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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Art Of War

The problem is that I'm such a slob of a journalist.
Even when I'm completely in the right, I leave myself terribly exposed.
So the head idiot has returned to his game playing with the humour column.
The past few weeks it was printed without my name on it. His confidence is obviously growing because he's chanced a couple of changes to the text as well.
Yesterday we had our standard furious flurry of emails.
Of course the moment I confronted him about the removal of my name, it was restored. There was some sort of half baked mendacious apology as well.
"Sorry, name left off by accident, etc etc."
Ah the lying hound.
I would give more credance to the trial testimony of Saddam Hussein.
All this went on to the backdrop of me being two days late with the news stories which had been due in on Friday.
Sun Tzu is not my name.