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Monday, January 07, 2019

leo varadkar's manhattan project

Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar sits in his office.
He has just introduced legislation mandating the killing of unborn children in Irish hospitals.
His legislation entered into effect on the first day of January.
The first ones are dying now.
The Prime Minister is not a particularly impressive figure.
Sometimes mass murderers have as their keynote a distinct banality.
Alone in his office, he speaks aloud to the silence.
Like Oppenheimer quoting the Hindu sages when the prototype atomic bomb was detonated in the desert.
"I am become death... Destroyer of worlds... Nemesis."

Sunday, January 06, 2019

an open letter to former irish president mary robinson

Mrs Robinson.
An eighteen year old girl called Rahaf Al Qunun is about to be forcibly returned to Saudi Arabia from Bangkok airport in Thailand.
Perhaps you would use your good agencies to prevent this happening.
In so doing you might mitigate somewhat the disgrace you brought on yourself in December by appearing to justify the kidnapping and forced incarceration of Princess Latifa of  Dubai.
Latifa had been kidnapped as you know and was being held against  her will by her father Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum.
You will recall appearing with Latifa in a photo op in which Latifa had no choice regarding her participation.
You will recall claiming in a press release that Latifa was a "troubled young woman... now in the care of her family... and receiving the medical attention she needs...."
I would point out that in fact, Latifa is 33, not a teenager as you implied with your "young woman" remark, and is being kept prisoner by her family and controlled by drugs.
So no kudos for you there Mrs Robinson.
It's not too late for Rahaf.
There's still a few hours tonight before the Thais hand her over to the Saudis for execution by her family.
Make some phone calls.
If you have a conscience.
James Healy