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Saturday, September 01, 2012

life without mother and father

Standing in the drawing room at the Chateau De Healy.
A fine dust on the fittings and furnishings.
The ancient gold ormeleau clock shining grandly and dully on the mantlepiece.
Incongruously posited beside it, the perfume atomiser filled with water that my mother used to spray her plants.
The room is still and sad.
Even the budgies are silent.
All chirped out.
Fur Ham, the hairy hamster, is nestled in the palm of my hand.
Fur Ham.
AKA Action Jack Hamster.
Normally he never stops moving.
He can keep up a non stop round of running, shunning, biting, fighting and shiteing for up to four hours.
But he likes to nestle in a palm
He regards human beings as off road vehicles for hamsters.
So just occasionally he figures he owes it to himself to live a little by taking a break from his life of non stop action, hunkering down in my hand and watching the world go by.
I stand looking at the still room.
It's missing a woman's touch.
Or at least the touch of a man less indolent than I.
How are we going to cope with life alone?
Absent mindedly I dust the ancient gold ormealeau clock with Fur Ham.
With my other hand I casually atomise the budgies.
"I suppose if we all pull together..." I murmur softly.

Friday, August 31, 2012

at swim two mussies

Two Muslims walking up Grafton Street in bright Autumnal sunshine.
I catch a snatch of their conversation as they pass me.
"We never give them respect. If they open  a door for us. If they hand us something. We give them nothing. Nothing."
"Yah, yah."
And they are gone.
What on earth can they have been talking about.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

provincial poets

this morning i read through the works of brian byrne
traced the words and music he had drawn
and after wondered as to what degree
his musings held in the rank halls of poetry
i scorned the traipsing meters and the mind
which brought them to this world
i became
a defiler in the temple of the muse
now in broken spirit i start again
let the works of byrne shine thus
no greater and no less
with the darkness glistening in homer's verse
no more high or low
than keats first pure clarion call
which whispered in the timbrels of its gleaming
even a savage has feeling
even the gods must fall

the gathering storm

Coffee with Marisa in the Ilac Centre.
No sign of my smoke alarm ringing Chinese toilet attendant who apparently drives a van that proclaims he works for something called the Yudong Refrigeration Company.
"I don't believe you," Marisa cried. "You can't say Muslims are a threat to humanity. You can't judge all Muslims. You can't say there's a Jihad against the world. What you're saying is racist. I don't believe Muslims are at war with every nation on earth. I don't believe Muslims hate all non Muslims. I don't believe Muslims want to impose Sharia law on the rest of us."
"That won't save you," I told her gently.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

confucius he say... re irish political parties engaging in bank ro bbery

Members of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Labour Party sometimes accuse members of Sinn Fein of financing themselves from the proceeds of bank robbery. The difference is that when the former terrorists of Sinn Fein finance themselves from a bank robbery, just one bank gets robbed and that's it. When Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Labour Party assisted corrupt management at Anglo Irish Bank in the burglarisation of their own bank by looting the Irish treasury to cover up Anglo's bankruptcy on foot of the aforementioned organised burglarisation by Anglo's own aforementioned management, why then those aforementioned Fine Gaelers, Fianna Failers and Labour Party men didn't just collude in burgling one bank. They burgled every house in the nation in perpetuity for at least the next hundred years.

image and orchid

Sunday, August 26, 2012

an open letter to father eugene

Why on earth are telling your story about facing supposedly false child abuse accusations to the Irish Independent? The Irish Independent is the most virulently anti Catholic newspaper in Europe. Its parent group Independent Newspapers has done more than any other media organisation in Ireland to whip up a FIRESTORM of anti Catholic bigotry within the general public, and an invidious presumption of guilt for any Catholic priest accused of anything, while crassly concealing the vast preponderance of child abuse cases, the 99.99 percent, which occur in the general community at the hands of paedophile rings, devil worshippers, sports coaches and others with no connection to the Catholic Church. Why are you helping these profane talentless bankrupt bigots to hide in plain sight?

the spy who came in for the gold

Former Soviet agent Charlie Bird, a member of the KGB RUN IRA TERROR ARMY in the 1970's (southern faction; both factions of the IRA WERE RUN FROM MOSCOW) has retired from Ireland's State run monopoly anti Catholic broadcaster RTE. The treasonous Soviet spy Mr Bird will receive a lump sum retirement payment of around three hundred grand plus an annual pension above a hundred thousand dollars per year from public money. The Irish people are being reduced to the level of farm animals by communists and Islamists. We should stop this. Bird's retirement package should consist of a 30 year jail sentence for high treason and a kick in the bawls for being a crushing bore, and nothing else.