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Saturday, November 03, 2012

irish justice

Sean Quinn, the mafisoso terrorist linked superthief, who used his gangster associates at Anglo Irish Bank, of which bank he owned a full quarter share, to burgle every household in Ireland by making us liable through his political contact the late Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan, (only ever on time when signing the Irish people up to paying Sean Quinn's thirty billoin dollar ruined bank debts), has been jailed for a grand total of nine weeks. Sean Quinn's thug thief son also called Sean has been released from jail where he spent a few weeks in contempt of court. Sean Junior had been sequestering the Quinn family's stolen assets with Russian gangsters overseas in defiance of a court order. He was released without purging his contempt of court, ie without paying the money back or giving the court details of who exactly had it. Sean Quinn Senior's nephew Peter Quinn is currently hiding out in Northern Ireland after a court order mandated his arrest for similar activities.

Paul Begley, a hard working family man who had a quarrel with the revenue collectors about the tax rate on garlic, is languishing in jail for six years.

the mad cow laugh in monica leech surely ed note

Two cows are discussing the possiblity of another outbreak of Mad Cow disease in Western Europe.
"Are you worried?" sez one.
The other cow shakes her head.
"Nothing to do with me," she says, "I'm a f--king duck."

sex and sexibility

Coffee with my brother Raymond in the Costa Cafe at the White Water Centre.
"I've bad news for you about the au pair," quoth he.
"Really?" sez me.
"Yes, you're now third in the queue," quoth he.
"Well, she's got the boyfriend in Spain, and she's going out with an Irish guy too."
"Are you sure? I thought she was getting fonder of me."
"She's had this guy up the Wicklow mountains."
"Oh yeah. They spent the weekend walking around Wicklow."
"Ah for crying out loud. She brings all the children of the revolution up the Wicklow Mountains."
"I think they climbed Lugnaquilla."
"F--king Lugnaquilla."
"All the way to the top."
The cafe had grown quiet.
"I hope the bitch worked him as hard as she worked me for as little reward," I pronounced eventually with just the faintest trace of bitterness.
It was a pithy enough summation of the situation.
But then I really was pithed off.
"So Heelers old pal., you're third in the queue," grinned Raymond with damnable heartiness.
Ireland's greatest living poet looked at his brother and shook his head.
"I'm not third," quoth me.
"What do you mean?" sez he.
"I'm fourth," quoth me.
"Yeah. She's after you as well. She wants your house."
"Ah Heelers you nut job."
I smiled but not as au pairs smile.
"Watch your back Jack," was my parting remark.

Friday, November 02, 2012

after math

long after i have ceased
and cities reached the sky
and fallen down
when pagan nations have fulfilled their truth
and passed

a race of men will till the isthmalian plain
a woman croon her babe in an african shade
and some still follow the christ

darkness has closed in
as many times before it closed
but it shall not win
it shall not win

Thursday, November 01, 2012

confucius he say

The morally and financially bankrupt Daily Mail, the near defunct masturbatory phone tapping police bribing politician subverting Rupert Murdock owned Sun, Sky, and Times, and the also ran robber baron Tony O'Reilly Denis O'Brien owned billion dollar indebted hind tit Irish newspapers, all of em I say, all of em, need Jimmy Savile to be guilty, more than they need the truth to be told.
These people are conducting trial by newspaper.
Reject them.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

if james healy had been a script consultant on mel gibson's movie version of the christian gospel

"Listen Mel. You've got to put in a flashback to the woman at the well. The bit where Jesus says to her: Salvation comes from the Jews. Put it in there Mel. Maybe with a roll of thunder to wake up any uppity Christians or Muslims in your audience. And right at the end, after your magnificent tableau with Mary and the body of her son, after your gentle evocation of the Lord conquering death, have a pause, and then  bring us for a postscript, to a character we haven't met. Have Saint Paul declaiming to a crowd of non Jews as he did in his letter to the Romans. Have him saying: Did God change his mind about the Jews being his chosen people? Absolutely not. Out of the question. Remember always what you owe them. I have come to you with the news of Jesus only because some of them had their hearts hardened. And if some of them having their hearts hardened meant salvation for you, what will it mean if these ones should later accept him? I tell you. Nothing less than life from the dead."

the waiting

grey light upon sleeping fields
the stillness i have come to love
time and tide cease surcease
peace sits like a glove
shadow sifts like memory

the dogs stirs at his chain
and whines and lifts his eyes
for the walk he knows we'll take
though storm clouds steal the skies
and grey light curtains into rain
so waits the world tonight
in darkness and in pain
the world waits for christ

this week in the jihad

Congratulations to Doctor Sayad Naqvi who this week got away with murder due to the enlightened liberalism of an Irish Fitness To Practice Hearing.
(Irish doctors have proved notoriously unwilling to recognise wrong doing from other doctors. Consider the cases of child abuser Doctor Michael Shine and serial surgical violator of women Doctor Michael Neary, both of whom conducted an unstoppable reign of abuse and terror at Drogheda hospital. Fitness to Practice Committees considered these psychos to be ice cream for thirty years, right up until the moment in fact when their victims had become too numerous to conceal. But concealing the activities of Muslim pyschos is an even greater crime.)
Doctor Naqvi was found not guilty on no less than eleven charges arising from his killing of an Irish mother on the operating table.
The woman he killed had 13 children.
Just another infidel whore, eh Doctor Naqvi.
Doctor Naqvi's woman lawyer asserted to the Hearing that he was a marvellous dedicated doctor.
Presumably she'll signing up as one of his patients if she ever gets pregnant.
No she won't.
Allah u akbar indeed.

the anti catholic independent newspaper group discovers the sanctity of life

As part of its new corporate strategy to curry favour with Catholic people and Christians, the irreligious invidiously anti Catholic Independent Newspaper group has published its first pro life articles in defence of the unborn child this week.
The first such articles in living memory I mean.
I do recall an Evening Herald (part of the Independent group) contributor writing in defence of the unborn child back in the 1980s.
He later died in a plane crash.
I urge you to reject the anti Catholic Irish Independent's new strategy of currying favour with Catholics in order to salve its collapsed readership.
I would remind those few innocents or infiltrators from the Pro Life Movement who have accepted the Irish Independent's overtures that in doing so they are betraying all those priests and nuns and Christians generally against whom the Irish Independent has waged a forty year Culture War.
You are also betraying the unborn children whose murder the Irish Independent has championed via its four decades long campaign in favour of abortion.
I would remind all my Christian readers, and any other honorable citizens of Ireland who happen to be passing, that in acquiesing to the Irish Independent's dishonorable and mendacious attempts to pose Catholic, you are aggrandising two neo feudal robber baron criminals and their odious would be neo feudal never done a day's work in their lives families, to wit its proprietors Tony O'Reilly and mobile phone super thief Denis O'Brien and their Cocaine addicted anti Catholic Little Lord Fauntleroy progeny.
They would make us their farm animals.
That is all.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the apotheosis of daily mail journalist brenda power

I glanced at an article by Brenda Power in the Daily Mail.
It had caught my eye because she began it with a perspective lifted from this blog.
She claimed to feel disquiet that the accusations against deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile had not been made while he was alive to answer them.
I read on, hoping to see some honorable and courageous admonitions to the media groups who had attempted to conduct a posthumous trial of Jimmy Savile by bankrupt newspaper, Judge Rupert Murdock presiding.
But no.
In ripping off this webite for her opening stab at credibility, Brenda Power then drew down the shutters on her plagiarism, toeing the editorial line devised by her bosses, and joining the amoral media mob with whole hearted zest in asserting that Jimmy Savile was guilty of everything that could be imagined, and that no due process or fairness or truth should stand in the way of employees of the super soaraway naked lady publishing phone tapping police bribing Sun, or similarly high minded employees at the near defunct Mirror Group or indeed those wondrously principled rationo legalist geniuses at the legendarily bankrupt Daily Mail itself, in slandering the aforementioned Jimmy Savile with gay abandon.
Brenda Power actually outdid her colleagues in the bankrupt journalistic profession in slandering Jimmy Savile however.
For Brenda Power claimed: "His black soul is burning in hell."
I folded up the Daily Mail (It will fold up itself shortly) with a certain wry bemusement.
It is not often that one discovers a new god.
So Brenda Power not only has the power to find the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile guilty of crimes he has never been charged with.
She also has the power to cast souls into hell.
Well folks.
I'm not going to lie to you.
In the matter of Brenda Power's divinity, I would have to register myself as a card carrying atheist.
But hang on.
What about the real God? (No, not Rupert Murdock or Irish robber baron Tony O'Reilly. I am referring to the God of the Hebrews.)
I wonder what the real God will make of all this.
We all answer to him.
Don't we?

bathos or pathos

"You could be as great as TS Elliot," said my feminist cousin Pauline in a moment of bathos.
(Pathos surely? - Ed note)
(I don't know the difference. - Heelers note)
"But he's crap," said I bathetically.