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Thursday, September 27, 2018

if cnn had existed in 1678

Amara Walker: "Titus Oates has come forward to accuse the Catholic Church in Britain of plotting to murder the King, install a Catholic pretender on the throne, the King's brother no less, and invade England with an army of up to 70,000 Catholics that is being secretly raised in Ireland. Only today, Mr Oates revealed that the King's wife was plotting with a Catholic order of monks styled the Jesuits, to poison the King. So far Mr Oates has given testimony exposing the activities of 15 high level Catholics in Britain including Archbishop Oliver Plunkett the Catholic Primate of Ireland, all of whom have since been executed for their crimes. My guest this evening is David Gergen former advisor to President Clinton. David what do you make of Titus Oates' latest reveations?"

David Gergen: "This is a brave man Amara. To come forward the way he did. His life could be in danger. He knows the risks. But he has had the courage to speak out. And we all should listen to him."

Monday, September 24, 2018

existential grace

In the half light strolling along the riverbank.
The day is going down.
A young deer standing in the water looks up at me.
She is within a hundred feet of the town centre.
I've never seen one here before.
What a sudden and unexpected and beautiful gift.
She splashes off downstream into the dusk.