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Saturday, November 28, 2009

memo to all hacks

For the attention of: Journalists, editors, judges, police officers and politicians working in the Republic of Ireland.

What part of this statement exactly do you consider to be untrue...
Every sex abuse victim is important not just the tiny minority of victims who have been abused by priests and whose cases you have hijacked as part of your ongoing attempts to persecute the Catholic church and thereby end Christian belief in this country.

(Copies to: Al Qaeda, King Henry The Eighth, The Nazi Party, The Communist International, The Freemasons, and the United Church Of Satan.)

Friday, November 27, 2009

mugging with mugabe

those who sit in judgement

Nell McCafferty was screaming at a bishop on national television tonight.
She was excoriating him.
She believed she somehow had a right to do so.
Ah that the Lord the grace would gee us, to see ourselves, as others see us.
Her excuse was a new report which recycles old cases of child abuse in order to create a false impression of wrong doing on the part of the Catholic church.
The report does not mention the vast majority of sex abuse cases which did not involve a perpetrator from within the church.
The vast majority of sex abuse victims are still ignored in this country.
They are of no use to the atheistic elites of Irish society in their ongoing attempt to lay low the faith of our fathers.
They are of no use to the get rich quick lawyers who only care about sex abuse victims who might provide a line of access to the pennies of the poor in church collection boxes.
They are of no use to the Judge Liberals who dream of a socialistically programmed Ireland, abortionist, contraceptivist, no right, no wrong, all's perfect ever more.
The vast majority of sex abuse victims are ignored because they don't fit the bill.
So there was Nell McCafferty.
Excoriating a bishop.
It was an ambush of course.
This was no ordinary press conference.
It was staged.
The television people had obviously brought Nell McCafferty along to do her star turn and the cameras were ready.
Her outrage was as feigned as it was shrill.
I was a little surprised that Nell McCafferty should pretend to care about the victims of sex abuse.
For fifty years Nell McCafferty has been Ireland's leading apologist for IRA terrorism.
She has never shown much concern for the victims of the IRA.
She has never seemed to care overmuch about the myriad tortures, murders, ritual violations and the like, committed by that peculiarly perverse and psychotic organisation.
Remember the IRA secured an agreement as part of the Peace Process, that when it returned the bodies of people its terrorists had murdered, there would be no medical examination of those bodies.
This was because in most instances the IRA violated and tortured its victims before killing them.
Untold violations.
Unspeakable violations.
Imagine the sort of violations and tortures that would embarrass the IRA.
There you go.
Let's just say, they must have been fairly bad.
Far worse than any abuse that has every happened in any Catholic church run institution.
But nothing too upsetting for that great humanitarian Nell McCafferty.
You choose your illusion, eh Nell?
Funny that Nell McCafferty never found this sort of IRA vileness much of a problem.
Funny that tonight Nell McCafferty wants us to believe she cares about sex abuse victims.
You know what folks.
I don't believe she cares one whit about sex abuse victims.
I do not believe that the Marxist feminist abortionist IRA apologist Nell McCafferty gives a toss about sex abuse victims.
She's just using them, that's all.
And it's all an act.

Joe Little of RTE was talking earnestly on a news programme.
Joe Little is RTE's religious affairs correspondent.
I pay his wages.
That is to say RTE is funded by a compulsory tax on everyone in Ireland who dares to own a television.
So we all pay for Little Joe whether we like it or not.
Tonight Joe Little said: "This could finish the church."
I was surprised Joe Little would somehow think he might be a judge of what could or could not finish the Catholic church.
Joe Little spent the 1970's and 1980's as part of an organisation styling itself Socialist Worker.
Joe Little's professed aim was to deliver Ireland to Soviet dictatorship.
Joe Little was a blatent apologist throughout his youth for the lunatic mayhems committed by Chairman Mao, Joe Stalin and every other Marxist psychotic who ever lived.
Joe Little upheld Marxian mass murders in China, Africa, Russia, Cambodia, Cuba and central America.
Joe Little is not in a position to judge the church whose members he has always detested.
Joe Little is an unrepentant supporter of Marxian mass murder.
You know what folks.
I think Joe Little is a judge of nothing.

At the weekend the Sunday Independent carried a picture of retired Cardinal Desmond Connell on its cover.
The Sunday Independent juxtaposed the 83 year old Cardinal's picture with a series of sex abuse allegations which did not relate to him.
The allegations related to old cases of sex abuse against priests.
I was surprised the Sunday Independent would juxtapose an honorable decent 83 year old man's picture with a series of salaciously worded sex abuse charges, apparently committed by people whose only connection to the Cardinal was that they had once been priests.
I was surprised.
If this standard is to prevail any and every employer could end up on the cover of the Sunday Independent surrounded by allegations of sex abuse committed by people who at some stage worked for him.
Several staff at the national broadcaster RTE, including a television producer, have been convicted of sexually abusing children.
For some strange reason their cases have never been focussed on by RTE or other media entities.
They have effectively been covered up through lack of reportage.
Should the head of RTE now be featured on the cover of the Sunday Independent with the accusations against his employees framing his picture?
The manager of an independent radio station was convicted of committing child abuse.
Should the head of the Independent Radio Commission now be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent with the allegations against the other man framing his photograph?
A remarkable number of swimming coaches in Ireland have been convicted of child abuse crimes.
Should the head of the Irish Swimming Federation, or the head of the Olympic Council, or the government Minister for Sport, be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent framed by the allegations against the swimming coaches who worked for them?
An Irish poet called Cathal O'Searcaigh has been caught sexually abusing children in Thailand.
Should the head of Poetry Ireland, or the head of the artists group Aosdana, or the head of sundry other cultural organisations who have supported Cathal O'Searcaigh in spite of the grotesque allegations against him, should they all be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent, framed with explicit details of what O'Searcaigh has done to those kids?

Michael Neary violated 189 women on the operating table in Drogheda Hospital while in the same hospital Michael Shine was sexually abusing boys.
Should the Manager of the hospital, or the head of the Health Board, or the Minister for Health, be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent surrounded by details of the manifest violations and murders taking place in this and other Irish hospitals?

Seven children aged twelve and thirteen committed suicide in North Kildare this year.
The children seem to have been mostly students at Educate Together schools.
It's difficult to ascertain the full links of the children with the Educate Together movement, because the story is not being reported or investigated.
Should the head of the Educate Together movement now be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent with details of these most neglected child victims posited nearby?
We've had a whole bunch of children murdered by their parents in the past few years. All these children were known to Social Services. That is to say social workers were aware of their plight and had chosen to leave them in the care of violently sexually abusive parents right up until the moment those parents murdered them.
Should we now see the Social Services departmental chiefs on the cover of the Sunday Independent, surrounded with details of the abysmal tortures and deaths these children suffered, every one of those children violated to an extent that makes the allegations in the present crop of manipulative anti Catholic reports pale in comparison, every one of those children dead, abandoned and unreported, you scum.
Dozens of people have died in the basements of Garda stations in Ireland over the past six years.
Should the Chief Garda Commissioner be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent framed with the near uncountable allegations of violence, torture, corruption, drug dealing and murder, relating to members of the Irish police force?
Twenty children haved died in Health Board care in recent years in Ireland, at least twenty that we know about.
Should the Health Board chief be pictured on the cover of the Sunday Independent with details of the crimes committed against those children by his employees and staff, juxataposed around his porcine visage?
Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times, and RTE have committed the worst crimes of which they have ever accused bishops.
They have concealed sex abuse.
They have concealed from the general public the true nature and extent of sex abuse in Ireland in this age of massive sexual dysfuntion.
They have deliberately concealed the fact that 99.99 percent of sex abuse cases do not arise at the hands of priests.
They have ignored 999 sex abuse cases out of every 1000, simply because the vast majority of sex abuse victims are of no use to them in their war against the Catholic church.
By concealing sex abuse, Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times, and RTE have facilitated sex abuse.
Should a photograph of Tony O'Reilly, the aging proprietor of Independent Newspapers, be now printed on the cover of the Sunday Independent surrounded by details of the hundreds of thousands of sex abuse cases which his newspapers have chosen to conceal?
You know what folks.
I think perhaps it should.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the newsbringer

in the morning of the world he came
to the place where sewed his body to his soul
welcomed back by his own tribe
he sat to bead the firelight with stories
many tales told he then
of fields aflame with midnight suns
and cities built on mounts of gold
and darknesses in the hearts of men
and somewhere in the tumbling words
this trifling nothing issued forth
in the land of wine
a fishing village made war for the first time
the men walked forth wreathed in smiles
wielding swords full royally they fought
and tramped in triumph home
aye they had the winning of it
the name of the village was rome

a new candidate for the best day of my life

1. Woke at 8.45am with the Mammy shouting up the stairs: "Get up. I need a lift to cards."
2. Drove the Mammy to her Bridge club in Newbridge.
3. Collected social welfare money from Kilcullen Post Office. Ah. It's grim up t'east.
4. Drove to Naas in search of diary I lost there yesterday.
5. Coffee at Costa Cafe. No diary.
6. Coffee at Alice's Restaurant. You can get anything you want there. Except a diary.
7. Brief ramble around Superquinn supermarket. No diary.
8. Home. Found diary on my desk.
9. Phone call from Nora O'Hanlon at the Kildare Vocational Education Committee. She asked me would I give a talk in December to the adult students about poetry. I asked her what sort of students. She said they were a mix, some senior citizens, some nurses. I said I'd give the talk. I do like nurses.
10. Email from Patrizzers in Rome.
11. Email from Eva Boudard in France.
12. Email from Jenny Young who is an agri journalist and also runs an environmentally friendly farm and shopping outlet called Castlefarm. Her email was advertising the farm's latest promotion. I wrote back with a Diana Ross theme thusly:
Set me free why don't you babe.
Get out of my life why don't you babe.
Because you don't really love me.
You just keep sending me spam advertising your website.
And you never visit mine.
You're worse than Councillor Richard Daly.
For God's sake have mercy."
13. Found an old copy of one of my unpublished poems. A thing called The Newsbringer. I had never been happy with it. The version I found seemed as near to okay as it ever got. So I decided to run with it on the blog.
14. Email from Maira Preata about possible publishers for Italian versions of various works of mine. Can't help wondering what the Italians are going to make of my comic stylings about the Johnston Press. Time will tell.
15. Phone call from Luisella in Italy about April trip to see the Turin Shroud.
16. Collected the Mammy from cards and went for dinner at the Cafe Des Beaux Parvenus in Newbridge Silverware. Rather appealing Russian waitresses plus that cracking Natalie Collins bird, the proprietor. The food was okay too. Had a browse through the Newbridge Silverware comments book. Someone from Cork had written: "Crap." The manager of Newbridge Silverware William Doyle had annotated the comment with: "I wouldn't expect anything better from Cork." I found this highly amusing. I thought he only annotated my comments.
17. Home again. Visit from my five year old nephew Tom. He asked me to show him the hamster. Magic moments.
18. Back to Naas for another sojourn at the Costa. Hungarian waitress very friendly indeed.
19. Petrol in car.
20. Lodged cash to credit card. I'm still flying financially. Just about. On a wing and a prayer.
21. Everybody Loves Raymond on the box.
22. Chat with Edward, husband of my Yogic sister Marie. I offered him some of the Korean tea which Jin Woo gave me. He was not interested. Korean tea has not been a big success in my family. Which is a good thing. It means there's more for me.
23. Back to Newbridge for time with the creator of the universe in the eucharist. Felt he was asking me what I wanted. I said: "I won't change the prayer. Just for fun. The impossible one."
24. Texts from the impossible Countessa. Two hours of them. You could have knocked me over with a feather. It felt like I was sitting in the middle of a miracle.
25. Checked blog ratings. Up again. The usual Jihadis, some spies from the national newspapers, plus a nice smattering of international ones from America, Britain, New Zealand and Australia.
26. The rosary. Fourth mystery of light. The transfiguration on Mount Tabor. Jesus goes up the mountain with Peter, James and John. While there his clothes become white. Whiter than any earthly bleacher could make them. The old testament prophets Moses and Elijah appear and talk to Jesus. For once I didn't ask for anything. Just said thanks.
27. Night walk for Paddy Pup.
28. Fed budgies.
29. Bed at 1.45am.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

is the daily mail infallible

The Daily Mail is reporting allegations that Pope John Paul The Second regularly whipped himself to atone for his sins.
The practice of flagellation exists within the Catholic church but is marginalised and generally frowned upon.
We consider it an insult to God and to the body God gave us.
The Daily Mail report first appeared in the paper's Sunday edition of 22nd November 2009.
The report was given a live action feel by the use of the phrase "a nun claimed yesterday."
The phrase was a lie.
No nun had claimed anything yesterday.
The Daily Mail had simply gained access to documents suppoedly compiled by the Vatican as part of the church's posthumous examination of John Paul's life.
So no nun said anything yesterday.
The phrase was a stylish bit of spin to make the article feel more immediate.
The Vatican is considering the possibility that John Paul is a saint.
The documents, compiled as part of the process of assessing his candidacy for Sainthood, quote one Sister Tobiana Sobodka saying that she heard the Pope whipping himself in remorse for his sins.
The documents also refer to a Bishop named Emery Kabongo, a Bishop with whom I am not familiar.
Emery Kabongo does not claim to have heard the Pope whipping himself.
Emery Kagongo is quoted saying: "He would punish himself in particular before he ordained bishops and priests, before passing on the sacraments. He would prepare himself."
Emery Kabongo adds the fifty billion dollar statement: "I never actually saw it myself but several people told me about it."
Ah yes.
Several people.
Good witnesses were they?
Got names have they?
My analysis is this.
Three immediate possibilities present themselves. I do not mean any of these possibilities to be a sneer towards the people quoted in the Daily Mail.
1) The story may be a plant by infiltrators seeking to discredit the life and legacy of John Paul The Great. It is a matter of fact that attempts have been made to infiltrate the church over many centuries. The most recent and egregious known infiltrations occurred during the reign of communism in Russia. A putative Cardinal in Poland was unmasked as a former agent of the Soviets recently on the eve of his nomination as Cardinal. Previous infiltrations have included significant and concerted efforts by those lovable goons the Freemasons. We must also postulate that if Satanic networks are real, they too will have sought to subvert the ancient church. (Hint: I am not referring to any church founded by King Henry The Eighth.) Even if it wasn't an infiltrating faction that planted the story, it may still have been a faction arising organically within the church, say a liberal faction, that wished to discredit John Paul.
2) The story may be a plant by a faction within the church that wishes to promote self whipping as a respected method of atoning for wrongdoing. The practice at the moment is rare and held in low regard generally by the faithful. This possibility would not imply that such a faction wished to discredit John Paul. It would merely imply that they wished to gain the cachet of his approval for their devotional (in my view dysfunctional) modes of worship.
3) The story may be true. It would not change how I view flagellation. I would still disapprove of it. Nor would it change how I think of John Paul The Great. I believe he may indeed be a saint, a gift from God to all humanity, and a powerful intercessor before the throne of heaven for those who suffer.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a rooskie in dublin

By Irina Kuksova

RDS (Royal Dublin Society) is a place in Dublin where magic - such as major shows and exhibitions – happens. This year I had the privilege to attend it for the first time.

The difference between a Dublin art show and, say, an art show in Milan is the same as between the two cities themselves. The latter is roughly five times bigger in size and more costly in price – a toll for the sine qua non "coolness".

Milan Show has pieces like Fontana's "cuts" ("Tagli" – just a canvas with a cut in it), which require a six-figure sum to acquire it. An Irish friend of mine still tells it as a joke of sorts. To him, indifferent to the Italian cult of "coolness", the price is ridiculously high. Especially if you covert it into kegs of Guinness.

If Milan Show is akin to "golden youth", Dublin Show is more like a grandpa with his collection of more down-to-earth stuff and an occasional "deadly" item submitted by his oh-so-contemporary grandchild.

We could have a good (and never-ending) debate on which show is "better" and why. Today, I propose to judge by the amount of care put into artwork. Perhaps Fontana put care into his "cuts", but can one even start comparing it with the amount of care put in every brushstroke by Eileen Meagher?

untamed horse

By Joanna Lyons

the prime minister of australia on judgement day

Elmer Rudd stood before the throne of heaven.
He was smirking smugly.
He looked expectantly towards the throne.
What would he see?
Maybe a Chinese communist.
Or a Muslim.
Something good anyway.
The clouds around the throne had not cleared yet.
Elmer Rudd could not see the real presence.
But Elmer Rudd knew he was in heaven.
He knew he was where he was meant to be.
"How do you plead?" asked an angel seated below the throne.
The angel had a voice of thunder.
"I plead that I was a good man and deserve to be in heaven," answered Elmer Rudd confidently.
"Wrong," thundered the angel.
"But I apologised to the generation of children who were abused in care homes fifty years ago," mouthed Elmer Rudd.
And there was silence in the house of judgement.
Then the voice of the angel spoke again.
"You apologised for crimes you said had been committed by an entire generation of care workers against children in state homes," rumbled the angel. "You implied guilt to everyone who'd worked in the caring profession fifty years ago whether they were guilty or not. You did so in fact without caring whether they were guilty or not. The people you impugned were all old or dying. Not really your target demographic come election time. Most of the guilt you imputed was based on hind sight and not on any fair assessment of the work of the people you accused. Yet you yourself were Prime Minister of Australia at a time when millions of children were killed in their mothers' wombs either through abortion operations in hospital or abortion pills bought over the counter. At least the children in the care homes for which you apologised all got to exist. You dared to judge the previous generation that sought to care for all its children born and unborn. You permitted the present generation of pleasure seeking scoundrels who were murdering untold numbers of children in the womb, you permitted those self obsessed self worshipping loathsome twits, to stand in judgement on a generation whose greatest collective crime was failing to provide an adequate school environment. You, an arrant cavalier abortionist, dared to stand in judgement on a generation that never once collaborated in mass murder through abortion. You dared to cast judgement while you yourself were master of a charnel house. You Mr Rudd were Prime Minister of the most barbaric generation of Australians who ever lived."
Elmer Rudd hung his head in shame.
The angel stood up.
"Get thee hence to endless night."
His voice was like many waters roaring.
In a flash the Prime Minister of Australia was gone.
And there was silence in the house of judgement.

the confederacy of dunces

They're off again.
Once more Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, the Irish national broadcaster RTE, along with sundry British tabloids and a few lesser breeds without the law, once again the same collection of clowns are attempting to manipulate old child abuse cases in order to villify the Catholic church.
Their latest excuse for restaging their favourite persecution is the publication of some new report into child abuse in Ireland.
Here is my opinion.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE, have each committed the worst crimes of which they accuse Bishops.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, have concealed child abuse.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, have concealed the worst cases of child abuse simply by failing to make clear to the general public that the vast preponderance of child abuse cases occur within the broader community (within the general public), in family homes, in educational institutions, in hospitals, in swimming clubs, at the hands of organised paedophile rings and so on.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, have concealed child abuse by deliberately fostering and promulgating the false impression that the majority of child abuse cases have occurred at the hands of priests or believing Christians.
They did not do this for profit.
They did it for power.
Because Indedependent Newspapers and The Irish Times are going bust, and RTE has no viewers and only exists because the citizens of Ireland are compelled to pay a tax to it whether they watch it or not and whether they believe it depicts their church fairly or not.
No, Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE, have not told lies for profit.
There is no profit in what they do.
Even the most cretinous among them realises that now.
It is as I've said.
They told lies for power.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE, have concealed the true nature and extent of child abuse throughout our culture, they have lied in pretending child abuse was prevalent in the church, and they have done so solely because they wanted to destroy the church as a platform for influence among the Irish people.
They view the church as their rival for power.
If the Irish people no longer possess the Catholic church as a platform for influence, why then the Irish people will be so much fodder for the controlling aspirations of hedonistic sex and drugs neo feudalists in Independent Newspapers, the crass managerial and editorial class whose only desire, whose only principle, is that which augments the power of Independent Newspapers proprietors the O'Reilly family within Irish public life.
If the Irish people no longer possess the Catholic church as a platform for influence, why then the unreconstructed atheistic Marxists of The Irish Times and RTE will be able to walk away with the ball game.
Abortion culture, Euthanasia culture, Life in test tubes culture, promiscuity culture.
There'll be nothing to stop them.
My analysis is this.
We are living in an age of massive sexual dysfunction.
The prevalence of sex abuse throughout all sectors of our society has been caused in part and facilitated in general by the media's deliberate strategic degradation of Christian belief.
The worst crimes regarding the concealment of sex abuse which are attributed to the Catholic church by Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE, the very worst crimes I tell you, are being committed daily and on a far greater scale by employees of Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE.
Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times, and RTE are attempting to eradicate the Catholic church, as truly as the Nazis, the communists, or the Islamists ever did.
This is a persecution.
No less a persecution because their strategy is not to kill but to villify priests and nuns in their old age.
Thank you for your interest.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the monica leech laugh in

In Wiesbaden in Bavaria, there lived a nun of strange and striking beauty.
One day she was having a bath.
There came a knock on her chamber door.
"Who is it?" said the nun.
"It is only I, the poor blind man from the village," answered a voice.
"Well I suppose you can come in," said the nun reluctantly.
She stood up in her bath.
The door opened to reveal John Fry, Chief Executive Officer of the Johnston Press, carrying a Venetian blind.
"Cor blimey Sister," exclaimed John Fry. "That's a great pair of **** you've got there."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

swine flu h1n1 is a con job designed to sell pharmacy products

Sitting in the kitchen at the old chateau with Doctor Barn and the Mammy.
I am telling them about my latest scientific advance.
They are listening enraptured.
"So," says I, "for twenty years I've had some sort of a snuffle in my nose. Occasionally it becomes the flu. Occasionally it's just a niggle. Then earlier this year I began to think logically about what I might do. Just because I'd always had it, didn't necessarily mean I always had to have it. I suspected the cause was multi factorial. A few causes. It seemed that the cigarette smoke in the house might have been one cause. My mental state might have been another. The old psychosomosis and all that. You know. That stuff about me being a werewolf. Anyhoo. So what I did was made sure the house was aired out. I kept a window open in my bedroom. Regularly aired out the rest of it. My symptoms reduced drastically. Then about a month ago I got the flu. Woke up with it. Shrugged my shoulders and said: Ah well, there goes the next six months. Only I decided to look around for logical steps I could take to help myself. No, not pharmaceutical products. Although I did drink Lemsip. I read in Padre Peter's herb book that garlic had strong medicinal qualities. Now I don't believe in con job natural remedies sold by confidence tricksters any more than I believe in con job pharmaceutical remedies sold by Merck Sharpe Dome Steinervortzel and their collection of associated Frankensteins. But I decided to give the garlic a chance. I went and bought some garlic in the supermarket. Only I didn't know what garlic looked like and ended up buying a red onion by mistake. I spent a week eating slices of the red onion every morning, along with apples and bananas, and drinking Lemsip. The flu cleared completely. My nasal passages are clearer than they have been for twenty years. What I want to ask you is this. Is it possible that the onions have a practically curative effect? I mean is it possible that since onions open up the tear ducts and make us cry, that they could also open up other ducts. The Eustachian tubes in the ears. The nasal passages. I submit my thesis for your consideration. The whole world is throwing money at scare mongering pharmaceutical companies when people should be just looking after themselves and eating onions. What do you think?"
Doctor Barn did not reject this in the decisive manner he reserves for most of my crackpot theories.
"Actually," he murmured thoughtfully, "you might have something there. About the nasal tubes."
The Mammy chortled.
"Really?" quoth she. "And do you not think all the millions being spent on research, all those people in laboratories, would have found out if onions could cure the flu?"
The noble Heelers furrowed his brow furrowingly.
"I'm not so sure," he said thoughtfully. "I think maybe they find only what they want to find. The observer affects the thing observed. Sometimes people only find what they are prepared to find. No researcher is going to get an extended grant from a pharmaceutical company if he contacts them and says: Your products are rubbish, but onions can cure the common cold. There's no immediate multi billion dollar profit for a pharmaceutical company that tells people: Go to bed, eat full meals, join a prayer group and eat onions. Although I think the very integrity of it would mean more sustainable and more honourable profits for them eventually. But you can see how they might be reluctant to advocate healthy lifestyles instead of a lifetime's addiction to their products. Even though ultimately their lies must destroy them. They will follow the lie right to the end. And the lie always collapses on itself eventually. They are so limited morally that they can't see any possibility of making billions in profits simply by telling people the truth. They have no business model for that."
"Unless they start selling onions," crowed the Mammy cheerily.
And there our story ends.