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Saturday, November 23, 2019

an open letter to independent newspapers contributor paul williams

Mr Williams.
You wrote an article in the Irish Independent of Saturday 9th November 2019.
The article purported to examine matters arising from the torture murder by satanist Lorcan Bale of a seven year old boy called John Horgan in 1973.
You failed to mention any of the following.
Lorcan Bale crucified John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home.
The case was concealed by media, police and Judges for thirty years.
The legally required inquest into the death of John Horgan was repeatedly adjourned over a period of thirty years in a manner that was highly illegal and has never been explained.
There were no public court proceedings reported about the matter.
The Irish Independent newspaper falsely reported that John Horgan had died in an accident.
At an unknown time and date, in a manner that was illegal and is still unexplained, Lorcan Bale was released and shipped over to England.
Some futher points arise from your own belated coverage of the murder.

(1) You write that Lorcan Bale had an unhealthy interest in witchcraft. He was a satanist  Mr Williams. Surely you can say it openly.

(2) You claim that the murder was "so shocking and incomprehensible" that it was "airbrushed from history." Ah Mr Williams. But who decided to "airbrush" the shocking and incomprehensible murder from history and what was their motivation? I suggest to you that a devil worship ring operating at the apex of what passes for high society in Ireland, and involving the Bale family were able to short circuit every aspect of due process in the case. I suggest to you that the same devil worship wring caused the case to be concealed. Any airbrushing from history certainly wasn't a decision made by the general public anxious to move on from a horror they didn't know about. The public were never informed that Lorcan Bale had murdered John Horgan. There was a cover up Mr Williams, a 30 year cover up which continues to this day even in your article by virtue of its manipulations and omissions.

(3) You say that in the "rush to forget the horror" a formal inquest did not take place. This is a curious explanation for how a formal inquest mandated by law, was never held into the torture murder of John Horgan. You fail to mention that Judges repeatedly adjourned the inquest over a period of thirty years to avoid any public awareness of what Lorcan Bale did to the young child he murdered. Explain to me how a journalist of your calibre would omit such a detail.

(4) You accept unquestioningly the claim attributed to Bale that 7 year old John Horgan was already dead when Bale crucified him. You also appear to accept without question a supposed medical report stating that Bale hadn't raped the child who was naked when found in what you call the shape of crucifixion.

(5) You state that the child was found "in the shape of a crucifixion." The child was crucified on the rafters of the Bale family home Mr Williams. He was not found in the shape of a crucifixion.

(6) You say that Lorcan Bale pleaded guilty to murder at the Central Criminal Court and was sentenced to life at a facility styled Saint Patrick's Institution For Young Offenders. Did Bale appear at any court sitting in Ireland? How often did he appear? Was he released between supposed court appearances? Where did he stay? Who was the presiding Judge? What were the dates of his appearances? How did you establish that Bale made any actual court appearance? What was the name of the Judge or Judges who officiated over the plea and the sentencing? Who were Bale's lawyers? At what date was Bale released from the detention facility where you say he had been sent on a life sentence? How long was Bale incarcerated? How did he come to be released? Who made the decision to release him and turn him loose on the English? Where did his family go after Bale crucified John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home? Where are his relatives now? This is basic journalism Williams. But you have to care. If you're simply trying to exonerate your employers for their role in the ongoing cover up of Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan, (originally a 30 year cover up. Now 46 years and counting) your position is without honour and strays into complicity. I'm saying Williams that someone who covers up for Lorcan Bale, for his family, and for his coven, shares responsibility for their murders. Handwringing will not suffice in these matters. Since there has already been such an extensive cover up of the satanist Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan and Lorcan Bale's subsequent eluding of justice, we might legitimately ask, are documents now being salted into the file record to create the appearance of due process, court hearings, sentences and remands, that never took place.

(7) At the outset of your article, you mention the more recent murder of Ana Kriegel which like Bale's murder of John Horgan, occurred in the townland of Lucan. Were the two teenage satanists who last year torture murdered 13 year old Ana Kriegel in a satanic ritual, any relation to the Bale family? Had they relatives involved in the IRA or associated mafias? Were their families social friends of the Bales? Why have their identities  been kept secret by order of Judge Paul McDermott? Is not the concealment of the identities of the satanists who murdered Ana Kriegel precisely the same sort of cover up which allowed Lorcan Bale and his family to escape justice for their murder of John Horgan?

(8) You say that the charging of Lorcan Bale received some coverage in newspapers. What newspapers:? What dates? What were the precise words of the reports? Up to now I had been led to believe that the sole contemporaneous coverage of Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan, was the false report claiming John Horgan had died in an accident. If there are other newspaper reports from the time Mr Williams as you allege, I think we should all be able to check them.

(9) Your article fails to mention that Kenneth Bale, the father of satanist Lorcan Bale had infiltrated prayer groups and Christian organisations in the Dublin area during the 1960s and 1970s. Lorcan Bale's father also posed as being prominent in pro life issues through letter writing campaigns to national newspapers. The reality that satanists routinely join Christian prayer groups has been brought home to me through various encounters between 2010 and 2014 with a Medjugorje prayer group run in Newbridge by a supposed priest styling himself Ruairi O'Domhnaill, and further substantially disquieting experiences over the same time period in Kilcullen prayer group. There was some cross pollination between the groups with several dubious characters attending both. In subsequent years. For my own part since these concerns have crystallised , I have discouraged repeated ongoing approaches in public places from characters associating with Kilcullen prayer group such as Joe McKenna and his sister Breda. I regard these approaches as harassment. The McKennas are purportedly son and daughter respectively of a man styled on his tomb stone Northern Division Commander Of The IRA. My distaste for the McKennas does not relate to their father's supposed profession. Incidentally Ruairi O'Domhnaill told me while I was a member of his Medjugorje prayer group that his family were famous IRA supporters. It could be true although I wouldn't believe the Lord's prayer out of this individual. Ruairi O'Domhnaill is currently in charge of vocations to the priesthood within the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. I wouldn't put him in charge of the diocesan cat. My distaste for Ruairi O'Domhnaill has nothing to do with his family's purported activities in the IRA. It should be noted that Joe and Breda McKenna have sought to insinuate themselves into the Charismatic Movement of Catholic and Evangelical Christianity. They have also taken a public stance on sanctity of life issues and have posed as believers in the genuineness of Marian apparitions claimed to be taking place in Medjugorje. The McKennas have on occasion offered to arrange meetings for acquaintances of mine with a healing nun based in the USA, styled Sister Breege McKenna. If Breege McKenna turns out to be a relative of Joe McKenna and Breda McKenna, my assessment of Breege McKenna would be that she is no more a healing nun than I am.

(10) Your article fails to mention that  Kenneth Bale, the father of torture murderer satanist Lorcan Bale, was an associate in the Civil Service with Cathal Goan who became head of the national television and radio broadcaster RTE between 2003 and 2011, having from 1994 been previously head of the Irish language television station TnaG, currently styled TG4. It would be interesting to investigate whether Lorcan Bale's high society links to Cathal Goan in any way facilitated the media phase of the national cover up of Lorcan Bale's crucifixion of a seven year old boy called John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home in 1973. I also find it curious that Cathal Goan is married to someone styling herself Maighread Ni Dhomhaill. I would be very interested to rule out the possibility that she is related to Ruairi O'Domhnaill one of whose sisters I encountered during campaigns on sanctity of life issues. (We used to protest together outside the offices of abortionist politician Martin Headon.)

(11) Do you care Mr Williams?

James Healy

Friday, November 22, 2019


december light
grey mist
pavements glistening with a touch of frost
shop windows glowing
passers by scurrying in scarves and coats
christmas close but not yet
poetry in the early onset of evening
little birds with their feathers fluffed for warmth
craggy doubters believing for once
coffee brewed to a froth
allison humming something about love
heaven and earth are closer than they appear
all the promises of god are true

Thursday, November 21, 2019

the jurisprudence of desmond zaidam

Judge Desmond Zaidan has announced in open court that crimes arising from speeding on the roads exceed all other categories of crime in the Republic of Ireland. Desmond Zaidan specifically asserted that what he called mayhem on the roads, was a more serious problem than murders, drug dealing and the actions of the numerous crime gangs currently operating in Ireland.
I would note the following.

(1) There are in excess of 500 drug deaths in Ireland every year. The situation vis a vis drug deaths in Ireland is a vastly more serious problem than speeding.

(2) There are in excess of 500 suicides each year in Ireland. The situation vis a vis suicide is a vastly more serious problem than speeding.

(3) There are a significant number of murders by suicide in Ireland every year, ie murder through the harassment of people to the point of suicide. Murder by harassment is a vastly more serious problem than speeding.

(4) There are in excess of a hundred major mafias currently dividing Ireland up among themselves as personal fiefdoms. The subversion of civil life by mafias is a vastly more serious category of crime than speeding.

(5) The torture murder by two devil worshippers of Ana Kriegel in the town of Lucan last year was a more serious crime than all the speeding incidents that have occurred in the hundred year history of the Irish Republic.

(6) Joyriding, where thugs steal cars and rally them on motorways, is often wrongly categorised as a speeding offence. Of course it is a theft of a car by thugs offence. It's inclusion in Zaidan's figures, such as they are, is misleading.

(7) Boy racing is also regularly and wrongly included in statistics relating to speeding offences..This practice would in my view be more correctly deemed gang racing, involving as it does gang members racing each other in cars on public roads. You can see why it is misleading to categorise this as a speeding offence. By blurring crimes committed by gang members with infractions committed by ordinary law abiding, honest citizens, Judge Zaidan is himself engaging in a misleading and criminal act.

(8) Sean Quinn's use of his IRA mafia to pull out businessman Kevin Lunney;s fingernails is a more serious crime than speeding.

(9) My contention as you can see, is that Judge Zaidan's selective use of supposed speeding statistics, includes a deliberately misleading array of criminality blurred under the general heading of speeding. I would ask you to note additionally that many speeding offences involve drug using drivers. Including their drug induced crimes under the topic of speeding is misleading. Many speeding offences involve drunk drivers. Including their drink driving crimes under the heading speeding is again misleading. Many speeding offences are carried out by gang members during the commission of general gangland crimes. (Other than joy riding and boy racing.) Their speeding offence is a gangland crime carried out after a burglary, an assault, a rape, or a murder or while pursuing other gangs in a gangland war incident, or while being pursued by the police. To conceal the gangland causality and nature of these speeding incidents in order to make speeding itself seem like the problem is a disgraceful piece of Judicial jerrymandering on Zaidan's part.

(10) Desmond Zaidan is attempting to blur an ordinary citizen's accidental infractions of the traffic laws with serious criminality. The hallmark of tyranny is arbitrariness. What Zaidan is doing in its arbitrariness is a mark of tyranny. He is carrying out an arbitrary reclassification of speeding infractions in order to criminalise the general public. The serious becomes trivial. The trivial becomes serious. Gangland crimes are no longer the major problem. Ordinary people's mistakes on the road become the subject of Judical opprobrium and slander. The general public sees the boundary lines between the gangs and themselves being dissolved by corrupt or criminally incompetent Judges such as Desmond Zaidan.

(11) The murders, rapes, drug dealing, harassment, intimidation, and subversion of public discourse, daily life and the State itself, by the IRA, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Isis, Cosa Nostra, the Zetas, MS 13, Chinese Triads, Russian mafias, Tinker gangs, Nigerian devil worship rings, et al, is a vastly more serious concatenation of criminality than speeding.

(12) Corrupt Judges or criminally incompetent Judges such as Desmond Zaidan, Martin Nolan, and Charles Meenan, represent a vastly more serious form of criminality in Ireland than speeding. The total lack of accountability of such Judges to the people they are supposed to serve is a vastly more serious issue than speeding.

(13) I have previously described what I consider to be Judge Desmond Zaidan's arrantly criminal behaviour re the circumstances in which he issued a bench warrant in 2016 for the arrest of socialist parliamentarian Claire Daly who was accused of driving at 35 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. Ms Daly had attended Zaidan's court, and had left when it appeared her case, which was listed last of those to be heard that day, seemed unlikely to be reached on the schedule. Zaidan skipped more than a dozen cases to call Clare Daly's case before the close of business. Her absence at that point was the pretext he used to issue a bench warrant.

(14) It is my contention that Desmond Zaidan is bringing the law of the Republic of Ireland into disrepute.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

the jurisprudence of martin nolan

In the past month the following cases in the Republic of Ireland have come to my attention.

(1) Judge Martin Nolan refused to jail a woman who had murdered a three year old girl by suffocating the child.

(2) Judge Martin Nolan refused to jail a man who routinely paid to have children raped on video for his entertainment.

(3) Judge Martin Nolan refused to jail a 45 year old man with many previous convictions who had most recently terrorised a priest by bringing a knife to church and threatening to cut off the priest's fingers.

Interestingly enough in the same time period Martin Nolan somehow found it in himself to quite correctly jail a man for three years who had harassed six women using the internet. The concern is that even this modest jailing was more about laying down case law precedent to silence my critique via the internet of Judge Martin Nolan than about the harassment case itself. In any case, we should all now explain to Judge Martin Nolan why murdering a little girl, paying to see children being raped, and terrorising a priest, are jailable offences. His failures to give proper sentences in these cases render him (yet again) unfit for office. I hereby call (yet again) for the impeachment and eviction from office of Judge Martin Nolan.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

valorous idylls chapter 36.

The Cloak Of Greatness

Sitting in a corridor at Tallaght hospital.
The only thing missing from the bustle is Darcy Bustle the great British prima ballerina.
All human life is here.
I reflect ruefully that for all my visits and consultations with doctors, I still haven't actually seen the guy who did the operation, the mysterious genius Maloney.
I buttonhole a bright eyed nurse.
"Which one is Doctor Maloney?" I ask.
She points towards a group of doctors conversing in the corridor.
"One of them?" sez I.
"No," she whispers, "beside them, there."
At last.
I had imagined him as an austere Victorian, imposing figure, with bushy eyebrows and a chrome dome bald pate, with maybe a few tufts of greying wildishly tossed side hair giving the only clue to the almost artistic wizardry of his surgeries.
I stare, fascinated.
My jaw drops.
To the left of the posing doctors is an ordinary looking, slightly built man, with closely cropped hair, with perhaps a tinge of Irish rust in it.
If you blinked you'd miss him.
"He's a callow youth," I exclaim inwardly.
But presently I see also that he is somehow in charge amid the chaos of the corridor.
The other doctors move in a phalanx to one of the examination rooms right beside me.
A Muslim doctor steps towards the doorway, then halts and steps back to allow Maloney to enter first.
Doctor Maloney says quietly but with iron in his tone: "Don't do that."
He's lowered his voice so that the other doctors won't hear it. But I heard because I was sitting right there at the door.
He is telling the Junior doctor not to defer to him.
My eyes widened.
What a great illustration of character.
I thought this really was indicative of a touch of greatness.

unofficial out takes footage from the Heelers interview with former Irish President Mary McAleese

(The footage has shown up on the internet after it is believed mischievious tech crew left microphones running when the participants believed the interview was over.)

Mary McAleese: "So James. Why are you still single?"

James Healy: "Very small town of you Mrs McAleese. You're more prurient than your granny."

Mary McAleese: "Oh come on. Answer the question."

James Healy: "Stop contriving imaginary titrations of people's sexualities. You're killing people. You've created transgenderism. You have kids subjecting themselves to mutilating sex change operations that don't work. This is your work Mrs McAleese. You bear a heavy burden of guilt. Listen to me. There are three vocations which have always been espoused by the ancient Church. Married life, consecrated religious life and single life in the world. Each is equally valid, equally splendid, equally glorious. Everybody should be happy with who they are as they are as God made them to be."

Mary McAleese: "I'm not buying it. Look pretend I'm an attractive woman and you want to ask me out. What happens next?"

James Healy: "Um, Mrs McAleese, I don't know if we should be having this conversation."

Mary McAleese: "Just pretend. Ask me out. You don't have to mean it."

James Healy: "Mrs McAleese, I'm not trying to seduce you. Do you want me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

Mary McAleese: "Don't be such a girl's blouse. Ask me out. Show me how it's done."

James Healy: "Okay. I, er, walk up and I say: Mrs MacAleese, nerdle nerdle ner nerr, I want to take you to a gay bar. Nerdle ner nerrrrr. I want to take you to a gay bar. Let me take you to a gay bar. Gay bar. Gay bar. Gay bar. Girl, nerdle ner ner,  I wanna take you to a gay bar, nerdle ner nerr, gay bar, bar, gay bar.  Whiplash. We can spend all your money. Whiplash. I bet you've got lots of money. We can spend all your money. At the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar. Ner ner ner ner nerdle ner."

Mary McAleese: "I think I see the problem here."

James Healy: "You think they think I'm out to get their money?"

Mary McAleese: "Er no, not exactly."

James Healy: "The bit where I do the guitar nerdles?"

Mary McAleese: "No that's not the issue. But you're getting closer."

Monday, November 18, 2019

live feed from the irish parliament

Ceann Comhairle Sean O'Fearghail: "The chair recognises Deputy Jackie Healy Rae."

Jackie Healy Rae: "Tank you Chairman. There are shum peepil who have spoken quite pointedly and insinuatingly indeed, about my voting in this chamber when I'm not actually here. These peepil display a woeful ignorance about the basics of myshtical theology. Clearly they are unaware of the beautiful and ancient practice long revered in our faith tradition of being in two places at once. Among us myshtics this is known as bilocation. I am not offended on my own behalf at the ignorance of jealous and envious peepil when they casht aspersions on me. But I will not sit here Chairman, and listen while they bad mouth Padre Pio."

(He begins to hum the Battle Hymn Of The Republic, and walks out, followed from the Chamber by Needermeyer, Bluto, Mr Blutarski, Flounder, D Day. Pinto, and the rest of the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties' front bench members.)

Ceann Comhairle Sean O'Fearghail: (Pounding his gavel.) "Sit down Mister. That's it. You're expelled. All of you. No more Delta House. No more drunken parties. No more abortions. You're out. You're gone from Faber."


(1) Ceann Comhairle is an Irish language term, pronounced "ky-owwwn ko wer la," meaning "Chairman."
(2) Sean O'Fearghail is Irish for Johnny Farrell and is pronounced Dean Wermer.
(3) Deputy Jackie Healy Rae is not related to me. We're not even the same species.
(4) Bluto and Mr Blutarski are the same person except during parliamentary votes.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

god rest ye merry gentlemen

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our saviour
Was born on Christmas day
To save us all from satan's power
When we had gone astray
Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy
Oh tidings of comfort and joy

God bless ye little children
Your joy is in the morn
This is the day when Christ the lord
Our saviour was born
Your lives will sing in praise of him
Your hopes your tears your play
Oh tidings of wonder and fun
Wonder and fun
Oh tidings of wonder and fun

God grace ye village maidens
You are a joy of life
The holy one of Israel
Is with us here tonight
You are the crown of his creation
On this holy day
Oh tidings of splendour and faith
Splendour and faith
Oh tidings of splendour and faith

God pat ye woolly cats and dogs
Let no man pull your tails
A Christmas with the animals
Is joyous without fail
The Lord God made you cuddly
So all now sing in praise
Oh tidings of woofs and meyows
Woofs and meyows
Oh tidings of woofs and meyows

live feed from the sinn fein ira political conference

The IRA's proxy political party Sinn Fein are holding a conference (styled Ard Fheis, which is the Irish language term for High Celebration) in Dublin this week.
The live feed captures the opening moments.

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Julie Andrews."

(Julie Andrews enters singing)

Julie Andrews:
"Bomb every mountain
Shoot every knee
Rip out every finger nail
When you kidnap Kevin Lunney
Bomb every mountain
Deal every drug
Oppress every Irish citizen
With militias of teenage thugs
Bomb every mountain
Bring the sun down low
Finance yourself by robbing the Northern Bank
And asset stripping Anglo
Bomb ever mountain
Control the judges and RTE
Infiltrate every trade union
And set gangland free.."