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Friday, April 19, 2013

the family of the al qaeda agents who bombed boston

Family members of the Muslim murderers who bombed Boston, are currently clogging up the airwaves on radio, television and print media, claiming they are disgusted with the little assassins they reared, succoured, brought to America and turned loose on the rest of us.
The family of young Dzhokar and his co murderer young Tamurlan, claim to be stunned by their children's cowardly islamist attacks on the Boston marathon.
Who could have seen it coming!
Muslims bombing human beings in the streets.
Never heard of such a thing.
You raise your kids to hate anyone who isn't Muslim and then they go out and act on everything you've ever taught them.
So very surprising.
Excuse me while I wring my hands.
Presumably the family of young Dzhokar and young Tamurlan just never noticed when young Dzhokar and young Tamurlan were building bombs and priming their machine guns in the basement of the family home.
The occasional shout of "Death To America" at the breakfast table was probably put down to the exuberance of youth.
Kids, these days!
The things they say.
And do.
Sure it could happen in any family.
The family of the latest Al Qaeda murderers to be unmasked executing citizens on main street, are playing it a different way from the last batch of Al Qaeda assassins to be similarly unmasked.
A few years ago the family of Hassan Malik, the Al Qaeda murderer who slaughtered thirteen soldiers and an unborn baby at Fort Hood, went on the air immediately after his attacks to blame those attacks on his victims, ie on the American army. Hassan Malik had infiltrated the American army on behalf of Al Qaeda in order to commit mass murder. Clearly in justifying his actions, his family weren't worried about losing their residency in the United States.
I think we should make them worry.
I am tired of worrying about them.
In France the family of the Arab assassin who murdered three French soldiers, then broke into a school to film himself murdering three little Jewish schoolgirls and a Rabbi, and then shot six French police officers (he didn't manage to kill them) who were trying to take him alive, that family I tell you, are currently sueing the French government for failing to capture their murdering psycho Muslim son alive.
You couldn't make it up.
Here's a thought.
When a Jihadi attacks citizens on Main Street, lets expel his family, and his friends, and anybody who meets him for coffee in the Starbucks on Westmoreland Street, anyone who works with him in the Starbucks of the BT2 building on Grafton Street, and anyone from the Chinese Triads who helps him with harassment activities in the Ilac Centre toilet on Henry Street, and anyone whose number is on his mobile phone.
Why not just send these bstaads home.
All of them.
It's time to change the rules.
No more Arab terror.
No more Al Qaeda's.
No more Jihad.
Send them home to their glorious happy sunshiney Muslim lands to contemplate what they have lost and why they have lost it.
It is time to teach the Jihadis the meaning of fear.

judge martin nolan's feeling for c*cks*ck*rs

Ireland's famously corrupt Judge Martin Nolan was in action again this week.
In court was a child abuser who in 1983, tried to force a five year old boy child to give him a blow job.
Having failed to do this, the man performed the act on the child himself.
He has been on the run since last December.
Liberal judges had released him on bail.
They always do, don't they.
Of course he absconded.
Now recaptured he stood in the dock before Old Let Em Go Nolan.
Judge Martin Nolan sentenced him to six months in jail.
Judge Martin Nolan tried to make the sentence seem more severe to court watchers, by announcing it as a two year sentence.
But he suspended 18 months of the two years, leaving a grand total of six months jailtime for the child rapist.
In fact it is not clear whether this child rapist will serve any time at all.
It was implied in media reports that the sentence would be reduced further in recognition of time the child rapist had already spent in Garda custody.
So that's it.
Judge Martin Nolan thinks six months is an adequate sentence for someone who rapes a child.
I feel a great gulf opening up between me and Judge Martin Nolan.
Consider this.
Judge Martin Nolan last year sentenced a hard working Dublin man called Paul Begley to six YEARS in jail for the heinous crime of mislabelling garlic as apples.
Paul Begley had infringed a European Union regulation intended to put garlic importers out of business by forcing them to pay tax rates of 250 percent on their produce.
I kid you not.
Paul Begley was repaying the tax authorities the money they claimed he owed them.
Paul Begley's fruit importing company supposedly employed a hundred people.
Paul Begley had built up the business himself as a barrow boy on the streets of Dublin.
Paul Begley had a wife and children.
And Judge Martin Nolan jailed him for six years for mislabelling garlic.
Judge Martin Nolan thinks that the infringement of an EU regulation on labelling garlic is a crime meriting a sentence of SIX YEARS.
Judge Martin Nolan, it is time for you to go.

Footnote: The wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned fruit importer Paul Begley, whose sole crime was to get into a quarrel with the tax authorities about his supposed mislabelling of garlic, has been released on appeal. He served six months of the sentence that Judge Martin Nolan wrongly and corruptly imposed on him.

the results of my enquiry into the death of savita halapanavar

Savita died because of the criminal negligence of the midwife and doctor dealing with her case.
Both the midwife and doctor have attempted to blame their criminal neglect of Savita on the Catholic Church.
On the night she died, Savita was left in a freezing room with no heating.
She was not checked on frequently in accordance with hospital procedures and the requirements of basic humanity.
The midwife at one point snapped at Savita who was dying before her eyes: "You can't have an abortion. It's a Catholic thing."
The supervising doctor also used a similar phrase to Savita while Savita was in agony.
Neither the midwife nor the doctor are believing Catholics. Both favour the introduction of abortion into this country. Both were playing games with a woman in agony. Both have sought to hide behind the anti Catholic tenor of public discourse in Ireland today.
Both altered their medical notes in a criminal manner after Savita died.
The actions of the midwife and the doctor should result in the prosecution of both for (at the very least) the crime of causing death by criminal negligence.
At worst it was murder.
Savita's husband Praveen has allowed abortion activists to use his wife's death to discredit the Catholic Church and to push forward an abortion legalisation campaign in Ireland.
This is not to his credit.
His refusal to answer questions at various public enquiries and in the first few weeks after he allowed news of her death to be leaked to pro abortion campaigners prior to its release to the general public, is a disgrace to him and to his wife's memory.
The State funded television channel RTE, along with the bankrupt leftist publication styled The Irish Times, and the bankrupt gangster owned newspaper group styled Independent Newspapers, have used Savita's death to further their own anti Catholic kulturkampf.
I would ask my readers to note, that this evening, on the day that two Chechen Al Qaeda murderers were being hunted across Boston, RTE led its main news programme with the results of the coroner's enquiry into Savita's death.
(cf: On Nine Eleven, RTE interrupted its radio arts programme The Rattle Bag, to announce the terror attacks on New York, and THEN RETURNED TO THE RATTLE BAG without further reference to the outbreak of World War Three.)
You see where their priorities lie.
You could not make this up.
Any Irish citizen who continues to finance RTE through the government's compulsorily imposed annual licence fee, is betraying our country and our faith.
You are financing the hand that strikes us.
Get rid of your TV's.
And start to live again.
Then lets set up a new political party and elect a government that doesn't impose a compulsory licence fee to finance Bolshevick television stations waging perpetual culture wars against the Christian values.

a poem in the night

(que personne ne souffre comme j'ai souffert)

resolving not to love you
thinking myself free
released from that dream
once more i am suprised
by your words your smile your eyes
here in the stilly darkness made a prisoner again
by the curse of men

what greater curse than to love
that which you cannot have
what greater dream behind curtains drawn
see shadows dance across the lawn at dawn
i love you i love you it is true
accursed be the thought be it so


Stuck in traffic on Kilcullen Main Street.
A voice hails me.
I turn and see Ron Baines, headmaster of a secondary school in the West of Ireland, waving frantically and calling my name from the footpath.
"James, James. You were wrong. You said Muslims bombed Boston. It's not Muslims. It's Chechens."
I sigh deeply.
"The Chechens are Muslims Ron. They've been handling the Russian front in Al Qaeda's worldwide Muslim Jihad terror war. Since Nine Eleven, Chechens have bombed passengers jets across Russia. They've blown up the Moscow Saint Petersburg Express train. They've blown up apartment buildings in Moscow. They've murdered theatre goers in Moscow. They've murdered 200 children at a school in Beslan. They've also played a constant part in the Jihad war on all other Al Qaeda fronts around the world. They've shown up wherever Muslims are murdering other human beings. The Chechens are Al Qaeda nothing more, nothing less, although you can expect CNN, Sky News et al to act very confused on that point."
"I'm sorry James."
"That's alright Ron. We're all playing catch up in this one."
The traffic was moving again so I drove on.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

considerations regarding claims of apparitions at medjugorje

Some of the most interesting footage of the supposed visionaries at Medjugorje was filmed by French Canadian professor Louis Belanger in the 1980's.
This footage is available on Youtube and has been mentioned previously on this blog.
The footage is intended to refute the possibility that the visions are real.
My assessment is as follows.

1. The footage shows a man in front of the visionaries suddenly jabbing his finger towards the teenage visionary Vicka's eye.

2. Louis Belanger claims he did not know that this still unidentified man was about to stab his finger into Vicka's eye.

3. Louis Belanger claims that he did not arrange with the unidentified man to stab his finger into Vicka's eye in order to test the reality of Vicka's visionary experience.

4. I do not believe Louis Belanger's claims in this regard. I believe Louis Belanger arranged this test and was a party to it. I do not  believe it is credible for Louis Belanger to suggest that he just happened to film the event and to capture this footage.

5. Louis Belanger's narrator on the Youtube segment Carol Vorderman claims that the appearance of a momentary flinch by Vicka when a finger is stabbed towards her eye invalidates the possibility of a genuine quality to her visions.

6. I believe the narration being read by Carol Vorderman is not scientifically correct. I assert that there is no scientific basis to the claim by Louis Belanger, as read by Carol Vorderman, that a visionary who flinches from a finger being jabbed into her eye, is not having a vision.

7. Louis Belanger claims that he himself did not see the stabbing motion of the unidentified man's finger towards Vicka's eye nor the slight flinching movement from Vicka herself, until he reviewed his film. If the stabbing motion of the man's finger was not visible to Louis Belanger who was filming it, we must ask ourselves is it reasonable to suggest it was visible to Vicka? If it wasn't why did her body momentarily flinch? The additional question has to be asked: Did Louis Belanger's accomplice actually stab Vicka in the eye with his finger? I mean, did he actually make contact with her eye? If he did, the notion that her flinching refutes the genuineness of her claims of apparitions, becomes even more tenuous. Louis Belanger's film does not provide a clear indication whether the finger contacted her eye or not.

8. After the apparition Louis Belanger continued to film in the apparition room. He claims he did not realise his camera was switched on.

9. I do not believe Louis Belanger's claim that he didn't realise his camera was switched on in the apparition room at this point.

10. Louis Belanger also continued filming when Vicka entered the room again and another individual asserted to Vicka that her vision was false because people had seen her flinch.

11. Louis Belanger claims he was unaware that his camera was switched on as he filmed this attempt to entrap the teenage Vicka.

12. I do not believe Louis Belanger's claim that he was unaware his camera was switched on as he filmed this attempt to entrap Vicka.

13. We are told in Louis Belanger's Youtube extract the Vicka answered this attempt at entrapment by saying she had moved suddently because the Blessed Mother in her vision appeared to nearly drop the baby Jesus.

14. I do not accept that Louis Belanger's accomplice was correct in asserting to Vicka that any movement by her when a finger was stabbed towards her eye, invalidated her visions.

15. I do not accept that Louis Belanger's accomplice was correct in stating to Vicka that witnesses to the apparition were upset because the film showed her flinching. The questions put to Vicka were leading questions based on false premises. Any lack of credibility in her answers as translated by Louis Belanger and his team must be balanced against this fact. The film doesn't in fact show anything very clearly. Any flinch appears to have taken place in a micro second, ie in less time than a person could consciously control or repress the activity. Is that a flinch?

16. Louis Belanger's 1980's footage remains the best footage of the supposed visionaries from that period.

17. I do not think it shows what he says it shows.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

healthy living

Morning in the world.
I pop into the Mannah health food eatery run in Kilcullen by my feminist cousin Pauline.
I find her looking a bit green.
"Whassamatter you? quoth me. "You been eating your own produce again?"
Pauline shakes her head.
"A customer," she explains weakly.
"What did he do?" wonders me.
Pauline struggles to find the words.
"I went to shake his hand and he positively recoiled. He said: I am a Muslim. I cannot touch any woman except my wife."
The noble Heelers takes a deep breath.
"Wahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho heee heee ha ha ha," I murmur comfortingly.
"Oh James," sighs Pauline, "it's like we're chattels to our fathers and our brothers and now this."
I control myself with difficulty.
"In the words of the great Bruce Willis from the first and only good Die Hard film, Welcome to the party pal."
Pauline brightens.
"Actually of all the action heroes, I quite like Bruce Willis," she muses.
"I'm guessing you don't like him for the same reason I like him," I counter. "I mean I'm guessing you're not drawn to the hunting down the terrorists one by one one and killing them mercilessly side of his personality."
"I like his sense of humour," says Pauline.
And there our story peters out.

who bombed boston

1. Al Qaeda bombed Boston.

2. Al Qaeda is a worldwide Muslim terror army intent on enslaving and or wiping out humanity.

3. Al Qaeda is the modern incarnation of the cult of the assassins which has dominated all strands of Islamic culture and society for fourteen hundred years.

4. Al Qaeda is assisted in the Boston area by Irish American mobsters, Chinese Triads and others.

5. Internationally Al Qaeda has come down off its Arab high horse, swallowed its Islamic pride, and sought to create pragmatic working relationships with other global and regional criminal entities. This Al Qaeda outreach programme to the scum of the earth includes ongoing relationships with vestigial communist terror groups in Europe and South America, along with drug dealing rackateers from Africa and Asia. Al Qaeda's international working relationships now include direct liaison and cooperation with the communist drug dealing terrorists of the Columbian FARC, with the South American narco murder gang MS13, with the communist Basque Separatists ETA in Spain, and of course with the drug dealing political Marxian mobsters and associated splinter groups of the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, normally styled the IRA in both Ireland and the United States of America. The links to ETA, the FARC and the IRA are at least ten years old. My analysis is that Al Qaeda also has a functional relationship with the various Italian Mafias, (Cosa Nostra, Ndrangheta, Santa Coronita Unita, et al) and with Russian and Nigerian people trafficking Mafias. It should be noted that the fact that Muslims are currently working with all these criminal organisations in people trafficking and drug dealing activities, will not prevent those same Muslims from murdering their putative allies and bombing their countries to smithereens, as soon as the Muslims consider it expedient to do so in pursuit of Jihad, ie whenever the mood takes them.

5. Let me be clear. Al Qaeda's specific relationship with Irish American mobsters in Boston has been created to assist Al Qaeda in its above mentioned people trafficking and drug distribution activities.

6. I would advise the Irish American people of Boston to hold any Irish American gangsters equally culpable with Al Qaeda in this week's attempted Islamic mass murder on the streets of Boston.

7. I would advise the Irish gangsters themselves that each and every time you collude with Muslims in criminal activity you merely make more certain the day when the Muslims will bomb you and your communities.

8. No country that has permitted a figure in excess of ten thousand Muslims to in migrate, has escaped mass casualty terrorism.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what the fbi missed in the run up to the al qaeda attack on boston

I was in Boston for the month of February.
During that time I was routinely followed by Muslims attempting to intimidate or otherwise harass me.
I have grown accustomed to this attention in Dublin though this was the first time I had experienced such activity overseas.
In mid February while in Boston I sent an email to the FBI.
I wrote to the station chief at the FBI public office in Boston whose publically issued name is Richard Deslauriers, telling him I was a little known Irish journalist who had attracted the attention of Muslims involved in terrorism.
Richard Deslauriers is a cover name used by the FBI office to give the public the impression of dealing with a real individual.
I notified the FBI station chief in Boston, through an email to his alias Richard Deslauriers, that I believed I was being followed in Boston by Boston based Muslim terrorists and their associates.
I noted that the Muslim terrorist associates who had approached me on the streets in an attempt to put me in fear, included people both of Irish American appearance and of Chinese appearance which implied to me what I have already suggested elsewhere that Al Qaeda is now working with Irish mobsters and Chinese Triads along with other crime cartels in carrying out people trafficking, drug dealing and terrorist activities.
(In Ireland the Chinese gangsters who followed me on behalf of their Muslim associates were using the cover of a company styled The Yudong Refrigeration company. One of their more visible thugs in the Dublin area worked at least up until last July as a toilet attendant in the Ilac Shopping Centre on Henry Street.)
I suggested to the FBI station chief in Boston that if he wished to identify Muslims engaged in terror activities in the United States he could do worse than arrange some sort of sting operation involving monitoring my movements and watching for whoever else shows up.
I forwarded the registration number of a car containing a Chinese woman and another individual which had staked out my apartment in Boston on the night of Saturday 2nd February 2013.
That registration number is 718 LC2 and is on Massachusetts plates.
I wrote that I would meet the FBI station chief at any time or place of his choosing if he wished to establish my bona fides or the bona fides of what I was alleging.
I sent a similar email to the CIA at Langley, cross referenced with the information that I had already informed the FBI office in Boston of my assertions about current terrorist activity in Boston.
I did this so that the two agencies, should their agents bother to check their emails, would be aware that I had notified them both.
I also sent a third email with similar details to the commentator Mark Steyn.
The email to Mark Steyn was what I called a Hail Mary play.
There were no replies to my emails.
It must have been so comical for them.
A little blogger who thinks the Mussies are out to get him.
Ha ha ha.
Yesterday Al Qaeda bombed Boston.
Less than a month since I had attempted to warn the FBI about Al Qaeda harassment activities being undertaken by readily identifiable Muslims and their Chinese and Irish American associates in the same city
I was not surprised.
I am going to ring the American Embassy in Dublin tomorrow and ask to speak to their security section.
I wonder will they take my call.