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Saturday, February 10, 2018

from the heelers job search

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: James Healy <>
Sent: Fri, 09 Feb 2018 04:27:47 -0000 (GMT)
Subject: James Healy CV re Political Correspondent position

To: Human Resources, Independent Newspapers.

Yowsa and C.
Congratulations on the Fine Gael political party's illegal cancellation of your billion dollar debts to Allied Irish Bank.
Nice one Cyrils.
On the off chance that you are not looking to throw away another billion dollars of public money on your culture war against the Catholic Church, I am writing in response to your recent ad for a Political Correspondent.
I have had occasional moments in an otherwise unremarkable journalistic career.
Some of my advocacy about the sanctity of life was good.
My identification of a pharmaceutical company colonisation of the medical profession in the unscrupulous marketing of anti depressants and gender neutering contraceptive pills was also rather good. (Your ongoing inability to identify a public interest story of this quality is not impressive.)
My reiteration of the assertion that pharmaceutical vaccinations are causing autism in children was valid and vital.
My analysis of the Anglo Irish Bank collapse as an IRA burglarisation of its own bank, was, er, on the money.
My analysis of the ongoing media, police, political and Judicial cover up surrounding the activities of satanist Lorcan Bale who crucified a little boy called John Horgan in 1973, had some importance.
My highlighting of Judge Martin Nolan's illegal sentencing of a fruit importer to six and a half years in jail for the purely imaginary crime of mislabelling garlic as apples, got the attention of the tabloids and sort of led them onto the scent (okay putrescent stench)of Martin Nolan.
My suggestion that there might be a public interest in ending IRA mafia influence over Irish Judges and indeed electing our Judges in the light of the ongoing Judicial failure to extradite to America,  Eoin Eric Marquez the world's number one pornographer and supplier of images of the violation of children, was not bad.
My highlighting of the IRA and its political proxies Sinn Fein's use of teen and youth militias to terrorise villages, towns and cities all over Ireland was not bad.
My exposure of the IRA's division of Ireland into neo feudal territories with the Triads, Al Qaeda, Cosa Nostra, the Russian mob et al, (Particularly Al, etc etc) was not bad.
My writings about serial killer Larry Murphy and his coven reached the parts you guys seem to have missed.
Ditto my piece about the illegal jailing of the pensioner Teresa Treacy for the heinous again purely imaginary crime of not wanting the electricity company to cut down a forest on her land.
Ditto my modest critiques of your own incitements to hatred against Christianity.
Ditto my gentle admonitions towards Archbishop Diarmuid Martin suggesting that his collusion with you to create a presumption of guilt for any priest or nun facing trumped up charges of child abuse is most readily explicable by the postulation that he is a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church.
Ditto my exposure of your own attempts to conflate your own opportunistic campaign for internet censorship arising from your own inability to compete with the internet, with a genuine campaign to bring to account those responsible for the murder of Darren Gibson, Nicole Fenton, and numerous other citizens through internet trolling and harassment.
Ditto my highlighting of endemic police corruption in Ireland.
But I am wearying myself now.
The CV is attached.
The only correction I would add to it, is in the references.
Should you grow a pair and decide to consider my application I suggest you talk to your feature writer Ian O'Doherty of the Irish Independent who is familiar with my work, and to the head of the Sunday World's Investigations Unit, Neil Leslie with whom I have plucked the Aoife Baineses fine. I mean gowans. Doherty and the great Leslie will vouch for my bona fides.
James Healy

Friday, February 09, 2018

was there a man dismayed yes me i was pretty upset

"What have you got there?" wondered Farmer Jones.
"It's a box of books," quoth me.
"You're buying in bulk are you?" sez he.
"I've just bought ten copies of Anatomy Of An Epidemic by Robert Whitaker," quoth me.
"Why did you do that?" wondereth he.
"Because the book sums up the case against the pharmaceutical industry's hijacking of acadame and its attendant colonisation of the medical profession," quoth me.
"Ah will you ever stop going on about that?" sez he.
"I'm telling you this book contains the best marshalling of evidence I've yet seen to indicate mental pain is being systemically and falsely misrepresented as bio chemical or genetic solely in order to market so called anti depressants and anti psychotics which actually poison people," I enthused.
"What are you going to do with ten copies of it?" enquireth he enquiringly.
"I'm gonna give em to pols, docs, psychiatrists and opinion formers," I answered.
"How much did you spend on them?" sez he.
"Two hundred quid," quoth I.
"You're ****ing mad," sez he.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

my favourite pro life testimony

The socialite Terry Keane was talking on some television chat show.
She spoke with an accent redolent of drawing rooms and palaces.
In Ireland in her youth she had been considered proverbially beautiful.
"My daughter phoned from London," she told the chat show host. "She said - Mummy I'm in trouble, I'm pregnant. I said - Good heavens, is that all? I thought you were going to say you'd joined the IRA or something."

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

forward the light brigade

(from the Heelers emails)

To: Senator Joan Freeman.

Morning Joan.
Fine Gael's fetish for killing unborn children notwithstanding, I saw you on television, hence this email.
You seem to have developed a critical attitude to the prevailing pharmaceutical solutions to mental health issues.
My own opinion is that mental suffering has been wrongly understood by those claiming it results from brain chemistry disorders or from genetic dispositions.
People like you Joan, who are offering a more dignified, more humane, more insightful (and also actually more scientific and indeed more practical) view of human mental suffering are very important in the present situation.
There is a book by Robert Whitaker called Anatomy Of An Epidemic which I would send you, if you'd read it.
Irish doctor Terry Lynch has also been to the fore in advocating the possibility of healing for mental pain through pragmatic action and compassion and again insight, rather than through chemical dosage. The American Peter Breggin too. And Dr David Healy in Britain.
A revolution is taking place.
People are realising that the medical profession and academia have been colonised by the pharmaceutical industry. An immense wrong turn has been taken.
The practice of giving Ridilin to children is only the latest in a category of disasters.
Anyhoo Joan, if you read this, feel free to contact me. I'd like to send you the book. And I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for a chance to help in creating a culture of healing.
To do this we must swim against the tide of dehumanising pharmaceutical ideologies which has engulfed our culture and is drowning our citizens.
James Healy


On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 3:16 PM Joan Freeman <>

Dear James,

Many thanks for your email. For the record I am an independent - I am with no political party whatsoever.

Yes, I have followed with great intent Terry Lynch and Peter Breggin.

Interestingly, as Chairperson of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Mental Health, we have invited witnesses to our meeting tomorrow to speak about over prescription of mood alternating medication as well as the often overlooked and ignored therapy through talking.

Many thanks for your very kind words,

Kind regards

Senator Joan Freeman
Seanad √Čireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2
01 6183569


From: James Healy
Date: Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 8:19 PM
To: <>

Morning Senator.
Rather thrilled with your reply.
I am often tempted to fall silent about the sanctity of life when I lobby
someone, so I like to do it in the first line, otherwise I may chicken out.
You're not a Fine Gaeler, but you were appointed to the senate by Enda
Kenny, who has probably been singlehandedly more responsible than anyone
else for the parliamentary legalisation of the killing of unborn children here
and the current efforts to legalise and promote more of it.
The meeting you are chairing today offers some hope for advancing knowledge
of the primary issue re mental health, ie that it is being completely
misunderstood by a medical profession that itself has been manipulated by
salesmen from the pharmaceutical industry. The phrase "over prescription"
covers a multitude. How can we over prescribe poison? There's the nub. If
anti depressants and anti psychotics (so called by those who market them)
are actually chronicating mental suffering, atrophying brain tissue and
inducing early death, why on earth would we prescribe them at all?
Joan (first name for a moment) these are the unsayable realities that Mr
Breggin, Dr Lynch, and most importantly Robert Whitaker are unearthing.
There are two factors that I would ask you to bear in mind as you chair the
1. Depression, mania and even schizophrenia are not proven to be brain
chemistry or genetic disorders.
2. Anti depressants and/or anti psychotic substances do not rectify brain
chemistry. They block the person's capacity to experience themselves. The
brain compensates by generating more dopamine or more serotonin and
consequent disruptions to the person become chronic, life long and almost
incurable precisely because of the medication.
Good luck Senator.
A lot of hope rides with you.
James Healy

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

correcting the historical record

Standing at Shelley's grave.
His epitaph reads 'Cor Cordium.'
It means ' heart of hearts.'
Shaking my head sadly, I walk away through the twilight gold of an ancient city.
"Wrong epitaph," I murmur. "They should have written: Too many drugs, not enough poems."

Monday, February 05, 2018

considerations of lourdes

Doctor Patrick Theillier chief of the Lourdes Medical Bureau until his retirement nine years ago, recounts a story about a woman who contacted him claiming to have had some sort of experience of God at the apparition site in Lourdes.
According to his account, the woman was aged 32 when she visited Lourdes in the year 2004.
She was suffering from haemorrhagic recto colitis with internal abscesses and other complications.
As she entered the pool at Lourdes she says she became instantly aware that God loved her.
She left the pool with no symptom of her illness.
Doctor Theillier says he asked her was she continuing her treatment.
The woman said: "There's no need."
Doctor Theillier asked her was she going to visit her own doctor.
The woman said: "No. I'm cured."
Doctor Theillier asked her was she going to talk to a priest.
The woman said: "I am a Muslim."

Sunday, February 04, 2018

heelers purgatorio

"Hey I heard you wrote about me on your thing."
The words were those of my Cousin Hector, bright and breezy, newly returned from the Eastern Front where a winter blitzkrieg has left the Gospel Choir reeling and Hector all but in control of the Steppes, that is to say the steps up to the choir loft at Kilcullen Church.
The only opponent still holding out in the West is 90 year old Mrs Von Horst but as with the British Empire in 1942, only a fool would bet on her.
"Well I suppose with a bit of imagination something I wrote might be interpreted as being about you. But I change the names. And take dramatic licence. No one could know who I mean. Or don't mean. Or even what the hell I'm talking about."
"You're a terrible man."
"To be honest Hector, I was a bit worried you mightn't like the last one. I wasn't sure you'd still be talking to me. Or that the lads from the Gospel Choir would still be talking to me either for that matter."
"The difference between me and them is I have a sense of humour."
"I'd say the difference between you and the Gospel Choir, is you haven't actually read what I wrote."
"Will you send me a copy?"
"Hector, you know where to find my writings."
"Yeah but there's a lot to get through."
"Would it really cause you too much suffering to read some of the stuff I write which isn't about you?"
"Ah you know. It's hard going."
"We writers often nurture a gentle illusion, that people might get some pleasure out of reading us."
"Ha! Send me a copy will you?"
"You mean you couldn't be bothered reading anything else I've written but  you'd quite like to check out the bit that might be about you?"
"There you go. Send it on."