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Saturday, December 01, 2012

the reputation of conformist irish media commentators brenda power, orla barry and gay byrne versus jimmy savile

During the recent attempt to ruin well loved deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile by bankrupt British media groups The Daily Mirror, ITV and Rupert Murdock's News International, certain of Ireland's more conformist and dishonorable journalists and commentators attempted to make a name for themselves by piling onto the victim while the pack was in full hue and cry.
Among the most pitiable of this Me Too brigade of cowards and slanderers, were Miss Brenda Power, Miss Orla Barry and Mr Gay (self styled) Byrne.

1. Brenda Power writes for the supposedly bankrupt Irish editions of the bankrupt Daily Mail and Rupert Murdock's bankrupt Sunday Times. At the time of the media assault against Jimmy Savile, Brenda Power not only decided that deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile was guilty of everything he had never been charged with, she also asserted that his soul was burning in hell. I refer to  this particularly invidious, conformist and cowardly slander, as the apotheosis of Brenda Power. Hoo baby. Brenda Power saw the bullying trolls of the corrupt decaying dessicated old Rupert Murdock and Tony O'Reilly owned media piling onto the deceased brodcasterJimmy Savile  in an attempt to reinvigorate their all but deceased brands, and she cried out with hellish amoral conformism: "Me Too! After all, I myself am god." There you go. Apotheosis means someone who has become God. Funny. None of us had noticed it happening to Brenda Power up until she sent the late Jimmy Savile to hell for the crime of being targeted for ruin after death by Brenda Power's bankrupt employers. I gott a tell you folks. Brenda Power doesn't really look like my idea of God. From her byline picture in the Sunday Times she looks more like Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny in a fright wig than any conceivable evocatory notion of a visible image of divinity. Although Enda Kenny has slightly better posture. Her photo in the Daily Mail is quite attractive.

2. Orla Barry. Orla Barry saw the hounds of the media in full pursuit of a man who wasn't around to defend himself and felt an immediate moral calling (ie sensed an immediate opportunity) to trumpet her own amoebic talent as a journalist at the deceased man's expense. She began announcing to all and sundry that she was the only journalist to ever confront Jimmy Savile about rumours he was a molester. She got away with this until Gay Byrne and in England Louis Theroux began to claim the same faux kudos for themselves. Orla Barry has a name that rings a bell. I hope she's not the daughter of a corrupt dynastic Fianna Fail financier. (Fianna Fail is the Irish political party that looted the treasurey and bankrupted Ireland overnight to bail out Anglo Irish Bank, an institution being run by Fianna Fail supperters as proxies for Russian gangsters, a bank which was being systematically burgled by its management Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm and their Russian gangster accomplices, and by its 25 percent shareholders Sean Quinn and his odious IRA family and by the Quinns' own Russian gangster accomplices.) I hope Orla Barry is not related to such people. If she was her failure to investigate them in the light of her frivolous Me Too sneering about the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile, would be... well... contemptible anyway. But here's who Orla Barry is. Orla Barry is an employee of Irish media pseudo baron Denis O'Brien. An Irish Judicial enquiry has ruled that Denis O'Brien corruptly obtained ownership of an Irish government licence to provide mobile phone services, by bribing corrupt then Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry to give him the licence which was worth about a billion dollars, for a fee of a couple of million. Michael Lowry remains in the Irish parliament because the people of his constituence Tipperary North, are sort of like the villains from The Hills Have Eyes. Only with slightly lower IQ's. Denis O'Brien's fortune was founded on this bribery and corruption. Orla Barry seems to have no problem with this behaviour which has been brought into the public domain by an aforementioned Judicial Enquiry. She thinks it's to her credit that when the Daily Mirror, ITV and Rupert Murdock's bankrupt media groups (The Sun, Sky News, The Times) in England, and Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien's bankrupt media groups in Ireland were trying to boost their dying readerships by ruining Jimmy Savile from beyond the grave, Orla Barry thinks it's to her credit I say, to jump on the bankwagon with gleeful self promoting elan, and cry out to all and sundry: "Me Too. Me Too. Me Too." Barry you're a fervourless, talentless Nazi bitch. And I'm going to jail your boss.

3. Gay Byrne. Gay Byrne, Ireland's most boring and durable oike, a souldead man inflicted on the public for fifty years via a compulsory tax styled the television licence fee which allowed politically connected shite hawks to monopolise opportunites in Irish broadcasting and journalism without ever having viewers or readers, was undignifiedly anxious to add his voice to those bankrupt amoral media shills conducting the show trial of the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile. Gay Byrne claimed the following, word for word: "Oh when Jimmy Savile was on my show, I asked him straight out. I said: Are you gay? It was a brave thing to say. You know. Jimmy Savile was a fell runner. That means he used to run in the mountains." Let's get this straight. Gay Byrne thinks the question he claims he asked Jimmy Savile was brave. Every single unattached man on earth, from me to Cliff Richard to the Pope, has heard this question. It is usually asked by somebody with a deep seated insecurity about their own sexuality. And Gay Byrne was in the habit of asking it of a guest on his show about every second week. But here's the rub. Gay Byrne's sexuality has been a constant source of low grade speculation among people low grade enough to care about such things. Does he really think his question was brave? Wasn't it a facile and crass question, precisely likenable in its absence of bravery, its moral aridity, its lack of class, to the question perpetrated by those juvenile sneering atheistic clypes and bast--ds who have for fifty years asked of Gay Byrne himself: "Since you are Impotent Gay Byrne, does that mean you're gay?"


The defence rests.

how corrupt is the irish police force

More details are emerging of the gerrymandering of police records by corrupt officers intent on deleting criminal offences on the roads by corrupt Judges, television presenters, gangsters, pseudo high society types, and anyone willing to bribe the corrupt police officers in question. Nine of the individuals who had their road traffic offences deleted from police computers by corrupt police officers, went on to kill someone while driving on the roads. That's nine we know about. The real figure will be higher.


Ian O'Doherty of the Irish Independent asserted recently in one of his columns that Saint John the Divine had been high on drugs while writing the Book of Revelation.
I was interested by the remark because of late I've been thinking a lot about Saint John's work.
Can the Book of Revelation be read with specificity?
That is to say, can one identify real pophecies in that book which relate to actual events in our time?
Or is the book meant to be read as a form of spiritual poetry?
Even if truths for our time are written there, I reckon it would take much prayer, fasting, wisdom and discernment, plus a grace of inspiration from God, for any person to understand the prophecies.
And yet...
Some of the earlier books of the Bible clearly pressage the events in Revelation and also pressage the possibility that by the grace of God people will understand these events when they occur.
The Old Testament book of Joel contains the words:
"After this
I shall pour out my spirit on all humanity.
Your sons and daughters shall prophesy,
your old people shall dream dreams,
and your young people see visions.
Even on your slaves, men and women,
shall I pour out my spirit in those days.
I shall show portents in the sky
and on earth,
blood and fire and columns of smoke."
The Book of Daniel also contains passages which relate to the much later Book of Revelation.
Daniel mentions a war that will encompass vast areas of the planet earth.
"When the time comes for the End, the king of the south will try conclusions with him; but the king of the north will come storming down on him with chariots, cavalry and a large fleet. He will invade countries, overrun them, and drive on. He will invade the land of splendour, and many will fall; but Edom, Moab and what remains of the sons of Ammon will escape him. He will reach out to attack countries. Egypt will not escape him. The gold and silver treasures and all the valuables of Egypt will lie in his power. Libyans and Cushites will be at his feet: but reports coming from the East and the north will worry him, and in great fury he will set out to bring ruin and complete destruction to many. He will pitch the tent of his royal headquarters between the sea and the mountains of the Holy Splendour. Yet he will come to his end. There will be no help for him."
This sort of theme recurs much more spectacularly in the Book of Revelation.

Daniel also mentions the rise of "an abomination of desolation usurping a power that is not his."
Jesus repeats Daniel's words about the abomination of desolation when he speaks to the disciples about the End times.
Jesus adds a few details of his own.
"Take care that no one deceives you, because many will come using my name and saying I am the Christ, and they will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that you are not alarmed, for this is something that must happen, but the end will not be yet. For nations will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All this is only the beginning of the birthpangs. Then you will be handed over to be tortured and put to death; and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. And then many will fall away; people will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise; they will deceive many, and with the increase of lawlessness, love in most people will grow cold; but anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved. The good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed to the whole world as evidence to the nations. And then the end will come."
Jesus' words are the main Biblical justification for John's Book of Revelation.
In reading the short passage of Jesus' words above, you can see how one might form the opinion that we are living through the End times now.
In the present era, there have been people claiming not just to speak for Christ but to be him.
Jim Jones killed himself and murdered hundreds of his followers while making just this claim in the jungles of Guyana.
David Koresh made similar messianic statements before overseeing the murder of police officers and then causing the immolation of himself and his followers at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas.
There was a Chinese leader a century ago who claimed to be Jesus during a particularly mayhem rich rebellion there.
The Africans also have much experience of this sort of evil.
There have, as Jesus foretold, been many who claimed to be the Christ.
It is even possible to assert that the persecutions of the church foretold by Jesus have also been taking place before our eyes and in distant lands.
In Mexico as recently as 70 years ago, priests were being executed by firing squad.
In Spain in the 1930's, more than five thousand priests were slaughtered, some by crucifixion.
Hitler herded thousands of priests into Dachau concentration camp.
In Russia, Stalin killed em like there was no tomorrow.
Jesus gave us short succinct predictions about the End times.
It is not difficult to argue that everything he foretold is going on right now.
Jesus also predicts the Jews being scattered among the nations but returning at some future time as a "remnant" to the Holy Land.
The re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 after a gap of nearly two millennia seems like a fairly specific fulfilment of that particular prophecy.
And so to Saint John the Divine.
The Book of Revelation, also known as The Book of the Apocalypse, has several prophecies about the End times.
There are accounts of visions of heaven and an extended account of the apocalyptic End times war foretold in Daniel, which is apparently the same one referred to by Jesus.
Is this stuff happening now?
There are certainly an awful lot of wars about.
And an awful lot of evil.
The hellish mayhem engulfing Africa at present looks Apocalyptic.
The atheistic dictatorships of Hitler, Stalin and Mao, certainly committed mass murder in Germany, Russia, China and beyond, in a manner that looked Apocalyptic.
Could these three have been anti Christs?
I think they could.
There are other candidates.
The abortion mills and euthanasia barns posing as hospitals in Western Europe and America and China look like something Apocalyptic too.
I ask you.
Who has the most guilt?
Barbarian Muslim Jihadis flying passenger planes into skyscrapers or wealthy university educated doctors killing babies for profit?
I think the doctors and those of us who support their trade, have the greater guilt.
I think in heaven the Jihadis will stand in judgement on us.
But it is specificity in the Book of Revelation that I am searching for.
Can one read the Book of Revelation and find specific predictions relating to our own era?
There's a prophecy in there which mentions a plague of locusts torturing humanity led by an angel of the abyss called Apollyon.
Sounds a bit like Napoleon.
A few hundred years ago Napoleon brought war to all Europe and Russia.
Napoleon barbarised and bereaved a generation across a whole continent.
It was a kind of torture for a very large part of humanity.
Was Napoleon an early anti Christ foretold directly in the Book of Revelation as Apollyon?
Or is some other Apollyon still to come?
Let's look for something more specific.
There's a prophecy in there which reads.
"The third angel blew his trumpet, and a huge star fell from the sky burning like a ball of fire, and it fell on a third of all rivers and on the springs of water; this was the star called Wormwood, and a third of all water turned to wormwood, so that many people died; the water had become so bitter."
Wormwood is a type of flower.
The Russian word for Wormwood is Chernobyl.
I kid you not.
There are no shortage of prophecies in Revelation about angels unleashing doom:
"The second angel emptied his bowl over the sea, and it turned to blood, like the blood of a corpse, and every living creature in the sea died."
This prophecy seemed incomprehensible to me up until last April when a BP oil derrick off the coast of Florida blew up and began spewing crude oil into the sea.
The oil has continued to spew into the sea since then.
Could this be the plague that poisons the seas as foretold by Saint John two thousand years ago?
And how about the prophecy that reads:
"The sixth angel blew his trumpet and I heard a single voice issuing from the four horns of the golden altar in God's presence. It spoke to the sixth angel with the trumpet, and said, 'Release the four angels that have been chained up at the great river Euphrates.' These four angels had been ready for this hour of this day of this month of this year, and ready to destroy a third of the human race."
The Euphrates is a river in Iraq.
Hoo boy.
For thirty years under the regime of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was involved in a constant sequence of wars for territory, oppression of its own people and the export of terrorism beyond its borders. Saddam made war with Iran for eight years killing at least a million people. Saddam invaded Kuwait provoking the First Gulf War where hundreds of thousands are said to have died. Saddam sponsored Islamist terrorism in Palestine and elsewhere. Saddam used chemical weapons to kill thousands of people in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. In my opinion Saddam also sponsored, facilitated and trained the Al Qaeda Islamist terror army whose final death tally is not yet known. Saddam's refusal to give up his weapons of mass destruction led to the Second Gulf War in 2003. The consequences of this also continue to this day. The region around the Euphrates is awash with armies engaged in conflict. The Iranians continue to use Iraq as a proxy hunting ground for killing Americans. There seems no limit in sight to the destruction that has been unleashed.
The region around the Euphrates hasn't caused the death of a third of the human race.
Not yet it hasn't.
But it has been the source of an incredible amount of mayhem.
Mayhem which is still happening.
Mayhem which you don't have to be romantic or on drugs to describe as...
And by the way, I've heard it asserted that in Iraqi Arabic, the name Saddam means Destroyer.
Remember our old friend Apollyon the Destroyer from the Bookof Revelation.
In this light the reference to the angels of destruction being unleashed at the Euphrates begins to look like a very specific piece of future telling courtesy of Saint John.
Other verses from the Book of Revelation which have long engaged the popular imagination, relate to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
A neglected and rather boring verse about the third horseman goes:
"Immediately I saw a black horse appear and its rider was holding a pair of scales, and I seemed to hear a voice shout from among the four living creatures and say, 'A day's wages for a quart of corn, and a day's wages for three quarts of barley, but do not tamper with the oil or wine.' "
To me it always seemed an incomprehensible allusion to economics in the midst of an apocalyptic vision.
The other horsemen being concerned with Victory, War and Death.
But this year we're seeing international economies teetering on the brink of complete collapse.
Is this the work of the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse?
And then there's the most famous verse in the Book of Revelation.
The verse that warns of the rise of a being of limitless evil.
The verse that advises:
"Let him who hath knowledge calculate the number of the beast.
For the number of the beast is the number of a man.
And that number is 666."
I don't think the Book of Revelation consists of drug induced ravings.
I am grateful to Ian O'Doherty for encouraging me by his comment to give some serious thought again as to precisely what it might be.

(First published June 2010.)

Friday, November 30, 2012

the irish independent newspaper's campaign against internet bullying

The Irish Independent has launched what it calls an Anti Cybernet Bullying Campaign to advocate new legislation to crack down on internet bullies. Allow me to respectfully demur. I do not for a second believe that the anti Catholic abortionist atheistic hedonist druggies of Independent Newspapers care one whit about the teenage girls, boys and other citizens, who have been driven to their deaths recently by bullies who used both the internet and sundry other methods of harassment to perpetrate their murderous persecutions. I put it to you gentle readers. that Independent Newspapers, which is owned by robber barons Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien, is the most invectival, and personally pejorative manipulator of popular discourse in Western Europe. I put it to you that Independent Newspapers, and Rupert Murdock's Sun which is also carrying on what it calls an Anti Bullying Campaign, are merely using the deaths of little girls as an excuse for their own corporate strategy of promoting censorship of the internet. Those of us who write on the internet have been making Independent Newspapers and Rupert Murdock's News International look bad. People have been coming to us to hear opinions unvarnished by an abortionist atheistic neo feudalist editorial line. If they succeed in inventing case law for the censorship of the internet, their neo feudal strategies of promoting the interests of their robber baron owners, the O'Reilly and O'Brien and Murdock families, without the vexatious interference of freely expressed commentary, will forge gleefully ahead. That is why Independent Newspapers and the other debased readerless newspapers of Britain and Ireland are so keen to lodge in the public mind the notion of the internet troll. We're all trolls as far as they are concerned. Consider this. Some years ago an employee of Independent Newspapers falsely maliciously and malignly referred to my church as a paedophile ring. I very generously, and at some personal risk to myself, undertook to help this fellow and his employers see the error of their ways. I began referring on my website to this employee of Independent Newspapers as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, always explaining when I did so precisely why I was giving him the nickname. Now. Paedophile Ian O'Doherty has twice left messages on my answering machine threatening to kill me, threatening to break my fingers, and threatening to "take everything" I have. His first such message was left the morning of my mother's funeral. His second was left a year later on the morning of my father's funeral. Possibly an unfortunate coincidence in timing. He has also attempted to identify me to his supposed half a million readers a day by referring to me as an "anonymous troll" in his newspaper column and including details in his column that would allow any reader to find my website. He also likened my courageous advocacy via the internet to the actions of a teenager who had left a racist remark on some unviewed website about a black football player who'd had a heart attack. In the same column he threatened me with an unspecified "surprise." Naughty, naughty very naughty. These people are not the sort of people we should allow to institute censorship of the internet. I ask you. Isn't Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's original false malicious and malign assertion in the pages of the Irish Independent that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring, isn't this so exponentially beyond bullying as to beggar belief? It was bigotry. It was hate speech. It was a disgrace. And Independent Newspapers has never so much as issued a tweet of apology for propagating this malicious lie about a billion people. Aren't Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's threats of violence to a man with a blog read by four Jihadis and a googlebot, so disproportionately thuggish as to discredit the whole anti Christian robber baron enterprise which is Tony O'Reilly's and corrupt politcian bribing mobile phone licence thief Denis O'Brien's Independent Newspapers operation? Aren't they indeed. Here is the news. The internet is not the last bastion of free speech. The internet is the first ever real bastion of free speech in the history of humanity. That is why the neo feudalists, the robber barons, the Judge Liberals and the corrupt politicians of Ireland are desperately looking for excuses to censor it. I say more. Independent Newspapers are attempting to hijack with faux sympathy and fake public interest anti bullying campaigns, the murders by suicide of little girls and boys and other citizens (carried out by bullying rings) in order to create a culture in Ireland and elsewhere whereby censorship of the internet is deemed acceptable. Be assured. Independent Newspapers cares not one whit for the victims of bullies. Independent Newspapers is attempting to propagate censorship of the internet solely because it regards the currently uncensored internet as a threat to its existence. Independent Newspapers is attempting to put Ireland in the same league vis a vis internet censorship as the Communist Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Don't let them get away with it.

how corrupt is the irish police force

Never mind that several Irish coppers are currently facing rape charges. Most of those cases are never let reach court. Never mind that Irish coppers have been caught deleting traffic offences from cop computers for selected corrupt Irish Judges and sundry Irish pseudo high society rich bstaads. Those cases won't reach court either. Never mind all that. Get this. A little girl in my home county of Kildare has been driven to suicide by a bullying ring. The bullies have discovered they can commit murder by driving people to suicide. You all know that I believe the bullies in such cases should face murder charges. Here's what the Irish police have announced about the death of the little girl in my home county. "We are treating this as a tragic incident. No further investigations are planned." When the Irish police were asked about the organised bullying to which Lara Burns had been subjected, the Irish police replied: "We have received no complaints." Let me explain something to all the Irish police scruff who routinely visit this website from their barracks in Templemore. Let me explain this to you. When a murder is committed, you don't wait around for a formal complaint before you investigate that murder. When a little girl commits suicide at the age of twelve, you don't sit back on your fat corrupt arses, waiting for a formal complaint. You investigate the circumstances under which that little girl was hounded to her death. That is all. Now for my general readers. Do any of you seriously doubt that the bullies who hounded Lara Burns to her death have relatives in the Irish police force?

yankee joe

"I heard that an Indian woman died because she couldn't get an abortion in Ireland," my cousin Yankee Joe informed me in a challenging tone.
"That's not what happened," quoth me.
"What happened then?"
"An Indian woman died. Nobody knows how she died because her husband is still refusing to release her medical records. On her death her husband claimed that if she'd had an abortion she'd still be alive. But he wouldn't let anyone see her medicals records. Instead he went straight to some abortion activist groups and with their friends in the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers and elsewhere, he allowed his wife's death to be hijacked as the linchpin of a new campaign for the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. And a month later he's still refusing to release her medical records. He and his abortion activist friends have falsely accused the Irish nation and the Catholic Church of killing his wife. And he's still refusing to release the medical records that would tell us precisely how and why she died. A month later no one knows how or why she died. Her husband has an awful lot of explaining to do. As do the bankrupt atheistic abortionist anti Catholic Irish Times and Irish Independent newspapers who have helped him propagate a thoroughly vile and invidious campaign to introduce abortion into Ireland."

an analysis of recent celebrity meltdowns

1. Simon Cowell. All controversies surrounding Simon Cowell are manufactured by Simon Cowell and his publicity team. Arguments with sundry girlfriends, cancellations of weddings, falling in and out with Louis Walshe, ogling Cheryl Cole, unleashing bubonic plague on his business rivals, any news story whatsoever involving Simon Cowell has been staged to get free headlines for his television talent shows.

2. Kristen Stewart two timing her boyfriend on the eve of the release of her latest unwatchable vampire film, has been staged to get free headlines for her latest unwatchable vampire film.

3. Hugh Grant's arrest with prozzer in LA. Staged to get free headlines for Hugh Grant.

4. Eddie Murphy's arrest with trans sexual prozzer in LA. Staged to get free headlines for Eddie Murphy.

5.Cheryl Cole's car crash in LA with a pop star styling himself William. Staged to get free headlines for Cheryl Cole. (William didn't need the publicity and probably engaged in this fakery as a favour, and, er... because she's Cheryl Cole.)

6. Gerard Depardieu. French actor Gerard Depardieu's recent clashes with the police in Paris over drink driving incidents on his motor scooter and an altercation with a private citizen in the streets, were staged to get free headlines for Gerard Depardieu. As was his defection to Russia. (Defecation surely? - Ed note)

7. Twink. Irish television personality Twink's altercation with her husband, broadcast on Youtube, was staged in order to get free headlines for Twink.

8. Mel Gibson. Anything involving Mel Gibson probably actually happened.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Picked up an Evening Herald which had been left in the Costa Cafe yesterday. There was an article by something called Lisa Jewel about daily and nightly violence on Dublin's Luas tram system. I picked up another copy of the Evening Herald in the same cafe today. There was an article about Irish serial killer Larry Murphy's life in the Netherlands. "My God," I breathed, "I say it here, it comes out there."

the reputation of the supersoaraway sun newspaper versus whoever

Rupert Murdock's Sun newspaper has today been compelled to pay half a million pounds to an Irish popular music impressario called Louis Walsh. The Sun had trafficked in false paid for allegations that Mr Walsh sexually assaulted a man by groping him in a toilet. That is to say the Sun paid a man to falsely claim that he had been groped by Louis Walsh in a toilet. The only mistake the Sun made, was to pay this man to slander Mr Walsh while Mr Walsh was very much alive and in a position to defend himself. They didn't make that mistake with Jimmy Savile did they? The Sun, and Rupert Murdock's other titles and media entities such as The Times of London and Sky News, did more than any other organisations to disinter Jimmy Savile and destroy him from beyond the grave. The Sun and its staff and editors, took up the tenuous and tendentious paid for allegations contrived by the Daily Mirror and the broadcaster ITV, and used them to boost their negligible circulation and to distract from the current British Public Enquiry into the conduct of Rupert Murdock's media group in bribing police officers, subverting the police and hacking into the mobile phones of murdered English school girls. I kid you not. The stakes were high. Now here's where we stand. The original Daily Mirror/ITV television programme presented four tiers to its tissue of inuendos against Jimmy Savile. The first tier was an attempt to imply that since the presenter of the programme was a former police officer who had previously investigated a child abuse case involving a celebrity, then for him to be paid to investigate this case by the Daily Mirror and ITV, must imply guilt to Jimmy Savile. This rationale for guilt is of course disgusting. That was one fourth right there, of the case against Jimmy Savile. The second tier of inuendos came from a woman styled Karin West whose visual appearance and voice was disguised on the programme while she claimed without corroboration or cross examination, that as a sixteen year old she had gone to Jimmy Savile's hotel room to collect some Elvis Presley memorabalia in the early 1960's and had been raped by him in his room which she asserted was located next to the hotel reception desk. It later emerged that she had spent her life engaged in various forms of criminality, forms of criminality which have yet to be fully specified or publicised by Jimmy Savile's media detractors or by the police, that she had a rap sheet as long as your arm, that she was a drug user, that she had never attempted to incriminate Jimmy Savile over the past forty years until offered money by the Daily Mirror and ITV to do so, that her unsubstantiated paid for accusations against Jimmy Savile don't stand up to even the mildest cross examination, that after what she claims was a rape by Jimmy Savile she went on to appear on Jimmy Savile's television show several times as a dancer, and that far from being an innocent teenager at the time of her supposed rape she was already working full time and enjoying the life that went with the hedonistic sexual revolution in 1960's London. This woman was the only serious participant in the Daily Mirror ITV programme. And she was not serious at all. She and her testimony and the lack of scrutiny both were given, were thoroughly invidious. That's fifty percent of the case against Jimmy Savile in the paragraphs above. The third tier of accusations against Jimmy Savile in the Daily Mirror ITV programme consisted of speculative uncorroborated testimony from a television producer styling himself Wilfred De Ath. Wilfred De Ath said: "I saw Jimmy Savile with a fourteen year old. She was fourteen at most... Jimmy Savile went to bed with a twelve year old. Or maybe she was ten." This chopping and changing of unsubstantiated allegations, and bear in mind this was the most credible footage of Wilfred De Ath that the Daily Mirror and ITV could contrive, would be unacceptable in any courtoom and in any newspaper that wasn't already bankrupt due to lack of readers. There's more. Wilfred De Ath has just been arrested by the police. A British actress saw the Daily Mirror ITV programme in which Wilfred De Ath slandered Jimmy Savile. She says she recognised Wilfred De Ath as a man who had sexually abused her when she was, wait for it, fourteen years of age. That's seventy five percent of the Daily Mirror ITV evidence against Jimmy Savile reduced to nothing. The final tier of Daily Mirror ITV inuendos against Jimmy Savile came from an elderly former television presenter called Esther Rantzen. Esther Rantzen had no specific evidence to make against Jimmy Savile. The Daily Mirror ITV programme producers merely filmed Esther Rantzen watching a preliminary clip of the programme she was later to be a part of. Esther Rantzen lowered her head into her hands, appearing to weep, and said: "We covered this up. Didn't we? We looked the other way." It was pure ham. A desperate old ham desperate to be back on TV. But since it was only Jimmy Savile's reputation at stake, Esther Rantzen gave the Daily Mirror and ITV precisely what they wanted. Afterwards some of the children's charities with which Eshter Rantzen is associated, announced they were considering removing her from their boards of management as she had confessed to covering up child abuse. Esther Rantzen immediately released a denial. Now Jimmy Savile's reputation was no longer at stake. Esther Rantzen had already helped the Daily Mirror and ITV to posthumously destroy that. Now the only reputation at stake was Esther Rantzen's. Esther Rantzen's new statement said: "I have never covered up child abuse. I mean all I'd heard about Jimmy Savile were second and third hand rumours." Finally it emerged, that far from being powerless to act, even on second and third hand rumours, Esther Rantzen had had links to the highest powers within the British Broadcasting Corporation where Jimmy Savile worked. She had been first the lover then the wife of the Programme Chief at the station. Lovely lovely people. Esther Rantzen's contribution to the desperate Daily Mirror ITV hatchet job on the reputation of the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile was the final twenty five percent of the innuendos contrived against him. Esther Rantzen's evidence has now been shown to be as worthless as the other seventy five percent of slanders against Jimmy Savile first contrived and then paid for by the Daily Mirror and ITV, and afterwards picked up and trumpeted by Rupert Murdock's Sun, Times of London, and Sky News, along with Lord Rothermere's pharmaceutical companies financed Daily Mail and the hind tit amoral follow the crowd Irish Independent and Irish Times newspapers. These are bad bad people. Thankfully there's a cure.

an open letter to the trade unionists of ireland

You're actually starting to hurt the country as a whole. You're price gouging your way through the recession in the Electricity Company and in the Gas Company. You're stifling economic activity through your inflated salaries as nursies, teachers, coppers and soldiers. You're more responsible for the bankruptcy of our nation than the corrupt gangster bankers whom our corrupt politicians still insist on remunerating with half million dollar wages. You're killing people. I really think you should consider taking a pay cut.

an open letter to atheistic abortionist irish prime minister enda kenny

What profit it a man if he get a few positive headlines in the atheistic abortionist Bolshevick Marxian Irish Times and a few positive headlines in the atheistic abortionist neo feudalist (Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien worshipping) Irish Independent, and lose his immortal soul? James Healy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the last time ever i saw luana raimondi

Luana leaned forward across the cafe table.
She was very beautiful.
Brown eyes of the gazelle and all that jazz.
She'd ruined her hair of course.
The long lustrous shining Sicilian tresses had been shorn into a silly Irish perm thing.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Women haven't got a clue.
But she was beautiful.
Animal Sicilian beauty.
"James," she said, "do you trust me?"
My face was a study.
"I trust you as a teacher of Italian," I answered cautiously. "Any time I ask you about Italian verb forms, I'm pretty certain you'll give me an honest answer. You would never, for instance, give me the past partciple of capire when I asked for the present tense of sentire. You're fairly consistent in that regard. Or if I ask you for the word for rabbit, you won't give me the word for horse just for the hell of it. Your accent is a bit Sicilian of course, but that can't be helped."
"But do you really trust me," she pressed a tad adorably.
"I hardly know you," I replied with brutal honesty.
Ah yes.
Heelers dazzles another love struck waif.
Ya gotta treat em mean to keep em keen.
And if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.
But I digress.
Back to Luana.
"I hope someday that will change," she said. "I hope someday you will trust me."
Even a cosmic goon like me would normally know enough to take this sort of statement from a girl like her as being something to be rather pleased about.
Here's what I said next.
Word for word.
"Funny. I don't see trust in our future."
She stood up.
In my heart of hearts I knew the scintillating badinage mixed with Sicilian accented Italian lessons which was our relationship was approaching its end.
She began to gather her things.
"James," she said with a tinge of regret. "You are a lovely guy, una bravissima persona, but you really need to learn to separate different aspects of your life. You are completely unable to trust me simply because I knew a Muslim girl you once knew. That's the only reason."
I shook my handsome head.
"That," I said, "and because you lied when we met again. Remember you pretended we hadn't met before. Acted all confused about knowing the Muslim girl. Ooooh. Which Muslim girl was that? Oooh. Maybe I know her. Oooh. It's all so confusing."
"And your hair. You ruined your hair. You don't mean to tell me what you've done to your hair isn't a disguise."
Luana was gathering her things at a more rapid pace.
She put on her scarf.
"Nice scarf."
"Thank you."
"Is it Muslim?"
Luana put a hand on her hip.
A wave of elemental energy seemed to flash in her eyes.
She looked effortlessly spectacular in fully fiery sexy Sicilian confrontation mode.
"Yes James," she cried. "Yes. My scarf is Muslim. And my dress is Muslim. And my leather jacket is Muslim."
I watched her go.
Truly she was splendid.
And to think I'd never even noticed the Black Jacket.
What an extraordinary creature.
No doubt about it.
That girl is the best looking girl either in the Mafia or Al Qaeda.
I wonder which it is.

the monica leech laugh in

60,000 Muslims walk into a bar and say: "Let's just take this."

(Footnote: The Irish government now admits that previous estimates have vastly understated the number of Muslims in migrating into Ireland. The Irish government now posits that the real figure for Muslims present in Ireland is 60,000 and not 30,000 as previously stated. The true figure is of course much much higher. They're here. And they're queer. And they intend to hack off people's heads for drinking beer. Well, you know what I mean.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

is ireland a mafia state

The Chief of Police of the Republic of Ireland recently spoke out about the presence of at least 25 crime gangs operating across the country.
I thought he rather understated the case.
The Commish is at ease warning us about Russian and Chinese rackateers.
He was a little disingenuous in failing to mention Ibrahim Buwissir (aka the Boo Whizzer) and his Al Qaeda outfit.
What is most terrifying about these Muslim murderers and their accomplices in Russian mafias and Chinese triads, is that they have now decided to work together in subverting the countries where they do business.
The Muslims have laid aside their traditional contempt for infidels of every stripe and hue, and temporarily at least, have joined forces with the other gangster lowlife who are currently draining the lifeblood out of Ireland.
Muslim subversion of the Republic occasionally comes into plain view.
A few years ago an Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer beat an Irish teenager to death on Grafton Street with a baseball bat.
This was a deliberately eye catching murder.
This murder was intended to send out the message to the people of Dublin, and to the array of crime gangs present there, that nobody but nobody messes with the Mussies.
The Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer initially fled the country.
But he was informed by his accomplices in Al Qaeda that they had purchased a Judge and so he could safely return.
A corrupt Irish Judge then threw the case out of court by accepting the testimony of the accomplices of the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer that the Irish teenager whom the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer had murdered, had said something racist to the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer.
An interesting point of law there.
Ireland doesn't have a death penalty.
But in cases where Muslims lie on the witness stand about their murder victims, the Muslims themelves will be permitted by a Judge Liberal who has been bribed  by those Muslims and or their murdering Chinese and or their murdering Russian rackateer accomplices to impose the death penalty on an Irish teenager using baseball bats.
Hoo baby.
That's democracy I suppose.
Wouldn't want to risk being racist to critique this sort of thing.
So the younger generation of scum Mussie terrorists and the younger generation of scum Chinese Triads and the younger generation of scum Russian mafiosi are finally working together with the younger generation of indigenous scum Irish hoodlums on an ambitious project to turn the rest of us into their farm animals.
They're buying politicians, Judges and police officers.
Occasionally one of their political accomplices who knows too much gets bumped off.
Anyone remember Irish parliamentarian Liam Lawlor's death in a car accident in Moscow?
Mob hit.
Anyone remember the sudden death of Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan from galloping cancer?
Mob hit.
(Lenihan had looted the Irish treasury to bail out Anglo Irish Bank a collapsed gangster bank on behalf of the Russian mafia who were systematically burglarising Anglo through corruptly obtained loans furnished by their accomplices in Anglo management Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm, and through Anglo's 25 percent shareholder Sean Quinn and his odious rackateering IRA family who were themselves the recipients and conduits of corruptly obtained multi billion dollar loans from Anglo which the Russians bagged and laundered with gay abandon. Sean Quinn bought his 25 percent of Anglo using yet more billions of dollars corruptly lent to him without security by Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm from the bank all three and their families and their accomplices and the Russian mafia and their cat Tiddles were systematically burglarising through the dispensing to themselves of precisely such invidious loans. Most of the billions lent to Sean Quinn were laundered through the same Russian mafia. Yes. By forcing the Irish people to bail out Anglo, Lenihan signed us all up to paying in perpetuity the debts of the Russian mafia. And Lenihan knew where the bodies were buried. Ironically he is now one of the bodies. The Russian mafia repaid him precisely the same way they repay everyone who sells them their soul. Note well: The favoured assassination technique of Russian mobsters is to induce galloping cancer in their targets by the surreptitious administration of the Polonium Ninety radioactive isotope.)
Anyone remember Former Prime Minister Albert Reynolds' receipt of million dollar bribes from Muslim terrorists in return for Irish passports?
Reynolds is still alive, ie he hasn't yet been the victim of a mob hit by his Muslim and or Russian paymasters.
Interestingly enough his daughter Leonie is a High Court Judge.
(And the late treasury looting Finance Minister Brian Lenihan's wife Patricia is a Circuit Court Judge.)
But for the country the whole Albert Reynolds selling of passports to Muslim terrorists fiasco is just another mob hit.
A hit on all of us.
Ireland is becoming a Narco State before our eyes.
We have to fight these thuggish Islamists and their Russian and Chinese and Irish scum acolytes.
We will have to fight them or surrender to their Islam.
They have not given us any other choice.
The wars of the future will be mafia.