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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the prescient mister steyn

Five years ago the commentator Mark Steyn warned that hip depravity would ultimately migrate beyond the ranks of the Jihadis.
He pointed to drug gangs which had begun carrying out beheadings in Mexico, a country with no prior history of such crimes even among the gangster classes.
And now there's Norway.

they use dark forces

It is beginning to become clear that the mass murder of children, young adults and the elderly in Norway last week was not all it seemed.
The murderer sent out emails to various political figures around Europe before he started his killings.
These emails were sent to many on the lunatic fringe.
But their real targets were respected politicians such as Gert Wilders in the Netherlands and the Vlaams Block in Belgium who have attempted to give voice to growing public concern about the infiltration of Western Europe by Muslim Jihadis who are waging a centuries old war against us and our values.
By sending emails to Wilders and the Vlaams, the murderer was attempting to marginalise and discredit them.
By claiming falsely to be a Christian he was attempting to sow the false notion that Christians commit acts of terror just like Muslims.
I am suggesting that the slaughter of children in Norway was a false flag operation.
The real question is who was this devil worshipper working for?

the murders in Norway

I am loathe to criticise the security forces of any country after a terrorist attack.
I held my whist when Al Qaeda agent Hassan Malik murdered fifteen soldiers at a US army base and the base commander turned out to be an abject consummate Clinton era incompetent, boasting about how proud he was to see his men slapping medi packs on the wounded and dying, rather than accounting for how he came to let a well known Jihadi terrorist wander around his base shooting our men and women and unborn babies in uniform at leisure.
I also held my whisht when Al Qaeda bombed buses and trains in London and the police there claimed the Al Qaeda agents were unknown to them when in fact the lead bomber had been clearly identified as a threat months before and British police had instead of arresting him and detaining him for the duration been following a political correct policy of sensitivity to Muslims imposed by liberals in their own command structure by not arresting the lead Al Qaeda bomber and detaining or executing him but instead attempting to follow him and about 16,000 of his Al Qaeda suspect friends around Great Britain in the naive hope of catching some one or other or all of them just as they were about to press their detonators, and by keeping them at liberty up to that point, thereby to cause them absolutely no inconvenience beforehand.
I held my whisht.
Because the British and the Americans are in the front line of the Jihadi war against the world.
Let anyone who's stood in their shoes stand in judgement on them.
The Irish have done nothing.
So to Norway.
I am loathe to criticise the Norwegian police after a Satanist or Free Mason or whatever he was, and his accomplices whatever they are, shot and bombed 70 people to death there last week.
But a few points need to be made.
On the night of the murders, for some incomprehensible reason the Norwegian cops stood off the island where the murderer was slaughtering children.
That is to say, the cops were getting phone calls from the children saying: "There's a psycho killing us."
And for two hours the cops stayed clear of the murder zone.
They didn't go in.
Do you understand this?
Do you understand the sheer callous disregard for the lives of those kids exhibited by the Norwegian police?
Can you begin to fathom it?
I can't.
Their excuse thus far has been that they didn't have a helicopter.
Hoo baby.
So they waited for the murderer to finish his grisly work.
And then they went in.
At best the Norwegian cops are guilty of abysmal cowardice.
I don't know what they're guilty of at worst.
I can't find a word for it.
Shortly after the arrest of the child slaughterer, a Norwegian police officer informed the liberal leftist media groups of the world that the murderer was a Christian fundamentalist.
This statement by the Norwegian police was at best a malicious lie.
It was based solely on some reference to Christian culture in the various false flag meanderings the murderer had posted on the internet.
In propagating the murderer's tendentious and nonsensical claims, the Norwegian police gave him the propaganda victory he had obviously been seeking.
And the Norwegian cops did this because of their own liberal leftist biases against the Christian faith.
That is all.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the darkness who knows

With barely concealed glee the girlie Sky News presenter announced that the murderer of children in Norway was a Christian fundamentalist.
Soon the same statement was being trafficked throughout the liberal leftist media all over the world with the same ill concealed glee.
The Sky News girlie had no evidence for what she'd said.
Nor do the others.
The slaughterer of children had left a few claims on his various websites.
Among them were claims he respected Winston Churchill, upheld the views of the Fabian Socialist John Mill, was a member of the Free Masons, and had become part of a reconstituted version of the Order of the Knights Templar.
The Knights Templar were suppressed by the Catholic Church 800 years ago, supposedly for devil worship.
Of all the stuff the Norwegian child killer said about himself, Sky News and the other liberal leftist media groups had decided to believe, publicise and propagandise his claim to be a Christian.
Why would they do this?
Because Sky and the other news groups saw an opportunity to use this Norwegian child slaughterer as a tool to discredit the Christian faith and/or anyone who like me had warned of the dangers arising from Muslim immigration into Europe.
This is the same liberal leftist media who have consistently denied there is any threat to the world from the peaceloving religion of Islam.
Meanwhile the Jihadi's continue to wage war on all fronts; that is to say they continue to wage separatist war in Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, China and India; they continue to wage civil war across the Arab Maghreb which is composed of Muslim majority countries; they continue to wage dictatorship war against their own populaces in Syria and Iran; they  continue to wage wars of expansion across Africa; they continue to wage race war against the State of Israel; they continue to copperfasten their gains from secessionist war in Cyprus and Kosovo; at will and at times and places of their own choosing, they continue to wage terror war against America and Europe.
And what is the liberal leftist media response?
For Sky News the response has been to accept funding from the Islamist royal family of Qatar, the same people who fund the Nazi Channel Al Jazeera.
And having accepted funding from such Islamist scoundrels Sky News has promptly adopted the Islamist scoundrels' view of the world.
So we have Sky and the other quisling media groups accepting the word of a child murdering devil worshipper from Norway that he is in fact a Christian.
I don't know what this Norwegian child slaughterer was, gentle readers.
I know only one thing about him.
You cannot trust what he says about himself.

Monday, July 25, 2011

dances with hamsters

Evening at the Chateau.
Fur Ham and Ireland's greatest living poet are watching the sexevision.
"Why did God give hamsters little stumps for tails?" I ask during intermission.
"They're very comfortable," answers Furram Smythe.
"Comfortable?" quoth me interrogatively.
"Yes," says Fur. "Comfortable. They're really comfortable. So much so that I predict everyone will be wearing them eventually. People especially."
"But what are they for?" persisteth me.
"Fashion," proclaims the golden mouse.
"But you can't even wag them," I charge.
Fur Ham twitches a single dignified whisker.
"Maybe we can and we choose not to."
"Really? Why would you do that?"
"We don't want people thinking we're dogs," pronounced Fur Ham with an air of finality.