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Saturday, October 13, 2012

trial by newspaper

The bankrupt anti Catholic newspaper styling itself the Irish Independent today carries on its cover a series of malicious inuendos and assertions of opinion about Cardinal Sean Brady masquerading as hard news reportage.
The article is written by one Gary O'Sullivan, (two Gary O'Sullivans would have been an extravagance) a liberal leftist ex monk, formerly editor of the liberal leftist privately run for commercial profit magazine falsely and misleading styled The Irish Catholic, yes, the same man who is now after an unexplained windfall actually the owner of the aformentioned liberal leftist magazine falsely and misleading styled The Irish Catholic.
Today Gary O'Sullivan's article on the cover of the Irish Independent weaves a tissue of Gary O'Sullivan's opinions, inuendos and speculations into a fake news story purporting to be about Cardinal Sean Brady.
Gary O'Sullivan claims that he has clerical sources for his assertion that the Catholic Church is about to replace Cardinal Sean Brady.
Gary O'Sullivan does not name his clerical sources but perhaps they might include his liberal leftist brother Andrew, a priest famous for telling the congregation in the church in Kilcullen that the miracle of the loaves and the fishes never happened, and that Jesus merely suggested to the 4000 people on the mountain that they might check their pockets and share any food they happened to have with them.
Father Andrew was also famous in my home town of Kilcullen for having a 100 year old tree cut down which had been planted outside the church when the church was built.
The tree was cut down while the parish priest was on holiday.
It was a highly symbolic act.
Some of these young modernists have no interest in two thousand years of tradition, never mind a hundred year old tree.
During my own vague acquaintance with him, Father Andrew also claimed to be pally with Mary MacAleese, the radical northern socialist who delivered the Irish Presidency to the corrupt nation destroying corrupt kleptocratic corrupt Fianna Fail corrupt party for a period of no less than 14 corrupt years.
Lovely, lovely people.
Mary MacAleese also likes to pose Catholic whenever it suits her liberal leftist socio political agenda.
Neither of Gary O'Sullivan or Mary MacAleese are Catholics as far as I am concerned.
But both claim to be.
Their Catholicism serves their careers.
It is not enlightened by anything you might mistake for loyalty to the ancient church on a dark night.
They merely have Catholic public personas.
That is to say, they vociferously insist that no one has the right to say they are not Catholic no matter how often or how consistently they trahaise the ancient church in their various leftist public advocacies.
I am saying it.
They are not Catholic.
They subvert the church while proclaiming themselves again and again to be a part of it and daring anyone to deny them.
Here is the news.
Gary O'Sullivan has been hired by Independent Newspapers the most anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe, to give that newspaper group plausible deniability while it pursues a vicious culture war against the Catholic Church in general and Cardinal Sean Brady in particular.
The anti Catholic Irish Independent whose readership has evaporated, needs to reinvent itself as a credible newspaper in Catholic eyes.
That is the only reason they have hired him.
You don't seriously believe it was anything to do with his journalistic skills?
He joins Mary Kenny as the token nigger on the Irish Independent staff.
Look at today's malicious attack on Cardinal Brady.
In his article Gary O'Sullivan without any corroboration of verification or named source, claims that Cardinal Brady is shortly about to be removed from office because of what Gary O'Sullivan considers to be his mishandling of an old child abuse case.
This is a blatant attempt to create public momentum towards just such a removal.
It is also an attempt to stampede the Pope in the same direction.
Naughy, naughty, very naughty Gary O'Sullivan.
What are they paying you?
Was it worth the price of your immortal soul to facilitate the ruination of the venerable self sacrificing Cardinal Sean Brady in whose presence you are not fit to stand?
I'm just saying is all.
The case which Gary O'Sullivan attempts to manipulate to the detriment of Cardinal Brady will be familiar to my readers.
I have written before about the same case being used repeatedly by bankrupt media groups attempting to make a name for themselves by bagging a Catholic Cardinal.
As a young priest Cardinal Sean Brady took notes of evidence given to other priests by a child abuse victim.
The scandal being contrived and perpetuated in an ongoing way by Gerry O'Sullivan and his bankrupt liberal leftist media pals, hinges on ascribing a duty to the then Father Sean Brady to go to the cops with what he noted at the interview given by the abuse victim.
Gary O'Sullivan doesn't think the victim had a duty to go to the cops. He doesn't think the victims parents or guardians had a duty to go to the cops. He doesn't think the authorities within the church who were party to the hearing at which Father Sean Brady took notes and to whom his notes were passed on, had a duty to go the cops.
It's all on the young man who later became a Cardinal.
This folks is yet another thoroughly invidious example of trial by newspaper.
I would have you note that Independent Newspapers, the most anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe, admits to a current level of indebtedness above half a billion dollars.
The real figure will be higher.
I urge you all to reject these scoundrels and their attempts to ruin a decent man.

trial by sky news

Today They Said...

Sky News Announcer: "More allegations have emerged about disgraced broadcaster Jimmy Savile. We'll be back after the break with the latest statements from his victims."

James Healy: "Disgraced? Really? By who? Supposed victims, surely? Unproven allegations, yes? Or has Sky News tried this case in its own star chamber court, Judge Rupert Murdock presiding? I'd be quite curious about the current state of play in the legal proceedings featuring Sky News itself and Rupert Murdock's other companies. You know. The allegations, hugely corroborated by evidence and witnesses willing to go on the record with their full names and addresses in accusing still living Chief Executives, Management and Staff at News International Corporation (owner of Sky), that News International, its employees, management, and staff, along with the staff of every newspaper in Ireland and Britain, routinely bribed police officers, blackmailed politicians and celebrities, and tapped the phones of private citizens. These activities by the still living Rupert Murdock and his still living friends are surely more of a threat to the very existence of our democracy and our freedoms, than say, the unproven, unverified, untried accusatiions levelled by anonymous career criminals against dead celebrities in return for undisclosed financial payments from the above mentioned blackmailing police bribing phone tapping bankrupt media groups. I mean, have I lost the plot here? Are we actually handing over the judicial process to the Daily Mirror, ITV, the Daily Mail Rupert Murdock, Sky News et al?"

the reason why the daily mirror uses anonymous accusers in trying to boost its sales by slandering jimmy savile and others

The reason the Daily Mirror uses mostly anonymous accusers in attempting to boost its sales by slandering dead celebrities, is because every time it names one of its sources, we discover that the source has a rap sheet as long as your arm featuring jail time, drug crime, money laundering and offences involving violence to children.
You couldn't make it up.

Friday, October 12, 2012

the reputation of the daily mirror versus the reputation of jimmy savile

On the cover of the Daily Mirror today there are two headlines.
The larger one says: "SAVILE'S SEX WAGON."
The smaller one says: "SHAMED STAR'S DRIVER TELLS ALL."
The captions are juxtaposed with pictures of a mobile home style van, and photos of Jimmy Savile, apparently dating from 1971.
There are two sentences of reportage with the headlines and photos on the cover of the Daily Mirror.
The sentences say: "This is the mobile home Jimmy Savile used as a sex lair to molest a string of children.His former driver Dennis Garbutt told how the TV star lured girls as young as 12 into the vehicle as they toured the country."
That is the entire cover of today's Daily Mirror.
Everything the Daily Mirror has put on this cover is designed to mislead the reader into believing that Jimmy Savile's former driver Dennis Garbutt has made the above allegations directly to the Daily Mirror.
This cover is a complete lie overladen with a tissue of lies.
Dennis Garbut has never at any time made the above allegations or any other allegations about Jimmy Savile to the Daily Mirror.
Dennis Garbutt has never even spoken to the Daily Mirror.
The statements about Jimmy Savile on the cover of today's Daily Mirror are attributed by the Daily Mirror to Dennis Garbutt without his permission or knowledge.
For Dennis Garbutt aged 78 is suffering from Alzheimers Disease.
He is unable to communicate with anyone.
Doctors refer to his condition, using a word I do not like or accept, as "demented."
It is his wife who has spoken to the Daily Mirror in return for an undisclosed sum of money.
It is his wife who has made claims to the Daily Mirror about Jimmy Savile and permitted the Daily Mirror to present those claims in such a way that it appeared her husband had spoken to the Daily Mirror.
It is Jimmy Savile's driver's wife who has impugned Jimmy Savile without ever having driven him anywhere.
Being unable to communicate directly, Dennis Garbutt is of course unable to take action if he is falsely quoted on the cover of the Daily Mirror or if the Daily Mirror pretends his wife's quotations came directly from him.
That's the sort of person the Daily Mirror likes to quote when slandering Jimmy Savile.
One who can't talk.
Dennis Garbutt is the perfect victim for the Daily Mirror.
Although their preferred type is someone who is already dead and can't sue like Jimmy Savile.
The interior of the Daily Mirror carries further elaborations on the claims being made by the wife of Dennis Garbutt.
The claims are written and punctuated to appear as though Dennis Garbutt had spoken them specifically to a Daily Mirror reporter.
Now gentle readers.
Now you must make up your own minds about whether you accept this sort of trial by newspaper.
I have a few footnotes for you.
On the inner pages of the newspaper there is a quote from Jimmy Savile himself, taken out of context from a 1971 interview with the Daily Mirror, in which he boasts of his sexual prowess, saying: "I am a timber wolf."
I only mention this because I have previously suggested that the Daily Mirror and its associates cheer-led the breakdown in sexual morality that began in the Free World during the 1960's and which  the gutter press lauded as The Sexual Revolution.
I am suggesting that newspapers such as the Daily Mirror, have contributed to the disruption of male and female sexualities which has resulted in a forty year tidal wave of sex abuse throughout our societies.
I would have you note that the Daily Mirror is bankrupt.
There are various theories as to who its beneficial owners are.
The Guardian newspaper was at one stage hinting that the Daily Mirror is in fact owned by bankrupt Irish businessman Tony O'Reilly.
No one knows for sure.
The only certainty is that the Daily Mirror has no money.
It is kept alive by loans from idiot banks which you and I are repaying for it.
It's sole revenue stream comes from phone sex lines which it publishes in its rear pages and which also are a probable contributor to the disruption of male and female sexualities which results in child abuse.
And finally Esther.
There are two other news articles which I would draw your attention to in today's Daily Mirror.
The first is a salacious interview with some promiscuous teenage pop stars.
The interview onanistically and enviously lauds their behaviour.
It is without moral context.
The exact repitition, I would hazard, of the amoral tenor and tone of the Daily Mirror's lauding of Jimmy Savile's claimed promiscuity in their original 1971 interview with the now deceased broadcaster whom they have so latterly decided to slander.
Curious what.
The other Daily Mirror news article is on a completely different vein.
It features what it calls: "the greatest ever drug cheats in international sport."
Bear in mind that this is the Irish edition of the Daily Mirror.
We have quite a few drug cheats in this country who are internationally famous and would be due for a mention.
The Daily Mirror's list of international sporting drug cheats just happens to omit Michelle Smith, the Irish swimmer who drugged her way to three Olympic medals, and Cian O'Connor, the show jumper, who drugged his way to one Olympic gold, then had it stripped from him after his horse was found high on cocaine and heroin, then was sneaked back into the Irish Olympic team four years later by Tony O'Reilly's wife at the most recent Olympics and managed to snaffle a silver medal because obviously the Olympic Committee has no f--king standards of probity whatsoever.
The drug samples and records from Cian O'Connor's horse that won gold four years ago, went missing in the most outrageous circumstances, involving break ins at Horse Racing Ireland, and the happy hijacking of a motor cycle courier.
I kid you not.
Cian O'Connor by the way is a protege of bankrupt Irish businessman Tony O'Reilly, the owner of Independent Newspapers.
The same Tony O'Reilly whom the Guardian has been hinting is actually also the beneficial owner of the Daily Mirror.
Tony O'Reilly's Greek trophy wife is head of Horse Racing Ireland.
What lovely bedfellows.
It's the horses I feel sorry for.
Ho hum.

no heelers no

October in the world.
Coffee with Doctor Barn in the River Bank Cafe.
"You won't believe this," says he all jollies. "I got a phone call around midnight last night. It was from Pauline. She told me she was worried you might be about to commit suicide. Did you send her one of your depressing poems or something?"
"I did send her a fragment of verse as it happens," I answered carefully. "But I didn't intend it to have that effect. What did you do when she told you she thought I was about to top myself?"
"I told her to go back to sleep and not be annoying me," said Doctor Barn. "But what was the poem?"
I recited it for him briefly.
It ran:

"there will come an hour
some evening of wind abover urquaharts wood
some evening when the elementals of nature parody the power
the last light of dusk the life force fading from my blood
there will come an hour
i know nothing of destiny
but i know this
this is to be"

There was a stillness in the cafe after I'd finished declaiming.
I was the first to break the silence.
"Let me get this straight," sez I. "You got a phone call from Pauline saying she was worried I might be about to go croakies, and you didn't even check with me to see whether there was anything in it?"
"I was sure you wouldn't be into it," says Daktari.
Well folks.
What a pair.
Doctor Barn and my feminist cousin Pauline.
One of them thinks my poems are so bad that they're to die for. And the other one isn't too worried about the body count even from one of my poems going off accidentally.
I don't know which of them to be more offended with.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

oh sweet vicissitudes of life

Coffee in the White Water Centre with the Bruce and Gwynneth Paltrow, two saintly Dublin prayer group loons of my acquaintance.
The pair are trying to offer me encouragement about my professional journalistic career or lack of one.
Their advice is laced with all the near cosmic compassion, kindness and gormlessness of old Dublin.
It is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.
"There's something out there for you," says the Bruce.
She appears to lack confidence in the proposition she has just proffered.
There is an awkward silence.
Gwen takes a deep breath, summons up her not inconsiderable spiritual resources and nods with great and profound dubiousness.
"James you are very talented," she Dublins heartily. "Think of all your skills. You... You... You've got a great way with animals."
This gem breaks the camel's hump.
"You whey faced galoots," I cry. "You think employers are looking for people with a way with animals? You think I'm going to get a job as a hamster handler? You think the Civil Service are recruiting budgie whisperers? You collossal goons. Those jobs are all taken. It's not what you know. It's who you know. You've got to be in with the head hamster. Or have a cousin who's a budgie. In this country it's all pull."
The two ladies looked suitably shocked at my heart felt peroration but when I'd finished I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
Bold readers, you should know this by now.
Even in the depths of despair, I am my own biggest fan.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

heeler the peelers fashion tips for the modern girl

Combine blue with purple to evoke the Autumn, stop riding scruff, and go to mass.

party piece

we are all dying more or less
in bodies in spirit
slaves to a process
not bitter or malign
but limitless
each moment each decade
unrolls in the shadow of the scythe
we laugh cry caress
doomed enough for ones so blithe
blithe enough for ones so doomed
revellers on a runaway train
exultant into the night

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

lest we forget

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin this week wrote a letter of complaint to the Irish Times.
I nearly burst a gasket.
Laughing I mean.
Archie's full time media handlers have spent the last two months blitzing the public with stories about him.
But the staged conflict with the Irish Times was the best one yet.
Machiavelli Martin is supposed to be upset that the Irish Times had implied there were differences between himself and Cardinal Brady on the issue of abortion.
There goes one of my sides.
It split.
I'm laughing so hard.
Here is the news.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is not angry with the Irish Times.
Archbishop Diarimuid Martin is in bed with the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers and others.
They are engaged in a menage a leftists.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and his anti Catholic media allies are seeking to remake the Catholic Church in their own image by forcing a generation of Bishops from office and appointing hand picked (by Archie) liberal replacements in their place.
Remember Cardinal Brady folks.
Remember my assertions that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's anti Catholic media allies at the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers had tried to force Cardinal Brady from office through an earlier media campaign.
Remember my suggestion that Cardinal Brady was being blackmailed by Archbishop Martin
A few years ago Cardinal Brady woke up long enough to realise that he Cardinal Brady was head of the Catholic Church in Ireland and that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was merely a regional prelate.
Suddenly Cardinal Brady refound his long lost courage and integrity and refused to back the infiltrating leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's seemingly irresistable attempts to orchestrate the firing of a generation of decent venerable heroic Irish Bishops at a meeting with the Pope in Rome.
Archie had been smearing the lot of them as concealers of child abuse in the anti Catholic Irish Times and the anti Catholic Irish Independent.
It was only after Cardinal Brady's awakening at the meeting with the Pope, that news stories started appearing in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent falsely accusing Cardinal Brady himself of concealing child abuse.
Up to that moment he had been left alone by the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers.
Strange eh!
That's why I've suggested blackmail.
Similar stories alleging the concealment of child abuse were circulated about the Pope himself at precisely the same time and for precisely the same reason by European leftist newspapers.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a very evil, very powerful, very machiavellian man.
I hope it stays fine for him.

PS: For those of you who've just got here, the quarrel between Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the Irish Times is staged.

do freddie kruegers dream of electric amanda knoxes

Freddie Kruger, the fictional character from Wes Craven's pornographically violent, twistedly objectionable, depressingly opprobrious, Nightmare On Elm Street movie, was having a bad dream.
In his dream, Amanda Knox was his flatmate.
Amanda Knox was chasing Freddie Krueger around the house.
The dagger fingered phantom woke in a cold sweat.
"Thank God," said Freddie Krueger. "Thank God. It was only a dream. I think it's time I went over to the forces of good. How on earth could I be on the same side as that murderous sick diseased satanic b-tch."


It is ironic that, for reasons of legalistic probity, I should be refusing to accept attacks on deceased celebrities from newspaper groups which during the youth of those same celebrities veritably worshipped those same celebrities while attempting to sneer Christian values out of existence. It is ironic that the current attempts by bankrupt media groups to smear the reputation of dead celebrities are being steered by the very same newspapers which most vociferously championed and cheerled the 1960's break down in morality now tweely referred to as the sexual revolution, the same breakdown which so disrupted male and female sexuality in general throughout Ireland, Britain and the World, and which has led inevitably to the obscene culture of permissive promiscuity that is currently casting the human race headlong into a new dark ages.
The Daily Mirror, ITV, the super soaraway phone tapping Rupert Murdock owned police corrupting Sun, Mary Kenny, the Irish Independent et al (particularly al, I hate him) are judges of nothing.
I tell you this.
On judgement day Jimmy Savile will stand in judgement on them.

Monday, October 08, 2012

sex abuse and the irish times

Today's edition of the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Times newspaper carries a cover article by atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry asserting that a Catholic Bishop has lied in his explanations about his handling of old child abuse cases.
The initial paragraph features a string of deliberately incriminatory legalistic accusations and assertions artificially and wrongly contrived and presented by Patsy McGarry to appear as hard news facts.
Off the cover the Irish Times also carries a further full page of contrived accusations against the same Bishop in its interior news section.
I'll have to ask for a Judge's ruling on this one.
In recent days Irish police finally got round to sending a file to the Department of Public Prosecutions relating to an Irish Times journalist who raped a child in the Dublin area.
Other victims of the Irish Times journalist may or may not have come forward.
There has been no reportage of his crimes.
Unlike the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile who is not around to defend himself, this Irish Times' journalist's name is being kept out of the papers.
The Irish police at first refused to interview him at all because he kept staging suicide attempts.
Following each staged suicide attempt, the Irish police wrongly and falsely announced that the Irish Times journalist was not being interviewed by them because he wasn't expected to live.
The Irish Times is still omitting to report that one of its senior journalists was stalking and raping children in Dublin.
Yet we have copious allegations designed to hound Bishop Kirby from office on far lesser contrivancies of wrong doing.
How can this be?
On the same day that the Irish Times' media rival, the equally invidiously anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper is reporting that the Irish police have finally interviewed the Irish Times rapist (my terminology not the Irish Independent's), and that the police have finally sent a file to the Public Prosecutor about the case, at precisely the same time, on precisely the same day, the Irish Times makes no mention of their child raping journalist or the file about him going to the Prosecutor, in any of its news articles.
It's incredible.
They don't mention the story about their journalist facing charges of child rape, so the story doesn't exist.
Instead we have wall to wall articles in the Irish Times designed to contrive utterly tenuous utterly false wrong doing against Bishop Kirby while distracting attention from the very real child rapes carried out by a senior Irish Times staffer.
No crime alleged against anyone who had at any time ever been under the supervision of Bishop Kirby comes close to the practices of an Irish Times journalist who was grooming and raping children at Dublin sports clubs and whose name continues to be kept out of the papers by a conspiracy of silence within the Irish Times, the police and the judiciary.
These people have to go.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

watching the defectives

This Week In The Jihad...

1. The Brits finally extradited Muslim terrorist psychopath Abu Hamza to America after allowing him to showboat in their courts and on their streets for ten years.

2. The Irish finally brought an Al Qaeda Muslim psychopath currently styling himself Ibrahim Buwisir (he has other aliases) to court on pattycake charges of being rude to police officers. Buwisir was a close associate of the late air hostess murdering Muslim Osama Bin Laden.

3. On a lighter and more comical note, the United Nations finally removed the same murderous Al Qaeda chief Ibrahim Buwisir from its list of International Terrorists.

4. The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vacuous vapid hairstyle of a man. appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in a photo shopped image designed to make him look like a prime minister. Time wished to laud Enda Kenny for his anti Catholicism. There was no other reason for his artificially enhanced picture to be where it was.

5. The French claim to have arrested eleven Muslims who were engaged in planning acts of terror against Jewish people living in France. That's eleven out of ten million.

6. In Ireland the list of mal practice cases involving Muslim doctors continues to mount. I would remind you of a recent Al Qaeda plot in England code named Those Who Save You Will Kill You. This involved a plan for Muslim doctors to murder patients on the wards of British hospitals.

7. In Ireland Muslim doctor Syed Naqvi is facing allegations arising from the inexplicable death of an Irish woman under his care. The 39 year old woman leaves behind 13 children. I suppose Doctor Naqvi would have considered her "just another infidel whore."

8. In Ireland Doctor Martin Corbally has seen charges upheld against him following the inexplicable mistreatment of a baby girl in his care. The baby girl was due to have an operation to cut skin behind her upper lip. Instead an operation was performed to cut skin beneath her tongue. Doctor Corbally claims he issued a written instruction to carry out the wrong operation because he was tired and over worked. No one has clarified whether Doctor Martin Corbally is Muslim or not. What is clear is that Doctor Corbally didn't actually carry out the unnecessary surgery on the litttle girl. The unnecessary surgery on the little girl was in fact carried out by a Muslim Doctor styling himself Farhan Tareen. I kid you not. For some reason all charges against Farhan Tareen were withdrawn. I suppose the Irish don't think you can expect Muslim doctors to check whether the surgery they are carrying out on little baby girl's mouths is necessary or not. So for some mystic reason Doctor Martin Corbally decided to carry the can for the unnecessary violation of a little girl on the operating table by a Muslim doctor styling himself Farhan Tareen. We might reasonably wonder what the hell is going on in Irish hospitals. We might also reasonably note with concern that Doctor Martin Corbally has recently been appointed chief of a Muslim hospital in the Muslim run oil rich monarchical dictatorship of Bahrain. The Jihadis always make sure that baby violating traitors are well paid.

9. Nato has announced that it will stand by Islamist Turkey in any clash with Islamist Syria. Ah yes. It's choose your favourite Islamist time. Turkey is sponsoring rebellion in Syria. Syria has responded to Turkish meddling in its civil war by shelling Turkey. Hmmm. Turkey, you will remember, refused to help Nato in the war to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy after Nine Eleven. And now Nato is insisting that we will all join World War Three, if Turkey ends up provoking Syria, and Syria's allies Iran and Russia, into a conflagration. Let me be clear. My analysis is that Syria's Assad government (founded by the late Hafez Assad and now headed up by his son Bashar) amounts to a murderous fifty year dictatorship and the Syrian people are certainly entitled to seek something better. Here is the news. The Assad government has terrorised and oppressed its own people. The Assad government has consistently sponsored world wide Muslim terror movements including Al Qaeda. The Assad government has rendered Syria effectively a vassal state of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Assad government has colluded with the Iranians in plans to wipe out the State of Israel. The Assad government has allowed Syria to be used throughout the past decade of the War On Terror as a staging ground for Al Qaeda to attack the American army in newly liberated Iraq. For these reasons I believe that the rebellion against the Assad government is legitimate. But the rebels are now mostly controlled by Al Qaeda which has turned on its former ally. If we support any side in this civil war we will be supporting Jihadis. As of this moment, I would counsel against doing this.

10. The government in the Philippines is signing what it claims is a peace treaty with its indigenous Al Qaeda terrorist group. The Philippines branch of Al Qaeda has inflicted at least fifty years of continuous terror on the Philippines in an attempt to Islamify a country that wants no part of Islam. During fifty years of continuous terror, Muslims in the Philippines have bombed planes, trains and automobiles. Oh and ferry boats. The Philippines is an island archipelago so the Muslims can and do log up hundreds of murders at a sitting simply by blowing up ferries. I would suggest that the new treaty is more in the nature of a surrender by government to the terrorists seeking to enslave the Philippines. Any devolvement of regional rights to Mindanao island, the centre of Muslim power, will be tacit acceptance of the Islamist secession of Mindanao. This is not a peace treaty in any meaningful sense of that term. I predict that it will cede rights and territory to Al Qaeda and that the Muslims will use any break in hostilities to regroup before inflicting yet more terror on a country they now consider their property. We'll know soon enough.