oneness
the lord of all comes to bless

Friday, April 16, 2010

the man from uncle

this will go onward the same though dynasties pass

poetry as sex trap

dedicated to the one i love

make me immortal with a kiss
william shakespeare used to say this
when himself and francis bacon were on the piss
or maybe just hanging out at sir walter raleigh's place in the sticks
it was a highly efficacious line for pulling chicks
in those innocent days of 1586

thy beauty it has brought me home
to the grandeur that was greece
and the glory that was rome
thus spoke the bold sir edgar allen poe
the critics applauded and his mistress wasn't slow
to favour him with a smile of purest joy
and mutter something about come up and see me big boy

girl i'm going to be more subtle
than shakespeare poe or simon tuttle
who's he you cry and i don't know
he rhymes with subtle so in he go
i give you only a time and place
my house tonight half past eight

an open letter to archbishop diarmuid martin

Hey Archy.
Just wondering about a few things.
Since we know that Soviet Russia was in the practice of infiltrating communist agents into the Catholic Church all over Europe up until the early 1990's, do you think it's possible any such agents found their way to Ireland?
Do you think it's even remotely possible that any such agents didn't find their way to Ireland?
Were you at any time part of a secret clique, styling itself a liberal progressive organisation, and propagating itself surreptitiously within the structures of the Vatican diplomatic corps?
Do you and your brother Seamus, the atheistic communist former political editor of the Irish Times, share any views, say on the existence of God and on the historical inevitability of worldwide Communist dictatorship?
Why does Joe Little, RTE's religious affairs correspondent, who despises the Catholic Church and who formerly worked as an agent for the Soviet Union in seeking to subvert democracy in the Republic of Ireland, why does Joe Little give you such a good press?
Why does John Cooney of Independent Newspapers, the oleaginous apologist for abortion culture, condom culture, and life in test tubes culture, who worships only Tony O'Reilly and loathes the Catholic Church with a hatred that is palpable, why does John Cooney give you such a good press?
Why does Patsy McGarry, the self desribed atheist, who is religious affairs atheist for the Irish Times, why does Patsy McGarry give you such a good press?
God is on the side of the big newspaper groups, eh Archy?
James Healy

rise of the assassins

All across the internet, the chatter has built up.
The voices rise in cacaphony.
They are speculating about who might have assassinated President of Poland Lech Kazcynski and the one hundred other Polish heroes who died with him.
The men and women on the plane with President Kazcynski had been instrumental in Poland's reassertion of her ancient freedoms.
They more than any others were the guarantors of Poland's repudiation of the oppressions of Soviet rule.
Now they are gone.
The conspiracy theories have proliferated.
Nonsense about Polish rivals downing the aeroplane.
Rubbish about a secret World Government removing its enemies.
Tosh talk about breakdowns in communication between Polish pilots and the Russian control tower, with President Kazcynski ordering the pilots to attempt to land their old unsafe plane in perilous fog while the heroic Russian air traffic controllers just couldn't make them understand the dangers because of the language barrier.
Drivel all.
Drivel quite possibly perpetrated by the real murderers of Lech Kazcynski.
Now that the cats out of the bag about the plane crash being an assassination, the most workable method for the Russians in making the cat invisible, is to surround him with a lot of nonsense cats.
There's only one conspiracy theory that we need to be concerned with.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and deranged elements of the Russian secret service, against the will of their own people, have perpetrated a new Katyn massacre.
Prime Minister Putin has killed one hundred birds with one missile.
And Russia is in the hands of psychopaths.

letter from a young hindu

From: Divyavibha Sharma.
perfect love is love and hate.
perfect love is love and fear.
perfect anything has within it imperfection and the shadow.
like yin and yang.
when you embrace the light the darkness comes along.
now, most people want to deny darkness and then forever question why God who is all perfect also created evil. But God is evil too.. he is everything. How does God know everything and not know that he has created evil in the world.. well, God is all knowledge, so if we have knowledge of evil that is God.. and we have to embrace this knowledge not deny it and push it into the often unused corners of our brains.
We need to sit with our pain. Collect it and transform it. Not actively, nothing we need to run around for. But energy when paid attention to, when noticed is always transforming. All we need to know is at what stage is this energy and how is it changing into what.
A large part of our life, I feel, is designed to witness. An ideal life would be fartherest away from our habits of civilisation, in honesty of oneself. far from gestures of politeness but closest to complete honesty and truth of our being.
So much of our lives goes training ourselves to do things we dont want to do.things that are far from our nature. We think this is civilisation, we think this is progress.

i could go one forever.

but i'll end here.
bon dia.
lotsa love,
James to Divyavibha.
Gentle Dibya.
I have been meditating on your letter throughout the day.
God is love.
And Jesus is God.
This is all I have to say to you.
I see the whole world full of the love of God. I see everything in existence pointing to him. People, mountains, cities, skies, oceans, experiences, challenges, countries, literature, art, poems, philosophy, animals, all draw me to the heart of God. Evil has to work terribly hard to spoil things. If it slips up even for a moment, our hearts fill with love and joy and grace and light and holiness and beauty and truth.

the monica leech libel in

Tony O'Reilly, proprietor of Independent Newspapers, won a million quid in the National Lottery.
His secretary was a bit overcome.
"What are we going to do about all the begging letters?" she wondered.
"Keep sending them," answered O'Reilly.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the most illegal thing i ever wrote

Some years ago the Town Manager of Athy, Mr William Carroll died suddenly.
I wrote about his death in a now defunct provincial newspaper called the Leinster Leader.
Unfortunately I wrote the article at about three o'clock in the morning, and I managed to put the wrong name in for the man who had died.
In my doddery delirium I put in the name of the very much alive County Manager Tommy Skehane.
Afterwards legendary musician Eric Clapton wrote a song about my incompetent shenanigans.
Ah folks.
I gotta tell ee.
No jury in the western world could convict the Leinster Leader or their Brit owners the Johnston Scuzz for firing me.
Truly I was a slob.
Now I am watching Eric Clap sing his tribute to me on Mr Youtube's excellent internet site.
The song goes:

"I shot the County Secretary,
But I did not shoot the Athy Town Clerk.
Oh no.
I shot the County Secretary,
And they say it was my incompetence at work.
All around the town,
Leinster Leader hack journalists and management are putting me down.
They want to bring me in guilty,
For the life of the Clerk of Athy.
But I say hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
Ner, ne, niddle, niddle, ne.
I shot the County Secretary,
But I did not shoot the Athy Town Clerk.
I shot the County Secretary.
It was an accident, my pen slipped, it was very dark.
The County Secretary was no good to me.
Always running the County.
Whenever I'd try to write a story about grandiose Council expenditures on white elephant schemes like that new sky scraper office in Naas which they didn't need, amassing massive debts from idiot banks against our unborn generations and only barely maintaining some vestigial sort of budgetary function at the expense of the small business sector who were continually being hit with ridiculous rate increases to cover the cost of the Council's blundering bureaucratic empire building adventurism,
He'd say kill it before it grow.
Oh kill it before it grow.
And I say hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
Ner, ne, niddle, niddle, ne.
I shot the County Secretary,
But I did not shoot the Athy Town Clerk.
I shot the County Secretary,
I maintain I was stressed out from overwork.
Oh no.
Freedom came my way one day,
When Brit parvenus called the Johnston Press bought the Leinster Leader for a dime.
(Actually 138 million quid. - Eric Clapton note.)
They wanted to fire me for gross incompetence,
And I said: Thank heavens, it's about focquing time.
Oh thank heavens, it's about focquing time.
And I said hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
Ner, ne, niddle, niddle, ne.
I shot the County Secretary.
But I did not shoot the Athy Town Clerk.
I shot the County Secretary.
I gotta tell you it's by no means my most incompetent piece of work.
Oh no."

Good old Eric.
He never lost it.

the memo

I do not accept that I will be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
I do not accept that the Irish people will be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
I do not accept that unborn generations of the Irish nation shall in perpetuity be required to pay the debts of Anglo Irish Bank.
Anglo Irish Bank is a gangster bank.
Anglo Irish Bank is the personal bank for members and associates of the corrupt kleptocratic governing party Fianna Fail.
This is the sole reason why Fianna Fail has concealed the identity of borrowers and shareholders in Anglo Irish Bank while signing up the Irish nation to pay off Anglo Irish Bank's gambling losses and thieving losses.
The only people paying Anglo Irish Bank's debts should be Anglo Irish Bank officials and their associates.
Anglo Irish Bank was never more than a niche bank.
Anglo Irish Bank was not one of the Big Three banks in Ireland, namely Allied Irish Bank, Bank Of Ireland and Ulster Bank.
There was no reason to save it.
It was not saveable.
There is no excuse for Fianna Fail's invidious decision to use the Irish nation to bail out Anglo Irish Bank.
There is no excuse for Fianna Fail overnight choosing to spend Ireland into the Third World by accepting open ended debts from the gangster institution Anglo Irish Bank a bank which had already failed and could not be rescued.
The largest bank bail out by President Obama in America was 46 billion dollars to Citibank.
Fianna Fail's manipulation of the Republic of Ireland into accepting Ango Irish Bank's debts now incurs losses approaching those of Citibank.
The total losses which Fianna Fail has signed the Irish people up for in Fianna Fail's corrupt attempts to save Fianna Fail's corrupt niche gangster Anglo Irish Bank may yet exceed 100 million dollars.
No ceiling has been placed on the debts which Fianna Fail has compelled Irish people to cover on behalf of Anglo Irish Bank.
It is deeply disquieting that Alan Dukes, a former leader of Ireland's main opposition party Fine Gael has accepted from Fianna Fail the job of running Anglo Irish Bank at the expense of the tax payer, the citizenry and the unborn generations.
The fact that Alan Dukes has been given the top position in Anglo Irish Bank implies that the opposition Fine Gael party and the corrupt governing party Fianna Fail are at certain levels one party.
In other words, Irish democracy has been short circuited by a hidden elite.
I want Alan Dukes out of that job and all moneys he has received in that position to be repaid.
I want the illegal inculpation of the Irish people by Fianna Fail for the multi billion dollar thievery of Anglo Irish Bank to be repudiated.
I want the assets of all managers, officials, senior employees, legal staff and accountants employed by Anglo Irish Bank over the past twenty years, to be seized by the State.
I want the corrupt management of Anglo Irish Bank, and the corrupt management at the banks which helped Anglo Irish Bank to conceal its billion dollar thievery, ie Irish Life and Permanent, and Trustees Savings Bank, to be interned without trial and their assets to be seized.
I want the State bail out of the bigger banks, Allied Irish Bank and Bank Of Ireland, the ones who operated an illegal cartel for fifty years, the ones who tried to corner the property market through a vile alliance with criminal property developers, the ones who declared false billion dollar profits for the past two decades through accountancy tricks, to be anulled.
Let them pay their own gambling losses.
Let's end the rulership of all these corrupt gangsters and their media acolytes.
We'll have to live a little poorer maybe.
We can do it.
We can build a fairer more participatory more cultured more egalitarian more genuinely pro business more genuinely free society.
A Christian society.
Let's not be their farm animals any more.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

who were those people

They were the conscience of Poland.
The incorruptible ones who had defied, and prevailed, over first Nazi Germany then Communist Russia.
The liberators who by the grace of God had repudiated Soviet dictatorship though a lifetime of heroic courage and witness to the truth.
The ones who had thwarted the best efforts of resovietising psychotics to once more subvert and enslave their nation.
The ones who could spot an agent in the pay of Vladimir Putin at five hundred paces on a dark night with no moon.
Yes, these were the incorruptible ones.
Guardians of the soul of the Polish nation.
That is why they were murdered.


at half past five in the morning
the ticking clocks and creaking boards
fill the still house with their whispering
and are joined
by the voices
of unseen birds
in unseen trees
such choruses
praying hope in song
crying darkness now
but before long

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a busy week for vladimir putin

The Rise Of The Assassins.

Day One: Goverment of Kyrgizstan overthrown. The country has been the location of a primary American airbase supporting operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

Day Two: A plane carrying the President of Poland and a hundred of Poland's most powerful and most influential people, including the army chief, a Bishop and leading Solidarity figures, veterans of the struggle against communism, crashes in Russia. The pro democracy leadership, the very conscience of Poland, is decapitated. All lives are lost.

Day Three: Russian Judge Eduard Chevashov is gunned down in Moscow. CNN and Sky News report that he has recently passed verdicts against murderous skinhead gangs. CNN and Sky News omit to mention that Judge Chevashov had also been investigating members of the Russian secret service for corruption.

Monday, April 12, 2010

the immortals

in berneys pub at closing time
lord byron swigs his pint and tries again
to chat up claire o'brien
but getting nowhere shakes his head
and makes a move on mary shelley instead

doubt me if you must bold traveller
but know you this
tonight the balmy wind and splendid moon
with their touch
with their kiss
in truth and to my mind
have rendered cold kildare florentine

in time of the breaking of nations

I wrote the article.
But I didn't publish it straight away.
I sat wondering for a moment if I had the right.
Could I be wrong about Putin?
If I was wrong about him, I was wronging him grievously.
I went back to the front room to check the television reports one last time.
Sky News and CNN were full of talk about fog, and old planes, and pilot errors, and Polish Presidents ordering their flight crew to keep attempting to land in spite of the dangers.
On Russia Today, Peter Lavelle was saying: "The Stalinist period was hard for all of us. Some healing can still come of this tragic situation."
It was all vaguely obscene.
No mention of the salient issue.
The issue every single intelligent person on the planet was worrying about.
I went back to the computer and published the article.
"Now Internet," I breathed. "Do your work."