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Saturday, June 21, 2014

the evil that judge liberals do

Judge Barry White (not to be confused with the famous soul singer of the same name who actually has a soul) has just released another murderer from an Irish courtroom.
Judge Barry White advised the Jury in his courtroom that since a psychiatrist had testified in his courtroom that a 52 year old woman was insane, the Jury should not find the her guilty of the murder  of an 82 year old man which she had committed.
Hoo baby
On foot of Judge Barry White's ruling, I suppose God should now change the fifth commandment to read: "Thou shalt not kill unless you really want to, and are willing to pay a morally debased psychiatrist to help you claim to be insane before a liberal atheistic marxian mafia Judge in order to get away with it."
You're a bad man Judge Barry White.
I mean you're either criminally incompetent or you are the criminal agent of an as yet unmapped criminal conspiracy to end the rule of law in the Republic Of Ireland.
I think we both know which of these you are.
The 52 year old woman whom Judge Barry White decided to let away with murder was supposedly in a relationship with the 82 year old man she murdered.
She beat him mercilessly about the head, hands and body, torturing him by breaking his fingers, before killing him by crushing his ribs.
She appears to have taken her murder method from a James Bond film.
Yes there are consequences for letting low life skangers watch pornographic sexualisations of violence.
The skangers kill people and then pay a psychiatrist to persuade a corrupt Judge that they shouldn't be held accountable for it.
I gotta tell you folks... the real crime is what happened after the murder... I mean what happened in Judge Barry White's courtroom.
In other news, yet another liberal Judge my old friend Mr Justice Paul Carney has given yet another murderer similar leave to roam the country.
Judge Paul Carney's murderer du jour, was before him on charges of helping a man dispose of her husband's body.
She had already been convicted in another courtroom with that same man of murdering her husband.
The conviction for murdering her husband had been thrown out by an appeals court and a retrial was to be scheduled.
But in Judge Paul Carney's court the murderer had now been convicted of helping her accomplice in the murder of her husband to dispose of her husband's body.
Judge Paul Carney announced that because she had already served time for the murder of her husband, and because her murder conviction had since been thrown out, she was entitled to what Judge Paul Carney called "a get out of jail free card."
The phrase created a stir in the courtroom.
It sounded like Judge Paul Carney was being frivolous about this woman's disposal of her murdered husband's body, a crime for which Judge Paul Carney was due to sentence her.
Judge Paul Carney hastened to inform the courtroom that the case was one of the most upsetting he'd ever considered.
He didn't look that upset.
And he sentenced her to nought years in jail.
Nought years in jail for helping a murderer dispose of the body of her murdered husband.
That's some justice right there.
Hoo baby.
But it's Judge Paul Carney's use of the phrase "get out of jail free card," that has really raised eyebrows.
He took it off this blog.
On this very blog I had used the same phrase several years ago in accusing Judge Paul Carney and his liberal colleagues of corruptly and habitually issuing get out of jail free cards to murderers, drug dealers, rapists and indeed to one of their fellow Judges called Brian Curtin who had been caught paying to see children raped on the internet.
My own application of the phrase to Judge Paul Carney and his pals, had caught the attention of some of the good burghers of the Irish legal, journalistic and political professions.
And now it seems Judge Paul Carney has decided to brazen out the growing public concern (about his casual release of murderers into the community) by bandying the phrase "get out of jail free card" frivolously over the body of a murdered man.
The very phrase he had read on this blog.
I kid you not.
Listen bold readers.
Even if you don't accept that Judge Paul Carney's use of the phrase "get out of jail free card" when releasing without sentence a woman who had helped a murderer dispose of the body of her husband, even if you don't accept that he was responding to this blog, surely you must accept that his use of the phrase at all renders him unfit to be a Judge.
I'm nearly lost for words.
I have called Judge Barry White a criminal.
But I think Judge Paul Carney is worse.
Judge Paul Carney is evil.
Consider this.
Judge Paul Carney in a case some years ago referred to Wayne O'Donoghue's slaughter of a little boy called Robert Holohan as "horseplay."
Now I really am lost for words.
I have nothing more to say to Judge Paul Carney or Judge Barry White.
I call on all honourable Irishmen to remove them from office.

Friday, June 20, 2014

poem and parody

The Lake Isle Of Inish Free
By WB Yeats

I will arise and go now
And go to Inishfree
And a small cabin build there
Of clay and wattles made
Nine bean rows will I have there
A hive for the honey bee
And live alone in the bee loud glade
And I shall have some peace there
For peace comes dropping slow
Dropping from the veils of morning
To where the cricket sings
There midnight's all a glimmer
And noon a purple glow
And evening full of the linnet's wings
I will arise and go now
For always night and day
I hear lake water lapping
With low sounds by the shore
Whether standing in the roadway
Or on the pavement grey
I hear it in the deep heart's core.


Inish Free
by James Healy

i will arise and go now
and go to inis everything costs a stack of cash
and a small drug gang build there
of skanks and skummers made
nine audi a4's will i have there
a safe house for growing hash
and live alone in the murder loud glade

and i will have some Triads there
and the Russian Mafia, and Al Qaeda, and Nigerian gangstahs too
for murderers come dropping slow
dropping from the veils of evening
to where Judge Liberal furnishes them with irish passports
and Get Out Of Jail Free Cards
there midnight's all a glimmer
and noon a purple goo
and evening full of the audi a4 gang revving up their engines

i will arise and go now
for always night and day
i see drug scum using teen militias
to trade their poisons into local schools
whether standing in the roadway
or on the pavement grey
they really have taken us for fools

Thursday, June 19, 2014

the local yokel

(idylls of a small town in the heartland of Ireland)

Summer in Kilcullen. When a young yokel's heart turns to love. I am strolling down Main Street bidding a hearty oooh arrh to everyone I meet who isn't a member of a Dublin criminal gang. 
So far I haven't said hello to anyone, Oooh arrhh. But love! Love is in the air. The sun is bouncing on the cobbles. Quickly I close my fly. That's better. Ooh arrh ooh arrh. Crossing the road I come upon that splendid vista of ornate ironwork we call the Kilcullen bollards. The bollards cluster magnificently on the bridge above the river, like nothing so much as a gathering of drunken youths waiting for their next drug deal. Law enforcement authorities seem to have a lot of trouble telling the difference and often waste vital police time interrogating bollards who have never broken the law in their life and still have to wear a silly Kildare County Council mandated reflective strip to prove their bona fides. Oooh arrh. It's not fair. These bollards, unlike the youths of our town, are reformed bollards. A few years ago Kildare County Council took them in hand and forced them to wear ye aforementioned bright luminous warning tape around their upper bodies. Since then the Kilcullen bollards haven't attacked anyone. Kildare County Council swooped because of real concerns of a repetition of the horrific 1903 bollard massacre in Termonfeckin when wild bollards turned on passers by and bit them savagely on the oooh arrhs in a completely unprovoked attack. Ooh Arrh. Back to the present. I walk onto the bridge over the Liffey. And lo! A glint of bronze catches my eye from the pavement. I lean over and peer closely. What are those things clustered among the bollards? Why they appear to be bent coppers. A group of bent coppers. A veritable throng of bent coppers. Possibly some innocent non drug dealing children were playing catchpenny here and bent the coppers against the bollards. I study my find. There's a 2p, and then a 1p and last but by no means least, a half p. They look like the coins introduced around 1970 during the decimalisation period when the Department of Finance of the Republic Of Ireland was briefly run by bollards. I scoop the bent coppers into my hand and fling them into the river. With the recent "resignation" of the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter and the nearly as recent "resignation" of Garda Chief Martin Callanan, there is no place for bent coppers on the streets of Kilcullen. Or anywhere else for that matter. Ooh arrh ooh arhhhh oi be roight shure o dat. Having cleared the street of detritus, I return to my contemplation of bollards. Of course there are still towns in Ireland where bollards are allowed to wear what they like. Naas for instance. Bollards in Naas regularly don shorts and a bow tie when they want to assault the citizenry. But Naas bollards are a law unto themselves. Thus far Kildare County Council has thought it best to leave them unmolested. No executive order has been issued ordering Naas bollards to wear reflective strips. The same goes for Newbridge where leering unmarked bollards are an ever present threat to sanity and goodwill. Such Newbridge bollards as wear anything tend to favour denim jackets. Ooh arrh. This is why the good citizens of Naas and Newbridge live in constant fear from prowling bollards with no dress sense. You can be walking through Naas and suddenly a shabbily dressed bollard will leap out at you and demand your wallet. It's scary I tells ya. Oooh arhh. Ooh arrhhh. And did I mention oooh arrrhhhh. Thankfully Kildare County Council's conscientious efforts in Kilcullen mean we haven't had a bollard attack in yonks. Break in's, murders, suicides, tons of those. But bollard attacks, none. The good burghers of Kildare County Council have seen to that. Remember them at election time. Vote Burgher And Chips one, two three. Ooooohh arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhh.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

our television listings

(More from the television listings THEY don't want you to read.)

6.00 Morning Prayers.
10.00 Honey Boom Boom.
11.00 Delia Muhammad Smith's Cookery Programme. Today: How to roast live infidels. (Hint: Delia sets a school on fire while the infidels are still in it.)
12.00 Angelus Agonistes. Live church burning from Nigeria.
1.00 The Imam Waltons. John Boy self detonates in Olsen's Hardware Store.
2.00 Dallas Jihad. Sue Ellen self detonates in Cliff Barnes' apartment.
3.00 Little Mosque On The Prairie. Everyone self detonates.
4.00 The Ayatollah Beheshti Laughter Hour. Few enough laughs.
5.00 The Ayatollah Khomeini Laughter Hour. (cf: Ayatollah Beheshti.)
5.30 The Ayatollah Bifurkate Ya Teshticle Laughter Hour. This guy is good.
6.00 Angelus Agonistes. Church burning live from Syria.
7.00 Love Hate. Romantic chick flick style drama about people traffickers ending western civilisation by flooding Europe with Al Qaeda operatives. Made by the Irish broadcaster RTE on my dime.
8.00 Jihad She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher converts to Islam, realises Cabot Cove is full of infidels, and explodes a suitcase nuke in Sheriff Teasle's office.

9.00 The Watershed. Anyone found watching television after this time will have their ghoulies hacked off with a machete.
10.00 ER. Hospital documentary featuring information on how to live life without your ghoulies.
12.00 Closedown. (For the human race.)


The Muslim terror army sweeping through Iraq is Al Qaeda.
The appeaserish handwringers of the West, ie CNN, Sky News, Amnesty International, the BBC, Barack Obama, and any media entity owned by Rupert Murdock, are engaging in the most urbane self indulgent quasi masturbatory faux civilised analysis regarding the exact identity of the Muslim Army Of Isis.
They find it all so complicated.
CNN and Sky are always confused as to the identities of the perpetrators of the latest Muslim atrocity against the human race.
Any admission that Al Qaeda is a world wide terror army which threatens the human race, would be like admitting that President Bush was correct to go after them in the first place.
I don't see CNN admitting that any time soon, do you.
Hence the eternal and interminable analysis about the latest Muslim flag of convenience whether it's Boko Haram, Al Shebab, Ansar Al Islam, Isis, the Chechens, the Uighurs, the psycho Mussies du jour in France, the Black Jackets in Dublin, or even the pilot Mussie who murdered 300 passengers on that Malaysian aeroplane a few months ago.
Here is the news.
They are all Al Qaeda.
Boko Haram in Nigeria is Al Qaeda.
Al Shebab in Somalia is Al Qaeda.
Isis in Iraq is Al Qaeda.
The Chechens in Russia are Al Qaeda.
The Uighurs in China are Al Qaeda.
The Mussies slaughtering schoolgirls in France are Al Qaeda.
The Black Jackets in dealing drugs in Dublin are Al Qaeda.
The heartless Malaysian pilot bstaad is Al Qaeda.
And Al Qaeda itself is...
Al Qaeda is the cult of the assassins in modern Islam.
The Cult Of The Assassins has defined Islam for fifteen centuries.
Incidentally the victims of the Cult Of The Assassins in any era always include many millions of Muslims either slaughtered, maimed, impoverished or enslaved.
That's why they all want to live in our countries.
The Muslim Cult Of The Assassins is at our gates.
It has swallowed its own bigotry long enough to liaise effectively with Chinese Triads, Russian people traffickers, Nigerian devil worshippers, new Eastern European gangs, and old Italian Mafias, along with near defunct former communist narco traficante western political terror groups like Ireland's IRA, Spain's Basque separatist ETA and the Colombian Farc, and their ilk, in order to get here.
Muslims swallowing their own bigotries long enough to establish cooperation with other groupings of scum is new.
It could be a game winner for them.
One thing is sure.
It's not going away.
We either fight it.
Or we surrender to it.
Al Qaeda and their racketeering allies have not left us any other choice.
The wars of the future will be mafia.

Our TV Listings

(President Vladimir Putin's English language news service.)

8.00 Live footage of the World Cup opening ceremony.
9.00 Live footage of the invasion of the Caucasian Republic of Georgia.
10.00 Live footage of the invasion of Ukraine.
11.00 Live footage of the invasion of Transdniestria.
12.00 The Anschluss. (Russian version of the Angelus.)
1.00 Live footage of the invasion of Nagorno Karabakh.
2.00 Live footage of the invasion of Abkhazia.
3.00 Live footage of Russian bombers buzzing California.
4.00 Live footage of Russian bombers buzzing London.
5.00 Live footage of Russian delivery of atomic reactors to the Islamic Republic Of Iran. (I kid you not.)
6.00 More Anschlusses.
7.00 Coronation Street.
7.30 Live footage of KGB agent Evgenia Tarasova seducing me.
8.00 Live footage of the assassination of the President of Poland, his wife and a hundred leading Polish Politicians who had lived through the communist era and were known as The Conscience Of Poland. They were murdered in a staged air accident.
9.00 Live footage of the poisoning of a former President of Ukraine.
10.00 Live footage of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko
11.00 Live footage of Russian supply convoys to the Syrian dictatorship. Hey it could be worse. Imagine if they were supplying Al Qaeda. But then again, they do that too. Both ends against the middle and all against the West, as we do say in the KBG trade.
12.00 Live footage of...
(That's enough live footage. - Ed note.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the heelers diaries in america

Morning in America.
A light breeze sifts the leaf fringed suburbs of Boston.
I am sitting at the kitchen table in my Aunty's home, leafing through the newspaper styled The Boston Globe.
My aunty Eileen is preparing vittles.
All seems right with the world.
A packet of biscuits leaps off the top of the fridge and lands on the floor.
Neither of us are anywhere near it.
I look at my aunt.
"Why did it do that Eileen?" I ask eyes wide and innocent.
"Oh James, things fall off shelves all the time," quoth she.
The noble Heelers nods.
Without further ado, I bless myself and begin to pray aloud the Hail Mary.
If you'd heard me gentle travellers of the internet you might have noticed an unusually sincere note in my voice.

Monday, June 16, 2014


In an occasionally insightful article about the sentencing practices of an infamously corrupt Judge called Martin Nolan, Independent Newspapers recently referred to a Dublin businessman who several years ago was unjustly jailed by this same Judge Martin Nolan.
Over the course of their tolerably well written article, Independent Newspapers wrongly and invidiously described the businessman as having been engaged in a fruit importing scam.
(By the way the assessment of Judge Martin Nolan as infamously corrupt is mine not Independent Newspapers, as is the analysis that Judge Martin Nolan unjustly jailed the Dublin businessman referred to above.)
I rather bridled a bit when I read the inaccurate and glib Independent Newspapers account of this particular case.
It was a case I had taken an interest in when it happened.
The Dublin man they were referring to is Paul Begley.
He has never in his life been engaged in a scam.
Paul Begley, a self made man who works every hour God sends, got into a quarrel with the revenue authorities over the mislabelling of some fruit batches his company had imported. He decided to accept liability for the taxes the revenue department said he owed rather than let anyone in his company carry the can.
The authorities claimed he was labelling garlic as apples in contravention of some European Union regulation.
As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I reject the notion that Mr Begley broke any law.
I reject the use of European Union codicils to criminalise anyone.
I reject Independent Newspapers' reference to Mr Begley's difficulties as a "scam."
He merely, I say again, had a disagreement with the tax man and was honorably repaying everything the taxman said he owed.
Paul Begley had built up his business steadily from scratch over the last few decades, starting out wheeling a barrow around the streets of Dublin.
I'm told he has 100 employees.
He's never associated with gangland. He's never committed acts of violence against anyone. He's never dealt or used drugs or accepted the bribes of city gangsters.
He represents the best of what it is to be Irish.
Unlike Judge Martin Nolan I might add.
Paul Begley had merely, I insist, got into a quarrel with the taxman, and had opted to pay everything the taxman alleged he owed.
He has a wife and children by the way.
So corrupt Mafioso Judge Martin Nolan sentenced Paul Begley to six years in jail.
Mr Begley was released eventually after some of us shouted loud about the egregious miscarriage of justice entailed in Mafioso Judge Martin Nolan's corrupt sentencing of him.
And now Independent Newspapers in an otherwise worthy enough article, are casually deeming Mr Begley the operator of a "scam."
Well bold readers.
The little vein on my forehead is trembling.
Let me explain to Independent Newspapers what a scam is.
A scam is this.
Independent Newspapers Chairman is a member of the Crowley family.
The head of Allied Irish Banks is a member of the Crowley family.
The head of Bank of Ireland is a member of the Crowley family.
Allied Irish Banks has gone bust lending hundreds of millions of dollars to Independent Newspapers and by lending hundreds of millions of dollars in separate PERSONAL deals to the proprietor of Independent Newspapers Tony O'Reilly who is a financier of the Fine Gael political party.
Bank of Ireland through accountancy tricks has narrowly avoided bankruptcy, but has similarly lent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years both to Independent Newspapers as a company and then personally to the proprietor of Independent Newspapers Fine Gael financier Tony O'Reilly.
Both Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland have also lent hundreds of millions of dollars to Independent Newspapers other two billionaire proprietors the Fine Gael financiers Denis Desmond and Dermot Desmond.
Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Fine Gael has nationalised Allied Irish Bank which is now worthless because Independent Newspapers and its billionaire proprietors are refusing to pay their debts.
Allied Irish Banks having been purchased on behalf of the nation for the bargain basement price of ten thousand million dollars (yes that's ten thousand million for something worth nothing) has now announced the cancellation of Independent Newspapers debts.
It's good to be a Crowley.
This gentle travellers of the internet is a scam.
Here's another.
After much heel dragging and deliberate obfuscation, Ireland's corrupt law enforcement authorities recently reluctantly brought charges against three corrupt bankers from Anglo Irish Bank.
The bankers had been systematically burglarising their own bank by awarding billion dollar loans to their corrupt IRA accomplices posing as businessmen. The billions they stole has since been laundered through the Russian mafia and other criminal combines.
The collapse of Anglo Irish Bank on foot of this systematic burglarisation of itself by its own staff was the single biggest banking collapse worldwide.
Anglo Irish Bank was more corrupt even than the largest and most corrupt American bank Citibank.
It was the most corrupt bank on the planet earth.
When Anglo Irish Bank collapsed a corrupt Irish government Finance Minister called Brian Lenihan, who was a member of the Fianna Fail political party, looted the treasury to cover up Anglo Irish Bank's burglarisation of itself.
Many of the co conspirators in Anglo Irish Bank's burglarisation of itself were Fianna Fail financiers.
Brian Lenihan put Ireland into the third world overnight in order to pay the losses incurred by the IRA and Russian mafia and other criminal combinations operating in concert with the executive staff of Anglo Irish Bank to burglarise their own bank.
Brian Lenihan has since conveniently died of cancer.
I believe he may have been murdered by his mafia masters.
Fianna Fail and their successors in Ireland's present kleptocratic Fine Gael Labour government, have impoverished us all to succour the IRA and the Russian mafia.
And when three of the bankers from Anglo Irish Bank were finally brought to trial, who was put in charge of proceedings?
Judge Martin Nolan.
Well as long as it's fair...
There's justice we can all believe in.
Putting a member of the mafia in judgement on the mafia.
Ho hum.
And what sentence did Judge Martin Nolan give to the men who to all intents and purposes have burglarised every house in the nation every day for the next hundred years?
Judge Martin Nolan found the ringleader innocent.
And the two he found guilty, he sentenced to a grand total of nought years in jail.
Now that's a rare ould scam indeed.
The irony is screaming.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

the abominable doctor phibes i mean the abominable enda kenny independent newspapers et al particularly al i hate him

Dipping into the Irish Independent newspaper this week I have been a trifle astounded by the sheer amoral chutzpah with which that bankrupt organ propagates lies in pursuit of its culture war against the Christian faith.
I would ask all my Jihadi, drug dealing, people trafficking and devil worshipping readers to bear with me on this one as it is a personal hobby horse of mine and may lack the usual oomph you scum of the earth have come to expect from my writings.
Forgive me y'all.
I'll get back to you later.
Now let me ramble on.
A few days ago the Irish Independent newspaper quoted Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny of the Fine Gael political party, as saying that the treatment of women and children in a care facility run by nuns in the 1920's had been an abomination.
Enda Kenny was responding to false reports carried two weeks ago by the Daily Mail and republished without correction by the Irish Independent, Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE, that 800 children were buried in a sewerage tank at a particular home.
The reports he was responding to were already known to be utterly without truth.
No children were buried in a sewerage tank.
There's no evidence that children were murdered in the home.
And 800 children are not buried in the communal grave at the location.
Yet Enda Kenny speaks in the Irish Independent of "abominations."
Let me explain to him what an abomination is.
An abomination is when Enda Kenny promises not to legalise abortion and then legalises abortion.
An abomination is when Enda Kenny fails to prevent Irish pharmacies illegally distributing abortion pills over the counter to children.
And an abomination is when Enda Kenny uses public money to buy a bank that went bankrupt lending money to Independent Newspapers and then allows that bank to cancel a billion dollars of Independent Newspapers debt while Enda Kenny also refuses to instigate any legal action whatsoever against Independent Newspapers corrupt proprietor Denis O'Brien who happens to have been found guilty by a Judicial Enquiry no less of bribing a Fine Gael government minister to give him mobile phone service provision contracts worth billions of dollars and who also happens to be a financier of the Fine Gael political party, along with Independent Newspapers other two billionaire proprietors Denis Desmond and Tony O'Reilly, all this while the bankrupt billion dollar loss making anti Catholic Irish Independent continues to publish Enda Kenny's photo every day complete with lavish articles about how tough he is, and with the ongoing expectation that Enda Kenny will continue to force the Irish people to pay the billion dollar bank debts of a bankrupt newspaper group owned by billionaires.
These people are starting to annoy me.
Folks I genuinely think these things genuinely are genuine abominations.
These are bad people and they are not going to stop unless we stop them.
And unlike the 800 children the Daily Mail falsely claimed were murdered by nuns, these abominations involving Enda Kenny, Denis O'Brien and Independent Newspapers actually happened.
And are happening now.
There are a few more abominations worthy of mention currently unfolding in Ireland and in the pages of the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper.
A corrupt Chief of Police called Martin Callinan and a corrupt Fine Gael Minister of Justice called Alan Shatter have both been forced to resign.
Their resignations followed the revelation that staff at an organisation set up to monitor and prosecute police corruption in Ireland, believed someone had been bugging their offices.
In my view (and the view of everybody f--king else) the prime suspects for this bugging would have been the police themselves.
A supposed public enquiry appointed by Fine Gael and consisting solely of the vapid dishonourable obstructionist ruminations of a retired Judge called John Cooke has now declared in contravention of reality that the oversight organisation has not been spied on, that the police are not suspects for spying on it, and that the oversight organisation itself acted improperly in trying to find out who was bugging its offices in the first place.
Hoo baby.
John Cooke's findings are in my view an abomination, that is to say, a direct vitiation of the truth deliberately intended to pervert the course of justice.
Independent Newspaper's reportage of the situation on its cover today carried the headline: "How false trail was laid to expose non existant surveillance..."
The Independent was implying improper behaviour on the part of the oversight organisation which the cops were spying on.
I kid you not.
This headline and the articles with it, were also an abomination.
By which I mean utterly and deliberately false, and utterly and deliberately intended to pervert the course of justice.
Here is the news.
The cops were spying on the people we appoint to keep an eye on the cops.
Enda Kenny of Fine Gael, Judge John Cooke, along with the congenitally comically cosmically corrupt Irish police force, and the proprietors, writers and editors of Independent Newspapers themselves, have all colluded to conceal that fact.
This alliance of morally depraved individuals and organisations really is an abomination.
This is the sort of abomination that ends hundred year old democracies.
That is all