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Saturday, March 10, 2012

judge liberal strikes again

Something styling itself Judge Martin Nolan has this week jailed a decent honorable hard working family man called Paul Begley for six years.
Judge Martin Nolan has imposed this sentence on a man who never raped, killed, smuggled drugs or terrorised communities.
Judge Martin commented in applying the sentence: "I get no joy from this."
Well bless.
I assert that Paul Begley broke no law.
Disputes with the tax authorities do not connote criminality.
We are not dealing with a banker or politician or developer all of whom looted the treasury and spent Ireland overnight into the third world, and none of whom have suffered any penalty whatsoever at the hands of Judge Liberal.
We are dealing with a quintessentially good man who had some irregularities in his dealings with the tax man.
You understand.
He didn't rob anyone.
Not like our bankers, politicians, developers, and vastly usorously overpaid Judge Liberals.
They rob all of us.
Every day.
Judge Liberal has jailed Paul Begley solely because Judge Liberal thinks he can get away with jailing him.
As a citizen I do not accept that an invidiously injudicious Judge such as Martin Nolan can casually impute criminality towards, and then vicariously incarcerate, an honorable citizen who has endeavoured to the best of his ability to regularise his financial position with the tax authorities.
I ask you gentle readers to contrast the six year sentence imposed on Mr Begley for no reason, with the five year sentence imposed by another Judge Liberal last week on a 19 year old murderer who had walked up to a 62 year old man, chosen at random in the streets, and killed him.
Compare and contrast, as we do say in the trade.
The Judge Liberal at that trial couldn't even bring himself to call it murder.
He convicted the 19 year old of something Judge Liberal called "Causing The Death Of Someone."
Bloody hell, as my Uncle Peter used to say whenever society collapsed around him.
The unjustly criminalised and incarcerated and thoroughly honorable Paul Begley is a 42 year old man. He employs 150 people at his vegetable firm in Dublin.
The tax authorities in Ireland claim he failed to pay appropriate taxes on garlic which he was importing.
Mr Begley has been repaying the sum of 1.6 million Euros sought by the tax man.
Mr Begley has made repayments of 33 thousand Euro to the tax authorities every month for the past two years.
Mr Begley has three teenage children.
As a citizen I James Healy assert again that Mr Begley has broken no law for which he should be jailed.
As a citizen I object to the jailing of Mr Begley.
As a citizen I will not tolerate this.
Now this is what I want to happen.
I want Judge Liberal to lose his job and his improper pension entitlements.
I want Judge Liberal to go to jail for this outrageous attack upon a decent man.
And I want Judge Liberal to apologise.


The United Nations has sent Kofi Annan to Syria as their special peace envoy.
So I guess the Syrians are really in trouble.
Up to now they were just being cut to pieces with machine guns and tanks and helicopter gunshops in their own homes, in the fields, and in the streets.
Now they're being cut to pieces with machine guns, and tanks, and helicopter gunships, in their own homes, in the fields, and in the streets, while at the same time being urged by the UN's most pious most venal hypocrite, to lay aside their differences and come to the negotiating table with the dictator who is slaughtering them.
Incredibly Kofi Annan has retained influence in the UN despite no longer holding office as Secretary General and despite the invidious corruption that emerged in his family circle.
The fact that his son Kojo was taking kick backs (ie vast wodges of cash) from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy has proved no impediment to the continued influence peddling of the Anan family.
Kofi's greatest achievement so far came with his peace brokering in Zimbabwe.
Single handedly he ensured that Robert Mugabe's attempts to keep Zimbabwe in communist slavery and perdition, would succeed.
The rightful president Morgan Tsvangirai has been marginalised.
The millions of people who have fled Zimbabwe remain in abject poverty over the border in South Africa.
Zimbabwe itself teeters towards starvation as Mugabe insists on perpetuating the same Soviet era Marxian police State command economy that the Russians figured out was a load of old cobblers twenty years ago.
The ongoing facilitation of the Marxian debasement, enslavement and impoverishment of Zimbabwe, which should be the most prosperous country in Africa, remains Kofi Annan's greatest achievement.
And the UN has sent him to Syria.
Before setting out, Kofi Annan, his voice dripping with sarcasm, told journalists: "We don't want to create a situation in Syria where the medicine is worse than the cure. You don't have to look too far in the region to see what I mean."
The CNN reporter covering his speech told viewers she thought he meant Libya.
A Syrian opposition spokesman, whose people are being slaughtered with machine guns, tanks and helicopter gunships, said he thought Kofi Annan meant Iraq.
Either way, the comments say more about Kofi Anan's bigoted sympathy for murdering dictators than it does about the democratic aspirations of the risen people's in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.
I mention Afghanistan because I only recently discovered that a quarter of its parliamentiarians are women.
Unthinkable before the Bushwhacker and the Brits gave that country its shot at freedom.
I like to dwell occasionally on some of the news items from the liberated Islamic majority countries which you won't hear on CNN or Sky News, or even in The Times of London, which having spent a decade trying to derail the war on terror, has suddenly converted to the principles of Western Interventionism lock, stock and two smoking tank barrerls, after one of its own showboating journos got vapourised by the Assads in Syria.
But folks.
My point is this.
Sending Kofi Annan to Syria is an awful mockery of those people who are being murdered in the streets.
Just as bad in its way, as the earlier decision by the Arab League to send a delegation to the same country headed by a mass murdering Sudanese army general.
It all looks just a tad apocalyptic, doesn't it.
And when you see Kofi Annan sneering about American interventions in Arab countries, when you see the elegant verbal diarrhoea, with which he seeks to douse the aspirations to freedom and Western partnership which are the hallmarks of the Syrian, Libyan, Afghan and Iraqi people's nascent democracies, when you see Kofi Anan's assured elan in defence of those mass murderers who wish to keep those countries locked in an Islamist hell, then you must know...
Satan is laughing.

the cremation of bishop magee

(Lines written after liberal atheistic scoundrels in the Judiciary and Media with the collaboration of their infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, contrived to force the resignation of Bishop Joseph Magee as part of their ongoing persecution of the Catholic Church and their attempts to enslave Ireland to the pleasure ethic.)

There are strange things done
Neath the Dublin sun
By the liberals who moil for souls
They prance and they preen
On Stephens Green
And shove copies of the Irish Times up each others' holes
Oh the Dublin lights
Have seen queer sights
But the strangest they ever did see
Was that night when the bores
Of Dublin Four
Cremated Bishop Magee
For this is the law of the liberal
That only the strong shall thrive
And the only god ye shall worship
Is Tony O'Reilly's latest trophy wife
And the only morality ye shall espouse
Is twisted Maoist jive
Erupting from the mouth of Vincent Brown
And his every other orifize

A group of Sunday Independent journos
Were whooping it up
In the Malamute Saloon
Erectile Ian O'Doherty
Was playing a rag time tune
He plinked and he plonked
On the old honky tonk
And his melody was dire and astray
Like a brain dead moron
He just kept goin
My God how that man couldn't play
Bishop Magee wandered into town
And went to the local saloon
And spoke in truth the word of God
Amid that passle of liberal goons
He'd spent a lifetime doing good
But a lifetime don't matter here
For the law of the liberal is the law of the jibe
The inuendo the lie and the sneer
Over by the window
A clown from the Indo
Was writing his weekly colyoom
Against Bishops and Priests
And religious feasts
He was looking to stage a pogroom
And over by the door
Sat an Irish Times whore
The lady known as Geradine Kennedy
She looked with an eye
As big as a pie
On the Bishop she wished to defenestrate.
Back of the bar
In a solo game
Lurked soviet infiltrator Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
Whose every expectoration
Brought wild adulation
From the pianist, the clown and the whore
And watching his luck
Was his light of love
The liberal known as John Cooney
And as one they all shouted
As one they all chanted
That Bishop Magee must go
And they roared like a throng of Nazis
And they struck him
A coward's blow
And they cheered for the shame they had wrought on the world
And they jeered like a pack of hounds
And they roared for the death of a man who was good
Whose reputation they stomped in the ground
Soviet Archbishop Diarmuid Martin bought drinks for the house
And O'Doherty continued to play
And John Cooney lingered by the patio
And watched as the mob drank at bay
And Geraldine Kennedy paid herself an annual salary
A little above four hundred grand
And Tony O'Reilly ordered up another trophy wife
One consummately hoorishly bland
And the Irish Times lost millions last year alone
And Independent Newspapers borrowed two billion from gangster banks
And Yvonne Murphy and the liberal Judges
Paid themselves something around a gazillion
While establishing revolving door prisons for murderous mafia skanks
Though the country was broke
The liberals betoke
That they ain't never gonna go short
While we're all losin
They're drinkin and boozin
And murdering Bishops for sport
Yes there's strange things done
Neath the Dublin sun
By the liberals with the gaping maw
They've hoored away
Our patrimony
But will they like sharia law?

things to come

Ireland in the year 2020.
A gentle afternoon sun rises above the venerable halls of Saint Tony O'Reilly's Post Modern School For Birls (Boys And Girls).
In the headmaster's office near the top of the clock tower, Principal Ger Colleran reviews his staff duty rosters.
He is a grinning bearded slatternly porcine egg yolk of a man.
Since the Catholic Church was driven out of the schools and then banned two years ago, various leading lights of Ireland's liberal atheistic pseudo establishment have taken on the task of educating the proles.
Colleran heard the call and has not been found wanting.
It is perhaps not so suprising that he would end up running a school.
During his days working as editor of The Daily Star for British porn baron Richard Desmond, Colleran had developed a deep affection for children.
He reckons his experience marshalling alcoholic druggie porn addicted journos has left him more than well equipped to run a school.
Colleran smiles at his rosters.
All present and correct.
One of the maths teachers is dying of syphilis but he has arrived to give his class anyway.
That's real dedication.
Basic Maths is still a vitally important subject in this new enlightened era.
The children need to be numerate so that they can dial the phone sex lines in the Daily Star.
Colleran rises from his plush backed executive chair and takes a proprietorial stroll through his school.
In the prefab overlooking the river, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty (who received his nickname after falsely, maliciously and malignly labelling the Catholic Church a paedophile ring in an article in the Irish Independent) is teaching the infant class.
"I am in my prime," he informs the toddlers. "You too will be in your prime someday and you must know how to recognise it, lest it pass you by. Now children, light up your cannabinoids. That's it. Inhale deeply. You're going to need to develop a good technique if you want to pass your exams. Philmore Bates! What is the meaning of this, Sir! Light up that cannabinoid. No you don't have a choice Philmore. What are you? Some kind of Catholic? Who are you to force your repressed views on everybody else? You're dragging down the class Philmore. Light up your cannabinoid or I'll send you to Headmaster. That's it. Light up. Inhale. There you go. Grooooveeee baaaabeeee."
In the science lab, former Irish President Mary Robinson is giving a Biology class to the twelve year olds.
As she speaks she nods.
She nods constantly.
She nods like... Noddy.
The effect is most curious.
"Now girls and boys," she says in her chaming Noddy-esque school Marm manner. "This is what we call a contraceptive pill. It has freed you from the shackles of outmoded Catholic morality. Eat up. You know you have to have had your first official pregnancy and abortion before the end of the semester. There'll be a test. Oh how silly of me. We don't call them abortions anymore. What do we call them? Come on girls and boys. What's the right word? Terminations. That's it. You get a star for that Maisie Baines. Always use a latinate euphemism when referring to anything involving the taking of life. And remember boys and girls if I catch any of you referring to the foetus as an unborn baby, I'll have you expelled. And what do we call the murder of the elderly? Come on now. That's right. Eutha. Eutha. Say it. Euthanasia. There you go. Never say murder of the elderly. It's euthanasia of the excess baggage. That's right. Very good boys and girls. Now take out your Pederasty Primers."
Over at Senior House, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is giving a History class to the Fifth Formers.
"You don't need to study a lot of this stuff to understand history," he muses flicking through an old text book. "These books are out of date. All this inconsequential rubbish about World War Two, and Hitler, and the Soviet Union, and the French Revolution, and the penal laws in Ireland, and geopolitics, and Marxism, and the clash of civilisations, and so on. It's all inconsequential rubbish. As soon as our exalted Islamic Government gets round to it. we'll have proper text books. Ones that recognise my role in history. If you really want to understand history you have to understand my role in infiltrating the Catholic Church and undermining it so that you children could be free of all the intellectual and moral repressions that Christianity brings. I was the perfect storm for the faith of our fathers. I was the one thing believers couldn't cope with. A traitor at the top. Almost singlehandedly I was responsible for the subjugation of a faith that had defied all oppressors in Ireland for thousands of years. But you don't need to know the details. You just need to know that I liberated Ireland from the vileness of the Catholic Church. Now that's what I call history."
Principal Colleran strolling through the grounds hears occasional snatches of the lectures from his teachers' classes.
He is proud of them.
They have accomplished much in a short space of time.
There had been those who doubted liberal atheists could run the school system which had been built up by the Catholic Church over fifteen hundred years.
Colleran and company had proved them wrong.
His perambulations take him within the ivy clad facade of the Lord Reilly Of Reillingham Memorial Building.
Here a onetime pop singer called Bono is giving Religious Knowledge instruction to the fifteen year olds.
Bono is a congenial old buffer.
"Now," says Bono peering over his pince nez. "There never was a Jesus. Not really. Jesus is just an archaeon. A gnostic teacher. A zogabong. Yes, he's a zogabong. He's not God and he's not the son of God. He's just a zogabong. An emanation of the eternal zogabong. As you all will be if you ascend to the heights of gnostic zogabong spirituality. Zogabongs. You've just got to imagine it to be it. Glorious groovy zogabongs. There's no need for outmoded religious ideas or philosphies. We have zogabongs. The world is a zogabong. The universe is a zogabong. Have you ever thought that all existence might just be a zogabong in the fingernail of some zogabong? I have. Zogabongs are the key to life. Zogabongs are the key to thought. When you can say zogabong, you have transcended all philosophy and all religions. Zogabong is the mantra. Zogabong is the word. Zobabong is the time, is the place, is the motion. Zogabong is the way we are feeling."
Bono looked owlishly around the class and stroked his droopy grey moustache with whimsical relish.
"You know children, you are a most fortunate generation," he murmured. "You live in an age which has laid aside the enslaving predilections of conventional religion. You do not have to worry about abortion being a holocaust. You do not have to question the atheists who have repudiated and annulled a two thousand year old civilisation built around a slave religion. You do not have to care whether euthanasia is a barbarism. You do not have to worry about life being created and destroyed in test tubes. You do not have to concern yourself with whether female hormones from contraceptive pills have entered the food chain, masculinising women, feminising men and sterilising a generation. You do not have to think for yourselves because we think for you. Do not adjust your minds. We are controlling them. You are fortunate indeed. You do not possess the merest vocabulary to assess such things. You will never feel the slightest need for such a vocabulary. For you, it will all be zogabongs."
There was a tremendous explosion.
For a moment the classroom filled with light.
Bono and the children froze.
The large window to the right of the teacher had smashed inwards in a spectacular miasma of irridescent crystals.
James Healy astride a massive death's head Harley Davidson motorcycle careened through the window onto Bono's desk.
As the gleaming fuel injected machine skidded off the desk and crashed into the wall, James Healy stepped smoothly clear.
Standing on the desk, Healy seemed to tower like a Collossus above the classroom.
Bono was aghast.
The power of speech returned.
"You!" he gasped. "Here! Now! But how?"
Heelers gave Bono a root in the bawls, a punch on the snot and a toe in the hole.
The toe in the hole sent Bono sprawling through the door into the corridor outside.
"Goodbye Mr Dips," snarled Heelers, slamming the door.
Heelers turned to face the gaping teenagers.
"Never mind that bollocks," he breathed. "Here's the Catholic Church."

Friday, March 09, 2012

archie finds his nietzsche

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin told reporters at a press conference two days ago that he reads the Heelers Diaries.
The press conference featured the usual line up of groovy atheistic conformists posing as journalists, all with one thing in common.
They all hail from newspapers that owe idiot banks a thousand million dollars. Oh, and their newspapers have no readers.
That's two things.
Two things in common.
None of them have ever asked an original or courageous question in their life.
That's three.
Three things in common.
The talentless leftist half wits had asked Archie if he was aware of criticisms of him circulating on the internet.
(Actually they asked him if was aware that another blogger had referred to him as Ireland's greatest living Irishman. - Ed note)
Archie's reference to The Heelers Diaries was oblique enough.
He said that he was aware of one blog that regularly claims he and his brother Seamus are spies for the Soviet Union.
Were spies, Archie.
That is the claim I regularly make in seeking to understand your attempts to sabotage the life's work of a generation of Bishops by falsely labelling them concealers of child abuse, by veritably murdering their reputations, through your repeated press releases to the most viciously anti Catholic newspaper groups in Europe, to wit The Irish Times, where your brother Seamus was indeed a famously pro Soviet political editor during the Cold War and where he's recently reappeared from retirement to cheerlead Vladdie Putin's attempted resovietisation of Russia, Independent Newspapers, whose vitriol for the Church over the past three decades has failed to encompass only one Catholic, ie yourself, and RTE, whose adulation for you is surpassed among newsroom hacks only by their adulation for Leon Trotsky.
And of course I claim other things, less cookie than this.
My most salient criticism of you Archie has been that while the anti Catholic Media, Judiciary and Political Class, were lying to the Irish people about the prevalence of child abuse in the Catholic Church, you never once pointed out that 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases, the worst cases in face, and the most serious cover ups, have arisen at the hands of non Catholic people.
You never once pointed out that the worst cover ups of sex abuse in Ireland have taken place, and continue to take place, at the hands of the State, the Media and the Judiciary.
For instance, a report into the 198 deaths of children that the Health Boards currently admit took place in their care over the past ten years, continues to be suppressed.
In between warning about your possible links to the old Soviet Union through your brother Archie, I did quite a bit of honorable shouting about the murders of children in health board care and the subsequent cover ups of those murders.
That's why the fake report was commissioned in the first place.
Cos of me Archie.
Government Minister Frances Fitzgerald says she is sitting on the fake report because there are "privacy issues."
You can publish the report Frances.
The dead children won't mind.
Well Archie old pal.
I'm just saying you don't need to worry too much about my suggestions that you are a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church. (Like those recently unmasked Soviet agent Bishops in Austria and Poland. Actual ones Archie. Not the sort of ones to make Dublin Four journos chuckle knowingly into their press conference vino.)
You do need to worry about other things I've said.
You need to worry about my suggestion that you have trahaised a generation of Bishops and believers merely to service your own liberal leftist political agendas.
Tell me Archie.
Why did you collude with bigotedly anti Catholic Media groups, Politicians and Judges, in their culture war against the Catholic Church?
Why did you accept their kudos when they were expressly falsifying the reality of child abuse, expressly concealing its extent and depth in our society and culture, so that they could destroy a generation of noble Bishops with their lies?
Why Archie?
Why did you help the liberal atheistic Media, Politicians and Judiciary conceal the truth about child abuse?
Oh I'm not surprised Machiavelli (Diarmuid surely? - Ed note) that you are reading the Heelers Diaries, nor that you are now putting a little top spin on my criticisms in your comments to the plush bottomed bankrupt leftist anti Catholic media twits who so love you.
You will recall plagiarising these pages previously for your speech in Northern Italy where you used my description of you, ("Archie is trying to remake the Catholic Church in his own image") to excoriate your critics in Ireland.
Naughty Archie.
Naughty, naughty, very naughty.
But it's not the worst thing you've done.
And lo!
As I write this article, the ghost of Nietzsche has appeared at my shoulder.
Apparently heaven has forgiven him all his atheistic Nazi crapola, because one time he tried to stop some ould fella beating a horse to death in the streets.
"Heelers," he says softly. "You must beware if you struggle with monsters, lest you become a monster."
And now he turns to look at you Archie from this very screen.
"Archie," he intones, "as you read this website, you too must beware. For when you look into the Heelers Diaries, the Heelers Diaries looks back into you."

Thursday, March 08, 2012

how did ireland end up under marxist rule

In the 1970's several individuals styling themselves Proinsias De Rossa, Pat Rabbitte, Eamon Gilmore, et al (Particularly Al, he was a real b-------d) were involved in a KGB run communist organisation styling itself The Workers Party.
The Workers Party wished to seize power in Ireland and turn the country into a Marxian dictatorship, ruled from Russia by the then self styled Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
The Workers Party was the political wing of a KGB run terrorist group styling itself The (old) IRA.
Not to be confused with the Provisional IRA, who interestingly enough, according to my sources within Irish terrorist movements, were also taking orders from Moscow from at least the early 1970s.
The (old) IRA and The Workers Party never indulged in quite the same amounts of violences as the (newer) Provisional IRA.
But they were basically pursuing the same ends.
And on occasion, all these movements, politcal and terrorist, cooperated and coalesced, with a view to killing British people and/or anyone else who got in their way or whom they arbitrarily deemed an enemy.
Several members of the Workers Party were involved in bank robbery activities in Dublin and elsewhere.
Other members, such as Proinsias De Rossa, served jail time for their membership of terrorist organisations.
In the 1980s the Workers Party claimed to be renouncing violence.
Most of its members joined a new Marxian organisation which styled itself Democratic Left.
Some years ago, Democratic Left and the Labour Party announced a merger.
This merger amounted to a reverse take over of the Labour Party by the Marxian self styled Democratic Left.
Last year, the Irish people voted to repudiate Fianna Fail's theft of the nation and elected a Fine Gael Labour Party coalition government.
A weak vascillatory hairstyle of a man, Enda Kenny of Fine Gael became Prime Minister.
Enda Kenny has been easily cowed by the now Marxian Labour Party elements of his coalition government.
A weak fervourless crowd pleaser, Enda Kenny interpreted the current media and judicial pogrom against the Catholic Church as somehow representing the will of the citizenry.
He has also refused to repudiate Fianna Fail kleptocracy, instead upholding and extending it, while going a step further by purchasing yet another worthless bank, this time Allied Irish Bank, on behalf of the nation for the bargain basement fee of ten thousand million dollars.
Allied Irish Bank just happens to include on its board of managment, one Lochlainn Quinn who is a brother of atheistic Marxist Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn.
Allied Irish Bank was not the last worthless bank that Enda Kenny used public money to purchase.
In the first year of his governance every bank in Ireland is now Sovietised, ie State controlled.
You couldn't make it up.
In a separate Presidential election, (following the general election which resulted in the appointment of Enda Kenny as Prime Minister) an atheistic Labour Party Marxist called Michael D Higgins, who had spent a lifetime supporting the most vicious communist governments on the planet while attempting to sneer the Catholic Church out of existence, was elected President of Ireland.
Lovely, lovely people.
Anti Catholic media groups failed to critique the Marxists seizing power in public life and yet more Marxian atheists luring in the shadows of the Judiciary and the Civil Service, either because they regarded those Marxists as a safe pair of hands when it came to vitiating Catholicism or because elements within those media groups are themselves up to their necks in a deeper darker Marxian, or Free Masonic, or Diabolic, or all three, conspiracy.
The institutional Catholic Church was itself being largely silenced through the anti Catholic posturings of a usurping Soviet era infiltrator Archbishop styling himself Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, using sex abuse as a Trojan Horse, attempted to contrive the arbitrary criminalisation of a generation of Bishops at the hands of more atheistic Marxists in the Judiciary, by claiming their attempts to deal with sex abuse cases discreetly amounted to concealment.
I ask you.
If Diarmuid Martin is not a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, then what the hell is he?
Why do the most virulently anti Catholic newspaper groups and televisions stations in Europe, to wit The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE, why do these atheistic scoundrels, eulogise himself so?
Because he's one of them.
Aside from being someone who takes his best one liners from The Heelers Diaries, I mean.
(Archbishop Diarmuid Martin famously purloined a phrase I had used to describe him on this website, ie "Archie is seeking to remake the Catholic Church in Ireland in his own image," and inserted it in a speech he delivered in Italy excoriating his own critics.)
The upshot of it all is that Ireland for the first time in its history is being governed by atheistic Marxists.
They are in Parliament.
They are in the Media.
They are in the Judiciary.
They are in the Church.
They are the abomination of desolation, usurping power that is not their's.
And we have to stop them.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

watching the defectives

Something which claims to be the Irish edition of something called The Sunday Times ran several articles last week on the collapse in public support for Ireland's anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour government.
The copious coverage, on both the cover and the inner pages of The Sunday Times, did not once mention the anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour Party decision to close Ireland's embassy to the Vatican.
Nor did it once mention the Catholic Church or the anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour Party's anti Catholicism.
Hoo baby.
Instead the columns were padded out with dross about the recession.
Nothing about Enda Kenny's malicious and mendacious accusations in parliament falsely alleging that the Vatican had obstructed Irish government enquiries into sex abuse; Nothing about the Fine Gael Labour Party's bail out of goverment Minister Ruairi Quinn's brother's bank; Nothing about Ruairi Quinn's seizure of Catholic secondary schools; Nothing about government Minister Alan Shatter's attempts to intrude into the Confession Box; Nothing about anything that has infuriated the Irish people. Nothing at all.
As Rupert Murdock always says: "If you're gonna tell a lie, tell a big one."
(Hitler surely? - Ed  note)
Meanwhile Ireland's other bankrupt anti Catholic newspapers have continued their policy of publishing pictures of anti Catholic Prime Minister Enda Kenny every day.
Enda Kenny is a weak vacuous vapid vascillatory hairstyle of a man.
We all know what he looks like.
Publishing photos of him to illustrate spurious press releases posing as news articles would be superfluous at best.
Publishing such photos every day is well nigh cosmically risible.
But since Enda Kenny and his party have made serial attacks on the Catholic Church their stock in trade, the failing anti Catholic newspapers of Ireland have taken to printing his picture every day along with some excuse of an article to go with it.
All this is a pathetic attempt to convince the Irish citizenry that Enda Kenny is a Statesman.
They actually call him Statesman.
One of the brazzer journos in the Evening Herald called him a Statesman just the other day.
I'll tell you this.
It's far from Statesmen she was reared.
But they're all at it.
Statesman is the word they are trying to hammer into the public consciousness when it comes to Enda Kenny.
I suppose it beats c---.
This repeated iteration of the Prime Minister's purely imaginery Statesmanly qualities, is also an attempt by readerless newspapers to curry favour with Enda Kenny, with a view to obtaining a State bail out for their collapsing media groups.
Today produced some classics.
The litany of honour went as follows.
The readerless anti Catholic Bolshevick Irish Times printed a picture of Enda Kenny along with some excuse of a news article.
The readerless anti Catholic Tony O'Reilly worshipping Irish Independent printed a picture of Enda Kenny along with some excuse of a news article.
The readerless anti Catholic Irish edition of The Daily Mirror printed a picture of Enda Kenny along with some excuse of a news article.
The readerless anti Catholic pharmaceutical company promoting Daily Mail printed two pictures of Enda Kenny alongside two excuses of news articles on two separate pages.
The readerless anti Catholic phone tapping, police corrupting, Murdock owned, super, soaraway, Irish edition of The Sun printed no less than four pictures of Enda Kenny complete with sundry excuses posing as news articles.
Hey lads.
I'll say it again.
We know what he looks like.
And we know where he's going.
Hint: The same place you are.

Monday, March 05, 2012

the devils

Harper Collins is paying murderess Amanda Knox millions of dollars for a book about Amanda Knox's satanic violation, rape, torture and murder of Meredith Kercher.
Harper Collins is seeking to profit from Amanda Knox's slaughter of an innocent girl.
It is time to put a stop to this.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

an open letter to the president of ireland michael d higgins

Mr President.
I am concerned that a week prior to your election as President of Ireland, the Irish police received an allegation that you had committed sex abuse.
The police quite inexplicably at first refused to investigate the allegation.
With days to polling a second report of the allegation against you was forwarded to a different police department.
This department went through the motions of investigating it.
That is to say they took down the details and then did nothing about it.
Shortly after taking down the details, the second police department released a statement saying that the allegation was "without substance" as it had been forwarded third hand.
It is not clear precisely what the police meant by asserting that the allegation was third hand.
Nor is it clear whether the phrase third hand allegation has any status within Irish law as a reason for corrupt politicised police officers not to proceed with a very urgent investigation.
Urgent Mick, because if the allegation was true, Ireland was within days of electing a paedophile as President.
No information about the exact nature of the sex abuse allegations against you, has been released.
One thing is clear.
You need to lay these allegations to rest.
If you have been guilty of sexual abuse, you need to stand down as President, make reparations to your victims, and repent of your crimes.
If you are not guilty, the public needs to see this fact demonstrated clearly.
If for instance, the kleptocratic Fianna Fail Party has been engaging in a disgraceful attempt to sabotage your Presidency, by labelling you a paedophile, this fact needs to come to light.
Traditionally those of us who worked in journalism were aware that this sort of dirty trick was certainly not beyond the capabilities of Fianna Fail.
If we leave Fianna Fail out of the equation, we must still must consider the capacity of your political rivals in the atheistic Fine Gael Party and within your own atheistic Marxian anti Catholic Labour Party for similar dirty tricks.
In any case President Michael D Higgins.
We need to know.
James Healy

archie rides out

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin this week told American television that he didn't think the time was right for the Pope to come to Ireland.
Seeking to copperfasten his usurpation of power within Irish Catholicism and to head off a growing grassroots movement which is currently defying politicians to invite the Pope personally to Ireland, Archie sneered that the Church still has to deal with sex abuse scandals in a manner Archie considers adequate.
Oh Magoo.
You've done it again.
Archie accused those who do not support him within the Irish Church of wishing to "bury" sex abuse.
Hilarious no.
If you're gonna tell a lie, tell a big one, eh Archie.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is himself complicit in the most egregious cover up of sex abuse in modern Irish history.
That is to say he has colluded with atheistic media liberals to mislead Irish people into believing that the majority of sex abuse cases occur at the hands of churchmen.
He has done this when the exact opposite was the truth.
A full 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases occur at the hands of people who have no connection to the Catholic Church.
A full 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims have been sidelined because they were useless to Archie and his media friends in their culture war against Catholicism.
A full 99.99 percent of victims, the victims in the most serious and ongoing sex abuse cases, the house of horrors victims, the victims in Health Board Care, the victims of paedophile swimming coaches and boxing club trainers, the victims of teachers, nurses, lawyers, radio producers, Irish Times sports journalists, and politicians, all of these victims I say, all of them, are ignored.
Ignored simply because they were of no use to Archie and his media allies in Archie's ongoing attempts to hijack Catholocism and remake it in his own image.
You know folks.
At some stage we're going to have to put a stop to this.