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Saturday, April 21, 2012

notes on apparitions

1. The phenomenon of claimed apparitions of supernatural beings has been present in some form within the experience of Christians for many centuries.
2. A proliferation of claimed apparitions featuring the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, has occurred over the past two centuries.
3. The preponderance of known claimed apparitions of Mary seem to have occurred to Catholics or to people within Catholic influenced cultures.
4. The Catholic Church has never formally requested or required of those who wish to consider themselves Catholic that they should believe in any claimed apparition of Mary or of anyone else.
5. The most significant claimed apparitions of Mary, and therefore the ones most worthy of investigative scrutiny, in my opinion are: The Rue De Bac (Paris France 1830's), La Salette (France 1848), Lourdes (France 1850's), Champion Wisconsin (USA), Pontmain (France 1870's), Knock (Ireland 1870's), Fatima (Portugal 1917), Beauraing, Banneux, Harlem (Netherlands 1950's), Syracusa (Sicily 1950's), Zeitoun (Egypt 1960's and 1970's), Akita (Japan 1970's), Kibeho (Rwanda Africa 1980's), and Medjugorje (1980's to present day).
6. The claimed apparitions at Garabandal in Spain in the 1960's are also worthy of study with a weather eye on the possibility of fraud or of little girls self hypnotising. Any lessons learned from Garabandal should be borne in mind in the consideration of other apparitions involving small children or teenage girls.
7. The possibility of a supernatural causality, (either in the form of presence of the forces of good or the forces of evil), should not be ruled out in any genuine enquiry into any claimed apparition.
8. The Catholic Church has recommended,with greater and lesser conviction, various apparitions as worthy of belief. As previously stated the Church has never demanded or requested of its adherents that they believe in any claimed apparition.
9. I use the phrase "greater conviction" and "lesser conviction" to differentiate the Church's recommendations of different apparitions. The "recommendation with greater conviction" would arise where a broad coalition of senior figures within the Church have pronounced positively over many years on a particular apparition. This has happened at Lourdes and Fatima.
10. The "recommendation with lesser conviction" in my view correctly describes positive recommendations of an apparition which have largely stemmed from a single local Bishop with a possible vested interest in promoting the apparition as genuine. This has happened at Harlem in the Netherlands, at Akita and at Champion Wisconsin in the USA. Both Harlem and Akita feature a claimed manifestation of Mary under the title Our Lady Of All Nations. Although the recommendations of both have come from local Church investigations, they may still be genuine as may the claimed apparition at Champion Wisconsin. But the possible lack of objectivity of a local endorsement should be taken into consideration in any investigation.
11. Apparitions involving just one claimant might be more easily faked than apparitions involving groups. Two such apparitions are Lourdes and the Rue De Bac. Lourdes has been accompanied by many reports of miraculous healings which are an important part in any consideration of the claims from that site.
12. Among the most interesting claimed group apparitions for me are Pontmain and Beauraing.
13. Fatima should be the starting point for any assessment of the proliferation of apparitions for the past two hundred years.
14. Fatima is of vital interest to any investigator because at one point during the series of claimed apparitions, tens of thousands of people claimed to have witnessed the sun dancing around the sky and rushing towards the earth.
15. Among the attested witnesses of the claimed solar event at Fatima, were atheists and reporters for the communist newspaper O Secolo.
16. The massive amount of supposed eye witness testimony affirming that some sort of extraordinary solar event occurred at Fatima during a claimed apparition of Mary by three children in October 1917, makes this the primary apparition of the past two hundred years.
17. If Fatima is fake, I'm inclined to think they're all fake.
18. If Fatima is truly an intervention by Mary, through the grace of God, some of the other claimed apparitions may be real.
19. The Catholic Church remains reluctant to issue a final opinion on the ongoing claims of apparitions from Medjugorje.
20. The Catholic Church has refrained from making any statement on the claimed apparitions at Zeitoun in Egypt which are alleged to have taken place from 1968 to 1971, and to have been witnessed by tens of thousands of people. The attestation for Zeitoun is interesting though not as formidable in an evidentiary sense as Fatima. The claimed events at Zeitoun involved bright light phenomena and an apparent human figure walking on the curved domes of a church building. The events took place at night. It would be necessary for any investigation to eliminate the possibility of a contrived light show being used to deceive the supposed tens of thousands of witnesses. If this possibility can be excluded, Zeitoun becomes very interesting indeed. The Catholic Church has chosen not to comment on Zeitoun out of respect for the Egyptian Coptic Church. In the event that the Egyptian Coptic Church unifies with the Catholic Church, we could expect a Catholic Church opinion to be published on the claimed events at Zeitoun.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the bus at five o clock

the engine tingles
the seated nation breathes
joe and michael argue politics
whilest a couple of rural misfits mingle
with some servants of the hebrew god
and not a few atheists
tom and jackie on a lover's tryst
giggle only the if and why
are yet unknown to them
whilest i
scrawl words
on a journey to kildare
through a dark forgotten corner
of an exploding world
scrawl words
on the fly leaf of a book
for in the coming tempest
such frail things may endure
and monuments of bronze
be rendered dust

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

garbo speaks

A phone caller purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty (so called since he falsely, maliciously and malignly claimed in the pages of the Anti Catholic Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is itself a paedophile ring) left a message on my voicemail today.
The caller purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty said the following word for word:

"You f--king pr--k. You write one more thing about me, I am going to take everything you have. I am personally going to break every f--king finger in your f--ken body. Okay?"

Well folks.
That was the entire message.
Breaking every finger in someone's body is apparently considered the height of panache down drugville way.
Thankfully he's not threatening to break the fingers outside my body.
But I liked the way he finished with "okay."
As if subconciously seeking my approval.
I haven't gotten a message like that from someone purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty since the morning of my mother's funeral over a year ago.
The message left by someone purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty the morning of my mother's funeral contained more explicit threats of violence.
More explicit than the semi coherent "breaking every finger in my body."
At the time many of us wondered could the person purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty really have deliberately timed his death threats to coincide with my mother's funeral.
Or was the timing just a happy coincidence.
I mean such an action would go beyond craven cowardice.
It would be low.

(First published 12th April 2012.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

birth and dying

armies were marching
through the low lands in winter
when she ran through the fields
to her only love

bleak were the hedgerows
the fastnesses lonely
the wind took their whispering
and gave it the wilds

the wilds took their whispering
and made it a song
of dreams that are broken
and dreams yet to be

her footsteps returned
to the place of her growing
and she slept like an angel
though armies were marching

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the evil that men do

The anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group ran an article in yesterday's Irish Independent which sought to exculpate discredited RTE journalistic bigot Aoife Kavanagh for her dissemination on national television and radio of false claims stating that Father Kevin Reynolds had raped a little African girl and had fathered a child by that little African girl.
To create this slander, which in my view amounted to attempted murder both of a reputation and of a person, Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE had paid an undisclosed sum of public money to an African woman to say she had been raped in childhood by Father Reynolds.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE also paid the African woman an undisclosed sum of public money to say she had given birth to a child by Father Reynolds.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE also refused to allow Father Reynolds to take a paternity test prior to their broadcast to the nation on television and radio of the lies they had paid the African woman to tell about him.
That's Aoife Kavanagh.
That's her friends.
That's RTE and its kulturkampf against the Catholic Church.
Yesterday's Irish Independent carried a statement purportedly by an RTE staffer, praising Aoife Kavanagh unreservedly.
Strangely the statement praising Aoife Kavanagh unreservedly was anonymous.
If the statement praising Aoife Kavanagh unreservedly was genuine, if someone really said it, why would they be afraid to set their name to it?
The supposed statement by a supposed RTE staffer supposesdly  said: "Aoife Kavanagh doesn't spend all day sitting around drinking coffee. If you give her a story to cover, an hour later she'll have made an unbelievable number of phone calls."
I ask you gentle readers.
Is Independent Newspapers trying to get at me with that comment?
No seriously.
I am the most famous journalist in Ireland for sitting around doing nothing except drinking coffee.
Could the heroes at Independent House really be taking side swipes at me in this way while praising a deeply corrupt hate filled invidiously anti Catholic bitch like Aoife Kavanagh?
The possibility is not as remote as it might seem to sane or decent people.
We are not dealing with sane or decent people when we discuss Independent Newspapers.
I ask you.
Consider this.
Independent Newspapers contributor Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, so called because he once falsely maliciously and malignly claimed in the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring, two weeks ago attempted to identify me to his readers in his column in the Irish Independent, falsely maliciously and malignly claiming I was an anonymous blogger, falsely maliciously and malignly claiming I had called him a paedophile, falsely maliciously and malignly concealing from his readers his own previous false malicious and malign designation of the Catholic Church as a paedophile ring in his column in the Irish Independent, falsely maliciously and malignly concealing the fact that I have always made clear that the sole reason I refer to him as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty is because of this false malicious and malign public assertion which he made falsely maliciously and malignly in the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring, and falsely maliciously and malignly likening me to an anonymous racist blogger on the internet who had been imprisoned for making racist remarks about a heart attack victim.
In the same more recent column, having attempted to identify me to his readers without using my name, he also threatened me with an unspecified suprise.
Independent Newspapers didn't carry the Paedophile Ian O'Doherty column for about ten days after I went ballistic about this latest false malicious and malign attempt by Paedophile Ian O'Doherty to falsely maliciously and malignly smear me.
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's column was restored late last week.
The same day someone purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty left a message on my answering machine threatening "to take everything you have," and adding "I'm gonna break every f--ken finger in your f--ken body."
A year ago, on the morning of my mother's funeral, a similar and more extensive message, was left on my answering machine by someone purporting to be Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, threatening to kill me.
This is the calibre of staff at Independent Newspapers.
This is the behaviour we have come to expect of them.
This is the sort of people they are.
Of course it's easier for them to terrorise ageing priests, nuns and Bishops than it is for them to terrorise me.
And I gotta say.
On a point of information
Independent Newspapers needs to understand that I'm from a wing of the Catholic Church that's a bit iffy about turning the other cheek.
Nothing in the Bible may be used as a justification for tyrants.
Or for the neo feudalism of the O'Reilly family, proprietors of Independent Newspapers.
I'm just saying.
Anyone trying to break my fingers is apt to get their hair mussed.
If he has any.
But I digress.
I ask you again gentle travellers of the internet.
Was Independent Newspaper's supposed quotation claiming RTE bigot Aoife Kavanagh didn't waste her time all day drinking coffee, actually directed at me?
Or am I just paranoid?
Bear in mind that paranoia would be a reasonable response when one is receiving voicemail messages from people purporting to be members of staff at Independent Newspapers, threatening to break one's fingers or to kill one or to suprise one in some other mysterious arcane unspecified way.
Back to Aoife Kavanagh.
Independent Newspapers has entirely missed the point with their manufactured quotation about Aoife Kavanagh from a supposed RTE staffer who supposedly doesn't want to be named.
No one has criticised Aoife Kavanagh for drinking coffee.
No one has suggested that she is a slow worker.
Let's remind ourselves of precisely what Aoife Kavanagh did and then decide if her non drinking of coffee and her prodigious quickness at making phone calls, is a mitigating factor.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE paid an African woman an undisclosed sum of public money to say that the African woman had been raped in childhood by Father Kevin Reynolds.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE paid the African woman an undisclosed sum of public money to say she had given birth to a child, while still herself a child, to Father Kevin Reynolds.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE have failed to produce recordings or contemporary notes of their initial interviews with the African woman whom they paid to falsely accuse Father Kevin Reynolds of raping her and fathering a child with her while she herself was still a child.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE refused to allow Father Kevin Reynolds to take a paternity test prior to their broadcasting of the lies about Father Kevin Reynolds which Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE had paid the African woman to say.
Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE would have gotten away with it if they had contented themselves with paying the woman to make a false rape allegation against Father Kevin Reynolds.
There would have been no way for Father Kevin Reynolds to refute their lies.
They got greedy.
They went for broke.
And threw in the additional lie about him fathering a child by a child he had raped.
Does this crass, invidious and outrageously criminal behaviour by Aoife Kavanagh and her friends at RTE, leave us with an option of considering her a qualitative journalist?
Does her dislike for coffee and her ability to hold prodigious phone conversations in the space of an hour make up for the fact that she and her friends at RTE tried to frame a priest for child rape?
You know what folks.
I don't think it does.
And ever more clearly day by day, the law is ceasing to exist in the Republic of Ireland.