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Saturday, June 28, 2014

the reputation of rupert murdock versus the reputation of jimmy savile

Here is my analysis in full.
Most of the current raft of sex abuse claims against British celebrities are opportunistic.
The recent cases against stars of the trite low rent television drama Coronation Street represent by and large attempts at entrapment by parents prostituting their teenagers.
The case against the ageing BBC radio presenter Dave Lee Travis is also opportunistic and unmerited in my view.
In between times, there have been some genuine claims.
The vast majority of the present day claims relating to the British Broadcasting Corporation are dubious at best.
A sex culture of groupies sleeping with broadcasters prevailed at the BBC from at least the 1960's onward.
This culture was applauded at the time by the very media groups currently attempting to label ageing celebrities as paedophiles.
The groupies themselves are seeking to draw a pension from their teenage peccadillos at the BBC.
But the case against Jimmy Savile is different.
I believe the case against Jimmy Savile was contrived by Rupert Murdock's employees and their accomplices in law enforcement in order to distract attention from the existential threat to Rupert Murdock's News International organisation (owner of Sky News, The Sun, The Times Of London, The Wall Street Journal, Fox et al) arising from a perfect storm of exposure and scandals engulfing Mr Murdock's grotesquely mendacious and hugely corrupt media empire.
The existential threat to Rupert Murdock's News International organisation arose from the discovery that Rupert Murdock's employees and his company had been routinely bribing the police, routinely subverting politicians, and routinely hacking into private citizens phones in Britain and other countries.
Rupert Murdock's staff also had inappropriate contact with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Rupert Murdock's staff also hacked into the mobile phone of a murdered British schoolgirl.
Rupert Murdock's staff also employed private detectives to harass and intimidate members of the public.
There is no doubt about any of this.
There is no doubt that this concatenation of scandals could have finished Rupert Murdock and his News International organisation.
I am suggesting that the attacks on Jimmy Savile were orchestrated to save Murdock's hide.
Without the ruination of Jimmy Savile, News International was finished.
It would have been an ex corrupt media group.
The initial fishing expedition intended to sow doubts in the public mind about Jimmy Savile was placed in the Daily Mirror and through a television station called ITV.
It has been unclear for many years who exactly owns the Daily Mirror but Rupert Murdock's Sky Television regularly promotes it and uses its staffers as guests on his news programmes.
After the initial fishing expedition documentary, featuring the most tenuous and improbable allegations from anonymous accusers, the running was taken up by Rupert Murdock's overt media groups who relied on innuendo and hate speech to get the job done.
So there we are.
You all knew where I stood on this.
At no point was I willing to allow Rupert Murdock or his corrupt employees or his criminal organisation stying itself News International, to conduct trial by television of deceased human beings.
This week a tissue of fresh allegations against the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile have been trumpeted through Rupert Murdock's and other media groups.
The new allegations against the deceased broadcaster have been released to coincide with the British Judicial Systems failure to convict Rupert Murdock's corrupt senior executive Rebekkah Wade  and other infamously corrupt News International executives of the phone tapping, police bribing and politician subverting crimes they had all clearly and blatently committed.
The coincidence in timing, between the new attacks on Jimmy Savile and the release of Rebekkah Wade, is not credible as a coincidence.
This stinks to high heaven.
Note that the people I am impugning here are all alive.
Unlike the man I am alleging that they impugned (Jimmy Savile) in order to distract public attention from their corruption of the institutions of State. (Parliament and the police and the ephin phone company no less.)
I would ask people of integrity to note that this week an enquiry conducted by a Dr Procter claimed without corroborative evidence of any kind, that Jimmy Savile had sex with corpses and that he murdered a girl.
They really don't want you to think about Rebekkah Wade, do they.
In both instances Dr Procter admits coyly that there is no direct evidence.
She fails to name any witness.
Re the sex with corpses claim, she concludes with thoroughgoing malice and disingenuousness: "Security at mortuaries was very lax during this period."
Re the murder claims, she is similarly dishonourable, stating: "A witness claims he saw Jimmy Savile dragging away a girl and that later he heard the girl was dead."
What witness?
What girl?
Doctor Proctor doesn't think this is relevant.
Three anonymous people, supposedly staff at a hospital, are allowed to claim with ludicrous improbability that Jimmy Savile raped them and that they never spoke out for forty years because they were afraid.
This is Soviet Union quality stuff.
Rupert Murdock's dying but exponentially corrupt media group is attempting to revitalise itself through the media show trial of a a dead celebrity whom none of his accusers spoke out against while he was alive.
I have limited knowledge of these matters.
Truth be told, I cannot be one hundred percent certain that all the attempts to label Jimmy Savile are false.
My instinct is that they are false.
And I have told you why here.
Elsewhere I have shown you the invidious calibre of his initial accusers, several of whom have themselves since been accused of child abuse.
You couldn't make it up.
Now here's a few things I know to be true.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation habitually bugs people's phone in Ireland, Britain and around the World.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation routinely bribes and controls police officers and their commanders, in Ireland, Britain, and around the world.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation routinely subverts politicians in Ireland, Britain, and around the world.
If Rupert Murdock's News International organisation had not managed to murder the reputation of deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile over the last two years through a media conducted show trial, then Rupert Murdock's News International organisation would by now be facing public, parliamentary and judicial attempts to break it up worldwide under anti trust legislation.
I say it again.
These things I know to be true.
That is all.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Evening in the Whitewater Café Degli Mafiosi Schiffi, quaffing coffee with one of my fans.
"Well Heelers, you said there was a Muslim terror army threatening the world, and now one appears to have burst out of Syria. Who wudda thunk it. You worried?"
"What me worry. No. I don't think the incarnation of Al Qaeda bursting out of Syria into Iraq in the form of the Isis movement, has either a proper logistical supply base in Syria or dependable lines of control in Iraq. It's coming from nowhere. And it's heading nowhere. This is a kind of last hurrah for Al Qaeda in the region. It might hold Anbar but the rest of Iraq is beyond it. It can't really retreat back into Syria either. Not with Assad attriting it to extinction. So the question is: Why is it there? I saw it again. This is a last hurrah in the region. With this orgy of destruction, Al Qaeda is probably blooding its younger recruits and training up Jihadi's for the coming war in Western Europe, Ireland and Britain. All the little psychos will be coming home soon, home to rule us. That's the bigger issue here. Even the nutjobs of Al Qaeda know they've lost Syria and they're not going to win Iraq. Not one of them thinks they've lost Europe. Incidentally, their last hope in Syria is American intervention and even that can't save them in this region. Like I said, the Russians own Syria. And the Iranians are subsuming Iraq."
"You really think so Heelers? Sky News said that Al Qaeda had disaffiliated both from the Syrian revolution and from the Isis army invading Iraq. The bald guy on Sky actually said Isis was too extreme for Al Qaeda."
"Ah bless Sky News and its innocence and its bald guys and its sponsorship form the Islamist Royal Family Of Qatar. Isis is Al Qaeda. There is no difference or distinction. Al Qaeda is now in full control of the formerly legitimate Syrian revolution. The disaffiliation is a fiction. Here is the news. Al Qaeda announced the disaffiliation from Isis because Al Qaeda is hoping President Barack Obama of the United States might still win this for them in Syria with advisers, hardware and cash. It's a hail mary play. Al Qaeda recognises Barack can't formally bankroll Al Qaeda. That is the only reason Al Qaeda claims to have dropped Isis. They're one and the same thing. But what I'm saying is that even with an insane or criminally incompetent American President on their side, Al Qaeda still won't win in Syria. The moment has passed. Even if Barack approves his five billion for the rebels in Syria, he still won't be able to win this for Al Qaeda. My analysis now is that the Russians won't  let that happen under any circumstances. Listen to me. There is no permutation where the rebels, ie Al Qaeda, win in Syria. The risk of American involvement in Syria is that the Western World will be entering World War Three for a bunch of psycho Mussies who will never thank us for it. And I'll tell you something else. Even if Barack commits the entire American army, we won't win there. We could have won Iraq though. But Barack had made his reputation on criminalising his predecessor President Bush's efforts to liberate that country. Now it's too late."
"Do you want another latte."
"Make it a quick one."

defender of the faith

how do you know said martin

i sat nervous ill at ease
his arguing had brought my faith to its knees
this day when rain had fallen
now fell the mightiest citadel of them all

a ray of light came straying through
to play upon my troubled face
and i beheld the splendour in the grass
a million sceptred miracles in glass

how do you know said martin
and i laughed

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Eli Wallach is dead.

the heelers diaries in america

Sitting alone in the wee small hours of the morning searching on the goggle box for Mary Tyler Moore.
Outside it's America.
I am half thinking of going to bed, half thinking of staying up to say the rosary prayer known as the Mysteries Of Light.
Gentle readers, lemme tell ya, I have been having an experience of prayer in America, where it seems God has moved my heart and made it very easy for me to pray.
But tonight I think I'll go to bed.
I've prayed the rosary earlier and enough is enough.
A small box of envelopes moves off the sideboard and falls to the floor.
It is a Kodak moment.
This is the second time in the last few days.
The Forces Of Darkness must be running out of ideas.
Yes trains pass close to here sometimes.
I suppose it might be that.
A vibration of some sort.
On the other hand.
Let's hear it for the Mysteries Of Light.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

mirror in june

Browsing through the pages of the Irish Times last week I came upon an article about male attitudes to women. The article was classic Irish Times wimminy fembo drivel but I read it anyway on the off chance of improving myself. It took me a quarter of an hour to slosh my way through the purple prose. It felt like a lifetime. The writer, Miss Lara Bantam, asserted that all human society is a conspiracy against women. She claimed that evil males were to blame for our every ill, from violence, street crime, and political corruption, through to corrupt banks, the drug trade, international warfare, Islamism, and pornography. Ho hum. She'd obviously never heard of satan. Or if she had, she'd concluded he was just another male imperialist out for some cheap larfs at women's expense. The writer's most bitter venom was reserved for those men, veritably legions of em apparently, who look on women as sex objects. Well folks all this time I thought I had it rough. But really the downfall of the human race is my fault. Bad James. Bad. I finished the article a wiser weaker man and glanced at the illustration alongside it. it was a half page colour picture of the author. She had lustrous blonde hair, and a tight fitting shirt opened three buttons. Her leather skirt was infinitesimal and the photograph had been taken from a very low angle to give us a striking shot of her cocquettishly crossed, though still thoroughly magnificent, silken clad thighs and shiny black boots. Words fail me.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

when the revolution was expected in china

in the garden of my father
i first heard the gunshots from tiananmen square
i will never drink again this beauty
without hearing first the crying of the dying there

we will pray sometimes in the evenings
as the shadows lengthen into years
for there are prayers much softer than silence
and silences softer than tears

sex and sexibility

Evgenia turned the full glory of her eyes on mine.
"James what do you really think of me?"
I saw the need in her.
The magic words of WB Yeats came to me:
"Many loved you with love both false and true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."
I knew that if I said this, she would be mine.
There was a pulse in the universe.
Time stood still.
Her eyes shone with question and invitation and challenge.
But I couldn't do it.
I couldn't quote a lesser poet than me just for foo foo.

sentimental journey

There was a headline today on the cover of the horrendous bankrupt anti Catholic Sunday Independent newspaper which read:
"O'Brien, The Ultimate White Collar Criminal."
Sharp intake of breath from me when I saw it.
For a moment I wondered was I imagining things.
Could Independent Newspapers be actually telling the truth?
But ah.
Closer inspection revealed that the O'Brien of which they spoke was a Dublin investment adviser called Breifne O'Brien who had cheated a few clients.
They were labelling BREIFNE O'Brien (a man no one in Ireland has ever heard of) as the ultimate white collar criminal, not their own boss DENIS O'Brien, the infamously mega corrupt politician bribing nation cheating proprietor of Independent Newspapers.
Denis O'Brien the proprietor of Independent Newspapers made his billion dollar fortune through slush fund payments to the anally corrupt then Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry. In return for Denis O'Brien's vomitously illegal inducements, Lowry gave Denis O'Brien billion dollar mobile phone provision contracts for a few million dollars.
Hilarious no.
Denis O'Brien ripped us all off.
And not just by bribing Mick Lowry to scam the exchequer either.
As proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien has also corruptly benefitted from the, er, largesse of the present Fine Gael Labour government in Ireland.
That is to say when Independent Newspapers refused to pay its bank debts to Allied Irish Banks causing Allied Irish Banks to collapse, Fine Gael using public money, purchased the now worthless Allied Irish Banks for the bargain basement price of ten thousand million dollars, and then promptly cancelled Independent Newspapers debts.
Now that's what I call the ultimate white collar crime.
That and Fine Gael ensuring Denis O'Brien still hasn't faced charges for bribing Lowry, in spite of a Judicial Investigation making it crystal clear the Denis O'Brien should face those charges.
You will note gentle travellers of the internet that the Irish Independent prints a photograph of Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny every day.
Now you know why.
As for the lesser known and hugely less corrupt Breifne O'Brien.
Repent of your sins.
Make peace with the church.
There is forgiveness, joy and triumph for you.
I assure you.
You are not the worst of them.