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Saturday, April 20, 2019

kilcullen easter

the lambing time
evanescent leaves
provincial poets stitching worn out rhymes
into patchwork quilted semaphores of praise
all of these
mist like matting on muddy fields
old men rejoicing in campaniles
all of these
everything that breathes is on its knees
for the coming of the lord

Friday, April 19, 2019

are there substantial reasons to believe in the existence of god

I submit the following for the consideration of Mr Seth McFarlane whose occasionally witty normally problematical televisual cartoon Family Guy has suggested that Christianity held back human progress.

1. I have encountered certain subjects where without qualification I seem to know what is right: the sanctity of life primarily but also considerations regarding the falseness of the medico pharmaceutical claim that human sadness is a bio chemical disorder of the brain. I would suggest that true perception in such matters is not a quality of intellect but a gift of God and an indicator that God is real.

2. There are certain observable cultural appurtenances which stem from belief in God, and whose vitality and fruitfulness in human experience imply his reality. I am suggesting that Art, Literature, and Music cannot exist without the Bible and the ancient preaching Church.

3. There are certain cultural and societal institutions, inheritances as it were, which stemmed from belief in God. I am suggesting that the university system, the international hospital system, school systems generally, and vocational Charities, cannot and would not exist without belief in God and the advocacy of this belief via members of the Catholic Church.

4. The nations of the earth in their most positive conceptions such as we can know them would not exist without the existence of God and/or belief in God. I am suggesting firstly that nationhood in its modern form is delineated along lines set out by God for the Jews in the Bible. I am further suggesting that modern nations are explicitly and inherently shaped by God through historically observable personages or supernatural interventions which themselves by their actions and results, indicate the reality of God, for instance Ireland and the Irish becoming who we are through Saint Patrick, Mexico through Saint Juan Diego and more supernaturally through the Blessed Virgin Mary in apparition, France through Joan of Arc and a host of ancient Christian witnesses (hence the title of honour held by France "eldest daughter of the Catholic Church"), Italy (Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Francis of Assisi et al, particularly Al, he was great), Britain through Saint Augustine, Russia through its foundational ruler Vladimir the Great, and so on. All other nations have been shaped in their manifest forms by contact with the aforementioned ones.

5. The Catholic Church and its contributions to humanity through the democratisation of education, the monastic system, science, conscience driven social political concepts, and everything else one might observe in qualitative human experience, is an indicator of the reality of God.

6. The Bible would not exist without God.

7. The Jewish people and their role in human history and their nation would not and could not exist or be possible without God.

8. Seth McFarlane's televisual cartoons Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show, having been broadcast at one stage simultaneously by networks all over the planet, amount to a tremendous creative personal achievement and commercial success. For all their seeming popularity, it should be noted that these televisual entertainments are imbued with a louche and manipulative, debased and debasing, hyper sexualised cynicism, an almost mordant negativity which prevails their every aspect. Nonetheless I suggest that even these nihilistic paeans to hedonistic paganism somehow indicate the reality of God. Seth McFarlane's cartoons indicate the reality of God by virtue of the fact that they so desperately reject his reality. Seth McFarlane's rejection of God is not a rejection of nothing. His rebellion against God is too tasteless, too sad, too visceral for that. It is very specific.. It is a rebellion against the source of all being, all light, all truth. I say that Seth McFarlane's very rebellion indicates the reality of the thing he has chose to rebel against, to wit, God. I would counsel him (Seth McFarlane) to open peace talks. Furthermore in spite of the debauched incontinence of his cynicism his comedic enterprises are often touched by an inspired joie de vivre which would indicate in the oddest most paradoxical way that he may not be far from the kingdom of heaven.. (The parody of Vietnam war films in American Dad for one.)

Happy Easter Seth.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

mystic pizza

Bearky parrot looked up from his book.
I had just opened the door, startling him.
The book he was frittering was my sixty year old Nancy Wilson Ross irreplaceable family heirloom biography of Saint Joan of Arc.
Saint Joan of Arc is one of those Saints, like Saint Patrick and Saint Juan Diego who are of interest to me because of their historicity and because their influence on nations is observable.
The Nancy Wilson Ross version of Saint Joan's life is a children's book but still a thundering good read.
Or a thundering good chew if you're a parrot.
"Oh Beaky," I moaned, "oh innocent gentle Beaky, oh curtain eating chair poohing Beaky, thou little knowest the damage thou hast done."
"Rauk," said Beaky as if he knew full well.
Sir Isaac Newton would have had a field day.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Casting a glance around the church I saw a light on in the confession box.
Don't really want to confess to a priest who speaks English let alone one who knows me.
Much prefer those nice foreign national priests who don't have a clue what the meaning of "lewd fantasies" is, or have the good grace to pretend they don't.
That old gag.
Ah to hell with it, thinks I.
I kneel in the confession box.
The grill thingummy slides back.
I know full well who the silhouetted Padre is and if I know him he blooming well knows me.
"Bless me Father for I have sinned. It's been a while since my last confession."
"Very good James," says Padre Baines congenially.
"It seems I'm always confessing the same things," quoth me.
"You should go out and rob a bank just for variety," respondeth he.
"Variety for me or for you?"
"For you."
"I'm not sure it would be a sin for me to rob a bank because I'm not even remotely tempted to do that," sez me. "It would be more like a sacrifice if I did it."
"I suppose that's a good thing," sez he with an air of spiritual conjecture. "I mean a good thing that you're not tempted to rob banks."
It was that kind of confession, lots of back and forth and a fairly merry conclusion even by the usual Saint Thomas Moresque standards of the ancient church.
He did look a bit weary though when I wheeled out the confession of sexual fantasies and hatred for my enemies.
I'm not sure why he gave me such a soft pennance (to say one Hail Mary). Either he was feeling merciful and compassionate towards my troubled soul or he was in a hurry to lock up the church and get back to the priest's house for supper and the evening news.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

today they said

 Mark Zuckerberg (Proprietor of the Facebook internet site): "We must have censorship of the internet."

James Healy: "No. But we do need you Mr Zuckerberg to help the Irish police force track down murderers who routinely use your Facebook internet site to kill people. I am referring to the murderers of Darren Gibson and Nicole Fenton. You will be aware that the murderers of these innocent people used your Facebook internet site to stampede their victims to apparent suicide. I am challenging you Mr Zuckerberg on your failure and your company's failure, for many years to cooperate with the Irish police force in its investigations of these murders. Identify the murderers who used your website to kill Darren Gibson and Nicole Fenton. And spare us your pious platitudes about censorship."