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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

the two murderers of ana kriegel

1. In whose interest is it that the two murderers have not been named? As a citizen I want them named. As a citizen it does not meet my requirement for justice that teenagers or anyone else should be allowed to commit crimes of kidnap, murder, rape, torture and systemic violation against anyone let alone a 13 year old girl, without being named.They were 13 years old when they killed Ana. Ana was herself 13 years old. She's been named. Since the two killers were old enough at 13 to kidnap, torture, rape and murder her, why not name them? They are now 14. Are they from gangland IRA mafia drug dealing families perhaps? I think we should be told. Have social services moved to take any other children from those families into care? I think this should be a priority.

2. Why were the two teenage killers allowed to leave the courtroom by a liberal Judge while the list of injuries they had inflicted on Ana was being read out? Surely if they were capable of slaughtering the girl in the way they did, we could expect them to sit through a listing of precisely what they did to her. The delicatesse of Judge Liberal is unacceptable to me in these circumstances.

3. Why is Judge Liberal already claiming that he cannot give the two murderers life sentences? I think we could all get around to accepting life sentences for them.

4. Why has the full extent of what these two so far nameless murderers did to Ana not been revealed? Why are the media and the professional law enforcement class protecting the killers and their families by not releasing full details of what they did to Ana Kriegel before they murdered her?

5. Why have the devil worship activities of the two murderers been almost completely omitted from reportage and commentary in the media?