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Saturday, January 29, 2011

an open phone text to the deity

Thnx 4 this day. James

my sister petal's worst nightmare

A hamster reading over her shoulder.

Friday, January 28, 2011

confucius he say

There is no art to define the mind's construction in the breasts.

irridesce oh sweet finesse

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the rats

Members of Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government are bowing out early.
A dozen government Ministers have announced they are retiring.
The Green Party which of late obtained extortionate power over Ireland by propping up Fianna Fail have also withdrawn their support.
Ordinary Fianna Fail parliamentarians say they will not contest the next election.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
The ship is our country, by the way.
By hitching Ireland to the debts of gangster financial institution Anglo Irish Bank, Fianna Fail has effectively put Ireland into the Third World overnight.
Don't get me wrong.
Fianna Fail had been robbing us blind for forty years.
Anglo Irish was just the final straw.
The kleptocracy that broke the camel's hump.
Here is the news.
Anglo Irish Bank was the most corrupt bank on the planet earth.
Under the hoodlum management of Mr Drumm and Mr Fitzpatrick and their pals, Anglo Irish Bank habitually gave hundred million dollar loans to its own Board of Management.
Loans that could never be repaid.
And it gave hundred million dollar loans to friends of the Board of Management.
These also could never conceivably be repaid.
And yet more hundred million dollar loans to supporters of the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government.
There was as much chance of those being repaid as their is of the Green Party admitting they made up climate change to stampede gullible idiots into a dictatorship.
Never gonna happen.
They're never going to admit it, I mean.
The business model being operated by Anglo Irish Bank's gangster Board of Management was always that the bank should collapse and someone else would pick up the tab for the astronomical loans, salaries and bonuses the Board of Management had used to asset strip an institution that had no assets to begin with, but which was issuing sky high loans, salaries and bonuses to its own Board of Management based solely on its own borrowings.
That is to say Drumm, Fitzpatrick and co were issuing limitless loans to themselves from the bank they themselves were being paid to run and using the bank to borrow the money which they were then in effect reimbursing or lending to themselves.
When the whole thing collapsed Fianna Fail stepped in and compelled the Irish people to pick up the tab.
You couldn't make it up.
But this was the plan all along.
With Ireland picking up the tab, and the bank collapsed, all loans and salaries and bonuses would be written off.
The wheel was rigged.
And it was the only game in town.
I do not call Anglo Irish Bank the most corrupt bank on earth lightly.
During the international reality check last year (I don't call it a crisis) Anglo Irish Bank had greater losses than the most indebted corrupt American bank, Citibank.
Yet Anglo Irish Bank wasn't even in the top three banks in Ireland in terms of the general public's exposure to it.
Therefore there was no need to save it.
Fianna Fail have spent the next hundred generations of Irish citizens into penury in order to ensure Drumm, Fitzpatrick et al (Particularly Al, I hate him) would be able to keep putting petrol in their BMW's.
And now Fianna Fail itself is going down with the Republic it bankrupted.
Announcing his retirement as leader of Fianna Fail, Prime Minister Brian Cowan threatened to sue other parliamentarians who had accused him of econcomic treason.
This is a most instructive a most salient threat.
For Fianna Faill never just ruled Ireland through parliament.
Along with other more shadowy power brokerages, they governed us from the Judiciary, the media, and the Civil Service.
That's the killer application.
When Independent Newspapers (no friends of mine) attempted to report the invidious situation whereby a Fianna Fail government Minister had given hundred thousand dollar website design contracts to a PR person called Monica Leech without due transparency in the tender process, Monica Leech's frivolous libel case against Independent Newspapers was heard by Judge Eamon DeValera, a direct descendent of the founder of Fianna Fail, also called Eamon DeValera, who permitted a tainted Jury to award Monica Leech 1.8 million dollars and then instructed Independent Newspapers to pay half of that sum prior to their appeal.
Monica Leech claimed that Independent Newspapers had implied she was having sexual relations with the government Minister.
In other words, she sued them for stating the bleedin obvious. (Which they hadn't.)
Do you see how it works?
It's not enough for Fianna Fail to have loaded the Judiciary with the sons, daughters and grandsons of Fianna Faill prime ministers, they also had to hijack the Jury process.
Otherwise they couldn't be absolutely certain that Independent Newspapers (and/or the citizenry) wouldn't get luck and find an honest Judge on appeal.
Judge Eamon DeValera was back in action towards the end of last year.
He presided over a trial in which a man sued for libel after the man had gone to a woman's bedroom in a hotel three times in one night seeking to gain entry, while stark buck naked.
Ould stark buck naked was sueing his former employers for a damage limitation press release they issued following his delinquent behaviour.
And Judge Eamon DeValera's court awarded him ten million quid.
Listen closely.
The ten million was decided on by the Jury.
So Fianna Fail must have found a way to taint Juries.
There is no other possible conclusion.
But the Jury couldn't do it on their own.
They needed Judge Fianna Fail to be in place to rubber stamp their corrupt decision.
True to form, Judge Eamon DeValera instructed the former employers of Mr Stark Buck Naked to immediately pay him half a million bucks out of the ten million, once more prior to any appeal.
Now folks.
Now you know.
Now you know why Brian Cowan, the man who signed up Ireland's future generations to paying Fiannna Fail's gambling debts...
Now you know, I tellls ee, why this same Brian Cowan is so confident no one will dare accuse him or his corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government of economic treason again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

durance vile

John Lonergan ran a prison in Ireland.
The prison was run on humanitarian lines.
That is to say it was the cruellest prison in western Europe.
For John Lonergan ran his prison on relaxed groovy liberal left wing principles which effectively meant that the most ruthless the most evil the most murderous prisoners ran the prison themselves, and every other prisoner had to live in fear of them.
Over the years John Lonergan excused his own malign incompetency with unconvincing claims to be a Christian.
Here is the news.
John Lonergan is not now, nor has he ever been a Christian.
Christians never excuse their crass malign liberal left wing incompetency by claiming it's been inspired by God.
Christians take responsibility for their actions.
Interestingly enough, Lonergan was one of the few fake Christians in Ireland who could be sure of positive press in the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers, Irish Times, RTE and their ilk.
The only other fake Christian to receive such plaudits from the hedonistic atheistic abortionist hoormaster media was Soviet infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
I'm just sayin is all.
I don't mean to go casting no aspoyshuns.
But John Lonergan.
Let's stay with John Lonergan a moment longer.
While claiming to run a wonderful warm hearted hippy prison, he in fact presided over nothing less than a charnel house.
No prisoner could reform there because every prisoner fell under the sway of the psychotic gangland loons whom John Lonergan was effectively licensing to rule the place.
You know what folks.
Tougher prisons are actually more humanitarian.
Many prisoners want to reform.
In John Lonergan's liberal dungeon they never had a chance.
John Lonergan and his fellow prison wardens were also responsible for the creation of a culture whereby homicidal maniac prisoners were surreptitiously released early without the public being informed.
Countless murders, rapes, tortures and child abuses took place at the hands of these early release joy birds.
And that's humanitarianism Lonergan style.
We must repudiate this.
One more thing.
John Lonergan's vilest piece of villainy has come in his retirement.
Recently an Irish national newspaper gave John Lonergan a platform to speak out in defence of newly released serial killer Larry Murphy.
Larry Murphy and his friends kidnapped, tortured, violated and murdered Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie McCarrick, and others.
Larry Murphy was released by the liberal Judges, liberal lawyers, liberal parole boards, liberal police officers of the courts system after serving a few years for the kidnap, rape and attempted murder of another girl.
The confederacy of dunces let him go.
You couldn't make it up.
John Lonergan's recently published article claimed that Larry Murphy had been "thrown to the dogs," on his release.
Apparently the back up care for serial killer Larry Murphy from the courts service, the parole board and the police, was not of sufficient standard to satisfy the noble John Lonergan.
Did poor little serial killer diddums get hounded by the evil public diddums.
Larry Murphy has since gone to ground.
No one knows where he is.
He will select his next victims at his leisure.
Some reports say he is in the Netherlands where serial killer Joran Van Der Sloot and his Daddy (a Dutch high court Judge who helped little Joran conceal the rape, torture and murder of Natalie Holloway) hang out.
Listen good people.
We are living under the dictatorship of liberals.
The dictatorship of liberals is a tyranny no less because it permits everything.
And this is the worst of it.
We export our serial killers and let other jurisdictions take their chances with them.
Hey Lonergan.
Yeah Lonergan, I'm talking to you.
Lonergan you are an evil swine.
You will repent in hell fire.
And if I ever obtain power in Ireland, you'll spend your declining years in a jail cell with Larry Murphy.
Maybe then you'll understand something of the hell he put Deirdre, Jo Jo, Annie and all those other girls through before he slaughtered them.

an open phone text to geraldine kennedy editor of the irish times

Yr newspaper 2day carried a front page report of the muslim al qaedah islamist slaughter, butchery and mass murder of innocent people at moscow airport. Yr report did not once mention muslims, al qaedah, islam, slaughter, butchery or murders. Congratulations. A new low. Even for u.
(Copies to Sky News and CNN.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

an open letter to vladdie putin

In view of the Muslim attacks on Moscow airport today, do you think it's perhaps time to reconsider your decision to supply atomic reactors to the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

confucius he say

The pen may be mightier than the sword but it can in no way match the speed and accuracy of a machine gun.

a couple of swells