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Saturday, March 05, 2011

the girl

She enters the Adoration chapel and sits quietly.
She is of lissom form.
She has shining golden hair.
I see her here most days.
Sometimes she stays for three or four hours.
I sense the spirit moving in the world.
People are coming back to God.

eleanor bin rigby

All the lonely Muslms
Where do they all come from
All the lonely Muslims
Where do they all belong
Eleanor Rigby
Converted to the peaceloving religion of Islam and was buried alive by her brothers for refusing to wear a Burka
It rhymes with Marzurka
Father MacKenzie
Gave an appeaserish sermon about all religions being essentially the same
Is he insane
All the lonely Muslims
Where do they all come from
All the lonely Muslims
Where do they all belong
Ashish Joshi
Making propaganda broadcasts for Sky News that no one will watch
Knee in the crotch
Piers Morgan
Published fake photos hoping the Jihadi's might win
Is that a sin
Look at him smirking
Presenting vapid chat shows for CNN
Like a clucking hen
All the lonely Muslims
Where do they all come from.
All the lonely Muslims
Let's give them all a home
Look at all the lonely Muslims
Look at all the lonely Muslims
Nerdle nerdle ner ner
Lauren Booth
Converted to Islam and went to Iran
She's your only man
Barack Obama
Sitting alone in the White House where no one can see
Fiddle Dee Dee
Can't even bring himself
To mention Al Qaeda when Al Qaeda shoot Americans
Jimminy Jellycans
Fareed Zakaria
Bankrupted Newsweek by using it to support Jihad
What a lad
Published fake stories
About Korans being flushed down the toilet that would have put Piers Morgan to shame
What was his game
He's another lonely Muslim
Who's just got a job at CNN
Another lonely Muslim
Who's also subbing for the now bankrupt Time Magazine
Look at all the lonely Muslims
Look at all the lonely Muslims
Where do they all come from
All the lonely Muslims
Where do they all belong
Look at all the lonely Muslims.
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner
Look at all the lonely Muslims
Nerdle nerdle nerdle ner

driving miss goebbels

I would say Sky News needs to rethink its policy of hosting propaganda broadcasts for these slaughterers.

lisa holland of sky news asks saif gadaffi a typically tough quest ion

(She actually said this. Saif was almost as flabbergasted as I was. The one sure fire way to get yourself killed in Libya is to suggest even vaguely that you might be a candidate to replace Papa Gadaffi. He'll kill you deader than dead. Even if you are his psychopathic mass murdering son.)

Friday, March 04, 2011

watching the defectives

1. Congratulations to bright eyed boy Ashish Joshi who has recently been appointed prime time presenter on Sky News. As a peaceloving Muslim, young Ashish will be bringing some much needed balance to Sky's coverage of current events which normally tends to favour non peace loving Muslims. Interestingly enough the name Ashish derives from the root Arabic word used to describe a secret society which for fifteen centuries has prevented the emergence of any ANY moderate strains of Islam. The Hasheesheen secret society is the Cult of the Assassins. Its modern equivalents are Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brothrhood and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ashish's first name has given the English language the actual word assassin as well as the word hashheesh which members of the Cult of the Assassins formerly smoked prior to committing their murders, ritual violations and tortures. Nowadays they take heroin. Lovely people.

2. And look at little Lauren Booth. After years sneering nightly on Sky News at the very idea of a War On Terror, after years doing her level best to undermine her brother in law former Prime Minister Tony Blair, after years attempting to criminalise the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy, little Lauren Booth has finally thrown off her disguise and declared her conversion to Allah. Yes little Lauren Booth has abandoned hoorin and toorin to take up the peace loving religion of Islam. Little Lauren Booth is now a Muslim. Hoo baby. To mark her new found ascension to peacefulness, little Lauren Booth has begun making television broadcasts for the English language news service of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The irony... is screaming.

3. Media moghul Rupert Murdock has this week been given permission to take over the British Sky Broadcasting company. As part of the deal he will retain a minority stake in Sky News itself. The limit on his control of Sky News was introduced because the liberal left wing pseudo intellectual atheistic pseudo humanist pseudo establishment in Britland are afraid if he controlled all of Sky News he might make it more pro American pro Western and pro Freedom as he has done with Fox News. As part of the new deal Murdock will still be compelled to fund Sky News which is presently little more than a Muslim propagandist channel and is of course consequently a massive loss maker. In fact Sky News' only serious revenue stream comes from the Royal Family of Qatar, the Islamist despots who also fund the Nazi channel Al Jazeera. As I've mentioned Murdock does own the faux right wing channel Fox News. In Britain he owns a host of left wing newspaper titles from the faux pseudo intellectual London Times to the faux pseudo pornographic The Sun. All Murdock's British titles attempted to undermine the liberation of Iraq while his American channel was pretending to US audiences that Murdock support the war. Rupert Murdock has enemies on the left and right of course. Lefties cannot forgive him for allowing Fox News to break a fifty year hijacking of the discourse by atheistic leftists. Righties like me do not particularly like seeing the plurality of media move from being hostage to communists who don't believe in anything to being hostage to a mercantilist who doesn't believe in anything.

4. And finally Esther. Sky News, like Barack Obama, has found it impossible to mention certain words in connection with the Al Qaeada agent who murdered two Americans and wounded two more in Germany this week while shouting: "Jihad, Allah U Akbar, Osama Bin Laden is the Sheikh, Death To America." The words which Sky News refuses to mention in relation to this latest Al Qaeda Islamist Muslim Terrorist Atrocity are: Al Qaeda, Islamist, Muslim, Terrrorist and Atrocity. Like Barack, Sky News presenters are struggling to keep a straight face as they intone their pious politically correct platitudes, to wit: "Police are unsure whether the man acted alone and what his motivation may have been." I tell you what folks. It's the last appeasement at the end of the world.

great moments in obscenity

LISA HOLLAND'S simpering interviews with mass murderer Saif Gadaffi on Sky News. Sky, do you really think sending this incompetent little girl to fawn over Colonel Gadaffi's psycho son, is making you look good?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

best moment in cinematic history

Luke Skywalker in a life or death light sabre duel with Darth Vader when suddenly he heare the spectral voice of Obi Wan Kenobi murmuring into his ear: 'Luke, Luuuke, kick him in the bawwwwwls, Luuuuuke!'

field of souls

the fronded chestnut tree
rears over long grass
shadows flit and whisper
of what is and what is past
and in the field of souls
my grandfather rests at last

i will be seeing him still
some time the city crowds upon my
he'll raise an ash plant to a thistle
call his dog to heels
cry glory and whistle
whistle down the years

can you feel the softness
of the mist upon your face
or sense the shadows brooding
when the twilight whispers peace
then know the final darkness
is a darkness of release

Monday, February 28, 2011

the mammy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

an open letter to boots pharmacy

Stop selling abortion pills in ireland and elsewhere. Your casual facilitation of child murder is bringing down a cataclysm that will engulf us all.