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Saturday, January 21, 2017

enter sandman

Donald Trump has finally been sworn in as President of the United States of America.
For two months since his electoral victory last November. I have enjoyed seeing bedraggled flocks of Irish Times reading liberals and leftists wandering around the internet and the streets looking like the sky just fell on them.
It's a rum feeling of enjoyment because unfortunately I happen to share their concern that Mr Trump is not fit for office.
Let's be clear.
I do agree with Mr Trump's stated policies on the necessity of reestablishing our borders, enforcing immigration law, deporting gang bangers, preventing Muslims from mass migrating to our countries at a time of worldwide Muslim terror war against humanity, and making it clear to the corporate business community that businessmen need to provide jobs at home and not overseas if they expect to live among us.
I have no problem with any of those policies.
They are in the best sense of an old fashioned phrase, the bleedin obvious.
My seismic reservations about Mr Trump stem from: his links to the Cosa Nostra Mafia; the illusory nature of his personal fortune; his constant increasingly juvenile and unstable vilification of political opponents; and the manner of his election victory itself which was in my assessment, a Russian government smash and grab on American democracy and on the world.
I don't think Mr Trump won it.
Look at me tonight bold readers.
I am like the old British politician Enoch Powell, disporting myself an antique Roman gazing on the Tiber and seeing it flecked with blood.

Friday, January 20, 2017

exit obama

President Obama is seeing out the last few hours of his tenure. Let us take a backward glance at what has been.
Mr Obama was a tremendous communicator, perhaps the best in terms of style and grace to ever hold the office of president.
The caveat would be that he could communicate effectively, resonantly, and with seeming sincerity, style and grace, even when he had absolutely nothing to say.
Some thoughts as he exits.

1. Mr Obama's flagship policy was a health care plan to give medical insurance to previously uninsured segments of the population. The policy was a transposition of European socialist health care models to the United States. The mandate for it was strong. A broad swathe of the populace does not want anyone to be denied health care. Does socialist medicine do the job it claims to set out to do? Does it work? In Europe our socialist medical systems are propped up with vast governmental borrowings which ensure tremendous pay scales and entitlements for trade unionised nurses and doctors while equally ensuring we have a continent of hospitals that are failing to provide minimum standards of safety, professionalism, care or compassion to anyone except their trade unionised employees. Socialist medicine also often ends up endorsing and promoting morally aberrant procedures such as abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide. In the European experience socialist medicine has also  financed the creation of life in test tubes through in vitro fertilisation programmes which as part of their methodology routinely destroy life in test tubes, ie nine unborn children out of every ten so created, are thrown away as unviable. Socialist medicine is further implicated in the promotion of sex change operations whereby doctors surgically alter human beings to create the illusion of change of gender which they are not in fact able to accomplish. The moral aberrancy here is accentuated by a failure to tell patients undergoing sex change operations that they will be required to take a cocktail of drugs daily for the rest of their lives even to maintain what is in any case an unconvincing illusion. All these dysfunctions drawn from European socialist medicine, including the lavishing of unrepayable billions borrowed against future generations and the promulgation of morally aberrant operations for patients who don't need them, have been imported wholesale to America under President Obama's seemingly worthy ambition to give everyone health care. Obamacare as it is called always contained the seeds of its own destruction, financially, intellectually and of course morally. It won't stand. It won't stand in Europe either. But that's another story.

2. Mr Obama's actions in the Middle East have a certain bathetic quality. The question of competence arises. I think history will be harsh on him in these regards. Having come to power by scurrilously promoting Islamist slurs on his predecessor Mr Bush. Mr Obama promptly withdrew the American army from Iraq. I suggest Mr Obama did have legitimate grounds for a withdrawal from Iraq, as the Iraqi government was playing games in refusing to sign a Status of Forces agreement that would have guaranteed American soldiers could not be subjected to frivolous kangaroo trials in Iraqi courts. So from that point of view he should not be criticised. But the withdrawal did leave the way clear for Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists to reestablish power bases in the region and for the Iranian Islamist government to dominate the emerging Iraqi democracy. Next door to Iraq, the Syrian civil war began in 2011. Some critics of Mr Obama, suggest he should have used military force to remove the Assad dictatorship in Syria. This criticism is unfair and unfounded. Syria has long been a Russian and Iranian vassal. Any adventurism there could have been costly in the extreme. Moreover the ingratitude of many Muslims in ironic tandem with many Western pseudo elite politicians and journalists, for the liberations of Iraq and Afghanistan, would make anyone think twice about intervening in any country with a substantial Muslim population. Mr Obama's position re Syria was further complicated by the fact that he had personally trashed to reputation of his predecessor Mr Bush regarding the earlier intervention in Iraq. This opportuntistic and pejorative stance towards his predecessor gave succour to the Jihadis and left Mr Obama with no credibility for any similar interventions in Muslim dominated regions. In addition we should note, that owing to his quite worthy moral principles, Mr Obama for all the chaos he inherited in office, did not want to be remembered as a war president. For these reasons, the decision not to intervene directly in Syria was nuanced but honorable in my opinion. Unfortunately in a bid to save face, Mr Obama began funding and supplying Syrian Islamist groups whom he termed "pro Western rebel movements." The groups were in fact franchisees of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. They would shortly be joined by Isis an Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood flag of convenience army which was first trained and armed secretly by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood run Turkish government. When Isis was turned loose on the battlefield in Syria, it began a murder spree that engulfed much of Syria and most of Iraq. Charging across the plains of Nineveh, Isis slaughtered anyone it could get its hands on. The supposedly pro Western rebel groups that President Obama had been financing and supplying, immediately formed a buffer zone around Isis held territory in Syria, so that the Assad regime couldn't reach them. Right to the end of his Presidency, Mr Obama continued his face saving succour for the Islamists of Syria, feeding a fire that may never go out. It will never go out because even Isis has lost Syria and Iraq as it will, its members have taken advantage of President Obama's and Europe's lax immigration laws to infiltrate our countries. They are here. More of them who already held European passports are returning to our countries fresh from their Jihad tourism holiday in Syria, with the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands. They're not here to work in telesales. I always said Isis would eventually lose in both Syria and Iraq though not necessarily in Europe unless we stop them coming here. Their defeat in Syria and Iraq was implicit in their first gleeful head hacking charge across those two countries which ultimately left them friendless. No people not even Muslims would be content to be ruled by them. Even the Turkish Islamists who had created them, could not be seen to stand with them. Of course in the end it was the Russians who broke Isis in Syria. I would liken Russian President Vladimir Putin to Stalin in respect of his saturnine murderous evil. He is a a bad man, but in this case we should let him have Syria. The alternative over the past five years with Mr Obama and the United Nations's policies of faux humanitarian incompetence, has been the emptying out of parts of the Syrian population into Europe and a slow bleed among those who remain. The official Syrian death toll is about half a million in a country of twenty million people. Yes, history will be harsh on Mr Obama in re Syria, but really we should not blame him overmuch for any of this. Whatever decisions he made, Syria was going to be a hell hole. I happen to think he made the right one in not committing to an invasion of Syria and a reasonable one in withdrawing from Iraq, and a wrong one in aiding what he called the Syrian rebellion.

3. Immigration has been another key note indicator with regard to any assessment of Mr Obama's tenure at the White House. Through eight years in government he blithely persisted in the policy of allowing immigration law to collapse. He did this in the face of burgeoning domestic Jihad attacks and the growing evidence that unrestricted immigration benefits only international people trafficking drug dealing child abusing mafias such as the IRA, Al Qaeda, Cosa Nostra, the Triads et al. Mr Obama's near cosmic incompetence on this issue alone is a possible reason why today we are contemplating the swearing in of President Trump. Mr Obama's hubris vis a vis allowing gang bangers and Muslims to overrun our countries was compounded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the current Pope of the Catholic Church advocating similar policies in Europe.

4. Mr Obama's glossy reputation for humanitarianism in the decades ahead may not survive a new generations's critical appraisal of his attitude to the murder of unborn children through abortion. The discovery that an American abortion provider styled Planned Parenthood was selling the body parts of babies it killed, caused Mr Obama no qualms whatsoever in his provision of billion dollar government funding to Planned Parenthood. Even the Nazis would have been embarrassed by this one.

5. Mr Obama in the latter years of his two term presidency, has launched some bold measures apparently partly designed to ensure his place in the record books. His attempted restoration of a direct American relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran has some worthy components and was certainly high minded in its conception. His decision to allow billions of dollars held in American banks to be paid back to Iran, was generous. His accord with Iran on nuclear energy was a courageous bravura display of diplomacy. I just hope it doesn't get us all killed that's all.

6. Mr Obama's restoration of diplomatic links with Cuba was also daring and a coup de theatre in the face of nay sayers like me, and it might even work out for the best.

7. Mr Obama's attempt to close Guantanamo Bay prison has led to a steady trickle of Al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood killers being set loose once more on the human race.

8. Mr Obama seems to have had no critical awareness whatsoever of the millions of American children being dosed with pharmaceutical anti depressants and other drugs while being wrongly diagnosed with mental illness. A growing body of informed opinion among parents, service users, concerned citizens and the medical profession, considers the attribution of schizophrenia, ADHD and a host of mental disorders in children to be absolutely bogus. Ordinary children, goofballs, bullies, slackers, over achievers, are being labelled mentally ill in our time simply because pharmaceutical companies and a corrupted medical profession want to sell drugs. Mr Obama for all his bonhomie seems to be entirely indifferent to what is indubitably a debasement and theft of a generation.

9. Mr Obama has also been unaware of the debasement and theft of a generation of adults by pharmaceutical companies and corrupted doctors falsely claiming that their anti depressants and other drug poisons, actually restore brain chemistry. The pharmaceutical companies and corrupted doctors also falsely claim to have demonstrated brain chemistry causalities for schizophrenia, depression and even their catchall marketing diagnosis of anxiety. The pharmaceutical companies and corrupted doctors have further falsely invented a whole range of mental illnesses simply by broadening the definition they use to inflict a life sentence addicted to their drug products on human beings. Rather than asking you to believe my rantings, I would refer you gentle travellers of the internet, to the various writings of Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker and an Irish doctor called Terry Lynch on this matter.

10. Farewell Mr Obama. For all the faults and errors I would attribute to you, I think you are a good man. Perhaps better than I know.

Monday, January 16, 2017

heelers defies the swastika

1. I believe the decision by Irish police to charge Irish parliamentarian Clare Daly with driving at 35 miles per hour in a 30 mile an hour zone, is criminal harassment.

2. I believe that the actions of the Courts Service in listing Clare Daly's case as the final case out of 188 cases to be heard in a particular court sitting, are criminal harassment.

3. I believe Judge Desmond Zaidan's action in skipping ten cases to reach Clare Daly's case before his court closed is criminal harassment.

4. I believe Judge Desmond Zaidan's action in issuing a bench warrant for Clare Daly's arrest because she had left the court by the time he illegally skipped cases in order to call her case, is criminal harassment.

5. I believe the procedural courtroom shenanigans at a second court hearing days after the first one, whereby cases were moved to another Judge in order to allow Judge Desmond Zaidan to hear Clare Daly's case are criminal harassment.

6. I believe that Judge Desmond Zaidan's instruction to Clare Daly to stand up straight in his court is criminal harassment.

7. As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland I protest what I consider to be criminal harassment activities against Clare Daly being carried out by police, courts service employees and Judge Desmond Zaidan.