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Saturday, October 20, 2012

there's scum damned scum and then there's sean quinn and his family

A rally in a remote part of Ireland to support the bank robbing Irish nation bankrupting Sean Quinn and his Russian gangster affiliated IRA crime family has according to Irish Police, drawn about 3000 people.
That's the best the IRA could get for the Quinns in the country they have destroyed.
Three thousand terrorist sympathisers willing to betray Ireland for a mess of bast--ds. (Pottage surely - Ed note.)
But the Quinns themselves are living proof that there are worse things than terrorism.
They have burgled every house in the nation every day for the next hundred years.
At the rally attended by three thousand traitors to Ireland, something called Ciara Quinn told the mob: "The Quinn family are at war. The Quinn family are at war with Anglo Irish Bank. And when this war is over, the Quinn family will still be standing."
And they threw up their sweaty nightcaps.
Here is the news.
The Quinn family are Anglo Irish Bank.
The Quinns owned at least twenty five percent of Anglo Irish Bank.
The Quinn family bought at least twenty five percent of Anglo Irish Bank through illegal billion dollar loans from the Anglo Irish Bank's then chief executive Sean Fitzpatrick, his accomplice David Drumm, and with the collusion of other bankers (including Gillian Bowler) who transferred billions of dollars to Anglo Irish Bank from associated institutions under their control to help Anglo's then management and staff conceal their and the Quinns' burglarisation of their own bank.
To be quite clear...
Sean Quinn and his odious sons and daughters and nephews, along with their wives, husbands, girlfriends, mistresses and their cats Tiddleses, were engaged in a nation bankrupting bank job facilitating Sean Fitzpatrick and his corrupt management and staff at Anglo Irish Bank in the burglarisation of their own bank by improperly obtaining multi billion dollar loans, transferring astronomical sums of money to the Quinns and to themselves, and sequestering the money with the Quinns' gangster associates in Russia.
It is interesting to note the key role in the scam of Brian Lenihan, Finance Minister of Ireland's then corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government.
Brian Lenihan was the key player in giving the Quinns, the Fitzpatricks, the Drumms, and their accomplices a shot at staying out of jail and keeping the money they had stolen from their own bank.
Brian Lenihan fulfilled his role in the conspiracy by signing up the Irish people to paying every penny that the Quinns, the Fitzpatricks, the Drumms, the Bowlers, their wives, daughters, sons, mistresses and cats Tiddles had stolen from their own bank.
Brian Lenihan did this by issuing an absolutely invidious and thoroughly illegal Ministerial government guarantee that the Irish people would bail out Anglo Irish Bank.
Brian Lenihan looted the Irish treasury to cover the Quinns theft of the nation.
Brian Lenihan borrowed us into a debt we can never repay.
Why did he think he could get away with impoverishing the Irish nation to cover up the Quinn family's crass thievery.
The Quinns had something on him of course.
They must have.
They owned him.
But Lenihan may have thought he had a chance of getting away with his part in the scamming of an entire country because the Judiciary in Ireland is packed with the wives and girlfriends,  sons and daughters, mistresses and cats Tiddles of Fianna Fail politicians and the politicians of other parties.
Brian Lenihan's wife Patricia Ryan is a Circuit Court Judge.
Former Prime Minister Albert Reynolds' daughter Leonie is a High Court Judge.
These people consider us their farm animals.
So yeah.
Maybe Brian Lenihan thought that he could somehow get away with turning the entire population of Ireland into paupers in the interests of the gangster Sean Quinn and his family and all the rest of their hideous brood of thieving gypsy bast--ds.
But get this.
Brian Lenihan is dead.
Brian Lenihan was the man who knew too much.
Brian Lenihan had to die.
I would have you note, that Brian Lenihan died very quickly after signing up the Irish nation to pay the Quinn Family's debts and to cover up their arrant knavish thoroughly cheap though almost cosmically evil thieveries.
Brian Lenihan is supposed to have died from a galloping cancer.
His aunt Mary O'Rourke, herself a former corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government Minister, has claimed this week that her nephew Brian Lenihan got cancer from the worries he had about the treasonous bank bailout he had engineered.
Here's what I think.
Just so's ya know.
And just  so's the Quinns and the Fitzpatricks and the Drumms and the Bowlers and the Lenihans and their wives and mistresses and cats Tiddles know.
The Quinn family's international associates are Russian gangsters.
Of late the favoured murder weapon of Russian gangsters is the Polonium 90 Isotope.
They innocuously introduce it to their victims via a cup of tea or some other way, and their victims quickly die from a mysterious galloping cancer.
Brian Lenihan was murdered by the people he agrandised at the expense of the rest of us.
That is all.

how corrupt is the irish police force

A recent court case has seen the acquittal by a corrupt Judge and a corrupt Jury of an Irish Army Captain and an Irish Police Officer who were in court facing charges arising from their joint assault on another man whose skull they opened with an iron bar.
I kid you not.
The Court acquitted.
But that's not what I want to tell you about.
I want to tell you about the Irish police officers, ironically styled the Garda Siochana or Guardians of the Peace, who investigated this attempted murder by an Irish Army Captain and his Irish Police Officer Accomplice of a third man whom they had randomly decided to execute.
(The third man is a British Army Commando of Irish ethnicity.)
Here's what the investigating police officers did:

1. The investigating Garda Police Officers deliberately mislaid their tape recorded interviews with the murderous Irish Army Captain and his Irish Police Officer accomplice.
2. The investigating Garda Police Officers deliberately mislaid the notes from their initial interviews with the guilty as sin murderous Irish Army Captain (still an army captain by the way) and his equally murderous equally guilty as sin Irish Police Officer accomplice.
3. The investigating Garda Police Officers deliberately mislaid the iron bar with which the murderously psychotic guilty as sin Irish Army Captain and his equally murderously psychotic guilty as sin Irish Police Officer accomplice had opened the skull of another man in attempting to murder him.

I give up.
Maybe our new Muslim over lords will return us to the rule of law.

a peaceful interlude

The noble Heelers is standing outside a cafe.
The cafe is situated in a sleepy town called Dunlavin which nestles in the foot hills of the Wicklow mountains.
It is run by a group called the Camphill Community, whose speciality is mixing handicapped people with people who are able bodied in the workplace and letting each learn from the other, and encouraging each to realise the glory of God in the other, and liberating each so that we might understand the deep mysic truth that I myself am handicapped and the other person is unfathomably glorious and was born for the glory of God.
Well you know what I mean.
I am standing outside the door of the cafe, a new one which only started trading a few weeks ago.
I have come to this town just to check it out.
And the cafe is locked.
A sign in the window informs me that it does not open on Mondays.
Ireland's greatest living poet sighs briefly before begining a magnificent fulmination.
My words amount to a powerful discourse on man's inhumanity to man, and cafes' inhumanity to poets.
I declaim out loud with great passion.
This is what I say, word for word:
"The f--king Paddies. They don't want to work on Mondays. Oh no. Recession or not. We're not working on Mondays. We get our money from State subsidies. Why would we work? The useless f--king c--ts. The Paddy Whacks. We're Irish so we can't be showing up for work on Mondays. Be f--king gorrah. What if there was something good on day time TV? Top o the mornin to you sorr, I'm too f--king busy to work. Oh no. Oh no. Can't risk that. The f--king Irish c--ts."
I ask you gentle readers.
Is there not something ironic about an unemployed Irishman discoursing thusly, with great rabid iterations of the vulgarisms, on the streets of an Irish town?
I'd have been safer back bearding Mussies in their dens on Grafton Street.
My peroration continued for some time.
Now I was just repeating profanities over and over while still peering through the window of the locked cafe:
"F--king Irish c--ts. Won't work on Mondays. F--king Irish c--ts. Won't work Mondays."
An urbane cultured British voice at my shoulder said: "Hello James."
Turning I beheld Chris Harte, who is a mover and shaker in the egalitarian world of the Camphill Communities.
He's English of course.
Hence the voice.
You should have seen me folks.
Great 180 degree turns of our times.
"Ah howya Chris," I cried. "Great to see you. How long has it been? Your new project looks the business! This is what we need. This is how we'll beat the recession and save our country."
All in a rush.
I think I was blushing too.
"Good to see you James," he answered mellowly, with a gentle British burr and not without bemusement. "Come on. I'll give you a tour of my cafe."
As he unlocked the door I thought maybe I might seize the opportunity to run by him my new conspiracy theory about the Camphill Community.
Their founder Rudolf Steiner is said to have been a devil worshipper.
I know for a fact that a hundred years ago Rudolf was involved with a group styling themselves Theosophists who seem to have had some rather ambiguous attitudes about which side they were on in any battle between the God of the Hebrews and Satan.
Some people insist that the theosophists were frankly and indubitably satanists.
Certainly Rudolf Steiner himself was at one time the editor of a magazine called Lucifer.
Lucifer the devil sometimes is accorded the epithet Prince of the Morning, and his supporters will wrongly accord him the honour of synonimity with the sun in the sky.
Even today there are an awful lot of sun symbols to be spotted on Camphill Properties.
I followed Chris Harte into the cafe.
All this was on my mind.
I decided to leave it for another day.

Footnote: The Camphill Cafe in Dunlavin now opens on Mondays.

arrant plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

The bankrupt anti Catholic Daily Mail newspaper and the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Indpendent newspaper and their associated titles are this week full of stories (good ones and honorable ones) about the corrupt (they did not use this precise word or the deliberately incriminating words that follow) sentencing practices of Judge Martin Nolan, the mafioso atheistic Marxian Judge in the pay of gangsters, famous in Ireland for maliciously and wrongfully throwing family man Paul Begley in jail for six years over a quarrel with the tax man about European Union mandated Value Added Tax on garlic (Mr Begley was repaying everything the Vat man claimed he owed), while the very same Judge Martin Nolan and his equally malign colleagues within Ireland's corrupt devil worshipping free masonic Labour Party Fine Gael voting Marxian Judiciary, were releasing rapists, assaulters, drug dealers, rackateers, arsonists, embezzlers, grievous bodily harmers, murderers et al (particularly al, I hate him) with no jail sentence at all.
So the Daily Mail and the Irish Independent have finally discovered the malign corruption of Judge Martin Nolan and his pals.
At last.
The solution offered by these debased and defunct newspaper groups is to suggest our government passes laws requiring judges to impose mandatory sentences on hoodlums. The newspapers believe that theoretically at least this would remove Judge Martin Nolan's freedom to err in these matters.
The only problem is gentle readers that a few years ago we already actually passed such laws relating specifically to drug crimes, and our liberal atheistic Judges, (free masons, devil worshippers, socialists all, or else the sons, daughters, wives, mistresses or cats Tiddles of kleptocratic passport selling Fianna Failers, Labour Party scuzz, or Fine Gael parvenus), these very Judges I say, simply ignored the laws we had passed on mandatory sentencing for drug dealers, and continued to release the drug dealers, who were in fact their bosses, their partners in crime, their allies in the destruction of law in the Republic of Ireland, yes these same judges, simply ignored the laws we had passed and continued to release their drug dealing friends into the community with gay abandon.
Hoo baby.
The only thing that will help resolve the Judge Martin Nolan problem is if the public remove Judge Martin Nolan and his corrupt pals from the judiciary.
Anything else leaves us as their slaves.
It's a long road that knows no turning.
In a way, while excoriating the corrupt judges, I've just praised my two greatest media enemies.
I admit it.
The crassly evil Daily Mail and the hedonistically evil Irish Independent have this week done some good in lifting their story angles from this blog.
But hey lads.
You're arriving a little late at this party.
I say it here.
It comes out there.

Friday, October 19, 2012

durance vile

The greatest ever irony in the history of newspaper publishing in the British Isles has surely been the repeated use of the word "pervert" and the word "paedophile" to describe a deceased broadcaster by journalists toeing an editorial line which compels them to robotically vitiate the deceased broadcaster's reputation without proof, evidence or a court hearing, at the august publishing houses of the bankrupt former Robert Maxwell owned pension looting gangster celebrating fake torture photo publishing stock market manipulating Daily Mirror, the two billion dollar bankruptee Daily Mail group, the billion dollar loss making robber baron Tony O'Reilly Denis O'Brien owned Independent Newspapers in Ireland, and the equally bankrupt supersoaraway phone tapping naked lady publishing police bribing politicians subverting Sun newspaper which as you all know is part of Judge Rupert Murdock's classy little operation styling itself News International. (Phone Tappers International or Inappropriate Liaisons Between Rebecca Brooks And The British Prime Minister International, surely? - Ed note)
Here is the news.
The Daily Mirror which has been one of the principal in the contrivance of still mostly anonymous testimony against Jimmy Savile makes its money by publishing phone sex lines in its back pages.
It has no other revenue stream but this.
Anyone who works for the Daily Mirror makes their living off the immoral earnings of an organisation whose sole mission statement is to facilitate public masturbation.
The Sun Newspaper as part of Rupert Murdock's veritable harem of debased bankrupt newspapers, is itself currently facing a legal investigation into its proprietors and staff's routine bribing of police, corruption of politicians, and tapping of phones.
The Sun Newspaper has for forty years existed solely on the revenue which public masturbators pay it for pictures of naked ladies which are carried on its interior.
Anyone working for the Sun, is like the staff at the Mirror, living off the immoral earnings of panderers.
On Judgement Day these people will be judged by any paedophiles who happen to be passing heaven, for the paedophile may be in the grip of an evil compulsion, but those choosing to ruin a man's reputation after his death solely to try and bump up their negligible readership and viewership figures, those amoral apparatchicks of the Daily Mail, News International, ITV and Ireland's woeful Independent Newspapers, those shills and harridans who sneered at a man's reputation for cash, those scoundrels I say, have wilfully chosen their evil and propagated it through the world.

quoths of the day

"Why is your belly so big?" quoth my eight year old nephew.
"It's the source of my super powers," quoth I.
"It's the source of your super weight," quoth the nephew.
He really did.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

spanish girl in irish mountains

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

heeler the peelers fashion tips for the modern girl

Unless you are a church bell, you should refrain from wearing cloche hats.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the trial of the century

The trial by newspaper of the deceased broadcasterJimmy Savile continues across various bankrupt media groups who have appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner on the man's life and reputation, and who seem to recognise no duty of fairness devolving upon themselves in the proceedings they have contrived.
Really it's a show trial.
In the truest sense of the word.
The media groups are putting on an entertainment show masquerading as a public interest documentary with anonymous and disguised and hugely remunerated supposed sources posing as victims who are being paid undisclosed sums of money to say what they're saying about Jimmy Savile, and who are being subjected to no cross examination whatsoever.
It's a show.
It's a show trial designed to sensationally draw public attention back to bankrupt floundering media groups and away from the internet where freedom of choice and of speech, the quality of the genuine in those of us who write here, has been so undermining the pornographic business model of these amoral dessicated dying television stations and newspaper titles and is perceived as a threat to their very existence.
This is a show trial designed to save newspaper groups which are already dead.
It cannot succeed.
Even people who don't have the wherewithall to figue out what's going on, are still vaguely uncomfortable with what the Daily Mirror, ITV, Sky News, The Sun, the Daily Mail, and News International have done.
Last night's instalment of the show trial on Sky News was a doozy.
A man styling himself Kevin Wood was interviewed in silhouetee.
His face was in darkness.
His words were read by an actor.
Like last week's supposed witnesses from ITV's initial assault on the reputation of Jimmy Savile, the person being paid to allege abuse against a deceased celebrity, would have his identity completely concealed.
Sky News paid this fellow to say on air that as a nine year old Cub Scout he had been molested by the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile in a BBC dressing room.
Sky adroitly cut out some of the more questionable elements of his testimony which had earler been published by newspapers.
Sky cut out the man's claim that Jimmy Savile had said: "You can't stop me. I'm King Jimmy."
Since we couldn't hear the man's voice or see his face, there was no way of assessing his credibility based on the key information that one obtains from listening to a voice and seeing a face.
Incidentally Sky News is part of Rupert Murdock's News International Group which is itself currently under investigation by British politicians and police for among other things:
1. Bribing police officers.
2. Tapping phones belonging to private citizens.
3. Using corrupt private investigators, corrupt police officers, and corrupt News International staff members to pervert the course of justice.

for laura on the birth of her son

i do no see you now
as the celtic princess
chosen by heaven
with your husband daniel
to create finn simon

but as the girl you were
skipping in the fields
or making snow angels
and climbing tall trees

Monday, October 15, 2012

the reputation of the supersoaraway naked lady exploiting phone tapping police bribing rupert murdock owned sun newspaper versus jimmy savile

The Sun newspaper today carries what it claims is evidence that deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile molested a nine year old boy in his dressing room at the BBC back in the 1970's.
The Sun claims its evidence comes directly from the supposed victim.
The Sun does not explain how this supposed victim now in his forties came to contact the Sun.
Nor does the Sun explain how it became aware of the existence of this supposed victim.
Nor does the Sun specify how much it is paying this middle aged man to make his unsubstantiated claims.
Nor does the Sun inform us as to whether or not corrupt police officers on the Sun's payroll helped the Sun get in touch with the supposed victim.
Such things are relevant because of the clear possibility that the Sun paid this supposed victim for his testimony.
There is also a significant possibility, indeed likelihood might I add, that as stated above, the Sun was put in touch with this impoverished middle aged supposed victim by a corrupt police officer or officers who had been bribed by the Sun to facilitate such contacts.
These possibilities about the circumstances in which the Sun paid a man in his forties to claim he'd been molested by Jimmy Savile while a little boy, are highly relevant because similar activities are the basis of ongoing police investigations, not into Jimmy Savile, but into the Sun newspaper itself and into its staff, its management, and its owners, as well as into other titles owned by Australian media baron Rupert Murdock and his family, to wit over allegations that the Murdocks and their company have routinely bribed and corrupted police officers in order to obtain stories and or obstruct the course of justice.
The Sun Newspaper prints its latest allegations from a forty year old man against Jimmy Savile without any corroboration and without revealing the most important piece of information as to how the Sun got in contact with this individual.
The Sun does claim that the individual got in contact with the police after the present media attacks on Jimmy Savile began.
There is no clarification as to how this contact with the police led to contact with the Sun.
At the end of today's attacks on Jimmy Savile in the Sun newspaper, a smallprint footnote states:
"The Sun has made a contribution to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, in return for this interview."
So the Sun has purchased the testimony.
The Sun has paid for the interview.
What the Sun fails to make clear is, whether or not, the Sun made any additional payments to the forty year old man who claims to have stayed silent about his supposed victimhood at the hands of Jimmy Savile through fear of the hugely wealthy hugely famous, and, while alive, eminently sueable and imprisonable, celebrity Jimmy Savile.
Well gentle readers.
You are the jury in this one.
This is trial by newspaper.
Perhaps it is only right and fitting that questions like this should be asked of the bankrupt media groups who are attempting to bump their dismal sales figures upwards by trafficking in hugely unsubstantiated guilt by inuendo accusations against dead celebrities.
What do you think?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

fortunes of war

The Islamist government of Turkey has just forced a Russian plane transitting to Syria, to land in Turkish territory.
The Turks claim the plane was carrying military supplies to the Assad regime in Syria.
Does anyone think we should fight World War Three on behalf of Turkey?
Seriously though.
Following Syrian shelling of a Turkish village, Nato has announced it will stand by Turkey as a Nato member.
Even if the Turks go to war with the Russians?
Here is the news.
There are no prizes for wiping out the human race on behalf of people who will never thank us for it, ie Muslim Jihadis.
The government of Turkey is Islamist.
The Assad government of Syria has for the past ten years allowed Islamist Al Qaeda to use Syria as a staging ground to attack the American army in Iraq.
The rebel forces in Syria have now been hijacked by same Al Qaeda which was formerly a welcome guest in the country but has now opportunistically turned on its former partner the Assad government.
The Putin government of Russia, while supporting the Assad regime, is also supplying nuclear reactors to the Islamic Republic of Iran, believing wrongly that nuclear armed Muslims are solely a problem for America, Britain and the Free World.
It's La Ronde without the syphilis.
The syphilis in this case being the peace loving religion of Islam.
Do we really have a horse in this race?
The Turks?
Al Qaeda?
The Assads?
You see a horse you like in there anywhere?
I mean a horse worth ending life on the planet for?
And the Turks are hijacking planes belonging to Vladdie Putin and Nato says we're all going to stand by Turkey.
Bloody hell.
Roll up roll up.
Choose your favourite Jihadi folks.
I weep for my generation.