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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sitting in a cafe with a friend.
I said: "Do you believe in God?"
She  said: "I, er, well, I, yes, yes, I do believe in God."
No sooner had she spoken than a moth with dappled blue wings swooped down from the rafters and alighted on the lip of her teacup.

famous people's clashes with the law deliberately staged to get free headlines

1. Hugh Grant's arrest on Sunset Boulevard with a prostitute... staged to attract publicity.

2. Eddie Murphy's arrest on Sunset Boulevard with a supposed prostitute... staged to attract publicity.

3. Gerard Depardieu's arrest after urinating in the passageway of a passenger plane on which he was travelling, and his subsequent opting for Russian citizenship... staged to attract publicity.

4. Cheryl Thingy and the musician styled Will I Am's car crash in LA... staged to attract publicity.

5. Any row, argument, divorce, law suit or firing of staff involving Simon Cowell... staged to attract publicity.

6. Anything involving Mel Gibson... probably really happened.

judge liberal always rings twice

Yet another member of the IRA terrorist mafia has been released by an Irish Judge on bail, this time pending extradition hearings to Germany no less.
This comes a couple of days after the last IRA man released on bail by a liberal Irish Judge shot and killed a police officer, then attempted to murder his own moll, and then suicided himself.
Our police officer's blood is barely cold on the ground and Judge Aileen Liberal is turning the next Rah man loose.
Shame on her and all who ride with her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

real politik

In ten days of direct intervention on behalf of the Syrian government, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved what the West couldn't do in four years.
Mr Putin has almost overnight put an end to the Syrian civil war.
He has put Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the other Al Qaeda franchises in Syria on the run.
Already his exultant forces threaten the existence of the Isis caliphate enclave which had spilled over from western Syria into Iraq.
This particular charnel house in the world wide Jihad is coming to an end.
To do it, Mr Putin had to bomb the self same rebel factions which President Obama of the United States had been succouring.
Those Al Qaeda affiliates had been wrongly described by Mr Obama as pro Western freedom fighters.
They have been similarly and equally wrongly so described by commentators I respect, among them Charles Krauthammer on the Fox News Channel and Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcast Network.
In my view Mr Krauthammer and Mr Mr Robertson are way off on this one.
There are no pro Western freedom fighters in Syria and there never were.
Al Qaeda hijacked this rebellion almost from the beginning.
Mr Obama's pro Western freedom fighters were in fact anti Western Jihadis.
Mr Obama's pro Western freedom fighters had in fact spent the past four years providing a buffer zone between the Isis Islamic State caliphate and the Syrian government forces of Bashar Al Assad.
The supposedly pro Western freedom fighting Jihadis were absolutely integral to what Isis was doing in the carving out of an Islamic State in western Syria, and to the creation of the grand illusion that Isis had a secure capital at Raqaa.
The pro Western rebels had spent four years running pass defence for Isis while Barack fed them, trained them, and armed them, and while four million Syrians simply left the country, two million of whom are currently attempting to force their way into Europe.
So the great buffer zone preventing Assad from moving against Isis was erected and maintained by Barack's wrongly described pro Western rebels.
Mr Putin went right through them and was absolutely correct to do so.
If we'd left it to Barack any longer we'd soon have had eight million Syrians trying to force their way into Europe.
Neither America nor Europe should allow President Barack Obama to embroil us further in his misguided and mendacious succouring of Jihadis in Syria.
Interestingly enough I have spent a lifetime waiting for the Assad regime to fall.
I have spent the past fifteen years hoping the Russians would opt for  something better than Putin whom I have deemed to be an amoral assassin of individuals and nations.
But I hold with Winston Churchill on these matters.
If Al Qaeda invaded hell I would at the very least give a favourable mention to the devil in the Heelers Diaries.
Let the Russians finish the job.

the crunch question

Question: Will the Irish government's allocation of increased police resources help stem the tide of IRA Tinker mafia crime across the Republic of Ireland.

Answer: No. The only thing that will stem the tidal wave of IRA Tinker drug dealing mafia murder crime across Ireland is to lock up members of the IRA Tinker mafias who are caught committing crimes. That means we have to replace the Liberal Judges who insist on turning the criminals loose on the citizenry. We should elect our Judiciary from now on and break finally gangland's control from the shadows over the Judges. There should be no more bail for IRA murderers, drug dealers, rapists, people traffickers or house breakers. There should be no more weekend or day release. There should be no longer any limitation on the time they may be held for questioning. At present the cops have to let them go after twenty four hours until charges are ready. Thank you Judge Liberal. How enlightened you are in protecting IRA murderers and their attendant skang gangs. There should be no more commuted or shortened sentences. There should be no more community service. They should go to jail. They should go directly to jail. They should not receive free legal aid.They should not collect a licence to kill from Judge Liberal as they pass Go. I would ask you to note that the IRA member who murdered a police officer this week, was out on bail for previous crimes courtesy of Liberal Judges. The Tinker gang bangers who broke into a man's house and tortured him in front of his wife and children last year had also all received neglible sentences for their previous cornucopia of crimes along with early release, endless State financed appeals against their convictions, and generous bail awards while awaiting trial. One of the tinkers who tortured the man in front of his wife and children had been convicted more than a hundred times previously. I kid you not. We should arm the police force. Yes I know the Irish police force is hugely corrupt. Even in my own town a corrupt cop kept the gang bangers out of jail for fifteen years while harassing the law abiding members of the community. His classic line in court when trying to keep his proteges out of jail was: "Yer Onner, I'll take them under my wing.". But we should still arm the police, the existence of skanger cops notwithstanding. And we should break absolutely the power of the IRA, the Tinkers, the Muslim gangs (whom I normally refer to as Al Qaeda), Cosa Nostra, the Chinese Triads, the Russian Mafia, the Eastern European gangs, and the Nigerian devil worhipping gangs who are currently dividing Ireland up into personal fiefdoms. We should anathematise, proscribe and end them all. The alternative is to be ruled by them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

the evil that judge liberals do

A police officer has been shot to death in Ireland.
He was murdered by a member of the IRA the terrorist mafia grouping whose parliamentary proxies are the political party which styles itself Sinn Fein.
The member of the IRA who murdered our police officer also shot a woman with whom the member of the IRA was apparently involved.
She has survived.
The IRA member having carried out the murder of the police officer and the shooting of the IRA member's moll, then suicided himself.
The IRA member who murdered our police officer was out on bail for other crimes.
We should charge Judge Liberal with the murder of the police officer and all other crimes committed by the IRA murderer after Judge Liberal released the IRA murderer on bail.
That is all.
Thank you for your time.

Monday, October 12, 2015

today they said

Gerry Adams (President of Sinn Fein the IRA mafia's parliamentary proxies in Ireland. Gerry is also reputedly head of the IRA itself.): "If elected to government we will give every family in Ireland the equivalent of 600 to a thousand Euro."

James Healy: "So you're going to pay back the 30 million you stole in the Northern Bank robbery, and the 30 billion you stole through your institutionalised burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank via illegal billion dollar loans to businessmen acting as proxies for the IRA, and then you're going to pay back the 100 billion that was looted from the Treasury by your corrupt accomplices in government Prime Minister Brian Cowan of Fianna Fail, the now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and their successors in the present Fine Gael Labour Party combo to cover up your systematic collapse of the Irish banking industry? Because that's going to take more than 600 Euro to each family Mate. You and your IRA owe every man, woman and child in Ireland a million quid every year for the next hundred years. For starters."