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Saturday, December 08, 2018

strange visitors

come with me
to the darkest most beautiful night
that the world has ever seen
and ever might
we can sit on the straw
we'll get warm from it
and watch the stillness draw
a cloak of peace
through a time of war
lambs are calling in the fields
that this night is forever
and forever yields
to this night
we are there
hid in the warmth
from things that are old
and things that are rare
look look my friend
and myrrh

Friday, December 07, 2018

evidence of ira and associated mafia subversion of the irish judiciary involving contemporary cases

Who guards the guardians?

1. Four days ago, High Court Judge Carmel Stewart sentenced Michael Ferris to six years in jail with one year to be deemed already served, for the crime of repeatedly driving a fork lift truck into his neighbour Anthony O'Mahony which murder her Central Criminal Court jury had deemed to be manslaughter. Michael Ferris is likely to be released in two years. It is not clear if Michael Ferris is related to the well known Ferris family from Kerry who are active in the IRA's proxy parliamentary party Sinn Fein. So Judge Carmel Stewart has decided that two years in jail is an appropriate punishment for a man who kills another man using a forklift truck to violate him with repeated rammings as he dies. Judge Carmel Stewart is not fit to be a judge whether she's IRA mafia or not. Michael Ferris' defence strategy focussed on slandering the man Michael Ferris murdered. This strategy has caused concern all over Ireland as it appears to legalise murder. It is being dubbed the provocation defence. I call it the Kerry Defence.

2. Two months ago in Ennis District Court, Judge Gerald Keys refused to jail a woman who had fractured her five month old baby's skull and broken one of the infant's arms and both her legs. A previous skull fracture showed up on scans when the child was in hospital. So Judge Gerald Keys thinks doing that to a child does not merit any time at all in jail. There's worse. The child is currently in the care of the boyfriend of the woman who tried to stave in her skull. It is not clear if this gangbanger is still the boyfriend of the skull crusher. The Judge and the media are not naming the woman who did this to the child. They say they are not naming the woman in order to protect the child's identity. Of course it is not the child's identity that needs protecting. It is her skull and her arms and her legs and her body. Judge Gerald Keys whether IRA mafia or not, is not fit to be a judge.

3. High Court Judge Tony O'Connor has today ruled that evidence collected from murderer Graham Dwyer's phone which had been used to convict him in 2015 of the murder of Elaine O'Hara, was unacceptable as it infringed European Union privacy laws. Whether IRA mafia or not, Judge Tony O'Connor is not fit to be a judge.

4. High Court Judge Charles Meenan in October this year forced the Irish government to abandon an enquiry into the 2016 killing of Malak Thawley on the operating table at Rhona Mahony's Hollis Street hospital. Judge Meenan claimed that since similar circumstances occur in Irish hospitals all the time, no enquiry could take place in this case. He claimed that Rhona Mahony's own enquiry at her own hospital, along with the Health Board's supposed enquiry as well as the Coroner's Inquest were the only permissable enquiries which could take place into Malak Thawley's death. Rhona Mahony's lawyers had previously prevented Malak Thawley's husband Alan's concerns re the murder of his wife from being raised at the Inquest. Those calling for a full independent public enquiry into the murder of Malak Thawley included government Minister Simon Harris, former Justice Minister Alan Shatter, parliamentarian for Dublin West Jackie Chambers, Alan Thawley himself, and me. Judge Charles Meenan decided to use legal sleight of hand to end the full independent enquiry into the murder of Malak Thawley at Hollis Street hospital. Is Meenan IRA mafia? Is he a devil worshipper? Is he perhaps riding Rhona Mahony? You decided. In any case, he is not fit to be a judge.

5. High Court Judge Carmel Stewart (Remember her? Favourite tough sentence: Two years for dismantling a human being with a forlift truck.) today let yet another murderer go free when she abandoned a murder trial involving 31 year old Keith Brady who in 2015 stabbed musician Mark Kivlehan on both sides of the neck. Keith Brady was relying on the provocation defence just like the Kerry murderer Michael Ferris whom last week Judge Carmel Stewart put away for a full two years for killing a man with a forklift truck. Judge Carmel Stewart's excuse for abandoning the trial of Keith Brady cited a television programme which had discussed the success of the provocation defence in her conduct of Michael Ferris' trial and her negligible sentencing last week of Michael Ferris after his conviction for manslaughter. Judge Carmel Stewart maintained that such a discussion could have tainted her Jury in the Keith Brady case. It's hard to see Juries in Judge Carmel Stewart's courtrooms becoming any more tainted than they are. But Judge Carmel Stewart's gambit in letting Keith Brady away with murder, is intended to prevent any public discussion or action vis a vis criminally incompetent judges or IRA mafia judges or whatever recrudescence of evil best describes Judge Gerald Keys, Judge Tony O'Connor, Judge Charles Meenan and Judge Carmel Stewart. Interesting to note that we still haven't discussed the proclivities of Judge Martin Nolan. But ah! That's another story.