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Saturday, September 18, 2010

hamlet without the prince

The meeting was over.
I had opened fire with all weapons, wit, sarcasm, derision and a soupcon of ranting, just to let them know they were in a ball game.
Nothing personal in it really.
And of course they hadn't taken it lying down.
Sneeran had been pathetic enough in his attempts to answer me.
But Stewart could counterpunch alright.
The encounter had been moderately entertaining even if it might ultimately cost me my job.
I looked back as I was leaving the room.
I wanted to look them in the eye for the last time.
I wanted them to see my indifference to their existence.
I had no intention of giving them another rematch.
This would be our last encounter.
Mick Sneeran then editor of the Leinster Leader and Ian Stewart then Managing Director, sat silently at the table.
Sneeran looked cowed and cowardly as he always did in the shadow of his master.
Sort of like Grand Moff Tarkin beside Darth Vader.
Yet he certainly hadn't been defeated.
For Sneeran it must have seemed like he was approaching the successful end of a long campaign.
He'd spent eight years colluding with others to get me fired.
Cowed or not, the scent of victory was in the air.
There couldn't be much future for me after the drubbing I'd just given them at the meeting.
A drubbing of words.
The kind that feels good but ends the career of the guy doing the talking.
It was the eve of the takeover of the Leinster Leader by a British conglomerate called the Johnston Press.
Sneeran must have been thinking that with any luck I might be gone before the Brits arrived.
Stewart, a rheumy eyed and billious Scotsman, known to the business community as The Flying Haggis, was indifferent to the rights and wrongs of the situation.
He had his eye on the ten million quid the new owners of the newspaper were giving him for his shares.
Nothing else mattered.
It's what passes for morality down Scotland way.
This meeting had been Sneeran and Stewart's last chance to get rid of me before the arrival of the Brits.
They had failed in their immediate objective but only partly so.
I was still hanging on.
By a thread.
But considering I was now no longer willing to sit in the same building with either of them, how long could I expect to continue at the same newspaper?
I looked back at the dishonorable pair.
Just for a moment.
The firstlings of a sneer traversed my handsome preraphaelite features.
And suddenly.
I thought to curse them.
From the depths of my heart.
I thought to say: "I wish you... Cancer."
I paused.
As I stood there I remembered a scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Hamlet's father had been murdered.
Hamlet was listening in on the prayers of the man who had murdered his father.
Hamlet was ready to kill the murderer in revenge.
But Hamlet was halted by the sound of the murderer praying.
And Hamlet said: "No I won't kill him now. I won't kill him while he's praying. Because if I kill him now while he's praying, God will have mercy, and his soul will go to heaven. I want to kill him when he's spurning God once more, when his guilt is upon him, when he is riotous in his unrepentance, so that his soul will go straight to hell."
This is an amazing scene for a Catholic audience.
The Prods don't get it at all.
It changes the whole meaning of Hamlet's revenge.
Up to now Hamlet has been justly angered by the actions of a murderer.
Up to now, all we've been worried about is how Hamlet will overcome the baddies.
But at this moment it is no longer the murderer's soul that is in question.
It is Hamlet's own soul that is in play.
For any man might take a violent revenge and perhaps be forgiven.
But a man who seeks to deliberately cut off another man from God's mercy, to wilfully and wantonly send another human being to eternal darkness, why such a man can only damn himself.
It is the greatest scene in Shakespeare.
The proof for those of spiritual insight that Shakespeare was Catholic.
Well you know.
I stood at the door looking at Sneeran and Stewart.
It was a Hamlet moment.
But I could not curse them.
I would not curse them.
I chose not to curse them.
I gave them a curt nod, which on a dark night you might have mistaken for respect, and departed.
The first thing the Brits did when they took over the Leinster Leader was to ease out Stewart.
The second thing they did was to get rid of Sneeran.
I buried them both.
It was a full eight months later before the Brits got round to firing me.
That had to sting.
After my own firing, a sympathetic management executive at the Leinster Leader rang me.
He told me that he had news for me about two old friends.
He informed me that both Sneeran and Stewart had cancer, Sneeran in the face and Stewart all over.
I had no way of knowing if he spoke the truth.
I was shaking like a leaf.
In my heart of hearts I knew.
I had once again only barely eluded the snares of satan.
The Brits fired my management executive spy a few days later.
And then the entire advertising department.
And then John Whelan the editor who had replaced Sneeran and who, as a new boy barely in the door five minutes, had tried to demonstrate what a big man he was by putting his name on the firing letter to me.
And then Ron Baines a printer who had been on the staff for fifty years and who was given just a few hours notice that he was finished forever.
The good and the bad perished together.
But ah.
That's another story.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Coming out of Newbridge church.
It is a bright clear Autumn day in Ireland.
The air is fresh with the tang of life.
But my heart is not here.
I am thinking about Pope Benedict's visit to the United Kingdom.
I glance upwards.
There is a cloud spread across the sky.
The cloud is shaped like Great Britain.
The sun is half couched behind the cloud but illuminating it wholly.
It is as though all of Britain is shining.
The light from the top part of the sun which is not behind the cloud has taken form and is clearly discernible in thick golden beams which form a radiant halo crowning the island.
Words come to me.
The people that dwelt in shadow dark as death, has seen a great light.
I look at my watch.
It is 5.45pm.
The Pope is saying mass right this moment in Scotland.

the monica leech laugh in

There once was a government minister,
Who propositioned a sexy young spinister.
He said: "I'll give you two hundred grand,
If you lend me a hand,
With my website. I mean nothing sinister."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

odd dit tees

Genius lies in gaining the consent of an audience to imagine.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the end of empire

King George the Fifth sat up in his sick bed.
He was close to death.
"How stands the Leinster Leader?" he managed to gasp.
His physician Sir Roderick Wimpleton Smythe placed a reassuring hand on the king's shoulder.
"It's completely f--ked," he said.

european reactions to the french deportation of illegal immigrant roma crime gangs

The people of Europe: Absolutely delighted. About eighty percent of us totally in favour of the action.
The ruling socialist elites of Europe: Hopping mad. About 100 percent of them already working to make the French action untenable.
The Muslims: Tonight Muslims in Paris have phoned in bomb threats claiming that they have placed explosive devices at the Eiffel Tower and in a subway train station. The train station was one Muslims had bombed previously. The French are evacuating both locations. There will be no bombs at either. I know there won't be. The Muslims will not perpetrate any more bombings in France until they're sure that Europe's ruling socialist elites have successfully paralysed and repudiated France's expulsion of the Roma. The Muslims won't be rioting in any more French cities for a while. Nor will they stab the mayor of Paris again. Not until they're sure. Not  until they're sure that the French don't intend to kick out every single Muslim that blows up a French building, torches a French city, shoots at French police officers, or terrorises French citizens.

meditations in green

"Argggghhhhh!" I said pleasantly.
A sudden excruciating pain had just erupted in the region of my right ear lobe.
It was a pain I recognised, a pain that I have come to associate with the activities of a certain ear biting green budgie who happened at that moment to be perched on my shoulder.
Presently the pain subsided.
"Greeny," I ventured. "Why do you keep biting my ear?"
The green budgie shrugged her feathers.
"We owe it to ourselves to live a little," she explained.
"You think that's an excuse?" quoth me in high dudgeon.
"Allah U Akbar," replied Greeny cryptically.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

today they said

Brian Lenihan (Finance Minister of the Republic of Ireland): "Of course I couldn't tell the truth about the financial situation facing the banks. The whole purpose of being Finance Minister is that you maintain confidence."
James Healy: "Brian Lenihan is an interesting class of liar. He is a liar who claims he lies in order to inspire confidence. He is a liar who when caught in the most abject of lies, attempts to make a virtue out of his lying. He is a liar who believes lying can be a respectable instrument of public polity. His Daddy would be proud. Daddy Lenihan, also a government Minister until satan called him home, was most famous, in a long career of mendaciousness, for denying he ever made certain controversial statements about illegally precipitating elections to a student journalist who had thankfully recorded the controversial statements which Daddy Lenihan had indeed made. Specifically, Daddy Lenihan had spoken to the student journalist about Daddy Lenihan's actions in making improprietous phone calls asking the then President of Ireland Snodgrass T Wildebeest to call a general election. Daddy Lenihan had frankly informed the student journalist while being taped that he had once phoned the President in just such an improprietous attempt to precipitate a general election. When the student journalist reported his remarks, Daddy Lenihan simply denied ever making them. When the student journalist produced the tape of Daddy Lenihan explicitly saying he had phoned the President in an attempt to precipitate a general election, Daddy Lenihan claimed that he might have said something of that nature but that on "mature reflection" he realised the statement was not correct. Ah yes. A lie by any other name is a Lenihan indeed. And the great Lenihan legacy lives on. Daddy Lenihan's other son Conor is also a present incumbent in the Irish parliament as is his sister Mary O'Puke. It is natural enough that Young Lying Brian, the latest Lenihan to inherit a seat in the Irish government, believes like his Daddy that lying is not wrong as long as he has some ulterior motive for his lies. Nay. Young Lying Brian veritably guarantees he will not tell the truth. Okay. Since Brian Lenihan has all but pronounced himself congenitally incapable of telling the truth, I will tell you the truth. Brian Lenihan is spending the Republic of Ireland into penury to cover the gambling losses of Fianna Fail supporters in Fianna Fail's personal bank Anglo Irish Bank. He and his cadre in the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party are putting an end to the independent existence of Ireland as a free nation. They are doing so merely to bail out super thieves Sean Fitzpatrick, Somebody Drumm, along with Drumm and Fitzpatrick's close friends, a further coterie of Fianna Fail supporters and their ilk. When these locusts have finished, they will leave not a stone standing upon a stone in our fair nation."
RTE Commentator: "Sean Fitzpatrick of Anglo Irish Bank was nervous as he realised the true state of his bank's finances."
James Healy: "RTE is wrong on this one. Sean Fitzpatrick was not nervous when he discovered Anglo Irish Bank was about to collapse. Sean Fitzpatrick had always planned to make Anglo Irish Bank collapse. Sean Fitzpatrick had always known the true nature of Anglo Irish Bank's finances. Sean Fitzpatrick's business model was to deliberately run the bank into the ground. From the word go Sean Fitzpatrick was lending himself and his friends thousands of millions of dollars which they could never hope to repay and for which they were effectively offering no security. From the outset Sean Fitzpatrick was asset stripping Anglo Irish Bank of money which he was using Anglo Irish Bank to borrow from other financial institutions. Sean Fitzpatrick was asset stripping Anglo Irish Bank with the express purpose of causing the bank to collapse, and then getting his co-conspirators in the Fianna Fail political party to use States resources to bail it out. The express purpose of provoking the State bail out was so that he and his friends could keep the money they had sequestered through improper loans from Anglo Irish Bank. Once the State was bailing out Anglo Irish Bank, Sean Fitzpatrick and his friends could default on their loans and keep the billions they have stolen. Sean Fitzpatrick's business model was always that Anglo Irish Bank would go bust because it was never under any conceivable circumstances going to be able to reclaim the billions of dollars he and his friends had purloined. Sean Fitzpatrick was only momentarily nervous when he briefly wondered would his allies, in the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government, jump ship at the last moment and refuse to use the nation to buy up Sean Fitzpatrick and his friend's gamlbing losses from Anglo Irish Bank. That was the only danger. If Fianna Fail had at the last minute refused to bail out Anglo Irish Bank, which they might have done since it was a niche bank not even in the top three in Ireland and the country's economy would not have been harmed at all had it been allowed to collapse, then Sean Fitzpatrick and his friends would have been left having to pay their own debts. The billions they had stolen would have been seized by the government and used to pay any outstanding creditors who were not themselves involved in Sean Fitzpatrick and his friends' deliberate plans to bankrupt the bank by lending vast sums of money to themselves. In any case because Fianna Fail have chosen to force the entire Irish nation to pay Fianna Fail and Sean Fitzpatrick's gambling debts, Anglo Irish Bank still exists. But it will never do business no matter how many subcompanies Fianna Fail Finance Minister Brian Lying Lenihan splits it into. It exists in name only. Ireland on the other hand may just be finished altogether. I wonder what sort of rulers our new Muslim overlords will make."
Reverend Ian Paisley: "If sex abuse had been going on in Protestant Churches to the same extent as it was in the Catholic Church, there would have been uproar."
James Healy: "I have some regard for the Reverend Ian Paisley. However. Sex abuse cases within the Protestant Church have massively exceeded the number of cases within the Catholic Church. According to an American survey by Jewish businessman Sam Miller, the cases within the Protestant Church exceed those within the Catholic Church by a factor of at least 500 percent."

Monday, September 13, 2010

greatest traitors of Nine Eleven

Since the Muslim terror attacks on New York in 2001, Muslims have stepped up their infiltration of America and of Europe. Muslim attacks on the rest of the world have also gathered pace. In a few short years we have seen:
Muslims blowing up buses and trains in London; Muslims blowing up 200 people in trains in Madrid; Muslims torching French cities; Muslims stabbing the Mayor of Paris; Muslims murdering Pym Fortyn, a Prime Minister in waiting in the Netherlands; Muslims butchering Theo Van Gogh, a film director in the Netherlands; Muslims attempting to poison Rome's water supply; Muslims attempting to silence commentator Mark Steyn with frivolous legal actions to kangaroo court style human rights tribunals in Canada; Muslims attempting to similarly silence and similarly criminalise leading Dutch politician Gert Wilders with similarly frivolous legal actions before similarly frivolous human rights courts in the similarly delusional Netherlands. Muslims detaching the Kosovo region from Serbia after a separatist terror war; Muslims copperfastening their hold on Northern Cyprus which they detached from Cyprus in 1975; Muslims murdering thousands in attempting to secede southern Thailand from Thailand; Muslims continuing their attempts through terror to secede Mindanao island from the Philippines in a war which has already lasted more than fifty years; Muslims continuing their attempts through terror to secede Kashmir from India; Muslims shooting 189 people dead in the streets of Bombay; Muslims blowing up trains in Bombay; Muslims shooting up airports around India as the whim takes them; Muslims shooting 14 people to death outside the Indian parliament; Muslims attempting to secede southern Russia from Russia; Muslims blowing up planes, trains and automobiles all over Russia even as resovietising Russian President Vladimir Putin builds a full scale nuclear facility for the Mullahs in Iran; Muslims carrying out suicide bombings in Russia's southern regions; Muslims murdering 5000 women a year in Egypt in what they call honour killings; Muslims murdering 90 serving maids a year in Lebanon, at least according to the official deliberately understated figures; Muslims attacking hydroelectric dams in Russia; Muslims waging war against China in an attempt to secede Xinjiang from China; Muslims waging repeated terror war against Israel with ever more vehemence and depravity; Muslims in Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the map; Muslims in Iran maintaining two proxy terror armies on Israel's borders, namely Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in South Lebanon; Muslims in Iran attempting to assassinate their way to power in Lebanon and Bahrain; Muslims in Saudi Arabia forging links with Irish gangster Jim Mansfield to ship thousands of Muslims a year to Ireland in order "to learn English," Muslims in Saudi Arabia concocting a separate plan with Irish third level colleges to tranship thousands more Muslims every year to Ireland "to learn English," Muslims committing terror attacks against Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria; Muslims in the Sudanese government committing mass murder against other Muslims in Darfur and against Christians in Southern Sudan; Muslims imprisoning the Muslim people of Somalia in permanent civil war in an attempt to force Al Qaeda rule on that country; Muslim pirates from Somalia hijacking a large number of ships on the open sea; Muslims in Libya declaring a Jihad against Switzerland after Swiss police briefly detained Libyan Leader Muammar Gadaffi's psychotic son Hannibal after Hannibal attempted to beat a serving maid to death; Muslims shooting up an army base in America killing over a dozen soldiers and an unborn baby; Muslims attempting to blow up Times Square in New York on account of a South Park cartoon they didn't like; Muslims rioting in Denmark on account of Danish cartoons they didn't like; Muslims killing 36 people in separate riots around the world on account of the Danish cartoons they didn't like; Muslims creating cooperative terror links with people-trafficking crime gangs such as MS13 in South America, the Basque separatists in Spain, and the IRA in Ireland; Muslims attempting to assassinate the Canadian Prime Minister and members of parliament; Muslims repeatedly trying to blow up passenger jets in Europe and America; Muslims employed as maintenance crews attempting to surreptitiously down Qantas airlines passenger jets (and the passenger jets of other airlines) by sabotaging their engines, door systems and anything else on board with a moving part; Muslims on probe missions repeatedly attempting to sow panic on trains and planes in Europe and America.
I use the word Muslims the same way we used the word Germans during World War Two, or the word Russians during the Cold War.
This is the enemy we face.
The Al Qaeda terror army that threatens the world arises specifically and solely from within the barbarically dysfunctional culture that is Islam.
While listing the various Muslim terror offensives currently underway across the world, we might also observe the number of forest fires which have been started deliberately worldwide in the past ten years. Occasional muted press speculation has linked these to the Muslim terror army Al Qaeda. This Summer there have been catastrophic forest fires in Russia, Portugal and Spain. In each instance the fires broke out simultaneously on multiple fronts. A similar series of catastrophic forest fires engulfed Australia last year.
We should also note that there has been a spike in the number of oil spillage accidents in the past six months. These include an unexplained mass oil spillage at Alexandria in Egypt currently underway, unexplained oil tanker ship collisions outside Bombay harbour, unexplained oil terminal explosions in China, and unexplained oil rig explosions off the coast of America. Since we know Al Qaeda has been attacking hydroelectric dams in Russia, we may aduce a significant possibility that Al Qaeda is attempting to precipitate natural disasters as part of its ongoing strategy. I believe there is a definite likelihood that Al Qaeda is behind the various forest fires and the oil spills worldwide.
In the decade since Nine Eleven the Muslim Jihad against the world has gathered pace.
This has not happened without the collaboration of opportunistic traitors within our own countries.
Below I name my top ten traitors.
These are men who have egregiously profited from their every wrong doing.
Even though they've been caught blatently propagandising for Al Qaeda, their friends in high places have ensured they suffered no consequences.
All of them have grown rich on treachery.
Read em and weep.
1) Michael Moore... Almost as soon as the dust settled on Ground Zero, Michael Moore had rushed into print with a book designed to impute guilt to President Bush. He followed this up with other books and films expressly designed to undermine the war effort. Thanks to him, Al Qaeda got its groove back after the earlier defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thanks to Michael Moore, Al Qaeda Muslims began to believe they could beat us on the home front. Michael Moore has been rewarded for his treachery with Oscars and multi million dollar publishing deals.
2) Robert Fisk... Osama Bin Laden has repeatedly advised westerners to read Robert Fisk. Robert Fisk has remained a passionate and consistent advocate for the pro Al Qaeda viewpoint while writing in main stream media in Europe and America. Admittedly most of the newspapers and magazines he writes for are bankrupt. His article about Nine Eleven published this week in Ireland's near defunct Irish Independent newspaper was headlined: "Two Wars And So Many Lives And No Lessons Learned." It is a headline that applies most searingly to Robert Fisk himself. A life long hater of America and the Free World, Robert Fisk moved seamlessly from being a Soviet apologist to being an Islamist apologist. There is no crime Muslims could commit that would ever cause Robert Fisk to change his mind. The blood of our soldiers is on his hands. He's wealthy though.
3) John Pilger... A sort of Robert Fisk with an Australian accent. No shortage of television and media work. Loadsa money.
4) Tom Hanks... Film maker who after Nine Eleven produced and starred in films implying America had created Al Qaeda by opposing the 1979 Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Did quite a bit to break morale on the home front. Hanks has recently insulted the memory of World War Two era soldiers by producing a mini series with Steven Spielberg purporting to celebrate their heroism. He sullies them with his touch. In the present age Hanks has attempted to lose the War On Terror for us. And he thinks he can fool us by seeking to associate himself with the heroism of yesterday. Hanks and Spielberg befoul the memory of everyone and everything they feature in their narcoticising entertainments. They trivialise World War Two by using it to distract attention from the more pressing issue which is The First World Jihad War. They're rich though.
5) Piers Morgan... Former editor of the Daily Mirror in England. His incompetence and corruption almost bankrupted the Daily Mirror and may yet cause its closure. Used the Daily Mirror to publish pictures he knew had been faked which showed fake British soldiers urinating on fake Muslims. Piers Morgan published the pictures claiming they were genuine. His publication of these pictures caused the deaths of many of our soldiers and revitalised Al Qaeda's support among the Muslim peasantry. Piers Morgan's career has not been adversely affected by his treachery. Although he was fired from the Daily Mirror, his left wing friends in the media have rallied around. He has been a regular contributor to newspapers and television programmes, even appearing as a Judge on American Idol. He has just been appointed successor to Larry King on CNN's flag ship interview show. Loadsa money.
6) Fareed Zakaria... Editor of the bankrupt Newsweek magazine. He is a Muslim. As a Muslim he was responsible for publishing the fake story about American soldiers flushing Qurans down the toilet at Guantanamo Bay. The story was a boon for Al Qaeda similar to the propaganda coup furnished to them by Piers Morgan. Like Piers Morgan's lies, Fareed Zakaria's lies got our soldiers killed and revitalised Al Qaeda. Fareed Zakaria has gone from strength to strength in spite of (or because of) his treachery and incompetence. Like Pier Morgan he has been given a prime time presenting slot on the near bankrupt CNN.
7) Yvonne Ridley... British journalist. She first came to prominence with her twee anti war reports from Afghanistan, where either deliberately or through her own benign idiocy she got herself captured by the Taliban. What most people didn't know at the time is that she is a Muslim. In any case she managed to provide the Taliban with what we all thought was a western hostage when in fact she was on their side all along. Yvonne Ridley's unique brand of twee terrorist apologia style journalism can still be enjoyed on the Iranian English language news channel Press TV. Yeah. She thinks President Bush is a war criminal but she has no problem accepting a pay checque from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
8) Conor Clery... Former Irish Times editor. His immediate comment on Nine Eleven was: "I'm terrified of what the Americans will do." An odious career left winger who occasionally likes to pose Catholic. Picked up a sexy Russian wife at a time during the Cold War when such commodities were hard to come by. Was a main stay on the Irish Times staff during the period when I have postulated that the KGB was running the Irish Times. Currently in charge of the Ombudsman's office in Ireland where his duties include processing complaints against the Irish Police Force. Has stated there is no widespread corruption in the Irish Police Force. So you know we're really in awful trouble. A rich man indeed in purely monetary terms though utterly bereft of spirituality, intellect, discernment, integrity and courage.
9) George Galloway... Former British parliamentarian and lobbyist for Saddam Hussein. Did his level best to save Saddam when the American and British armies came calling. Lost his seat in parliament. Continues to propagandise for Al Qaeda. Seeks to label President Bush and Prime Minister Blair as war criminals. Currently working, like Yvonne Ridley, as a presenter on Iran's Press TV. Has millions stashed away from his work as a lobbyist for the aforementioned and now deceased mass murderer Saddam Hussein and from other more secret Muslim paymasters.
10) Sandy Bergher... Senior official in Bill Clinton's government. After Nine Eleven, Sandy Bergher stole files from the Library Of Congress relating to the Clinton Administrations handling of Al Qaeda. The files are believed to show such a level of incompetence as would have put the continued liberty and public standing of President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and all Clinton era government appointees at risk. Don't get me wrong. No one knows what the files showed precisely. Because Sandy Bergher destroyed them. Inexplicably Sandy Bergher was allowed to retain his own liberty in a plea bargain with investigators in spite of having been caught red handed destroying the files. Contrast the treatment of Sandy Bergher with Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's incarceration of Bush Administration official Scooter Libby on a purely notional trumped up charge. Contrast the treatment of Sandy Bergher with  Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's incarceration of conservative newspaper magnate Conrad Black on a similarly notional trumped up charge. Patrick Fitzgerald has proved less successful against genuine scoundrels to wit former Congressman Ron Blagojevich whom he has failed to convict of anything. Sandy Bergher remains free. Sandy Bergher still knows just how many times Bill Clinton chose to ignore opportunities to kill Osama Bin Laden. Sandy Bergher knows just how crassly hypocritical were the efforts of Bill and Hillary Clinton to undermine President Bush and blame him for Nine Eleven. But Sandy Bergher ain't telling. He's rich though. And he's not in jail.
11) Mary Robinson... Former two term President of Ireland. A left wing feminist atheist against the bomb. Well, most bombs. She's not too worried about the Iranians having one. In Ireland the Presidency is a symbolic post with little real power. Mary Robinson used it as a stepping stone for her real goal, a career in the United Nations. With the United Nations she has spent more than a decade trying to throw a spanner in the works of American foreign policy. Her real joy has been in attempting to derail the War On Terror. After the overthrow of the Taliban Al Qaeda government in Afghanistan, Mary Robinson warned the Americans not to mistreat Taliban Al Qaeda prisoners, and called for full Geneva Convention rights to be accorded to all Muslim terrorists. The day after her pathetic televised anti American showboating, Taliban Al Qaeda prisoners murdered their much too humane American guards in the main Afghan prison. Whereupon Mary Robinson disappeared off our screens for a while. She's still with the UN, making lots of money by running humanitarian pass defence for Al Qaeda. There are elements within the UN who regard her as a future Secretary General. Elements? Herself and her husband Bob.
12) Mike Bloomberg... Purveyor of silly little computer terminals which give silly little readings about silly little stock exchanges. Mike Bloomberg got rich selling these terminals to idiots, mainly Arabs, who had more money than sense. After Nine Eleven, he claimed he was a Republican in order to win the Mayoralty of New York. As Mayor he has been conspicuous by his accomodation of Islamists. He now styles himself as an Independent. Earlier this year during the man hunt for the Al Qaeda Times Square bombing team, Mike Bloomberg lied to reporters claiming that police were searching for a white man. After the Muslim Al Qaeda bomber was captured Mike Bloomberg told reporters: "I will not tolerate any anti Muslim backlash." The question bold readers is how long the rest of us will tolerate Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg's quisling acquiescence to the Muslim infiltration of American society in general and New York in particular, reached its apotheosis with his advocacy of plans by terrorist supporting Imam Rauf Woof Woof  Bin Psycho Bomber to build a Mosque at ground zero. What on earth can Mike Bloomberg be thinking? Well for a start take a look at his Bloomberg TV programmes. They're top heavy with Muslims talking nonsense about what to buy on the stock market. And this is the gag. Oil rich Muslim Arabs are the only ones providing Mike Bloomberg with a revenue stream for his failing business channels. They're the only ones with money to burn and they're the only ones throwing that money away on stocks and shares. Everybody else has figured out that you don't get rich off the stock market. You just make other people rich. So Bloomberg has decided that in the interest of selling a few of his worthless Bloomberg investor terminals, he is willing to sell out his country. A wealthy man indeed. Hey Mike. What price your immortal soul? Oh right. It's already gone.
13) Barack Obama... The man who would be king. Saw an opportunity to grab the Presidency by stabbing his predecessor in the back at a time when public morale was low. Took that opportunity. Has since been attempting to snatch defeat from victory in the War On Terror by closing Guantanamo Bay, pulling out of Iraq and dithering over troop allocations to Afghanistan. His sole strategy for the War On Terror is to criminalise President Bush. That's all he's got. Al Qaeda love him. On the anniversary of Nine Eleven he announced: "We are not at war with Islam." Tell it to the Muslims Barack. Because I've got news for you, Sunbeam. They're at war with us. With all of us.