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Saturday, August 01, 2009

shadow of genius

porch light

creatures of the wing
crowd the haloed glass
chained by lightning
to darkness

i kill the light
they fly away free
to chase new dreams
to embrace new slavery

greatest profiteers of the war on terror

Why do the ways of evil men triumph while the good go unrewarded?

1. Piers Morgan. He was editor of the British tabloid Daily Mirror when Al Qaeda launched its Nine Eleven sneak attack on the world. Piers Morgan attempted to weaken the alliance against Al Qaeda by printing persistently negative articles about President Bush. Published pictures he knew had been faked showing fake British soldiers urinating on fake Muslim prisoners. Piers Morgan published these pictures on the cover of the Daily Mirror. These pictures cost the lives of British and American soldiers as the terrorists used them to justify the continuing mayhem of their Jihad activities. Piers Morgan eventually lost his job at the Daily Mirror after it was revealed he had published these fake pictures.

How has he prospered: Since losing his job at the Daily Mirror, the liberal media elites have rallied around Piers Morgan. Encouraging the Jihadis by publishing fake photos of fake British soldiers urinating on fake Muslim prisoners has been the shrewdest career move he ever made. He has had books published. He has been given television shows to present in Britain and America. He currently works as a host on American Idol.

2. Fareed Zakaria. Editor of Newsweek. Newsweek published an utterly untrue story claiming that wardens at Guantanamo Bay prison camp had flushed Korans down the toilet. The story was made up. But like the Daily Mirror's faux reportage, it did provide massive incentive and inspiration for Al Qaeda in its ongoing Jihad murder activities. The story cost the lives of American, British and other allied troops.

How has he prospered: Since Newsweek published this false story which caused the deaths of American, British and other troops, Fareed Zakaria has gone from strength to strength. He currently presents a prime time news programme for CNN.

3. Jorge Luis Zapatero. He was an opposition politician when Al Qaeda bombed Madrid, killing 200 people. The Al Qaeda bombing was intended to swing the forthcoming elections Zapatero's way. Instead of forming a coalition of national unity against the terrorists, Zapatero took short term advantage of the bombing, claiming that his conservative opponent had deliberately misled the public in suggesting the bombing might have been caused by Basque separatists. Of course the Basques and Al Qaeda have a working relationship when it comes to murdering the innocent. They may indeed have colluded on the Madrid bombings. Neither the Basques nor Al Qaeda wanted a conservative Prime Minister in Spain. In any case Zapatero was the designated Al Qaeda candidate in the Spanish elections. And he accepted that role. The Spanish people also bought it. He narrowly won the election.

How has he prospered: Having won the election Zapatero immediately gave Spanish citizenship to hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants. These ensured he won the follow up election as well. Zapatero has guaranteed power for himself and the Socialist Party in Spain for the next fifty years. He just may have put an end to Spain itself.

4. Michael Moore. Rushed into print with books intended to impede a decisive American response to the Al Qaeda Nine Eleven mass murders. His books gave Al Qaeda high hopes that America might be defeated on the home front. Michael Moore has been single handedly responsible for a catastrophic weakening of morale on the home front. His crackpot theories are composed of grotesque innuendos against President Bush, suggesting the President himself attacked New York on Nine Eleven. Moore would have been shot during World War Two for this sort of fifth columnist treachery. His innuendos have found support among certain gormless segments of the population and are widely propagated in the Arab world. More than any other writer or journalist Michael Moore has contributed to the death of American and allied soldiers in the field by emboldening our enemies. More than any other individual on earth, aside from Osama Bin Laden, Michael Moore has ensured the continuance of Al Qaeda as a viable political terror army.

How has he prospered: Books, films, awards from the liberal media elites, the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He has grown rich on betraying America.

5. Robert Fisk. Career supporter of Arab terror. Nine Eleven gave him ample opportunity to propagandise for Al Qaeda which he has done shamelessly ever since.

How has he prospered: Continues to be paid and published by newspapers in Ireland and Britain. Admittedly those newspapers aren't doing too well themselves. The Irish based Independent Newspaper group which publishes Fisk has no readers and owes its creditors one and a half billion quid. It's finished. The Independent newspaper in Britain which also publishes him was recently sold to a businessman for a symbolic fee of one pound. It's finished too. But Fisk is still getting paid.

6. The BBC. Licence fee financed British television station. Attempted to impede the War On Terror by suggesting Prime Minister Tony Blair had "sexed up" a dossier on reasons for the war. A BBC correspondent claimed to have received tip offs on the matter. His source was found dead in the woods. I hope the police investigated properly the whereabouts of the BBC correspondent at the time of this supposed suicide.Since the source was dead it was impossible to verify whether the BBC correspondent simply made up the lies he had broadcast. The BBC itself persisted with the phrase "sexed up dossier" in a blatent attempt to manipulate public opinion. The phrase was inserted copiously into newscast after newscast. The British people were made of sterner stuff than the Spanish however and still elected Mr Blair for yet another term of office.

How has the BBC prospered: It's got no viewers but in spite of blatently betraying Britain during a time of war, the BBC continues to be financed by a compulsory licence fee imposed on the citizens of Great Britain.

8. Gordon Brown. Weak vascillatory man who would be king. He ousted the elected war Prime Minister Tony Blair and has remained in office since, though obviously very shy of putting himself before the people in an election. Appointed teenager David Millipede as Foreign Secretary and allowed Millipede to state the odious defeatist lie: "The War On Terror was a mistake." Gordon Brown has approved yet another enquiry into the actions of Prime Minister Tony Blair prior to the Iraq war. This is the third such enquiry. Mr Blair's actions have been upheld by two previous such investigations. Eventually though the traitors will get the result they want.

How has he prospered: Still Prime Minister.

9. Eminem. Serge Tankian. The Dixie Chicks, Tom Hanks, George Clooney. Music industry traitors and Hollywood quislings. Attempted to weaken America on the home front with anti war songs. Serge Tankians is actually a work of art but no less traitorous for that. Hanks and Clooney spearheaded a slew of films designed to blame America for the existence of Al Qaeda. To date Hollywood has made no film presenting Al Qaeda and Muslim terrorists as the villains.

How have they prospered: They're still there though many of our soldiers are all gone, as that other vomitous traitor Bruce Springsteen likes to sing.

10. Barack Obama. Gave succour to the Jihadis by criticising President Bush when the war in Iraq was at its height. Has consistently sought to criminalise President Bush through lies, distortions and mendacity. Has ordered the closure of Guantanamo Bay, the only prison on earth that Al Qaeda doesn't enjoy being locked up in. Has also begun drawing down American troops in Iraq, effectively snatching defeat from the jaws of the Petraeus victory.

How has he prospered: He's President of the United States of America.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Sprawled on the front lawn under the cherry tree.
Savouring the sunlight streaming through the leaves.
My mind recalls a story from the Bible.
A guy called Nathaniel was sitting under a tree. His friend Philip came and suggested: "Come meet Jesus from Gallilee. We think he might be the one who was foretold."
Nathaniel replied: "Can anything good come out of Gallilee?"
He went with Philip anyway.
As the two approached Jesus, the Lord indicated Nathaniel and called out: "Here is an Israelite in whom there is no deception."
Nathaniel said: "How do you know me sir?"
Jesus said: "Before Philip came to you, I saw you under the tree."
Nathaniel was dumbstruck.
The Bible does not tell why this remark of the Lord's would be so significant to him.
The exact nature of what Jesus meant and why it affected Nathaniel so instantly and so deeply, has been a source of discussion among Christians for 2000 years.
Nathaniel instantly proclaimed: "You are the son of God. You are the saviour of Israel."
Jesus answered: "You say that because I said I saw you under a tree. You are going to see greater things than that."
I love this story.
I love the magnificent mystic promise inherent in the statement: "You will see greater things than that."
The words seem rich with almost mischievous humour.
Sometimes scholars wonder why there is no specific mention of Jesus ever laughing in the Bible.
I know that at this moment there were laughs all round.
It rings true to me.
The witness doesn't tell us what Nathaniel was doing under the tree because he doesn't know.
If he was making up the story I always feel he could have just made up some meaning for the remark of Jesus and ascribed some cause for Nathaniel's instantaneous knowledge at that moment of who Jesus really is.
Instead the gospel writer doesn't even try to fill in the gaps.
He only tells us what he knows actually happened.
Back to the present.
I'm sitting under a tree at the Chateau de Healy.
Paddy Pup is somewhere nearby.
I think of the story about Nathaniel.
I say quietly to God: "You know it wouldn't offend me one bit if you gave me a bit of a mystical confirmation of your truth. I'd be very happy to have one of those mystical experiences. Don't hold back now."
I looked down.
This is what I saw.
It is a shamrock plant. The plant symbolises the ultimate truth of God to all Irish people. Our tradition records that Saint Patrick plucked a shamrock and used it to preach to the tribes about the Christian idea of three persons in one God. The three leaves on the single plant convey to us the notion of Father, Son and Holy Spirit all being one. I had no awareness of plucking the shamrock today. The first I knew I had done so was when I looked down at my hand.


in the pool of evening
quick silver
ripples widening
cold water thing
risen to exult
in some unthinking imagining
ordinary is wonder enough
what do fishes dream

an open letter to doctor william reville

I saw your article today in the Irish Times.
You were writing about major scientific advances of the last hundred years.
You included a typical Irish Times style eulogy to the contraceptive pill.
Your eulogy claimed that the pill had enabled women to plan careers for the first time in history without having to worry about their reproductive processes.
I feel this was disingenous of you.
The whole concept of careers did not exist for men or women throughout most of human history.
For most of human history access to a career could not have had anything to do with women's reproductive processes because there simply were no careers.
Beyond peasant, and peasant's wife, that is.
For most people on earth, there still aren't.
Only in the twentieth century did we see a broad cultural possibility in the western world for careers for anyone, either men or women.
And women entered the workplace in large numbers before the contraceptive pill was ever marketed.
Opportunities in the work place became open to women generally in the western world because of a labour shortage around the time of World War Two.
I reiterate: Not because of the availability of contraceptive pills.
In any case for more than 90 percent of the human race there are still no careers.
There is no significant evidence that the policy of throwing contraceptive pills at the third world has led to a surge in careers for the women of India, Mongolia, Arabia, Africa, South America or Asia.
It has had other effects though.
The availability of contraceptive pills has removed from third world women one of their prime legitimacies in refusing sexual favours to the males who oppress them.
You might have noted this critique Bill.
It's an important one.
So even today there are no careers, excepting the career of landless peasant, for 90 percent of the human race regardless of the availability of your much vaunted liberating and empowering contraceptive pills.
You should not pretend otherwise.
Nor should you pretend that Rosie The Riveter or any other woman on the planet earth is musing fondly to herself in old age: "Mmm yes, thanks to the contraceptive pill I was able to plan my career."
It never happened Bill.
Except perhaps in the case of Helen Gurley Brown the former editor of women's porno mag Cosmopolitan.
She might indeed claim to have been enabled by contraceptive pills Bill but she's hardly an objective judge.
She's a fan.
I would suggest that she might have had a vested interest in promoting the use of contraceptive pills as a jusifyer of her own pornographic vision for women and as a source of advertising revenue for her magazine.
I wonder am I right in this.
In any case, most of us would recognise that Helen Gurley Brown became editor and had a brilliant career at Cosmopolitan magazine not through the liberating power of contraceptive pills but through the simple enabling device of marrying the publisher.
Ah yes.
I digress.
Your rose tinted article did make some pretence at noting the criticisms voiced by some of us of the contraceptive pill.
One criticism to be exact.
You said that critics have complained that the contraceptive pill contributed to infidelity in marriage.
This is the only criticism you cite.
Shame on you Bill.
We've complained of no such thing.
The major criticisms of the contraceptive pill are as follows.
1. The contraceptive pill has had negative health consequences for millions of women. Sometimes it has killed women. Many more have been left utterly unable to have children. Teenagers who are put on the contraceptive pill swell up like balloons. Doctors rarely make these side effects clear to the young idiots they are poisoning with these pills.
2. The contraceptive pill has probably been a prime enabler for the amoral sexual incontinence which characterises our culture. It has probably been a factor in the abasement of sexuality in general and the objectification of women in particular which also characterise our societies. Okay Bill, we can include marital infidelity among the list of sexual dysfunctions promoted by the contraceptive pill, along with promiscuity, porno, the sex trade, and child abuse. All of em Bill. This is what the critics of contraception say if you're ever writing an article again and wish to pretend to be objective and balenced.
3. The contraceptive pill has certainly led to the development of the abortion pill. How many Shakespeares have we lost to abortion Bill? I'll tell you. They were all Shakespeares.
4. The female hormones in the contraceptive pill have entered the food chain. This has led to a feminisation of males and a masculinisation of females in the animal kingdom. Scientists agree that the alterations to gender identity in animals are observable. It is highly probably that the female hormones being pissed into the water table by the half wits you Frankensteins have put on the contraceptive pill, are also having profound effects on the sexual identities of human beings. It would explain a lot, wouldn't it Bill? It is strange that a scientist like yourself would fail to note this thesis. Tell me. Do pharmaceutical companies pay you and/or the Irish Times for your eulogies on the contraceptive pill? I'm wondering Bill are you criminally dishonest or just a clown.
Best regards always.
James Healy

the great swine flu scam of 2009

Here is the news.

In Britain doctors claim 16 people have died of swine flu. Of the total of 16 dead, 14 were already on the brink of death from other causes not related to swine flu. Causes which the doctors have not revealed. Of the two remaining deaths being cited, one was a little girl whose exact circumstances have not been revealed. I can't help wondering was she one of those lost little girls who live on a sink estate with drug addict parents. I think we should be told. I think we should be told full details of all the supposed swine flu victims. In any case only two deaths in Britain are at this stage even vaguely genuinely attributable to swine flu. The other 14 are not. This is for a population of 60 million. There is no epidemic.

In America in the 1970's there was a similar swine flu panic. The panic was again led by the medical profession and health care professionals for reasons that are not quite clear. I am suggesting collusion between doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The 1970's swine flu panic led to the vaccination of 40 million Americans. One person died of swine flu. Another 26 people were killed by the swine flu vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies made millions. They made a killing in fact. Or you might say, they made 26 killings.

Last weekend the Chief Executive of Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham Snurdlebuns, the huge pharmaceutical conglomerate, admitted to British journalists that his company would make hundreds of millions of pounds from their swine flu vaccine. I believe this profit motive is driving the current panic.

You should be aware that many doctors maintain it is better not to vaccinate against flu at all. They postulate that pharmaceutical companies have spent decades trying to persuade people to take a vaccine once a year when in actuality people would be better off not taking such a vaccine at all. These doctors postulate that the repeated vaccinations are in fact extending the life and virulence of flu viruses throughout the community. Propagating and perpetuating the illness. Remember, when you are vaccinated you are given a form of the flu virus which is supposed to be less harmful than the standard form. You still get the flu. Sometimes you die. Critics of the vaccines policy suggest that if we let the flu run its course, human beings as a whole will build up immunities to it.

References to a flu outbreak a hundred years ago are misleading. This outbreak supposedly killed millions of people after World War One. I would suggest that in general the communities that were affected were run down and impoverished after years of war. The capacity of a flu virus to wreak such havoc now is non existent.

I believe the current swine flu epidemic is a monstrous con job perpetrated by pharmaceutical companies and their allies in the United Nations World Health Organisation and in the medical profession.
Whatever Satan is paying them is not enough.
I would humbly suggest these health care tycoons need to go to church.

the producers

Afternoon conference with the producers at their offices in London.
Air conditioned office.
Plush leather seats.
Three moguls sitting behind the table facing me.
They're decrepit enough as moguls go.
Aura of money.
I don't dislike them.
They're not bad people.
Maybe lacking a little in the human kindness department.
Ah yes.
I am not entirely comfortable in my plush leather chair.
Still have to make the best of it.
They may be ruthless business shark b*st*rds with no souls but at least they're my ruthless business shark b*st*rds with no souls.
"James," says Mr Ganucci. "We want you to consider some changes."
"What sort of changes?"
"Well for a start, we're going to have to change the name of the Johnston Press."
"No, you're not."
A moment's silence.
Mr Sartello enters the fray.
"Legal issues Mr Healy. Legal issues."
"I don't care. If you want to change the names, you've got no film."
"If we back out you've got no film Mr Healy."
"Don't bet on it."
More silence.
Mr Mendozien pipes in.
"You don't think they'll sue?"
"That's your concern. You war game this thing with your lawyers. Be ready. But no. I don't think they'll sue. They've been running scared of meeting me in court for five years."
The moguls sighed in unison.
A secretary entered.
Sexy lady.
"Sirs, your five o'clock is here."
The meeting was over.
Mr Ganucci led me out.
We chatted easily enough now that the pressure was off.
"How about Alan Rickman for the part of John Fry?" he wondered.
I found this idea amusing.
"Rickman is good," I mused. "But he's sort of likeable even when he's playing evil. It might be better to get someone the audience never really likes. Still Rickman would be good. Think of what he'd do in the scene where they log onto Chocolate Salty Balls."
A thought struck Mr Ganucci.
"James," he murmured. "How much of it is true?"
"Some of it's true," I told him. "Some of it is entertainment."
"Okay," said Mr Ganucci. "The scene where the trade union man disowns you. Did that happen?"
"No it never happened."
"So the union might have stood with you?"
"I never called in the union."
"But you wrote on your blog before they fired you that the union had refused to back you."
"Yeah I wrote that."
"Why would you do that?"
"It was an homage to Saint Thomas Moore."
Mr Ganucci's wizened features became briefly even more wizened.
"James I'm an old man. Explain."
"The scene in the cafe with the union man has him telling me that I'll lose my pension. I then say: Why then my good Lord Sir Baldman the only difference between thee and me is that I shall lose my pension today and you shall lose your pension tomorrow. That sentence is a tribute to Saint Thomas Moore. Henry the Eighth sent a nobleman to him in the tower threatening that he would lose his head to the executioner's axe. Saint Thomas replied that the nobleman himself would lose his head soon after. It turned out to be true too. I wanted to use the line. It's a good line."
"You put it on your blog before they fired you, knowing your employers were reading the blog?"
"You put it there knowing it would give the impression the union wasn't supporting you?"
"You even wrote that the trade union guy turned his back on you and walked out of the shop."
"I sure did. But none of it ever happened. It was just a good piece of drama. I hadn't called in the union."
"But James how could you publish it when you still had a job? Surely you must have known that the Johnston Press would think they could fire you with impunity if the union wasn't backing you. Did you ever call in the union?"
"I never called in the union."
"Because I'd realised the Johnston Press didn't have anything I want."
Mr Ganucci saw me out into the street.
London welcomed me like a son.
I wandered up the mall, shouldering my way past the glamorous, the gorgeous, the glorious and the vain. For a moment it seemed as if the pavement crowds were parting not for an anonymous Irishman but for a famous hero.
It seemed they looked at me not with indifference but with... recognition.
How very very odd.

the monica leech laugh in

It was late 1944.
Monica Leech was in a bomber flying over Berlin.
A wall of anti aircraft fire rose up to meet her.
And Judge Liberal stepped in and made the Nazis pay her 1.87 million quid for implying she'd been having an affair with the Minister for the Environment.

drop kick me liberal through the goal posts of life

Something called Brenda Power writing in something called The Daily Mail, has asserted that the State, meaning Ireland, should pay compensation to the parents of Manuela Riedo a teenage girl murdered in this country by Gerald Barry.
Gerald Barry had committed other murders, rapes, assaults and blinded a pensioner before slaughtering Manuela.
Nothing he did could compel Judge Liberal to keep him in jail.
Or Defence Lawyer Liberal.
Or Jury Liberal.
Or Social Worker Liberal.
During the latest Gerald Barry murder trial, Judge Barry White had the cheek to apologise to the parents of Manuela on behalf of the Irish people.
As if the Irish people ever had any say over what Judge Liberals have done to the law in this country.
As if the Irish people ever had any say over the way Judge Liberals keep releasing murderers, rapists and drug dealers into the community.
Judge Liberal should have been apologising for himself.
Someday I'm gonna make the Judge Liberals share a jail cell with the sort of murderers they've been turning loose on the rest of us.
And of course when someone of Brenda Power's ilk says the State should pay compensation to Manuela's parents she means you and I should pay it.
For the State pays nothing.
It takes our money and pays with that.
In truth, Judge Liberal should pay Manuela's parents compensation.
Because Judge Liberal killed her.
As all the other Legalistic Liberals killed her.
All the other half wits in judicial and political authority who by their malign interpretation, nay betrayal, of the law have let murderers go free, they killed her.
They and no other.
Brenda Power notes that Judge Barry White commented last week at yet another Gerald Barry trial (this time for a rape he committed before he murdered Manuela) that in the past judges sought to give offenders a chance to reform.
Ah bless.
Aren't they lovely?
Just doing their best.
Meanwhile the newspapers have been cheering a couple of extra life sentences handed down to Gerald Barry at the rape trial.
Closing the stable door after the bull has committed four murders. (I include the blinding of the pensioner as a murder.)
And of course Judge Liberal stipulated that the extra life sentences were to run concurrently.
Meaning they pass at the same time as his other sentences and are not added on to the end of them.
So Judge Liberal effectively sentenced him to nothing for the rape.
The life sentences amount to nought extra years in jail.
He'll be out in ten.
Oh Liberal.
You've done it again.
Bloody well done.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


airborne insects hum
homeward go they homeless
and propose this street lamp or that car light
as the all important centre of the universe

purposeless they try again
to divine transcendent purpose
the light that animates their bodies
shines from the centre of the universe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the splendour falls

Cataract in the mountains of northern Italy.
By Luisella Avaro.

the cloak

mid the grey desolation
of a rainswept dublin street
colour tore my vision
from dreariness and fret
a cloak of ebon silk
lay crumpled in the mud
meshed with silver hues
and ochre tainted gold
a spider's web of threads
sent blood among the sheen
woven so by fingers
with a knowledge that is gone
and knowing came upon me
in a drum roll of heartbeats
the lost cloak of poetry
the mantle of john keats
and hunger came upon me
i snatched at it in greed
but it fluttered and it melted
into concrete into clay

watching the defectives

Great high jinks at British lefty rag The Guardian where a journalist wrote recently of Jimmy Carter's botched attempt 30 years ago to rescue hostages from the Ayatollahs in Iran. The journalist referred to the mission as the Entebbe Raid. Of course the Entebbe raid had nothing to do with Jimmy Carter. The Entebbe raid was a successful Israeli mission against Muslim thugs which involved wiping the floor with the terrorists and rescuing the hostages. It had nothing to do with Jimmy Carter's incompetent dithering. In fact no Israeli anti terror operation ever bore any resemblance to the sort of failed half hearted military activity authorised by Jimmy Carter. Carter's manque de competence meant American lives were lost for nothing. The Israelis' hallmark was and is success. The Guardian in its published correction of its egregious error noted that the Israeli raid on Entebbe had been almost completely successful. Presumably this was a little lefty sleight of hand referring to one dead hostage and the death of the commando who led the raid and who was a brother of the present Israeli Prime Minister. The Guardian is suffering from too many teenagers on its staff. They know how to push the google button on their computers. But they don't know much else. Quis custodet ipsos teenagers, eh Guardian?

The Irish Independent published a smarmy little picture on its cover yesterday showing cutesy pilgrims climbing Croagh Patrick, a holy mountain in Ireland. The Irish Independent is fooling no one. You'd think butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. Abandoning their attempt to destroy the Catholic faith? I doubt it. Maybe just trying a little infiltration in order to sell a few newspapers? That's more like it. Still Independent Newspapers seems to me to be hovering on the brink of destruction as it attempts to negotiate an extension with its debtors for a paltry 200 million quid it owes them. Paltry because it's only a small fraction of Independent Newspapers total indebtedness. I'm telling you folks. They're goin bye byes. But I digress. Cutesy pic of cutesy pilgrims on the cover. But that's not all. Inside the Irish Independent, the coverage was closer to anti Catholic form. A report of the pilgrimage was provided by John Cooney, best known for calling on Catholics recently to boycott the sacraments. Cooney's opening paragraph referred to child abuse. Of course it did. You all know my analysis of this. I do not believe for one moment that the Irish Independent cares about child abuse victims. I am profoundly convinced that Independent Newspapers, along with the Irish Times and RTE, have spent twenty years recycling old child abuse cases as part of a concerted attempt to destroy the Catholic church. I am deeply concerned that in doing this Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and RTE, have deliberately ignored the vast preponderence of sex abuse cases which do not involve Catholics and which therefore are of no use in their propaganda war against the church.

Occasionally when I write of the anti Catholic agenda at Independent Newspapers, whose proprietor is Tony O'Reilly, I refer to certain cowardly mendacious clypes within that organisation. Mention might be made here of Ian O'Doherty who falsely, malignly and indeed clownishly claimed in the Irish Independent that the Catholic church is a paedophile ring. The vomitous porcine little coward thought the publication of a new report on abuse in schools meant a free for all had been declared. He'll figure it out eventually. In my own humble way through the fog of war, I have sought to remind Tony O'Reilly just what lies his employees are telling in his newspapers. Another Independent Newspapers galoot who occasionally merits a mention in my gentle admonitions to Lord O'Reilly, is of course Ger Colleran, editor of the The Star. Colleran is well known for a malicious and malign attack on the church in which he falsely claimed that children had been screaming for help in every Catholic church presbytery in Ireland. Sometimes when I chide Tony O'Reilly, I like to remind Tony of the company he keeps. However my linking of him to Colleran has perhaps been a tad unfair. After all, Independent Newspapers simply publishes the Irish edition of the Daily Star. The real beneficial owner of that title appears to be Richard Desmond, the famous British porn baron. So Ger Colleran, who lied on television in asserting that children had been abused in every Catholic church presbytery in Ireland, the same Ger Colleran, plush bottomed, unctuous and insensate, this very Ger Colleran works for a porn baron. Funny isn't it? I wonder will Ger Colleran go to the hell he doesn't believe in for accepting checques from a porn baron. Hey Colleran. Do you think pornography causes child abuse? If the Asian babes Desmond exploits are actually children, that's child abuse isn't it Colleran? If the sexual disruptions to human males and females stemming from pornography lead a man or woman to commit child abuse, then the pornographer is also guilty of child abuse, isn't he Colleran. Hey Colleran. There's children screaming for help in every housing estate in Ireland, Britain, Europe, Australia, America and everywhere else because their Mammies, their Daddies, and their Uncles and their brothers are addicted to the pornographic poison Richard Desmond your boss sells. Gonna speak out about your boss are you Colleran? Wake me up when it's over Colleran. May your b**** rot.

The Times of London now has an Irish edition. Not to be confused with The Irish Times. The Times of London Irish edition features a back page feature entitled And Finally. I wonder did they get the idea for that off this blog. Intriguing. The Irish Times meanwhile has just published a picture of a little bird alighting on a feeder table. Now I know where they got that idea from. Little birds on feeders were nobodies until I came along.

a rooskie in dublin

Family History At A Glance
By Irina Kuksova
This week I had the privilege of saying the last farewell to someone. I didn't know her well. This fact allowed me to study the first Irish cemetary I have ever been in, instead of mourning only. But hey. This little article is not supposed to be sad. You are likely to consider yourself lucky by the time you have finished reading it.
To me, cemetaries are a place to practice counting skills. On a Russian tombstone you normally find two dates. The birth date and the death date. It's up to a casual wanderer to calculate how long the departed lived, come up with a certain average for that particular graveyard, and hope to do better. At least that's what I usually do. Such counting quiets the mind.
In Ireland the tombstones are different. No birth dates just the death date and age. Sometimes many ages as members of the same family are buried on the same spot. (Just different levels.) A whole new game is available. To study a family history all inscribed in one stone. But the challenge of counting is gone.
At the Irish funeral last week I spied one particular grave that mesmerised me. Its arithmetic seems to have more in common with literary tragedies than real life. Here is the story it told me:
Picture a couple. He is 40. She is 26.
They get married. (Love? Convenience? Last chance?)
A year later arrives their first baby only to die at age 1 year and 1 month.
3 years later their second child dies aged 1 year and 1 month.
7 years later another child dies aged 2.
3 years later another child dies aged 2.
7 years later he does.
1 year later she does.
1 year later their last child dies at age 17.
The family ceases to exist in 1897.
I am not sure how long I stood their adding and subtracting, trying to find myself an explanation of this ironic and sad dance of numbers that measured lives. An hereditary disease? Medicine underdevelopment? Poverty? What was that family like? How did they live?
Their names are too common to be easily tracked through the archives or googled. 100+ years later to all my questions, I have only a hint of an answer. The gravestone snapshot of a tragedy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Photographer's Eye (with Enrica Cecchini)

One perfect day in the middle of Summer... Enrica

apologia pro atheismus mea

me and the ghost of charlie darwin
on a day of rain and wild wind
staring from the windows of mount carmel
at the gulls riding high in ecstacy

now says i to charlie darwin
look at the creature rejoice
riding high on rain and wild wind
and tell me there's no majesty in existence

says he to me
there isn't

the monica leech laugh in

An Irish government minister goes into a bar.
By chance he meets Monica Leech.
He offers her a hundred grand to design a website.
That's it.
That's the joke.
Nothing else happens.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

president obama gets it right

A black Harvard law professor returned to his home without his keys, jimmied the lock to gain entry, and went inside.
A neighbour phoned the police, suspecting a burglary.
The police arrived and got into an altercation with the black Harvard law professor.
They arrested him.
He was dragged away shouting race.
Later, President Obama at a press conference commented on the incident, saying the police had acted stupidly.
What is interesting about all this is that so many of us who traditionally support the police didn't immediately leap to do so in this instance.
My own first reaction was: Hmmm, Barack might be right on this one.
Because too many of us in the free world, ie the free countries that matter, it the ones that are really free, ie Ireland, Britain, America, Canada and Australia, too many of us have experienced misbehaviour at the hands of thuggish elements in our police force.
Certainly the Irish police force is completely out of control.
A polite professional officer is the exception in Ireland rather than the norm.
We have an executive entitled the Ombudsman who's supposed to investigate police corruption in Ireland.
He is a former Irish Times editor called Conor O'Clery.
Yes, the collossal Paddy Whacks in our government appointed this snivelling anti American liberal bolshevick bigot to investigate police corruption.
I give up.
O'Clery said recently that there was no general corruption in the Irish polcie force.
You know what that means.
If former Irish Times editor Conor O'Clery says there's no generalised corruption in the Irish police force then you may be sure that means precisely the opposite.
The Irish police force is generally corrupt.
This is my analysis.
We'll see who's right when it's too late to do anything about it.
But I digress.
The point I want to make is about the general attitude in the general public across the free world towards the police.
We're no longer assuming the cops are in the right.
Even Mark Steyn, while supporting the American police who arrested the black Harvard professor and excoriating President Obama, even Steyn admits to a recent interaction with a Vermount police officer who behaved improperly and left Steyn wondering what exactly he could do about it.
In the end Steyn kept his cool and wrote a letter of complaint, which is what he advises the rest of us to do.
Steyn admits he wasn't there when the black law professor was arrested but goes on to give an account of the incident based on what the police officer says happened.
It's all a little bit unsettling.
Europeans and the rest of us have countries where the police can normally depend on half hearted public support and no support at all from the pseudo intellectual atheistic pro criminal liberal judiciaries and media elites.
Americans on the other hand back their police force clearly and unequivocally down the line to the hilt.
Americans back their police more than most because they recognise the heroism of the officers who go up against evil as a part of their daily routine.
Americans recognise that the police are the guarantors of our freedoms.
Yet more and more Americans are concerned with a thuggish element in more and more of their own police departments.
In Florida, the police officer who shot an Irishman dead in a recent case turned out to be himself a child abuser. The Irishman had been out of his mind hammering on the doors of apartments. There was every reason to restrain him. Maybe even to shoot him dead. But the calibre of the officer, not the bullet, raises deep concerns.
In New York it has been revealed that several police officers spent thirty years as hitmen for the Mafia. Supporting the police hardly means we're going to support those scum. The New York police have had a bad reputation, Nine Eleven notwithstanding, for the past four decades. Interestingly enough in Boston, another city with a strong Irish strand of cultural identity, the police always had a much better reputation, a reputation for moderation and restraint and integrity which to say the very least, has been elusive for the New York police department. At the same time, in the interests of full disclosure, the only negative experience I've had with American police was at Boston airport when a half wit called Officer Savanelli started acting the sack as I entered the USA. Savanelli called over a few other idiots and the five of them gave me an on the spot interrogation as clownish as it was unwarranted. There's always a price to pay for putting idiots in positions where they can misuse their authority.
In New Orleans, Mayor Nagen, a Mayor Stylish after Barack's own heart, had filled the police department with black officers of almost no integrity or ability, hired purely for their blackness. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans these officers committed murders, assaults, and acts of looting. Many of the more law abiding ones simply abandoned their posts. And Mayor Nagen was reduced to blaming former President Bush for the weather in order to explain the utter collapse of his administration and the malign inefficacy of its law enforcement officers.
Clearly, I say again, there are police officers that do not deserve any support at all in any circumstances whatsoever.
And so I think President Obama got it right.
Some say he shouldn't have spoken out.
But I think the Prez is entitled to comment on anything and everything even if sometimes he'll end up looking like a hipster doophus.
Because Americans, unlike Europeans and the rest of the free world, give their President real authority.
He'll be wrong sometimes but these are the breaks.
So Barack spoke out.
Fumbled around a bit.
Spoke from his own mindset as an African American, which I also think is fair enough.
Then in a quite worthy way backed down a little.
I am told President Obama has invited the African American professor and the police officer who arrested him for beer at the White House.
I think this is a bit of class.
With a real chance of healing.
And something good coming of it.
I hope it happens.
Bullshit walks.
The two bullshitters should go to the White House and listen to what their President tells them.