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Saturday, January 16, 2010

the principle of celebration in existence

It is my birthday.
Collect ten pounds from every visitor to The Heelers Diaries.
You can send your tenners to me at the Chateau de Healy, Kilcullen, Co Kildare, Ireland.

name day

people like years on the city streets
throng in the rain it falls like centuries
the fall of man is never so complete
the fall of night never such a certainty
clocks are striking somewhere down the quays

as i am struck my 30th hour done
takes wing like a soul circles and is gone
alone amid the crowd i hear the rain
drum the outright tragedy of man
birth is death divided by a span

cost effective terrorism

Nice to see Al Qaeda agents getting their legal expenses paid for by me.
What a privilege.
Judge Liberal has granted free legal aid to the bomb threat passenger who this week caused the diversion of a flight to our country by claiming to have a bomb on board the plane.
The free legal aid okayed by Judge Liberal means his lawyer can write a blank checque for herself.
I'll be picking up the tab.
When it's tax payers money, who's counting.
The latest bomb threat passenger is a part of Al Qaeda's new strategy for sowing panic on commercial airlines.
It's a much more relaxed strategy for the terrorists themselves as they don't have to die to implement it.
Al Qaeda have discovered that paying someone to say he has a bomb, or to check luggage onto a plane and not fly, or to simply shout "Allah U Akbar" and jump out of their seat on landing, is a very cost effective way of sabotaging aviation and spreading panic throughout the western world.
It's easier to get operatives for those missions than for the suicide ones.
And western countries, like Ireland, still invariably release such operatives with at best a stern warning from a Judge, and at worst a shrug of the shoulders from some low level overfed porcine cop who has absolutely no interest in securing the public safety.
Some of them, as in the case of the Merry Imams of Montana, even end up sueing the airlines.
Allow me to award some rare kudos to the odious Irish Independent newspaper who at least printed a picture of Jorge Flores the bomb threat scum in question.
The picture made it clear that although Jorge has Dutch citizenship, he's not really Dutch.
The picture also made it clear that although Jorge has an Hispanic name, he's not really Spanish.
On the debit side, the Irish Independent and other newspapers covering the incident, wrote their entire reports without once mentioning either Al Qaeda or the peace loving religion of Islam.

the destruction of ireland

Here is the news.
The reason our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has given 4000 million quid to the collapsed Anglo Irish Bank, and is proposing to give it 6000 million more, is because Anglo Irish Bank is Fianna Fail's personal bank.
Fianna Fail are using the general populace to finance Fianna Fail's own gambling losses and their friends' gambling losses.
If the Irish people prevail on me to lead them, if I accept the call to guide this country through this perilous time, then the bail outs of Anglo Irish Bank, and of Allied Irish Bank, and the The Bank of Ireland, will be repudiated.
Even if it means a currency collapse.
If I am to lead Ireland it will be on the understanding that the former head of Anglo Irish Bank, Sean Fitzpatrick, who has yet to be properly interviewed by police, will spend his declining years in jail.
There will be no trial.
Nor will there be a trial for Gillian Bowler the Chairman of the Board at Irish Life And Permanent, an organisation which helped Anglo Irish Bank to conceal its massive losses through illegal transfers of billions of dollars.
If I am to accept the leadership of Ireland, it will be on the understanding that Gillian Bowler and her fellow directors go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect any more million dollar bonuses, do not continue to dine out on the impoverishment of the Republic of Ireland.
They can have a cell right next to Sean Fitzpatrick.
The directors of bankrupt Irish banks, specifically Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland, all their directors over the past twenty years, including Mr Lochlainn Quinn who memorably bought a vine yard in France for thirty million lids while his brother Ruairi was leader of the Irish Labour Party, all the directors who were on the boards of Irish banks while those banks were declaring false multi million dollar profits on the basis of accountancy tricks, all of them will be repaying every penny they have previously paid themselves in salaries, bonuses, loans and share options.
They claim Ireland can't function without the banks.
To hell with them.


The only reason Haiti is dirt poor is because for at least fifty years the island has been ruled by a devil worshiping cult, first under the Duvalier family, and then under the Duvaliers' enforcers, a devil worshiping Voodoo cult styling itself the Ton Ton Macoute.
Since 1986 when the United Nations started running the place, the devil worshiping Ton Ton Macoute gang have ruled from the shadows.
The United Nations throughout that time have allowed the Ton Ton Macoute to continue to paralyse Haiti.
There is 98 percent unemployment on the island.
That means 98 people out of ever 100 are doing nothing.
No country on earth, not even the shittiest communisms like North Korea or Burmah, ended up with 98 percent unemployment.
There's a reason why it happened to Haiti.
The United Nations turned a blind eye to a devil worshiping cult which simply tore the country to pieces while the United Nations ensured everyone had enough to eat.
No business could prosper there.
No cultural life was possible.
No political life could flourish.
The Ton Ton Macoute's voodoo devil worship was the only show in town.
Any politician the Ton Ton Macoute did not like was either killed or terrorised into leaving.
The United Nations stood back and let it happen.
The sole contribution of the United Nations to the people of Haiti has been, as I've said, providing people with enough food and clothing to live on while the Ton Ton Macoute violated, terrorised and murdered those same people with impunity.
Haiti doesn't need any more United Nations administration.
Haiti doesn't need the largesse of fake charities like the Red Cross which exist only as businesses to gather money to pay for BMW's for their Chief Executives.
Haiti needs American Pro Consulship.
Haiti needs General Petraeus.
Haiti needs the arse kicking American and British armies to hunt down and kill every head hacking devil worshiping machete wielding Ton Ton Macoute c--t on the island.
Anything else is bollocks.

an open letter to gary o'sullivan editor of the irish catholic

I hear that in your position as editor of a publication styling itself The Irish Catholic, you have called for the dropping of a deceased Archbishop's name from a Dublin park formerly named after him and for the replacement of his name with something referring to child abuse.
You claim justification for this call by citing Judge Yvonne Murphy's selective trumped up report into child abuse which ignored the vast majority of child abuse cases, the ones not involving priests, which have taken place and continue to take place in Ireland today, while retroactively apportioning guilt by insinuation and innuendo to Bishops who Yvonne Murphy deemed not to have handled child abuse allegations against priests in their employ, in the way Yvonne Murphy fifty years later with selective secular Marxian liberal left wing atheistic feminist hindsight says they should have been handled.
Yvonne Murphy is part of the cadre of liberal Judges who have gifted Ireland with a total collapse in values, the violent society, drug gangs ruling Limerick and Dublin, James Hamilton the Director of Public Prosecutions, the senior legal prosecutor in the State refusing to take action against a devil worship ring in Dalkey which impregnated an eleven year old girl twice and sacrificed both her children to satan, James Hamilton and his office refusing to take action on the second McArthur murder, James Hamilton and his office refusing to take action on sundry murders rapes and child abuse crimes, James Hamilton and his office summonsing James Healy to court for a broken car light at the behest of Sergeant James O'Meara in Naas, murderers walking free from prisons to kill, kill and kill again, pushers dealing in all our schools, corrupt police officers committing assaults, rapes and murders at the side of the road, twelve year old children forcing four year olds to perform sex acts, Nurse Mulholland murdering citizens in Naas hospital, sundry murders and tortures of the elderly at the Leas Cross nursing home and at hundreds of other nursing homes, 200,000 Al Qaeda agents infiltrating our country posing as refugees readying themselves to seize power, Michael Neary violating hundreds of women on the operating table at Drogheda Hospital, Michael Shine abusing children in Drogheda Hospital and still no formal enquiries into Michael Shine's or his supervisor's activities, Muslim doctors at Drogheda Hospital mysteriously failing to notify patients of their cancer diagnoses, police officers accessing internet child pornography from police head quarters on Harcourt Street, child abuse sweeping through every home and family in the land, abortion culture, condom culture, divorce culture, the whole shebang.
In twenty years liberal Judges and their friends in the liberal media, such as you O'Sullivan have all but undone 1500 years of Christian civilisation.
And sex abuse was the Trojan Horse you used to do it.
If you had really cared about sex abuse victims you would have made it clear to the Irish people that most cases did not involve the church in any way.
You would have pointed out the true extent and prevalence of sex abuse throughout our society, with 99.99 percent of victims arising in domestic homesteads.
You would have focussed on all the victims not just the tiny minority who could help you in your mission to destroy Christianity.
Judge Liberal judge thyself.
Yvonne Murphy and her judicial comrades are Judges of nothing.
Yvonnne Murphy's report into the tiny minority of child abuse cases which in any way involve the church is even more telling in the light of the current spate of cases where children are murdered before our very eyes by drug addict skanger psycho parents in whose custody our dechristianised laicised atheistic social services had left the babies, one this week, another a few months ago up in Sligo, countless more absolutely unreported, dying, dying, dying, condemned to torture and death by liberal social workers, dying before our very eyes, as you liberal hypocrites, you craw thumping pious bastards, you white washed sepulchres, and the immortal Yvonne Murphy herself, all of you arbitrarily ascribe guilt, for crimes you are devising, nay inventing, to the heroically honourable people who built our country and our culture such as it was before you and your ilk and Yvonne Murphy's ilk destroyed it.
But I digress.
So you wanna change the name of a Dublin park.
Why not start by changing another inappropriately applied name a little closer to home.
The Irish Catholic.
For more than half a century the newspaper you edit has been mendaciously styling itself The Irish Catholic.
Irish people were led to believe your newspaper was published by the church.
The general populace remains unaware that The Irish Catholic at present is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Worthless Unreadable Semi Literate Farmer's Journal.
I think that's the company's official name.
It should be anyway.
It's a business venture, isn't it O'Sullivan.
Nothing to do with the faith of our fathers.
That's just your marketing angle.
O'Sullivan you and your piously hypocritical liberal acolytes are starting to annoy me.
How dare you O'Sullivan.
How dare you call your newspaper The Irish Catholic.
Your newspaper is not published by the church.
Your newspaper does not speak for the church O'Sullivan.
Your newspaper does not speak for the faithful O'Sullivan.
Your newspaper does not speak for me O'Sullivan.
Your newspaper is a business run on liberal atheistic business lines by The Effin Fart Filled Farmers Journal.
Eee by gum, O'Sullivan.
Another good title.
You can use it if you like.
Your newspaper is not run by the church and it never has been.
Your newspaper at each and every stage of its existence has been run by rich people for profit.
You are using the title The Irish Catholic under false pretences O'Sullivan.
And it has to stop.
I note that a former editor of your newspaper David Quinn is currently working as a token Catholic for the virulently anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group.
I note that my Aunty Pat has stood at the back of Kilcullen church for thirty years selling your fake newspaper under the mistaken impression that it was a publication dedicated to the church rather than to profits.
Get your grubby little Dublin Four Farmer's Journal liberal atheistic Mary McAleese loving mercantilist hands off my f---ing church O'Sullivan.
I call on you O'Sullivan.
I call on you to take responsibility for the utter lie incarnated in the title of your newspaper.
I call on you to change the name of your newspaper immediately.
Do not live your lie one moment longer Liberal.
Your newspaper has no right to describe itself as The Irish Catholic.
So stop describing it as The Irish Catholic.
It would be better described as The Irish Liberal.
See to it O'Sullivan.
Don't make me come round there.
James Healy

Friday, January 15, 2010

out of the mouths of dads

Chatting with the Dad in the kitchen at the chateau.
"You were wrong to call the Koran a fake," says the Dad. "The Koran is Mohammed's teachings. It may be wrong by our standards but it is not a fake."
You could have knocked me over with a feather.

the monica leech laugh in

Ronald Reagan was in his office chatting with his campaign team.
A staffer rushed in with word that the main Democratic Party candidate for the Presidency had just been outed in the media for having affairs.
Ronnie nodded knowingly.
"Boys will be boys," he said with an expansive grin. "But boys will not be President."

signor hedgehog

Italian hedgehog photographed by Luisella Avaro in her garden at Bricherasio.

the masque of the red death.

An Italian peasant is wandering through the woods.
He lives in the region of Val Daosta.
It is the 13th century.
The whole area is ruled by a devil worshiping Count.
The Count habitually tortures and murders and rapes with impunity whoever he will from among the general populace.
The privations of the Count have left the whole region devoid of life.
There is nothing.
Nothing cultural, political or economic.
The people live in fear.
Too afraid to engage in commerce.
Too abjectly terrified to seek their own liberation.
The market places are empty.
The fields are untended.
That is the situation.
It seems hopeless.
The lone peasant in the woods is a simple man near starvation.
In the woods he encounters the angel of death.
The angel of death says to the man: "Go to the people of the village. Tell them that the hour of their redemption is at hand."
The angel of death is a real bad ass.
By redemption he means he's about to lay waste the already desolate region with the plague, and that when he's finished the Count and all the other oppressors will be burning in the nethermost regions of hell.
A lot of good people are going to die as well.
The peasant hurries away.
That's the Roger Corman version of Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque Of The Red Death.
It popped into my mind as the first crocodile tears in the liberal atheistic media began to fall this week for the people of Haiti.
A plethora of half wit journalists were already musing with strange high pseudo intellectualism as to how a merciful God could permit such natural disasters.
It's funny how humanitiarian these abortionists get when they consider earthquake victims.
I am wary of these thoughts.
I am wary of thinking I know why God does anything in these matters because I know I could end up setting myself in judgement on God.
Or worse, attributing my own sinful bigotries to him.
When I contemplate the Holocaust of Jews during World War Two, I sense the mystical possibility that from this satanic evil, God brought about the firstlings of the triumph of light in the reestablishment of the State of Israel.
When I think of the attacks on New York a decade ago, I sense that from the abysmal Muslim murders of innocent airline passengers and office workers, from that lousy cataclysm, perhaps God brought judgement to desolate far distant lands, the shadow of the scythe consequently falling on the lawless psychopathic tyrannies of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban and Al Qaeda and all those Islamists who delight in cutting off the noses of Afghan school girls or disfiguring teenagers with acid for daring not to wear a veil, judgement on all of them I say, for in no other circumstances would those particular Islamist murder regimes have encountered the business end of the American army, the only army on earth they fear, in no circumstances whatsover I tell you, other than by the brief incomprehensible unthinkable victory permitted to evil on Nine Eleven when murdering Muslim cowards slaughtered thousands in the skies above New York.
And then there's Haiti.
Forget for a moment the hand wringing nonsense being recycled through liberal atheistic newspapers and television programmes at the moment.
Here is the news.
For at least the last fifty years Haiti has been ruled by a devil worshiping cult.
For most of that time the devil worshiping cult has been administered by members of the Duvalier family.
But it has survived the Duvaliers.
The Duvalier family's enforcers are a Voodoo gang called the Ton Ton Macoutes.
The Ton Ton Macoutes still terrorise the general populace in Haiti through eye gougings, nose cuttings, head hackings, rapes, pornography, drug dealing, child abuse and any shade of murder you care to name.
The Ton Ton Macoutes have continued to rule Haiti from the shadows during the past decade while United Nations peace keepers swan around the island doing sweet feck all about it.
This earth quake may be the hour of deliverance for the people of Haiti.
It may even be a mercy.
All those fake charities and United Nations incompetents who have spent years posing for the cameras on Haiti, need to take this opportunity to put a stop to the Ton Ton Macoute and their devil worshiping murder cult finally and forever.
Otherwise they need to get out of the way and go home and leave the way clear for someone who knows how to get the job done.
The people of Haiti would be better off without any more fake assistance or crocodile tears.
They people of Haiti have had a surfeit of humanitarian aid which serves only to prop up the murderers who oppress them.
The people of Haiti need no more charity and no more devil worshiping drug dealers living off charity.
The people of Haiti need deliverance.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

jihad knickerbocker glories irish tour 2010

Al Qaeda panic sowing missions continue on flights out of Amsterdam.
Yesterday two separate flights from that city were disrupted by Muslim Jihadis who told other passengers that they were about to blow up the planes.
One of the planes involved was diverted to Ireland where we are now privileged to have a Muslim terrorist sitting in an Irish police station refusing to answer questions.
He'll be released in a few hours.
The other plane was about to land in Detroit (the prime target for Al Qaeda panic sowing missions at the moment) when four Muslim passengers began shouting in Arabic, putting blankets over their own heads and threatening the other passengers.
The Muslims were detained and then released by American police who accepted their false explanations that it was all a joke.
Another home run for Barack.
Bloody marvellous.
Islamists in the Netherlands are already crowing because Dutch parliamentarian Gert Wilders is facing (unjust) legal charges for suggesting the Koran should be banned and Muslim immigration should be stopped.
Wilders is a member of the most popular political party in the Netherlands.
As writer Mark Steyn has pointed out today, the case against Wilders is a blatent attempt to criminalise the opinions of the majority of Dutch citizens.
Back in Ireland our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has just passed into legislation something they style a blasphemy law.
Irish people have never sought such laws.
We don't wish to criminalise free expression.
We've managed for fifteen centuries without such tat.
There was literally no indigenous demand for such a crapulous law.
We Irish don't like any limitations on the discourse.
Let truth be told and let heaven rain.
That's our motto.
But Fianna Fail aren't taking their orders from Irish people.
Fianna Fail are taking their orders from elsewhere.
Here is the news.
The Irish blasphemy law has been enacted by our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government solely as a sop to the 200,000 Muslims who have infiltrated our country and declared themselves citizens while paying large sums of  money to that same Fianna Fail party in return for the endorsement of their aformentioned infiltration. We know of a million pounds being donated from one to former Prime Minister Albert Reynold's pet food factory. Similarly vast sums were paid directly to the now deceased Prime Minister Charlie Haughey. And these are just the bribes we know about.
War coming.
Big one.

portrait of the master

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh that the lord the grace would g'ie us

Evening at the chateau.
Sitting in the front room with the lady known as Lildebeest.
Flicking through the channels in the mad March days.
By accident I hit CNN.
Someone styling himself Anderson Cooper is waxing compassionate about dead people in Haiti.
"Aw poor little rich boy," murmureth me darkly.
"What do you mean?" says the Mammy.
"That lad is the son of a New York billionaire heiress," I tell her. "His mother was Gloria Vanderbilt. And neither he nor she have ever done a day's work in their life."
Brief silence.
"What's wrong with that?" says the Mammy.
"Well it would be nice if CNN would occasionally employ a genuinely qualified journalist who isn't either a billionaire's son or sleeping with Ted Turner," quoth me sniffily.
"Why are you blaming him for his background?" asks the Mammy brow wrinkling.
"I doubt little Gloria Vanderbilt's son got the job on merit," proclaims me.
"You just resent him because he's got money," charges the Mammy.
"I resent him because he's a poor little rich boy playing at being a journalist," mutters me.
"People in this town say the same thing about you," avers the Mammy.
"I don't believe people in Kilcullen sneer at me for being rich," pronounceth me eyes wide and round.
"I know they do," insists the Mammy.
"They must be mad," I intone bitterly.
"Mad or envious it all boils down to the same thing," muses the Mammy socratically.
"And I suppose you think they look on you as Gloria Vanderbilt!" challengeth me.
There is a pulse in the universe.
"I don't care how they look on me," cries the Mammy warmly. "I'm only pointing out what they say about you because you're saying exactly the same thing about that nice Anderson Cooper."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

jihad knickerbocker glories


On Christmas Day a Nigerian Muslim Jihadi attempted to commit mass murder in a plane at Detroit airport using a bomb strapped to his mickey.
The weak vascillatory appeaserish American President Barack Obama and his happy hippy Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the Nigerian mickey bomber would receive a fair trial through the courts system.
Fun with Barack and Janet.
Bloody hell.
How very nice of them.
What a privilege for the rest of us to be financing high flying mafiosi style legal defence teams for members of the Islamic Gestapo.
Bring on the wife murderer Claus Von Bulow's lawyer Alan Dershowitz; Bring on the traitor lawyer who attempted to help the Jihadi's by accusing President Bush of war crimes, Vincente Bugliosi: And bring on, if he's contactable in whatever corner of hell he now inhabits, the hack and slash double killer OJ Simspon's lawyer Johnny Cochrane.
Let's all throw money at corrupt lawyers in order to help Jihadi's.

You know.
This scene is getting kind of old.
Barack and Janet's wonderfully humanitarian decision to allow the rest of us to pay for Abu Bin Mickey Bomber's escape from justice, followed the usual television orgy of speculation as to the motivation of the young Nigerian in joining up for Jihad.
Ah yes.
Let's all try to figure out the motivation of each individual member of the Gestapo.
If only Hitler had been given the luxury and the liberty and the licence we afford Al Qaeda.
You know how Barack's been running the No Fly list?
The No Fly list is the list, established by the more serious minded administration of President Bush, containing the names of Muslim terrorists who should not be allowed on aeroplanes.
Barack now has three lists actually.
The first list features 400,000 Jihadis and is called The Watch List.
It's a Watch List.
The clue is in the title.
Security forces can look but mustn't touch.
Grooooooovy Barack.
Don't want to infringe the Gestapo's civil rights.
That's 400,000 known Al Qaeda agents who are to be let on the planes but watched closely the whole time.
The general public can take their chances with them.
Bloody hell.
Now that's what I call a war crime.
Not what President Bush and Tony Blair did liberating Iraq and Afghanistan.
This appeaserism.
This surrender in the face of the enemy.
We have 400,000 Jihadis whose names we know and we're still letting em fly.
We're not arresting them.
We're letting em swan around the free world planning their invasions and mass murders in plain sight.
Hilarious no.
So that's Barack's first list.
He has another.
The second list is a Search List.
It's smaller.
It contains the name of 13,000 Jihadis who are to be searched intensively if they show up for a flight.
Searched intensively and then ALLOWED ON THE F---KING AEROPLANES.
And the third list.
The third list contains the names of 4,000 Jihadis who are not to be permitted on the planes in any circumstances.
It genuinely purports to be a No Fly list.
Barack and Janet Napolitano had quietly suspended the operation of that list prior to the Christmas Day terrorist attack at Detroit.

Lovely people.
I just wouldn't put them in charge of a war.
Or a country.
The day after Christmas, another Nigerian passenger on another plane bound for Detroit attempted to capitalise on the previous day's disruption by getting up from his seat and using the toilets while the plane was landing.
This second Nigerian was engaging in an act of terror as truly as the first.
The second Nigerian was engaged in a panic sowing mission for Al Qaeda.
These things are beyond coincidence.
It has been impossible to verify if the second terrorist was Muslim because the authorities have incredibly omitted to name the crud faced piece of crap.
But here.
Here's a bet for you.
The second Nigerian passenger to disrupt a flight into Chicago over the Christmas will turn out to be Muslim.
His name will be Mohammed Bin Psycho Al Kill You All or some such merry little clinker.
The day after the Bin Psycho Al Kill You All attack, yet another plane bound for Detroit was the target of a panic sowing mission.
This plane, a Lufthansa jet, was diverted to Iceland after suspicious luggage was found on board.
The airline company claimed the plane was diverted merely as a precaution.
The airline claimed that a passenger had missed the flight but that his luggage had been found on the plane.
Normally, in those circumstances gentle readers, a plane would not depart until the luggage had been unloaded.
The sequence of events as mendaciously described by the airline itself does not ring true.
It was another panic sowing mission.

This third panic sowing passenger bound for Detroit was assuredly working for Al Qaeda.
As assuredly as the other two.
Incredibly the security services appear to have accepted the explanation of this third panic sowing Al Qaeda agent, his well nigh stratospherically improbable claim that everything happened by coincidence.
They believed this Muslim terrorist when he claimed he wasn't trying to sabotage the commercial airline industry of the free world by checking in his luggage and then not getting on the plane.
Needless to say, this passenger has also been allowed to conceal his identity from the general public.
I'm only guessing when I assert that he was Muslim.
Whaddaya think though?
Anyone here think he was Buddhist?
Let me say it again.
This third passenger's behaviour was part of an Al Qaeda panic sowing mission just like the others.
There is no other reasonable conclusion.
Around the same time as these three Al Qaeda attacks were taking place, a Muslim terrorist in Finland shot up a shopping mall, killing six people.
This Muslim terrorist had been allowed to remain in Finland for over a decade in spite of his track record as a Muslim terrorist.
The newspapers have been calling him a Kosovar Albanian.
Translated into English that means Muslim terrorist.
Bloody bloody hell.
At the same time as everybody's favourite Kosovar Albanian Muslim murderer was introducing the Finns to the nature of reality, (ie you let em into your country and they kill you), at precisely the same time, a Somali man was attempting to murder a Danish cartoonist and his five year old grandchild with an axe.
The Somali man was a known Muslim Al Qaeda terrorist who had been allowed to stay in Denmark in spite of his track record as an Al Qaeda terrorist.
It beggars belief.
Meanwhile in a Lebanese embassy during the same few days as the other stuff I'm reporting, some Muslim hardman chose to end the life of a little Filippino serving maid.
Official figures suggest about a hundred serving maids are murdered in Lebanon alone each year by their Muslim masters.
I've been trying in my own humble way to suggest to Filippinos and Hindu and Chinese girls that working as a maid for Arabs or Muslims is not something you want to be doing.
The mortality rate is too high.
You'd be safer working at mine field clearance in Mozambique.
Or cleaning out the cores of still switched on nuclear reactors.
But I digress.
Also over the Christmas period we've had major Islamist attacks on Russia and India.
Nothing much to report there.
Just the usual mayhem.
They do get around don't they.
It's the only weakness I've detected in Al Qaeda so far.
Their hubris.
Their peculiarly Islamic hubris.
They hate everybody.
So they keep attacking everybody.
They keep attacking everybody at the same time.
The only thing Al Qaeda Muslim terrorists have to worry about is if a few countries they are attacking start to wake up.
It hasn't happened so far.
Instead we get gestures.
The British government, has moved belatedly to ban a Muslim Al Qaeda organisation operating openly in the United Kingdom under the aegis of an Islamic hoodlum called Chowdurey
Chowdurey and his beardy buddies have been shouting loud about the infringement of their rights.
Aw blessums, did Home Secretariums stop diddums from his attempts to turn Britain into an Islamic dictatorshipums?
Poor baby.
Chowdurey and his thug Muslim friends shout loud in the full knowledge that at present there is no chance they will be either executed or deported.
You know folks, they're not invisible.
They're not clever.
They're not even that tough.
They could be incarcerated, executed or deported at the snap of a finger.
Incarcerated, executed or deported.
Or preferably all three.
All we have to do, is remove Judge Liberal from the equation.
Let all Jihadis be dealt with by military courts.
Send them home to Allah.
Send them home to those glorious twelfth century flea pit countries they think are so wondrously civilised.
Call the Mussies' bluff.
If they love Islam so much, let em go home to their own hole in the wall Muslim cultures for another couple of hundred years.
That'll focus their minds on whose country is decadent and whose is a miserable heap of Islamist crap.
You know folks, you'd be surprised how many Muslims would discover a love for their fellow man and an appreciation of the benefits of Western civilisation if they risked losing their social welfare benefits, free schooling, free legal aid, free housing and those magnificent free lunches we've been lavishing on them for two decades.
Like the Al Qaeda Black Jackets in Ireland, Chowdurey and his odious third world barbarians skulk in plain view on the streets of London and Bradford, intimidating the general public, buying off police and politicians, and biding their time for the war they have sworn to bring to us.
Right then.
Here's an idea.
Let's bring the war to them.
Expel them.
All of them.
And stop searching innocent grannies and grandads, business people and children, tourists and holidaymakers, at airports.
Search the suspects only.
If Muslims have such a fetish about bombing aeroplanes, here's a novel idea, quite simply don't let them on the planes.
Maybe when they've grown up a bit, we could consider allowing some of them to fly on aeroplanes again.
On the strict understanding that they don't try to kill, poison, burn or terrorise anyone.
We can all see what's been happening.
A pattern is emerging.
A liberal left wing elite within western culture continues to permit the immigration of Muslims into our countries long after those Muslims have proved themselves a murderous threat to our lives and our freedoms.
This western pseudo elite of politicians and Judges (and newspaper publishers), effectively does not answer to the general public.
This cadre of unaccountable buffoons permits Muslim psycho killers to live among us with impunity.
Without any of us consenting to it, Muslim immigration continues en masse into the free world.
The dysfunctions in Muslim culture now exceed anything produced either by Fascist Germany, or Communist Russia.
The dysfunctions of Islam threaten the entire human race.
It's time to send them home.
Kosovar Albanians.
Women hating honour killers.
Cartoonist hating axe murderers.
Exploding penis Muslims.
Lost luggage Muslims.
Rude waiter Muslims.
The whole bunch.
Get out of our countries.
You do not rule us.
You will never rule us.
We defy you.
You are nothing.
You never were anything.
Get out.
We will not bow to your clapped out fake debased Sharia law or your fake prophet or your fake Koran.
Go home to your own wonderful free Muslim countries.
You have proved yourselves unworthy of the true freedoms we offered to share with you.
Get out.
The West is awakening.
Get out.
You have woken us by your bastardy.
Get out.
You have woken the sleeping giant.
Get out you bastards.

the wiz

The noble Heelers walking through the snowscape in the town of Naas.
Naas is the commercial capital of the region where I live.
Precious few of the traders here are inclined to do anything so menial as shovel snow.
Someone else will clear it.
So the pavements are covered.
I trudge along.
Ahead of me two grinning teenagers lurk in a doorway.
They are clutching snowballs.
I favour them with my famous Paddington Bear stare.
"If you throw one snowball at me I'll break your faces," I snarl pleasantly.
Dude and Duder nod grinnily.
I pass on by.
A few yards up the street, the first snowball thuds into the small of my back.
Then another hits my head.
Thud, thud, thunch, thunch, thud, thud, thunch.
I keep walking.
I always think the greatest crimes are the crimes against human dignity.
Particularly mine.

Monday, January 11, 2010

a rum one

Watching a Rage Against The Machine concert on the box.
My companion is Svetlana.
Her eyes are wide and round.
Rage Against The Machine are singing their one good song, an agit prop thing called Sleep Now In The Fire.
It's all very anarchisty, and communisty, and Michael Moorey.
The lead guitarist is wearing a tee shirt with CCCP emblazoned across it.
This is the symbol of the old Russian communist dictatorship.
In English it stands for Union of Soviet and Socialist Republics.
Svetlana stares at the guitarist.
"If he'd ever lived in my country," she murmurs softly, "he'd never wear the tee shirt."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

irish police, road deaths, and assaults on motorists at the side of the road

Irish police (styling themselves An Garda Siochana) are claiming to have brought down the number of road deaths in Ireland over the past year.
During this period the Irish police force have subjected motorists to high aggression style harassment and intimidation and assaults.
The preponderance of this behaviour by Irish police officers has been directed at ordinary citizens going about their lawful business.
To justify this thuggery, the Irish police force is now publishing figures which the police claim show a decline in road deaths year on year by a figure of thirty mortalities.
Thirty less people dead.
Therefore the cops think their institutionalised thuggery is justified.
The Irish police have replaced the internationally accepted code of law enforcement To Protect And Serve with a new motto of their own, To Harass And Intimidate.
And the statistics they are publishing to justify their own criminal assaults on members of the general public are utterly and completely false.
Here is the news.
There has been no decline in the number of road deaths in the Republic of Ireland.
Road deaths in this country are increasing.
Over the past year several hundred thousand foreign nationals have left Ireland.
Several hundred thousand foreign nationals left Ireland over the past year because they could no longer find work here.
The departure of this several hundred thousand foreign nationals over the past year meant several hundred thousand fewer people on the roads and therefore several million, (yes million because they all used the roads more than once a year believe it or not Garda Hardman), several million, I say, fewer road journeys.
The decline in road deaths of thirty people actually amounts to a statistical increase in the number of road deaths as a percentage of the number of people using the roads.
So the Gardai have terrorised the general public with no net positive result.
I say more.
The road death statistics are collated by the Guards themselves and are not to be trusted for that very reason.
To be quite clear.
The road death statistics false as they are for the reasons I've stated above relating to the decline of several million in the number of road users, are further not to be trusted as evidenced by inconsistencies in similar tabulations collated by the police themselves in the recent past such as the DEATHS IN GARDA CUSTODY statistics.
These statisics exhibit what we might call signs of creative accounting.
Hoo boy.
People die and they ain't in the statistics.
It's as though they never existed.
I say more.
While the Guards are making false claims about bringing down the number of road deaths, while police officers have been terrorising ordinary motorists at the side of the road, while semi literate porcine faced cops have been inflicting their inferiority complex on the citizens they are sworn to protect, while all this has been going on, there has been an explosion in violent crime, crimes against the person, murder, stabbings, rape, child abuse, prostitution, drug dealing, Al Qaeda activities, rackateering, arson, people trafficking and young scruff in Naas throwing snowballs at my car.
No sign of Garda Hardman when any of this is happening.
He was probably on his break.
Or out buying doughnuts.
Or busy terrorising someone at the side of the road with a broken light on their car.
Crime gangs have taken over Limerick and Dublin.
Those crime gangs are able to project power with impunity into every small town in Ireland.
And the Guards are prancing and preening with delight over their false road death figures?
I say enough.

a hymn to christ the lord

i see his blood upon the rose
and in the stars the glory of his eyes
his body shines amid eternal snows
his tears fall from the skies
(by Joseph Mary Plunkett)