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Saturday, April 24, 2010

spring flowers


in town

the heat descends upon the city
the city towers and teems
with a million heartless miracles
that the vain say last forever
a man and a woman on a bridge
kiss once the sky unfurls
oh the beauty of that kiss and the briefness
thus passes the glory of the world

concert review

Watching the Cat Stephens concert with Serafina.
Since Cat Stephens became a Muslim and took the name Iussuf Islam, his material has undergone something of a metamorphosis.
This is brought home to me most strongly when Iussuf begins singing his catchiest 1960's hit Matthew And Son.
He sings:

"Osama and son,
Osama and son,
There's always something new.
The Jihad's begun,
We've just bombed London,
What else is there to do?
We've been working all day all day all day,
To impose Islam on the whole damn world.
Nerdle ner,
Dung gedung gedung.
We've got Jihadi's who've been killing,
For fifty years.
No one asks for more suicide vests,
Because nobody cares.
We chant a little Akbar,
And throw acid at schoolgirls.
It mightn't seem like much of a living,
But I guess it just serves,
Osama and son,
Osama and son,
What are we to do?
The Jihad's begun,
We're all on heroin,
We've bombed Madrid too,
And we've been working all day all day all day,
To wipe Israel off the map,
And establish a new caliphate on the planet earth
As well as trying to poison Rome's water supply,
Successfully slaughtering Pyn Fortyn the anti Muslim immigration Prime Minister in waiting of the Netherlands,
Criminalising through the courts system Gert Wilders the surviving anti Muslim immigration Prime Minister in waiting of the Netherlands,
Torching French cities,
Stabbing the mayor of Paris,
Bombing Glasgow airport,
Downing passenger jets wherever and whenever the urge takes us,
Murdering a teenager on Grafton Street Dublin by beating him to death with a baseball bat,
Precipitating an almost totally unreported white flight from European cities through violence and intimidation on the streets,
Committing so many murders that it's impossible to keep track of them,
Committing so many murders of our own young Muslim women for the crime of wearing dresses or having boyfriends or daring to think for themselves that you just can't keep track of them,
Committing so many murders period, (That's a comma, - Ed note.)
Censoring Southpark,
Terrorising all nations with impunity
And blowing up the whole goddam world if you'll let us
Nerdle nerrrrrr."

It's still a catchy song.
But dark.

Friday, April 23, 2010

letters to a young hindu

James to Divyaviha
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:39 AM
Subject: from Ireland

I see the same beauty you see.
It all points to God because he made it.
It never points away from God.
The stars and the oceans and the mountains never say to me: "Jesus cannot be God."
They proclaim his lordship.
As for the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita... Is there anyone in them even remotely like the person of Jesus?
And in the history of any nation, is there anything like the history of the people of Israel?
For two thousand years the people of Israel have been scattered to the four corners of the earth.
They lost their home, their language and their nation.
And then just sixty years ago they returned to Palestine, revived their language and re-established their nation.
As foretold in the Bible.
It's all real Divya.
The return of the holy people to the holy land.
The cosmic battle between good and evil.
The kingdom of love established by the God Man Jesus Christ.

----- Original Message -----
From: Divya
To: James
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 5:20 AM
Subject: Re: from Ireland

this is where we differ.
I believe all the books have hints of divine beauty
but finally they are just books.
and in this matter the Bible no better than the Quran or the Geeta.

The geeta has been far from power struggles..
the indian cast system is not in the geeta, not in the scriptures about god.
all social information is in the writings about man.
but the bible is a highly politicised book..
which spends less time on God.
all the beauty of the world is in the first few chapters of the genesis.
the rest talks about civilisation.
and every king has made his version of the bible..
power and religion has gone hand in hand in christianity and that
has greatly influenced the religion.

all religions are problematic because
all religions move us from our natural state of being.
that of a child.
God never meant to create love and life and trees
and then send us into abstenance.
this life is for honest celebration.
celebration of beauty and nature..
not a garden for man to abuse..

this life is to celebrate everything..
even pain and anger and transform it into what God created.. life.
God is not someone sitting up in the clouds punishing us for what we do wrong.
God is not sitting up there looking at us guilty humans.
neither has he created the world and then moved away from it.
the keys im pressing to send these words to you, is also God.
everything that is.. is God.
then why say jesus is better God than Allah than Ram.
doesn't matter at all to me.
I dont care who is my God.
God is.
everything is.

why is it important that the Galieleo must die for revealing the truth about the sun and the earth.
personally there is no clash between the statements.
The Bible is not a factual book. The bible talks about the creation of life symbolically..
and if one man spends his entire life researching the revolution of the planets and this goes against the bible to me, there is no clash.
The bible stands in its place.
I tell you where the problem is. When something in the bible is not true, the book loses its impact and is fallible and the religion can crash.
The Pope is not saying the book is written in language for the feelings, the book is not meant to compete with science. The book isn't god sent. God doesn't communicate in words.
God is in nature. God didn't create language. God didn't make clothes, God didn't make shame and rape. A child is born like God wants it to be. Naked and free, learning curiously and a child doesn't take more than he needs.. greed and guilt is the sin that is born out of civilisation.. out of repressing what one truly wants. unfortunately we are not natural people, and what we truly want is potentially dangerous.

To believe one is connected to God in a special way is the biggest form of ego one can have.
The truth is everyone is connected to God and whether they want to and how they want to exercise this connection is deeply personal. I don't think anybody else can tell me how I should fold my hands and what words I should use to address him. If I am unequiped to worship God, that is the first untrue statement I have heard.
I come from no sin and I go to no sin.
I come from God and I go to God.
the life I lead in the middle is exploring who I am .. which is God.
there is nothing else in the world but God.
nothing else is capable of existence.


From: James to Divya
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 5:21 AM
Subject: the wonder of you

Dee Dee.
I'm closest to you when you're proclaiming the glory of created things.
They're glorious because God made them.
But they are not God.
A writer called CS Lewis, whom many Catholics like although he never became a Catholic, wrote that when he first weighed up the different religions, he had been tremendously attracted to two of them, namely Hinduism and Christianity.
He said that at that stage if he had not become a Christian, he might have become a Hindu.
Your idea that the Bible and the Quran and Bhagavad Geeta are the same, just books, is a judgement I wouldn't make unless I'd read the three of them.
From what I know of them, they don't seem the same.
They don't make the same claims.
You mentioned rather critically my beautiful, mystic, ancient Catholic church.
Et tu Dibya.
Then falls Heelers.
You say the church killed Galileo.
That's not true.
Galileo was imprisoned in his own home, not killed.
I am much drawn to Galileo's own statements about his experiences at the hands of the church.
Galileo stated in his Testament that his quarrel had never been with the church. Galileo himself stressed that the church had been manipulated against him by philosophers of the day who were themselves not churchmen. Galileo to the end of his life counted among his dearest friends some of the highest leaders of the church.
His daughter was a nun.
Most of those who claim to care about Galileo's treatment by the church, (I'm thinking of the atheist Richard Dawkins) never quite care enough about Galileo to let people know how Galileo himself felt about that treatment.
People like Dawkins merely seek to use Galileo to give weight to their own shabby atheistic impostures and to discredit the church.
In truth these atheists have nothing in common with Galileo.
And they fail to respect him enough to even marginally acquaint themselves with Galileo's personal view of Catholicism.
Don't be like them.
In any case Galileo's scientific theories weren't actually correct. He thought that everything in the universe revolved around the sun. According to present day scientists, all the heavenly bodies, stars and planets, revolve around each other. None of them are motionless.
You know, I'm sure one day even these theories will also appear quite limited.
It's funny how that happens.
The Bible may contain an awful lot more science than modern atheists give it credit for.
A poet called William Blake once wrote:
"The atoms of Democritus
Newton's particles of light
Are sands upon the Red Sea shores
Where Israel's tents shine so bright."
Blake and me ain't friends but I love this. And there was no way Blake could know that a few hundred years after he wrote it, scientists would consider the theories of Newton and Democritus as dead as the Dodo.
In any case the Catholic Church has gifted humanity with its greatest ever scientists, writers, thinkers, philosophers, teachers, artists and poets.
Mendel the monk, who discovered and described the laws of biogenetics in quiet anonymity at his monastery.
The priest Thomas Aquinas whose system of rational analysis provided the intellectual underpinning for the tradition of scholarship at universities across the world.
Don John of Austria, who prevented the Muslims from conquering Europe five hundred years ago.
Chaucer, Boccaccio, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Shakespeare, and me.
And yes Galileo too.
Some of these are open to question but you get my point.
(I mean open to question in the sense that it is conjecture on my part to posit Shakespeare as a Catholic even though his writings are unthinkable without the church. Also Caravaggio. He was a hard living man who on first impression doesn't look Catholic. Yet his marvellous paintings would not exist at all had not the Church commissioned them.)
Yes, as you point out, kings have sought to use the Bible for their own ends.
But none of them re-wrote it.
Scholars agree that the Bible has been fairly consistent in one form for thousands of years.
There is no academic strain of thought which seriously suggests the Bible exists in different forms anywhere to suit different kings.
As for the Bible being mostly about civilisation... Hmmm. There are indeed a few books (ie parts of the Bible) outlining the history of the people of Israel which might be said to be about civilisation or more correctly about a civilisation struggling to find its way to God. Then there is the book of Psalms singing the praise of God. The books of Wisdom which contain, er, wisdom. The book of Job which dwells on the mystery of why God allows suffering. The book of Ecclesiastes which is pure poetry. The book of the Song of Songs which celebrates human love and parallels it with the love of God. The books of Isaiah and Ezekiel and the prophets who foresee the coming of Jesus. All of those are in the part of the Bible we call the Old Testament. I am willing to accept it's got something to do with civilisation. Still I tell you it's inspired.
The New Testament is the good stuff, the stuff about Jesus.
I can say that I am profoundly convinced that the story of Jesus is true.
Albert Einstein remarked once: "The whole of the Gospel is imbued with a sense of the real presence of Jesus."
It was just a feeling he got.
My testimony to you is that Jesus is real now.
That he is God's intervention in our lives and that through him we can indeed be one with God.
Remember that one liner of Jesus: "If you make my word your home, you will come to know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
Nothing in psychiatry or psychoanalysis or any of the human sciences has ever surpassed that simple insight.
The truth does set us free.
Great Scott, the atheist Sigmund Freud wouldn't have recognised the truth if it came up and bit him on the behind but even his theories, the occasional bits of them that work, are predicated on what Jesus said.
Once you've faced the truth, the oppressions fall away.
I was pleased D, when you said God didn't make shame and rape.
I had been quite shaken in the past when you told me that God is both good and evil and that the very concepts of good and evil are just words.
So God didn't make rape.
But rape is in the world.
(And murder and hatred and slavery and bigotry.
Someone or something made it.
Not just silly religious people being repressed.
No there's just as much rape and murder and hatred and slavery and bigotry among cool enlightened sexy atheists.
In fact there's a lot more.
Without Christ in our lives, the evils of the world become unfettered, free to wreak havoc.
Rape and murder and hatred and slavery and bigotry come from the evil spirit of whom Jesus once said:
"I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."
The only thing that this fallen Satan fears is the risen Messiah who some call Jesus Christ.
There is a war on Divya.
Infinitely more important and more cataclysmic than the political and cultural wars I occasionally write about.
The battleground is our souls.
The bringer of victories is Jesus Christ the king.
At the moment the whole world is in darkness crying out for the return of the king.
Sometimes the power of evil seems unstoppable.
But Jesus will return in triumph and glory to end its false lordship.
In the meantime, Hindu soul, it is a great consolation to me that he sent us each other.


Fond regards to all my friends at the Russian Special Forces station in the city of Izhevsk which many of my readers will know is tucked away neatly mid the pine forests of the Umdurt region.
Welcome to the party pals.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

sweetest hour


television detective serials and the end of childhood innocence

in calm contentment we could review
shoot outs bank robberies all the rest
secure in the knowledge that the hero would come through
that rationo legalism is the best
then one day in the late 70's
kojak was shooting at some thugs
i was relaxed in all my certainties
until kojak went over like a sack of spuds
and here's the rub he did survive
to keep the streets of new york free of human vermin
my sensibilities died that night
i could never put my faith in pop culture again

aftermath of the assassination of polish president lech kazcynski and his entourage

In the aftermath of the downing of a passenger jet carrying the President of Poland, his wife and one hundred of Poland's leading citizens, reporters on various news channels made a series of very specific claims.
They claimed that the Polish pilots had tried to land at least four times in dense fog.
They claimed that Russian air traffic controllers had repeatedly ordered the pilots to divert to another airport.
They claimed that the Polish pilots had wanted to divert the plane to avoid the fog but had been instructed by Polish President Lech Kazcynski to attempt to land.
They even claimed that there had been a breakdown in communication with the Polish pilots and Russian air traffic controllers unable to understand each other's languages.
These claims were made without any verification or corroborative data being offered.
Up to this moment the Russians have not published any recordings of conversations between the Russian air traffic controllers and the Polish pilots.
The Polish President had been on his way to Russia to attend a ceremony in memory of 22,000 Poles massacred by Soviet Communist Russians at the forest of Katyn during World War Two.
Surely issuing the air traffic control tapes would lay to rest a lot of public concerns about the possibilty that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his secret service FSB have committed a new Katyn massacre.
Incredibly, the investigation into the crash is being led by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself, the very man whom I have postulated is currently resovietising Russia at the expense of nations on Russia's borders.
I have suggested that in view of the plethora of assassinations in Russia itself, assassinations in neighbouring countries and assassinations overseas, many of which are being convincingly linked to Russian secret services, in view of Mr Putin's behaviour on the domestic front and the tendency for his enemies and rivals to die suddenly, in view of this I say, there is a significant possibility that the downing of the Polish plane was a deliberate act of murder.
Mr Putin should not be leading this investigation.
He should be helping it with its enquiries.
But where are the air traffic control tapes?
Even the KGB should have been able to provide some faked up tape recordings by now.
I have some more questions.
Were Sky News and CNN merely derelict in their duty on the day of the crash in uncritically repeating the aforementioned unverified Russian claims about the attempted landing of President Kazcynski's flight?
Were Sky News and CNN crassly incompetent in failing to follow up on the Russians' sleight of hand with the air traffic control data tapes?
Were Sky News and CNN abominably disingenuous in omitting to mention any of the assassinations which have so marred Prime Minister Putin's term of office and which have given rise to the present concerns that Russia is being run by psychopaths?
Were Sky News and CNN asleep on the job?
Or were they something worse?

a light interlude

Strolling down Newbridge main street in warm sunshine.
I am hailed by the proprietor of Clarkes Menswear, an emporium specialising in the dissemination of jumpers, shirts, trousers, neckties, et al.
"Hey Heelers," quoth Vivian Clarke, for it is he, "I was reading the Leinster Leader this week. They mentioned us in an article."
"You shouldn't be buying the Leinster Leader," I told him firmly.
"I never buy it," sez he, "someone showed me the article."
"What did it say?" wondered me.
"It was a lad writing a feature about Punchestown Race Week," explained Vivian. "He was talking about the hospitality tent and he wrote that it would be full of Clarkes. It was the way he put it. It was like he was sneering at us. I'd tell that fellow where to get off soon enough."
"Who wrote it?" sez me.
"Tommy Callaghan," answered he.
Tommy Callaghan the sports editor.
The noble Heelers nodded in recognition.
Having been fired from the Leinster Leader two years ago, I retain a vague memory of some of the galoots who still prop up that declining organ.
I furrowed my brow furrowedly.
"He probably didn't mean any harm by it," I stated in mollifying tones. "Tommy Callaghan is one of those unfortunate people who was born with his sense of humour up his arse. He occasionally tries to write humorous articles but it's not his strong point. He was probably just trying to be funny. You shouldn't take it personally. Not even the Leinster Leader and its Brit owners the Johnston Mess could be deliberately setting out to offend potential advertisers. I mean they're brain dead scum but they're not actually deranged."
Vivian still looked a bit vengeful.
"If I see him," he said, "I'm going to tell him that no one reads his f---ing newspaper since James Healy left it."
I nodded.
"Mr Clarke," sez me. "You have quite made my day."

the monica leech laugh in

The Ayatollah Khomeini, Adolf Hitler and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin went into a bar in hell.
"Get out," said the barman. "I'm not having your sort in here."

waiter there's a jihadi in my soup and i think he's about to self detonate

Best Muslim Stories Currently Being Ignored By The Media Groups Of The Free World.
1. The recently released army report into Al Qaeda agent Malik Hassan's murder of 15 soldiers at a base in the continental United States contains no mention of Islamic terrorism. I kid you not.
2. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles, the Qatari diplomat who terrorised passengers on an internal flight in the United States two weeks ago, has been released without charge. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles terrorised the flight as part of Al Qaeda's disruption strategy, aimed at creating panic on airplanes and when possible downing them. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles was on his way to visit an Al Qaeda agent currently being held captive at an American prison. His explanation to authorities, that he terrorised the passengers on his flight simply for a joke, has been accepted by Barack Obama's security officials. Al Giggles will retain his freedom up until the moment after he commits mass murder. There is no other way he's going to be held accountable. Barack likes to make sure there's a body count of American citizens before any of these Jihadi's face even the vaguest of punishments. Al Giggles is being permitted to leave the United States to "take up a new diplomatic posting." I kid you not.
3. In early April, during Holy Week, a group of over 100 Muslims infiltrated the Catholic Cathedral in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba and began chanting Islamic prayers. The Muslims were Austrian passport holders, thus allowing them to carry out their intimidation activities in Spain without risking the loss of Spanish citizenship. Their facilitators and co-conspirators were Muslims holding Spanish passports. The Muslims had chosen to launch their provocation during the holiest season of the Christian calendar. A policeman and a security guard were hospitalised trying to remove them from the Cathedral. Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Jorge Luis Zapatero has given Spanish citizenship to over four million Muslims in the aftermath of the Muslim bombing of Madrid which killed 200 people. I kid you not.
4. Gert Wilders, Prime Minister in waiting in the Netherlands, is currently on trial for daring to tell electors that if he wins the election he will be ending Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. Pym Fortyn, the last Dutch politician who stood on a similar agenda, was murdered by Muslims. This time the Muslims are being facilitated in their hijacking of a European country by the left wing political pseudo establishment and Judiciary of that country. This blatent attempt to criminalise a political party for its manifesto is being ignored in the newspapers of the Free World. Apparently we don't need to know. Move along folks. No Jihad here. I kid you not. 
5. Colonel Gadaffi has just declared a Jihad against Switzerland. I kid you not.

letter from a young hindu

----- Original Message -----
From: Dibya
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 10:04 AM
Subject: from dharamshala, north india. dharam = duty, faith. shala = room, class room

I understand what you say,
but walk out and look at the clouds
and you know God is not limited to a man, a thing
but is everything..
then why is it that you limit it to Jesus alone?

I notice more and more spending time with people who don't speak the languages I speak
that so much of our world is in language,
The bible is a book of words just like the Quran and the Bhagvad Geeta.

when we wake up as a child,
what we have,
what is given to us by God, or the creation
is the ability to feel.

we learn, painfully sometimes
sometimes spending long hours in schools
to read and write.

surely the way to ourselves,
to God is not so round about right?
we don't need to be civilised and have our table manners in place
to enjoy the redness of a rose
to see the divinity in it.

for me language is for the mind.
language is for us to comprehend and make logic of our feelings.

even scientifically,
the right brain that is related to the left hand side of the body,
to the heart, is that hemisphere of the brain
that generally receives feelings and
the right brain, controlling the left side of our body is the one that
puts these perceptions, feelings and broad knowledge into structures.
it is the one that organizes.

I believe if Jesus is God, or whoever it is,
is only reachable by oneself,
in meditation, in feeling and living life fully and naturally.

this is as far as I go today,
till later.

lotsa love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

speed the plough

Spent the afternoon shooing nephews away from my plough.
Shoo nephews, shoo.
You would not believe how unimpressed they are by the word shoo.
My plough!
Can I really own such a thing?
This morning the ghost of Indiana Jones appeared to me.
"You and I are passing through history Heelers," he intoned. "But this plough is history."
Yes folks, Indiana is right.
I am really just the caretaker.
The guardian for a generation.
I'm proprietorial enough about it all the same.
Compared to me, Indiana Jones had it easy.
He only had to keep the Nazis away from the Ark of the Covenant.
He didn't have to deal with my nephews.
Ah, they're no respecters of persons I tells ee.
But I digress.
Since an uncle gave me the plough last week, I've been engaged in delicate restoration work.
Sanding off the rust.
Pouring on the paint.
Scaring off the nephews.
I cut corners here and there.
I got bored with the sanding routine very quickly and jumped to the part about sloshing on the paint.
The nephews occasionally eluded my patrols, and subjected the venerable apparatus to some 21st century style stress testing.
But the end result doesn't look bad.
The Dad viewed it with me this evening.
"It looks well," quoth he.
"How old do you think it is Dad?" sez me.
"It's very old," averred he.
"Like fifty years?" suggests me.
"More like a hundred," pronounceth he.
The day was going down.
Long shadows stretched across the garden.
My cousin Frances ambled up the avenue to the old Chateau through the pooling purple gold luminosity of a pretentious dusk.
She's the school teacher.
The one who can kill a charging teenager at forty paces with a blow of her tongue.
"I see you've been making friends with physical labour James," she declaimed as she approached.
The noble Heelers drew himself up to his full height. (Five foot six, if I stand on tippy toes.)
"I'll have you know that physical labour and I are no strangers," I told her firmly. "We are in fact vague acquaintances."
Frances didn't seem to have heard.
She certainly didn't favour my bon mots with a burst of applause.
But then she never does.
She was bending over the plough.
"What paint did you use James?" she enquired.
"Black," I answered confidently.
"No, I mean did you use Hammerite or Anti Rust or what?" persists she.
"Yes," sez I, "one of those."
We wandered into the house.
I was regaling the Dad and Frances with my plans to install the plough in a quiet corner of the garden along with a flower bed, bushes, the wagon wheel and a wooden bench.
"It'll be a little bower where you can go to sit and contemplate and give thanks to God," sez me.
"That's not a bad idea," sez the Dad.
"I'll believe it when I see it," sez Frances.

derelictions of duty

The decision by President Nicholas Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany not to attend the funeral of Polish President Lech Kazcynski was a gross dereliction of duty and a disgraceful trahesion of European values.
Sarkozy and Merkel used the comic opera shutdown of European airspace last week as an excuse not to attend the funeral of one of Europe's greatest Statesmen.
If they genuinely couldn't fly, which I doubt, they could easily have made it to Poland overland.
The appropriate action for the Heads of State of France and Germany was of course to get into their high powered chauffeur driven limousines and immediately head up the road to the funeral in Cracow.
Couple of hours journey.
No big deal.
The welching derelicts obviously thought they had better things to be doing.
An entire generation of Polish leaders had been wiped out in the still unexplained plane crash in Russia.
For the President of France and Chancellor of Germany to snub the funerals is beyond comprehension.
The real reason for the absence of these two cosmic mediocrities lies in their disaffection for the principled political stands evinced by President Kazcynski throughout his lifetime.
Sarkozy and Merkel represent faux conservative political parties.
Their political parties are in that deep dessicated cultural dysfunction which for some decades has condemned Western European electorates to choosing between an array of fervourless cloned corporate entities, some styling themselves conservative, but all deeply socialist.
This moribund short circuiting of democracy never really happened in Poland.
Poles have ensured that their parliament is peopled with at least some politicians who have genuine beliefs.
President Lech Kazcynski had no intention of allowing Poland to yoke itself to new oppressors in the Brussels parliament, having just seen off the old oppressors of Soviet Russia.
From their experiences with Russia, the Poles knew all too well what real oppression was.
They were not keen to risk signing away their culture and their freedoms for a mass of Brussels entitlement pottage.
Hence Poland has become a firm partner in Europe without ever abandoning its vibrant sense of self.

President Lech Kazcynski's articulation of Poland's partnership with Europe was based on plain speaking, courageous negotiation, and honorable discernment.
For Sarkozy and Merkel, the genuine patriotic conservative principles of President Lech Kazcynski were completely alien.
As indeed are any principles.
Sarkozy and Merkel are nothing.
Committee men.
And Europe is very poorly led at a time when Vladimir Putin of Russia is engineering a resurgence of sovietism.

houses at twilight

row upon row huddled in the grass
each house marks a dream declamatory stone
of life of love of being at one
a place to hope
a place to fret
a TV a playpen and a kitchenette
and in the hall these words are graven
may your love flower like a cedar in lebanon
a weighty tone for a concrete wall
all lives have weight
that is all

times i supported vladimir putin

1. When President Putin jailed the corrupt oligarch billionaires who were robbing Russia blind.

2. When President Putin destroyed the Islamist Chechen terror army.

3. When President Putin unleashed special forces on the Al Qaeda terrorists holding theatre goers hostage in Moscow. The Russian commandos wiped out the Islamist terrorists and rescued most of the hostages. Idiot western media and pseudo human rights groups such as Amnesty International sought to put the Russians on trial for protecting their people. On CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, the BBC, Channel Four, et al, and in failing morally and financially bankrupt publications like Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Guardian, The Times of London, The Irish Times, et rodney, terrorists were presented to the world as victims. It was obscene. The ending of the theatre siege was an enormous defeat for the Islamists who had thought to wipe out hundreds of people with impunity while chanting Allah U Akbar to their hearts content. Russian special forces sent them home to Allah in body bags.

4. When President Putin unleashed special forces against the Al Qaeda terrorists who had taken more than a thousand people hostage at a school in Beslan. Most of the hostages were rescued. Most of the terrrorists discovered that the day they murdered Russian school children would be the very last day they ever ingested heroin while chanting Allah U Akbar. Again the idiot media of the west and Amnesty International attempted to put the Russians on trial rather than the terrorists. There's a price to pay for this sort of cretinism.

5. When President Putin telephoned the Americans after Nine Eleven and said: "We stand with you."

6. Er that's it.

the monica leech laugh in

The head of the Bank Of Ireland was paid two millon quid last year.
That is to say he was paid two million quid that we know about.
The real amount he paid himself was probably much higher.
This in spite of the fact that our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government claims to have capped banking salaries at half a million quid.
Fianna Fail bailed out the Bank Of Ireland last year by giving it twenty thousand million dollars that Fianna Fail borrowed against future generations of Irish people.
Fianna Fail used our assets and the assets of the unborn generations to cover the Bank Of Ireland's gambling losses.
Ordinary folk who run a business will tell you that when the business is losing money, the Managing Director doesn't draw a salary.
But that's not how it works with the banks.
First the banks lose all their money.
Then they lose all our money.
Then they keep paying themselves multi million dollar salaries borrowed against our future while our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government formulates new lies to justify its ongoing asset stripping of the Irish nation.
So the head of Bank Of Ireland paid himself two million quid last year.
Officially he was paid half a million.
The additional one and a half million were concealed by the bank making a payment to his pension fund.
This is where Marxism and Maoism and Nazism come from.
Scum robbing us in plain view backed up by our own governments.

letter to a young hindu



I wasn't scandalised by what you wrote.
I know many people feel as you do.

My testimony to you is that Jesus is real and that he is God and that he is love.
Some of his one liners...
"Judge not and you shall not be judged."
"Let the one among you who has never sinned be the first to throw a stone at her."
"The woman who put two pennies in the collection box gave more than the rich man because the rich man gave out of his plenty, but she gave all she had."
"There is more rejoicing in heaven for one sinner who repents than for fifty honest men who never sinned in the first place."
"People who are well, do not need the doctor. I did not come to call the righteous, I came to call sinners."
"Do unto others what you would have them do to you."
"Love one another as I have loved you."
"Do good to those who persecute you."
"If you make my word your home you will come to know the truth and the truth will set you free."
"I will give you the peace that surpasses understanding."
"No greater love has any man than that he would lay down his life for his friends."
"Before Abraham was, I AM."

The one liners themselves ring with something beyond philosophy or rationale.

God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to lay down his life for us so that we might be free of the slavery which is sin.

Evil is real too and has a cause.
Okay some of us have a tendency to simply call things we don't like or understand "evil."
But evil itself exists regardless of whether we recognise it or not.
Evil has a cause.
Its cause is a spirit called Satan who has sought the ruination of humanity from the beginning.
Satan's greatest victory has been to convince people that he doesn't exist.
His second greatest victory, which flowed from the first, was to convince people that there is no difference between good and evil.

Satan loses another battle as long as we are friends.
I thank God every day (okay lots of days!) for our friendship.


Monday, April 19, 2010