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Saturday, August 19, 2017

today they said

Pope Francis: "This crime is a grave outrage against the Creator." (Speaking of the latest Muslim Jihad attacks in Spain.)

James Healy: "Well you should know. You brought them here."


The Irish Independent newspaper on Friday managed to report on the latest slaughter in Spain without once mentioning Muslims, Islam, the Quran or the Prophet Muhammed.
That's quite an achievement in over six pages of reportage of a Jihad attack.
The blood is still flowing on the streets of Barcelona and Irish newspapers along with the international media, can't quite bring themselves to say who did it or why.
Here is the news.
The attacks in Spain are not modern terrorism.
The attacks in Spain are part of a 1300 year old Muslim Jihad against the human race, stemming from Muslims' adherence to the Quran, which is the testimony of the Prophet Muhammed and which instructs Muslims to wage war against anyone who is not a Muslim.
That is all.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

on the nature of being

Mankind has managed to conceive of two possible explanations for existence.

One explanation asserts that the universe was created by energy in an accidental undirected process. The energy itself is unthinking and exists for no reason. Whatever it does or causes to be done, has been done or caused to be done, by accident. Some source of this energy in some form has existed always. Life itself was a further accident in the endless permutations of energetic fluctuation. The creating energy is phenomenally powerful and must in some way be eternal. There is no explanation for the existence of the energy. It just is.

The second conception as to the origin of existence is that an eternal being made everything.
This explanation asserts that the universe is the handiwork of God and bears his imprint everywhere. It claims that there are no observable instances in human experience of life being initiated by physical processes or by chemical reactions. Nor is there any instance of anything (either a natural, physical or chemical process, or a life) being initiated by nothing. It suggests that the complexity of what we call a deoxyribonucleic molecule is unthinkable without a designer who is God. It accepts that God may be likened to an energy in that he is the source of all things including energy but that he is more properly and truly considered a person. His creation shows signs of personality, ie it is ordered yet wondrously and artistically made, as are we. This idea insists that God is an eternal spirit who knows each and every person and creature in his creation and has ordered existence in a particular way with consistencies we call the laws of  nature in part at least to provide a home for us. God is uncaused. He is the unmoved First Mover. That is to say, there is no explanation for the existence of God. He just is. From the evidence of his creation, he is all powerful, all knowing, all present, and all loving.

Either of these explanations requires an act of faith to believe in it.

Which do you believe?


The truck importer styled Pino Harris has died.
Sean Quinn attended his funeral.