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Saturday, November 27, 2010

and the thunder rolls

This morning I was woken by a roll of thunder.
It was the loudest thunder I had ever heard.
It made me think of the end of the world.
The Korean situation and Al Qaeda and the agents of Satan had been much on my mind.
The thunder sounded to me like the loudest thing I had ever heard and therefore like just the merest whisper of God.
It seemed to me he was saying: There is still time.
Still time to allow forgiveness into our hearts.
Still time to turn from evil.
Still time to rejoice in the light of God's mercy, God's light, God's beauty, God's truth and God's love.
Still time.
But the hour is getting late.

Friday, November 26, 2010

the name that is named shall be nameless etc etc

"Have you given a name to your new robin?" quoth Doctor Barn.
"I have," sez me.
"What did you call him?" wondereth Doctor Barn.
"Robin," sez me.
"Original," murmureth Doctor Barn drily.
"It's short for Robindranath Tagore," sez me with unmistakeable aplomb.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the good news

The son of the Hebrew God became a human being in order to suffer for us and save us. He was murdered but he conquered death. By his victory every single person on the planet is offered the glory of eternal life.
Oh and my cousin Helen just had a baby.

scarlet traitors

if i was trendy and stylish and drove an audi
i'd dine with scarlet traitors at sky news
and jeer at sarah palin for saying boy howdy
and intone with mock portentousness the news
of more of our soldiers dying in afghanistan and iraq
useless wars poor young chaps
i knew their fathers well
yes we've lost heavily in this last scrap
if only president bush had never unleashed hell
and if only tony blair had avoided playing his part
when the muslims unfurled their banners on the world
but bush and blair they lied from the very start
their justification for war was really quite absurd
if i say it enough perhaps it will be true
my friends in the bbc keep talking about sexed up dossiers
we make the charges stick by reciting em till we're blue
yes we all must play our part as formal nol prossers
in convincing the british people this war can't be won
our soldiers dying really breaks my heart
i shed a tear for every mother's son
and i care about the muslims too our soldiers killed
they did not deserve to be our victims
they were all peace loving children or civilians
not a terrorist among em
oh dear i think i've got chilblains
how dare president bush fight back he had no right
to retaliate across international borders
who was he to forbid saddam hussein his nukes
just who do they think they are giving muslims orders
our american friends make me want to puke
or appoint another high falutin enquiry
one or other of our enquiries will get them in the end
for we must bring bush and blair to book
for all the blood they've spilled
the pair of thumping crooks
how sad that they forced glum heroes to die for england
or whatever they've been dying for
whilst i've been busy with my glittering media career
and dining with carruthers at covent garden
and when the war is over
and our society has been subsumed into the caliphate
i'll suddenly realise i wasn't an atheist or a communist all along
and convert to the peace loving religion of islam
it's more realistic than other religions at any rate
and it makes things simpler not to have to think for oneself
i will die peaceful having righted every wrong
oh who will buy my lovely country
it's going for a song

Monday, November 22, 2010

the first prayer

I wondered when I would start praying to my mother as a saint in heaven.
Then this week during a quiet moment, without even really realising what I was doing, I found myself murmuring: "Mam, keep an eye on Helen while she's having her baby."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the lifting of the veil

 between this world and the next