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Saturday, December 05, 2009

still life with hamster


field of souls

the fronded chestnut tree
rears over long grass
shadows flit and whisper
of what is and what is past
and in the field of souls
my grand father rests at last
i will be seeing him still
some time the city crowds upon me
he'll raise an ash plant to a thistle
call his dog to heels
cry glory and whistle
whistle down the years
can you feel the softness
of the mist upon your face
or sense the shadows brooding
when the twilight whispers peace
then know the final darkness
is a darkness of release

the monica leech laugh in

Question: Why did the Johnston Press cross the road?
Answer: To bankrupt a newspaper on the other side.

the cravens

They are afraid.
Very afraid.
Their very fear is in the air.
You know, I actually haven't seen this before.
The media groups normally seem so sure of themselves.
But this time, the media groups of the Republic of Ireland are genuinely afraid.
I think they have begun to suspect their own vileness.
It's no longer fun for them.
It's as though they sense the abhorrencies they have committed in seeking to criminalise the heroic priests and nuns who built our country.
Certainly, the various baying media groups are winning no honours for their malignant lies about the holy ones who have given their lives in selfless service to educate, enable, empower and preach the gospel of light to our people.
Here is the news.
1500 years of Catholicism gave Ireland a literate, numerate, population, gregarious, vibrantly humanitarian, confident and assured, a society where it was safe to walk the streets, families stayed together, murder was almost unknown, sex abuse rates were low, the police could be trusted, businessmen were honourable, we had no national debt, and there was no need to lock your door at night.
30 years of Independent Newspapers has left us with sex culture, suicide culture, porno culture, divorce culture, an epidemic of venereal diseases, Dublin and Limerick cities run by crime gangs, drug dealing in every school, drug shops on our main streets, abortion, condom culture, contraceptive pill culture, life in test tubes culture, corrupt banks, corrupt Judges, corrupt politicians paying themselves more than the President of America, a corrupt extortionate middle class of teachers nurses and civil servants, 12 year old children forcing 4 year old children to commit sex acts while the 12 year olds filmed them on their mobile phones, overpaid thug police officers terrorising citizens at the side of the road and murdering other citizens in the basement of police stations, two hundred thousand Muslim infiltrators, sex abuse rampant in every sector of society, and a national debt that doubles, yes doubles, every two years.
But people are waking up.
And the media groups are scared.
The conformist journalistic twits who have sought to stand in judgement on the ancient church are beginning to suspect they may never profit from their lies.
They know.
This time, they know.
There has been no surge in their circulation figures.
In the past when they manipulated and recycled sex abuse scandals, they might expect some sort of increase in sales or viewing figures.
This time.
Not a dime.
And they know.
This time, they know.
In the past the chattering classes could be led by the nose to sneer at the church.
Or to acquiesce when others sneered.
This time.
It ain't working.
People have learned.
People are waking up.
This time more and more of us are saying: "This is a persecution of the church as real as anything the Nazis or the communists or Henry The Eighth, or the Muslims did. Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE do not care one whit for sex abuse victims. They seek only to augment their own power."
The organ grinders and associated monkeys of Irish journalism no longer cut such a dash through the streets of the capital.
They don't get much by way of admiring glances any more.
When Vincent Browne a Marxist anti Catholic barrister whose only claim to fame is bankrupting at least three publications he was permitted to edit at various stages of his career, and delivering zero viewerships to sundry television programmes he was permitted to present, when this clown prince of atheists wandered into the Costa Cafe on Dawson Street last week and sat in plush bottomed splendour waiting for kudos, I, James Healy, stood up and ostentatiously moved to another part of the cafe.
It was a kodak moment.
Vincent Browne is not fit to sit in my presence.
None of them are.
And the rules are changing.
The persecution of the Catholic church is no longer invisible.
The perpetrators are more vile than any Marxists who commited similar persecutions in Russia and China.
Because at least the Russian and Chinese Marxists admitted who and what they were.
They didn't use the Trojan Horse of sex abuse to persecute and murder priests.
I tell you it will go better on Judgement Day for the mass murderers of China and Russia than it will for the lying mendacious atheistic Marxist cowards who are Vincent Brown, Joe Little, Nell McCafferty, Michael D O'Higgins, Maureen Gaffney, RTE, Independent Newspapers, and The Irish Times.
Listen to me.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers have unleashed a terror.
A terror as real as anything that was The Terror during the French Revolution.
These anodyne honourless media harlots have unleashed it.
And the terror touches them also.
They have terrorised the most honourable and decent people in our society.
They have calumniated priests and nuns for crimes those priests and nuns did not commit.
They have humiliated and terrrorised elderly Christians by labelling them abusers or facilitators of abuse.
They have betrayed the faith of our fathers.
Everyone knows it.
The pious posturing of the media no longer impresses anyone.
We all know.
The Irish Times, RTE and Independent Newspapers want to destroy the Catholic church.
There is no other reason for what they are doing.
The Ryan report into sex abuse is a Trojan Horse, a tissue of lies, contrived by shadowy figures within the Judiciary and political spheres.
That is all it is.
And, the media have unleashed a terror.
Orders of Nuns and Orders of Monks have announced they will surrender their assets.
In old age they will now face poverty.
They will surrender their assets for crimes they never committed.
Lawyers will grow rich and richer.
This is a terror.
A terror based solely on lies.
And some of these media hacks, some of the ones whose souls perhaps aren't completely lost, some of these snivelling curs, just some, are now beginning to wonder how they can stop it.
For terror once unleashed, is awfully dangerous.
Why it's positively terrifying.
If they're not careful, it could reach anyone.
There is nothing we might mistake for sincere repentence in The Irish Times, RTE, or Indpendent Newspapers.
But there are signs these white washed sepulchres are beginning to look for a way out.
On Monday a pious snivelling hypocrite called Sacraments Cooney was writing in the Irish Independent that now there was a possibility the latest report into sex abuse might even exonerate the 83 year old Cardinal.
Yes, the same Cardinal who Cooney and his colleagues had been attempting to humiliate and drive from office in that same newspaper with the same manipulations drawn from the same contrived sex abuse report.
So for one brief moment amid the innuendo and lies, Sacraments Cooney deigned to tell us that maybe the Cardinal wouldn't have to resign after all.
Throughout the week, I could find no trace of Independent Newspapers' most famous anti Catholic writer Ian O'Doherty, a boorish coward famous only for falsely and malignly claiming the Catholic church was a paedophile ring. It seemed he was not being allowed to pen a single line on the latest Independent Newspapers liberal Marxian atheistic recycling of old sex abuse cases.
There was no sign of him at all.
Vanished on a voodoo wind.
Maybe he's on holiday.
He was due a rest.
And so were we.
Later in the week, the Daily Mirror, a publisher of phone sex lines no less, paused from its juvenile excoriation of the Catholic church, to note that the wife of one abuse victim (a man who killed himself), had spoken out to reject criticisms of a particular Bishop over his supposed treatment of her husband's case, and to reject calls that the Bishop should resign.
It was strange that The Mirror would report this.
I doubt they did it for any love of the truth.
I think they did it because they know their lies are already collapsing around them.
And lo!
Even the feminist atheist abortionist Bolshevick 95 million dollar loss making Irish Times, even these harridans of spite, even they spent the week trying to manipulate the public into thinking that Catholics themselves wanted the Bishops to resign and that the whole manufactured Irish Times driven pallaver was nothing but a bit of people power from within the church.
"Catholics are shocked by the latest report," lied The Irish Times.
And then they told the same lie five hundred more times in a single week.
Actually we weren't shocked.
We weren't shocked by yet another Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers blatent attempt to conceal the true extent of sex abuse in Irish society by focussing on the tiny percentage of cases over the past fifty years which involved priests.
We've heard it all before Irish Times, RTE and Independent Newspapers.
Do you really think you will stand in heavenly judgement on the Catholic church?
I tell you, you will be cast down to hell.
But the worst, the most vomitous, hypocrisy was to come.
On Friday an oleaginous oike called David Quinn issued a challenge to the Bishops in an article in the Irish Independent.
David Quinn is a token Catholic at Independent Newspapers.
That is to say he poses Catholic.
He does not speak for any Catholics.
I personally do not accept that he is a Catholic.
But Independent Newspapers and he himself pretend he's Catholic.
I don't know or care what he is, beyond the indisputable fact that he is an employee of the anti Catholic organisation which styles itself Independent Newspapers.
David Quinn's article on Friday was headlined: "Bishops must sacrifice themselves for the good of the church."
Brave, isn't he?
This is what David Quinn's article really meant... It meant that Independent Newspapers has finally figured out that public contempt for the actions of its managerial, editorial and journalistic staff in seeking to criminalise bishops and priests and nuns for crimes those bishops and priests and nuns never committed, seeking in effect to tar and feather a generation of Christians with the brush of sex abuse, that this malevolent dishonesty on the part of Independent Newspapers and all who sail in her, that this vain bastardy is now starting to cost that brutish failing dissolute organisation the only thing it really cares about.
It all boils down to that in the end.
And Independent Newspapers is getting desperate for a way out.
It needs scalps.
It needs something so that it can pretend this whole orchestrated pogrom against the church was somehow justified.
It needs Bishops to resign.
That's why David Quinn emerges as a holier than thou bollock posing Catholic and urging Bishops to step down.
Quinn has been bought and paid for.
Like his employers, he is nothing.
He speaks for no one.
Except his employers.
Presently they will all fall silent forever.
Let us leave them to their fate.
Come with me.
Come with me gentle readers to a prison in communist Romania.
It is the 1950's.
The Lutheran pastor Martin Wurmbrand is straining to look out the window of his cell.
In the sandy courtyard below, the 83 year old Catholic Archbishop of Romania is being tortured.
He is being made to stand under the broiling sun in front of the whole camp without food or water.
The communist authorities want to humiliate him before they kill him.
His crime was failing to salute the symbols of communism and refusing to recant his loyalty to the Pope.
Wurmbrand, himself no friend of Catholics, expresses it thusly:
"That day every prisoner in the camp, from the most die hard atheist, to the most implacable Protestant, to the vilest murderer, to the most diseased prostitute, every one of us felt like shouting with one voice: Viva il Papa,

Friday, December 04, 2009

The Nativity

The child is all that matters.

Nothing else matters.


A bitter night wind is blowing in from the sea of Palestine.

The people of Israel are in their beds.

Joseph and Mary are in a stable.

They sit in the straw looking at the child king of the universe.

On the hillsides, shepherds sleeping in the open air, are woken by a commotion.

As they gaze in wonder and alarm, the sky itself ceases to be.

Strange beings dance before their eyes.

Like men and women.

But radiant with cosmic light and beauty.

Angels have descended singing on the fields.

The shepherds are terrified but only for a moment.

An angel tells them to go to the stable they can see below and pay homage to the child king of universe.

The shepherds hurry down the hillside and cluster around the doorway to the stable.

They kneel before the royal one who has been born.

Behind them come three other men.

Imposing and regal.

They move through the group of shepherds with easy grace and calm authority.

They are dressed in rich robes.

They are earthly kings.

Days before they saw a star rising in the night sky and knew in their hearts that the star was the star of a new and greater king.

They have followed the star from their own far distant lands.

It has moved through the night sky and now at last it rests directly above the stable.

The three kings bow and present gifts.

Gold, frankinsense and myrrh.

The three kings recognise the child as the king of kings to whom all authority has been given.

Nothing else matters.

The child is all that matters.

Unto us a saviour is born.

He is Christ the Lord.

You who read these words, may you rise up now and go to your door.

Listen to the stillness on the midnight air.

Know that your king has come to earth and is calling you.

Know that he has come to set you free and that all authority has been given to him.

Know that he loves you.

Nothing else matters.

The child is all that matters.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

december morning robin



When the Judges and defence lawyers of the Irish court system failed to convict Gerald Barry for his murders, his rapes, his blinding of a pensioner, when they failed to even hold him in jail while they dithered about pressing charges for his latest assaults, when they kept releasing him on bail right up until the moment he violated and slaughtered the 17 year old Swiss girl Manuela Riedo, these Judges and defence lawyers in so doing committed worse crimes than any priest or Bishop over the fifty year period covered by the latest sex abuse report which has been compiled by those same Judges and defence lawyers with a view to discrediting the Catholic church.

Michael Neary's violation of 189 women on the operating table at Drogheda Memorial hospital is a greater scandal than anything in the current crop of reports being used to label the Catholic church an abusing institution.
There has been no effort made to name Neary's immediate superiors, the hospital management, or the Health Board chiefs who oversaw Neary's period of mayhem at the facility.
No attempt has been made by the media to put Neary's supervisors in the dock, the way they are trying to put Bishops in the dock.
There has been no attempt by The Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers or their lesser acolytes at The Daily Mail, The Star, The Sun and The Mirror, to focus public concerns on what exactly went on at Drogheda Memorial hospital, or on who knew about it, or on who continues to cover it up.

The murder and torture of elderly residents in recent years at the Southern Cross nursing home in Dublin dwarfs any wrong doing ascribed to the church in the newly released sex abuse reports.
The situation at the nursing home has not led to a media campaign to ensure that all those responsible for concealing the spate of deaths at that institution are named and shamed.
The owners are not being subjected to high profile media pressure, or enquiries, or police investigations.
The Health Authorities responsible for overseeing that home have not been named in the press or on television.
There has been no sense of general public outrage and no media attempt to create or sustain such outrage.

The suicide deaths of seven children aged 12 and 13 in North Kildare last year, are more scandalous than anything in the current reports.
Why would seven young children choose not to live?
What is it about our society that would make 12 year olds prefer death to life?
Another such child killed himself in Tipperary a week ago.
His death went virtually unreported.
Such things were unknown in Ireland heretofore.
They are the creation of our present media based anti Catholic culture.

The sex abuse enquiry, known as the Ryan report, is an attempt to create a blanket of guilt over people who have given a lifetime of service to this country and to our people.
Its standard of judgement in ascribing guilt is arbitrary and false.
This debased standard, with its presumption of guilt, is being applied to no other sector of our society than to the church.
It targets elderly bishops or churchmen in retirement, ascribing guilt to them for crimes they never committed and inventing new crimes such as "arrogance" when no clear guilt can be ascribed.
The report targets elderly and retired bishops with the express purpose of splitting the church.
The hope is that the younger Bishops and leaders will be so anxious to distance themselves from the others, that they will acquiesce to the artificial ascription of blanket guilt which has been contrived.
All other sectors of Irish society in the public sphere have produced worse abuses than those itemised in the report.
The recent abuses, the abuses happening now, in our hospitals, our health boards, our housing estates and our sporting institutions, come with a body count and a depth of vileness that is unthinkable.
It is incredible that the generation which has created such a murderous society should now stand in judgement on those who came before, those whose society clearly was not inherently murderous, inherently psychotic, or inherently abusive as our present day society clearly is.

Sex abuse cases arising within the Catholic church are a Trojan horse for the Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers, et al, along with activist elements within Irish judicial and political life, to continue their permanent war with Christian values.
That is all that's going on here.
These media groups do not care one whit about sex abuse victims.
If they cared about the victims they would have cared about the huge majority of victims whose abuse took place in the family home and did not involve any priest or nun.
They would have made it clear that something in our culture is creating a sexual incontinence which is affecting all sectors of our society and leading to the violation of children.
They would have hung their own heads in shame for their own role in championing sexual proclivities, drug use, and hedonistic values.
These media groups have committed the worst crimes which they level against Bishops.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers have deliberately concealed sex abuse.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers, have concealed the vast preponderance of sex abuse in our society simply by failing to report it.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers, have with malicious intent omitted to make clear to the general public that far in excess of 99 percent of sex abuse crimes do not involve Catholics.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers have gratuitously manipulated public awareness of sex abuse cases so that people are bombarded with accounts of sex abuse cases involving priests, but left almost completely in the dark about the fact that the majority of sex abuse cases, and the most serious, most psychotic and most murderous of such cases, are occurring elsewhere in our society.

The Ryan report is a blatent attempt by atheistic liberal Marxists to undermine the church.
Who judges the judges?
No one.
Everything is being manipulated to justify an egregious attempt to criminalise Bishops.
The falsehood hinges on holding a Bishop culpably responsible for the crimes committed by anyone working for him.
The guilt that the Ryan report ascribes to Bishops could equally be ascribed to senior figures in every other sector of Irish public life.
But it is being ascribed to none of them.
Only to Bishops.

Bosses of people who have committed far worse abuses, tortures and murders, (at Drogheda Memorial Hospital, Southern Cross, Naas hospital, Saint Luke's hospital Kilkenny) are not being investigated, or named in the media, or pressurised in any way.
Social workers who were dealing with children, and left those children with abusive parents, who later killed the children as has happened a dozen times in the past two years, are not being investigated, or named, or arrested, or even questioned.
The supervisors of people in Irish sporting bodies who committed abuses every bit as serious as those ascribed to a tiny minority of priests in the reports, are also being left unscathed.

The present sex abuse reports have been contrived.
The reports have been contrived solely to impute guilt to Bishops.
Those contriving the reports only found the guilt they had already imputed.
There is no other purpose for these reports.

Sex abuse is the perfect Trojan horse for media Marxists and their shadowy allies in the judicial and political spheres.
RTE's Joe Little, TV3 broadcaster Vincent Brown, the Harrises at the Sunday Independent are all Marxists who spent their youth attempting to promote the Soviet take over of the world.
Now these crypto communists stand in judgement on the Catholic church.
This is the real scandal.

The Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star, and The Sun do not care about sex abuse.
The Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newspapers have been attempting to destroy the Catholic church for thirty years.
The Daily Mail is just a Johnny Come Lately to the game.
The Daily Star is part owned by porn baron Richard Desmond.
The Daily Star, The Daily Mirror and The Sun all publish phone sex lines.
These people are complicit in the erosion of public morality which has led to drugs culture, sex culture, violence culture, and the record levels of child abuse currently dessicating the next generation of Irish children.
It's happening now.
These people are judges of nothing.

The Catholic church is being persecuted in our lifetime.
The Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers, sundry cravens within the judiciary and a coterie of amoral politicians, have colluded to dechristianise our country.
They need to break the church in order to do so.
This is an easy challenge for us.
We have not been asked to die for the church or to give up our wealth to its persecutors, as previous generations were.
We have not been asked to live with Islamic terrrorism.
We have not been asked to see off Hitler, or Stalin, or Henry The Eighth.
The challenge for us is simpler.
Scoundrels are attempting to hound our Bishops and our church onto the margins of society.
Let's just stop them.

enter the yoganaut

Evening at the Chateau.
My Yogic sister Marie enters clutching a rag.
She is enthused.
"Look," she cries. "Our photos are in the Leinster Leader."
As well as being a practitioner of the Yogic arts, my venerable sister is also Captain of Kilkea Ladies Golf Club.
The club recently held its annual presentation night.
Apparently some half arsed excuse for a newspaper had now decided to publish pictures of the proceedings.
I look disdainfully at the rag she is holding.
My face is a poignant preraphaelite study.
"You've brought a Leinster Leader into this house," I cry with strange high passion. I have no sister."
Paddy Pup shot her an accusing glance, then followed me as I exited stage left.
He slammed the door behind us with his tail.

the knight remembers the road forth

on the road to arcady
did not our foolish knights chide
the manly ones for inconstancy
with the maidens of the passing way
censure them for dolority of soul
bid them hold their honour to their shields
and standing there
drenched in light and dust
i felt the life force dancing in our midst
in carnival in parlay and in tryst
and i too kissed a frenchman's daughter
in montretienne two days before the slaughter

there's something about mary

We were due to meet for coffee.
She'd contacted me through this blog.
I went with my gentle conspiracy theorist's heart ready to meet a Jihadi, a CIA agent, a religious maniac, someone from the Mossad, a Johnston Press spy, a corrupt Irish police officer, a stalker, or simply a fan of great writing, or yet more simply, some intriguing ad mixture of all of those.
I waited in the Costa Cafe for a quarter of an hour.
She didn't turn up.
Eventually my phone rang.
It was her.
She told me she was in the Cafe Sol. 
She'd gone to the wrong cafe by mistake.
The old bait and switch.
No CIA agent worth their salt ever shows up at the arranged rendezvous.
Just in case the place has been staked out.
Yes. It was all looking very CIA-ish.
But under Barack the CIA doesn't want friends like me.
I toddled along to the Cafe Sol.
There she was.
Some words.
We sat down.
I assessed her quickly.
Well at least she warn't no Jihadi.
That was for sure.
Tall attractive intelligent girl with a mid Atlantic accent.
The Qaeda has a grand total of none of those in its ranks.
So we can rule that out.
We talked.
She seemed Christian.
But she could have been humouring me.
Knew all the issues.
Knew more about the Pope's recent writings than I did.
She said something positive about the atheistic scientist Richard Dawkins.
Was it a slip of the tongue?
He'd spoken at an Irish Times sponsored debate in Dublin.
She liked him.
Apparently he'd pointed out that university lecturers in Britain were now being routinely barracked by Muslims in their classes.
The Irish Times had been economical with the truth in reporting this aspect of its own debate.
Dawkins was supposed to sneer at the Catholic religion but for some reason of his own had gone off message.
So she liked Dawkins and had attended an Irish Times debate.
How very open minded.
Almost too open minded.
Almost... liberal.
What did it mean?
Maybe the Irish Times types have gotten a little curious in the seventh canteen of hell about their nemesis.
Perhaps they figured they owed it to themselves to find out a little bit more about me before I lay them low completely.
I eyed her speculatively.
I said: "Oh Dawkins is just a Christian conversion away from being a great man."
We talked on.
Dublin grew dark outside.
Presently she got up to go.
She said: "Why have you printed your address on your blog?"
I said: "When the blog started it was all about finding an audience for my writing. I wanted to give the audience access. Then the blog changed a bit. But I could never quite bring myself to change the address. As long as it's there, and as long as I'm still writing, Ireland must be still, in some tiny measure, a free country."
She said: "You're putting a target on your back. Be careful."
And she was gone.
I have no idea who or what she was.

a rooskie in dublin


By Irina Kuksova 

A birthday party at a friend's house. Or something that could have been a party. Only that it's not – her two-year-old son is up. He's on a "you are mine" mission. We already know the young mum has lost. You can see the struggle on her face as she's trying to remember the last phrase she said in an attempt to entertain her guests. No, it's gone. Her attention switches back to her son. No, no, it is positively impossible to talk about anything but him.

She tells us how she barely has time for herself, how she has to watch the baby all the time. That's not the first time I hear this song. Most of the stay-at-home mums know the lyrics. It saddens me to think how many bright women – formerly "active members of the society" – are imprisoned by their own toddlers. "But you can't imagine what joy and satisfaction it brings them", you may say. Indeed, I can't imagine, and what young mothers keep telling doesn't help my imagination either.  Try listening to them long enough, and the whole "minding a baby" experience seems more of a scary sci-fi: beautiful and intelligent beings (women) forced to serve aliens, who can't survive on this planet on their own (babies).

I don't know about you, but the more I visit friends who have a baby, the more afraid I am to have one myself. The only way of having a "life after baby" seems to be hiring a full-time baby-sitter. Someone for the "little alien" to wrap its attention-sucking  tentacles around.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

in the wee small hours

Driving home at 3am.
Lonely road between the hills.
Rain on the windscreen.
I feel the presence of evil in the car.
Of course it could be my own mental speculations.
I have an artist's mind.
It does things.
Right now the car feels awful lonely.
I feel like I'm standing on the edge of the world.
Just me and the forces of darkness.
My mind teeters on the brink.
"I don't care," I say aloud. "I don't care about any mental derangement, oppression, accident or satanic attack. I don't care because all those things are just an opportunity for me to trust in Jesus more. All those things are just a chance for me to love Jesus more. Every affliction is an opportunity to really know God's saving light. Jesus you are perfect love. And perfect love casts out fear."

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the ineluctable modality of hamsters

Evening at the Chateau De Healy.
I'm sitting in the front room disapproving of Southpark.
MC Hamster is on the wing of the armchair washing herself.
Paddy Pup is at my feet exploring his limits as he contemplates the hamster.
The little golden tennis ball is a sight to behold.
Her washing ritual is prodigious.
First, MC rubs down her fur with little hammy hands twisting and turning so as not to miss a spot. Then she scrubs her face repeatedly with delicate circular motions. Finally she even cleans behind her ears by the most contortionate scratching with her back legs.
The ghost of Charles Darwin appears.
"Um James," he says pleasantly. "You realise she's doing that because hamsters are solitary animals. In the wild they cannot depend on other hamsters to groom them. They normally live underground and are constantly getting dirty. That's why their cleaning instinct is so strong."
The noble Heelers shakes his handsome head shakingly.
"You're wrong Charles," quoth me.
"What do you think she's doing?" says he.
"I think she's cleaning herself," quoth me.
"And why so copiously?" asketh Charlie Darwin.
"Because she's a vain little hamster," quoth me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

golden child and golden mouse


to a wild rabbit prince of the fields

words are mine
no words take from his eyes
the breeze blown beauty of the woodlands
nor the silver scented sight of evening glories
manhood mine
a prince of the fields is he
even in the terror of flight
a strange high ecstacy spirits his delight
age is mine
he will not grow old
nor fear the passing of his world
the lure of yellow gold
the bitterness of friends becoming foes

the monica leech laugh in

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin came into Fallons pub at Kilcullen on Saturday night.
It was a rum moment.
He looked a bit shook.
No one took much notice of him.
We've seen it all in Kilcullen.
Tony Bloody O'Reilly lives up the road.
The Archbishop went up to the counter and said to Billy the barman: "A pint of Guinness please."
Billy the barman allowed a sneer to curl across his peasant features.
Apparently he takes his moral lead from RTE, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and an IRA apologist called Nell McCafferty.
There was a moment's silence.
"F--- off," said Billy the barman.
The whole bar turned.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin took a step back.
He turned white as a sheet.
He cleared his throat.
"My good man," he said. "People often look on me as a symbol. As an authority figure and not as a person. But I am a person. I have feelings. I was not born to wealth and privilege. I'll have you know I was born into abject poverty. My parents slaved to get me to school. My father broke his health working extra shifts in a brick works trying to make ends meet. No other family member could read or write. My mother walked a cow along the side of the road every day so that I could have a chance even of a primary education. In primary school I knew from the outset that I had to finish top of my class every year or I could not come back. At the end of primary school I had to win a scholarship or else there would be no hope of a secondary education. I won that scholarship. And I studied hard for five years, knowing all the way that if I did not excel, my hopes of a better life would be finished. I gained the top Leaving Cert in the Republic of Ireland in 1972. That result meant I was given a government grant to pursue a university degree in social sciences. That university degree persuaded the church to accept me as a student priest. So began seven more years of back breaking study, always with the spectre hanging over me, that if I once slipped up there was no other job for me, no other life, no other way out. I graduated from the seminary top of my class. I achieved a Masters at night classes while working full time in the inner city parish of Ballymun. My days were spent among the drug dealers and the joy riders. My nights poring over books. After the Masters, I was accepted at Trinity College and obtained a Phd. Still studying at night. Still working every hour of the day in the inner city. The Bishop of Dublin told my story to some Italian Bishops and I was called to Rome to pursue further studies. Even then there were no guarantees. If I failed, my parents' sacrifices would have been in vain. But I did not fail. I STUDIED AT THE FEET OF THE POPE IN ROME. IT WAS HE WHO DECIDED I SHOULD BECOME AN ARCHBISHOP. NO ONE ELSE. JOHN PAUL HIMSELF. AND YOU TELL ME TO FUCK OFF... YOU... YOU FUCK OFF."

it's a muslim muslim muslim muslim muslim world

The Irish Times has been in fine fettle this week.
First came a false report that the Irish were concerned with immigration.
The report claimed that 75 percent of Irish people wanted controls on immigration.
The report was a black lie.
Most Irish people do not want immigration stopped from our partners or friends.
That means no one here is concerned about immigration from Italy, France, Spain, Russia, China or anywhere else that isn't attempting to conquer the world for Islam.
The only immigration Irish people want stopped is immigration by Muslims.
The Irish Times report about public attitudes to immigration didn't mention Muslims even once.
The Irish Times would prefer to advance the false notion that Irish people are generally racist rather than admit the truth, which is that Irish people want to be protected from the Islamic terror armies intent on conquering us.
Most curious.
Striiiiiiiiiiiiike one.
Nor did the Irish Times in writing about a particularly bloody slaughter on the Philippino island of Mindanao once trouble itself to mention Muslims.
Oh around a hundred people were massacred.
Some of em were raped first.
Some of em had their heads hacked off.
There are clues there if you know where to look.
The Irish Times though was content to say that the murders were the results of clan violence.
Ah yes.
Ye olde clan violence routine.
Like when youths who are all Muslims torch French cities and the Irish Times reports the Islamic conflagrations as "youth unrest over unemployment and social exclusion," without once mentioning that the youths, rioters, looters, arsonists and murderers were all Muslims.
That old gag.
Whatever you do, don't mention Muslims.
I mentioned them once but I think I got away with it.
The Irish Times considered there was no need to trouble people with any details about the essentially Islamic nature of the clan violence on Mindanao.
Mindanao is a region of the Philippines which Muslims have been trying to tear away from the Philippines through terrorist violece for several decades.
The Muslim secessionist movement on Mindanao is now fully integrated into Al Qaeda.
The secessionist movement on the Philippines is an entirely Al Qaeda owned and operated Islamic terror movement.
The Irish Times report of the latest head hacker murders on Mindanao did not once mention Al Qaeda Muslim terror secessionists.
Even if they didn't commit these particular murders they were surely due a mention.
What do you think Irish Times?
A little mention?
A country which allowed Muslims to immigrate as we are doing, is facing an Al Qaeda Muslim terrorist secession movement attempting to detach its southern region.
Surely you should mention the Muslim secessionist movement when a spate of head hacker murders sweep the southern region of the Philippines?
Irish Times?
Head hackers?
Surely due a mention?
Surely you should also mention the Muslim secession movements which have successfully broken off regions from Cyprus and Serbia in the past few years?
Surely you should mention the Muslim secession movement that has inflicted civil war on Thailand while trying to break off a region from that country which allowed Muslims to freely enter and take up citizenship?
Diverse countries Irish Times.
One common variable.
They allowed a few hundred thousand Muslims to in-migrate.
And death followed with them.
But not worth mentioning that.
You might offend the punters, eh Irish Times?
Striiiiiiiiiiiiike two.
Finally, The Irish Times reported during the week that a majority of voters in Switzerland were opposed to a proposed law which would ban Muslim minaret style buildings in the country.
The minaret towers are used by Muslims to call their followers to prayer five times a day beginning at 5am in the morning.
The call to prayer is extremely loud.
Critics like me view the Muslim call to prayer as a modus for the expression of Muslim power and as an explicit cultural tool for intimidating non Muslims.
I had a feeling that the Irish Times figures about Swiss feelings on the matter were incorrect.
The eight million Swiss are currently dealing with half a million Muslim immigrants.
I thought they were unlikely to favour allowing those Muslims to build minarets all over Switzerland.
The Irish Times claimed that 58 percent of Swiss people intended voting against the law in the referendum this weekend.
The Swiss have just voted tonight.
Exactly the opposite of what the Irish Times claimed 58 percent of Swiss would vote for.
Striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike three Irish Times.
You're out.
Meanwhile in Britain, Sky News continues to pour fascinated and approving attention on the latest attempts at the Iraq War Enquiry to criminalise former Prime Minister Tony Blair for his decisive actions against the Saddam Hussein family murderocracy in Iraq.
The present Iraq War Enquiry is the third such attempt to discredit the war.
Three's a charm.
The surrender merchants will eventually get what they want.
Sky's presenters are earnestly rooting for the criminalisation of Prime Minister Blair, along with an all out surrender in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sky believes the problem was never Islamic Nazi terror armies.
Sky believes the problem was President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair and their blatent insensitivities to head hackers, child murderers, terrorist airline hijackers, suicide bombers and Muslim mass murderers generally.
Sky believes this because Sky's main income stream now comes from Qatar Airlines which is owned by the royal family of Qatar, the same Arab royal family which funds Al Jazeera, the Muslim Nazi channel.
I kid you not.
It will be a cold day in hell before Sky News ever takes a stand against Muslim expansionism.
And while the media groups of the western world, exemplified in their extreme quisling incompetence by Sky News and The Irish Times, while these twits have been posturing and preening and promoting surrender to the Jihadis...
Al Qaeda on Saturday attacked Russia.
Al Qaeda blew up a train in Russia.
In Russia no less.
Those peace loving Muslims aren't afraid of anybody, are they Sky?
Killed 26 people on the Moscow Petersburgh express.
Wounded a hundred more.
You know folks, the truth still has some currency.
Although you won't hear the truth about any of this on CNN, Sky News, NBC, CBS, ABC, the BBC, Channel Four, RTE, or in the pages of the Irish Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Washington Compost, The New York Times et al.
And as a foot note to a very busy weekend for both Al Qaeda and the blind eye media traitors of the west, as a foot note only, but really some foot note as foot notes go, as a foot note I say, those loveable goons in the Islamic Republic of Iran have just declared that they're going to build as many nuclear reactors as they like and the rest of the world can go fish.
Hilarious, no?
I wonder have the Russians given Iran secret guarantees.
That would be a doozie for the fate of the human race.
Russians generally don't regard Muslims with the rose tinted spectacles that are favoured in the Irish Times.
But Vladmir Putin's boys might be seeking short term advantage by trying to farm Iran against America.
They might.
Even while Al Qaeda is bombing trains out of Moscow.
Bloody hell, as my Uncle Peter used to say.
Here is the truth.
A Muslim Nazi terror army threatens the world.
It doesn't matter if it's Syrian, Iranian, vintage Al Qaeda, or some lunaseptic ad mixture of the three.
It's Muslim.
We need to stop them infiltrating and assuming citizenship in our countries.
We need to send them home to Allah.
All of them.

the contessa in the cafe

Sunday, November 29, 2009

time and time again

Dublin in fog.
The shabby city rendered mystical by the shroud.
Orange street lamps pooling in the mist.
I drive and park and stroll.
I find the Contessa in the Costa Cafe on Dawson Street.
She is incongruously beautiful.
The cacophony of mid evening quaffers fills the room.
Outside the grubby features of Dublin glisten opaque and ethereal and mysterious as the Quai Des Brumes.
There is no place on earth I would rather be.