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Saturday, July 07, 2012

the boys from brazil

Morning at Ireland's parliament, so recently renamed the Reichstag.
Red backed swastikas snap stiffly in the breeze.
Fuhrer Enda Kenny is sitting at his desk.
"Ninety men must die to protect a dream... or a nightmare," he muses half to himself.
"Was ist das Mein Fuhrer?" enquires Gestapo Chief Alan Shatter who is munching a muffin.
"I vas just repeating ze old tag line from Ze Boys From Brazil," explains the Fuhrer. "It seems appropriate to apply it to our attempts to contrive guilt for a generation of Catholic Bishops by labelling them concealers of child abuse while even today twenty children a year die in State care facilities at the hands of our atheistic social workers, police and judges. That's twenty we admit to. Ze real figure vill of course be higher."
"There, there, don't trouble yourself," says Alan Shatter mollifyingly placing a protective arm around his shoulder.
"Vee are monsters, aren't vee?" murmurs Enda Kenny.
"Jawohl Mein Fuhrer," replies Alan Shatter.
The door bursts open.
Finanzminister Herrless Ruairi Quinn, whose brother Lochlain's corrupt bankrupt gangster bank AIB was recently purchased by the Fuhrer with ten thousand million dollars of my money, stands there panting.
"Vot is going on?" he exclaims. "Am I not in it this week?"

who rules ireland

Dear Heelers.
To settle a bet, can you tell us who actually rules Ireland.
Interested Party

Dear Interested Party.
Ireland is ruled by Jim Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the bankrupt corrupt financial institution which styles itself Ulster Bank.
He is the supreme ruler of the Republic of Ireland.
All politicians, judges, police officers, civil servants, and of course the proles, answer to him.
Last week, the elected representatives of the people of Ireland asked Jim Brown to tell them his salary.
Jim Brown said no.
And the great men of the Irish parliament let him away with it.
So he's our ruler.
Ulster Bank's corrupt attempts to corner the property market through a malign and illegal cartel with Bank Of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank, have clearly not discouraged Jim Brown from letting the elected representatives of the peasants know who's boss.
These people will not stop until we stop them.
James Healy

Friday, July 06, 2012

they saved enda kenny's brain

How the mighty have fallen.
No, I'm not talking about Enda Kenny.
I'm talking about the untameable super naked lady exploiting super phone tapping super corrupting the police through super bribery keeping the super Murdock family in super BMWs and super Chinese mistresses by debauching the citizenry super soaraway Sun newspaper.
Cor blimey.
The Sun newspaper's Irish edition today carried a picture of Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny with a golden eagle perched on his shoulder.
Enda Kenny is a weak vapid vacuous hairstyle of a man.
The headline the super soaraway phone tapping police corrupting Sun chose for the photo was: "Oceans Of Talent."
I kid you not.
We're a long way from the glory days of Up Yours Delors, and Freddie Starr Ate My Hamsters.
Even pornographers get old and tired, I suppose, and also anxious about getting government subsidies to maintain their bankrupt anti Catholic naked lady exploiting phone tapping police corrupting super soaraway titles.
My suggestion for a caption for the picture of Enda Kenny with a golden eagle on his shoulder is as follows.
Above the picture you write:
And below the picture you write:


That folks, is what I call journalism. Incidentally the Irish Times today also printed the Enda Kenny eagle photo. On separate pages it printed two other photos of the same Enda Kenny without eagle. Overkill perhaps. We all know what he looks like. But the Irish Times is as desperate as the Sun for public funds so the Kenny pics keep rolling. Needless to say the Irish Times has even less memorable photo captions than the Sun. At least I can't remember them.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

black archie

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is in his personal office at the palace.
He is alone except for an aged servant, grey haired, bent and gaunt.
Archie is smiling as he reads the latest adulatory atheistic media reports about his attacks on his fellow Bishops.
"I have won," he gloats. "The Catholic Church is mine. I have labelled them all concealers of child abuse. I have created a presumption of guilt. I have allowed atheistic Marxists to harry aged Bishops into the grave with innuendo and contrived accusations of purely fictional wrongdoing. I... am... God."
"Can anyone stop you now?" wonders his aged retainer.
"No one."
"No one at all my liege?"
"Well there is one. But he's far far away. Hardly worth thinking about. He can't touch me now."
"Who is he my Lord?"
"His name is James of Kilcullen. They call him Heeler the Peeler. He is the bravest and most noble warrior in what's left of Christendom. There are none to match him. But he's a prisoner of the Mussies. He cannot reach me. I have won."
"Does this look anything like James of Kilcullen?"
Archie is startled at the question.
He looks up.
A strange light bathes his ancient servant.
Enchantment is at work.
The servant straightens before Archie's eyes. The servant's hair becomes black and lustrous. A fine macho tache sprouts from beneath his nose. Muscles and sinews are renewed. Power pulses from an Adonis body.
The sort of Adonis you wouldn't casually harass on Dublin's death and violence and rape and heroin addict filled Luas tram system.
He is a warrior.
Again the servant asks, but now with a powerful warrior's voice: "Does this look like James of Kilcullen?"
Archie shakes his head doubtfully and responds: "No, not really, no."
The servant whips off the tache which is a falsie.
Archie's face essays brightness and welcome as he exclaims with ingratiating sheepishness: "Hi Jim."


For the attention of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, script writers on Blackadder: The only potentially funny bit in the first series of Blackadder was this scene which I have plagiarised for my version from the end of your episode six. When Philip of Burgundy whipped off his tache, instead of having Blackadder exclaim in shock "Philip of Burgundy," I am convinced you should have had him say: "Hi Phil." The idea for this came from Mugs Martin an old school chum who suggested it at the time.


Consultation with my characterful cousin Emma as to what the neighbours might think of my management of the estate.
I have heard rumours that some believe I'm letting the place go to rack and ruin.
Over coffee I enquire whether she thought the garden is a bit messy.
"It's awful," she answers diplomatically.
My sensitive little face wrinkles in pain.
"You don't think it's wild and beautiful?"
"I think it's appalling."
Well folks.
That makes four things in a lifetime that I've disagreed with Emma about.


(For those arriving late the other three opinions of mine from which Emma has dissented are: 1. I assert that Lyndsey Chamberlain framed a dingo for the murder of her baby Azaria. 2. The Bangles consist of a battle axe, a war hammer, a back of a bus, and Susannah Hoffs respectively, ie there is no good looking Bangle except Susannah Hoffs. 3. If God asks you to kill someone you should politely decline on the off chance that you're imagining it, but if he asks you to be a nun you may fairly confidently say yes.)

they use dark forces

Coffee with Yankee Joe.
"Heelers," quoth he. "Tell me the real reason you stopped seeing Amal. And I don't want to hear any of that Al Qaeda secret agent stuff. Tell me for real. What happened?"
"I thought the bitch was trying to curse me," replied Ireland's greatest living poet serenely.
"You mean you thought you heard her say F--k off under her breath?" quoth he.
"No," sez me, "I mean I thought she was trying to invoke evil spirits with a view to harming my chances of getting my old job back at the Leinster Leader."
Yankee Joe goggled at the syllogogism.
(What's a syllogogism? - Ed note)
(Dunno. - Heelers note)
"What made you think she was trying to do that?"
"We were sitting there and she was talking about the devil and evil spirits and exorcisms. She knew well I was interested in this stuff. But the way she was talking about it was weird. It was as though she was trying to fix some notion in my head. And she'd told me that in Morocco about 75 percent of families have some experience of demonic possession. And I thought she was looking at me kind of funny. So I terminated the conversation and never saw her again."
"You didn't."
"I did. I like to let the devil worshippers wonder if I'm after them. I have no interest at all in wondering if they're after me."
Yankee Joe allowed himself a sigh.
"Heelers. Congratulations. I didn't think you could do it. But you've just reached a whole new level of paranoia. Paranoid delusionalism when you include the bit about getting your old job back."
"Thank you. I try."

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

seven wonders

stars in a sea of light
autumn leaves on a stallion wind
the stillnesses on summer nights
the love of a friend
purple mountain monuments
spanish galleon moons
the firstlings in the firmament
of darkness into dawn

comparative analysis of the american and irish justice systems with regard to the treatment of super thieves styling themselves bank executives

Bernie Madoff: His crime was to defraud millions of Americans by posing as a banker. His punishment was to be sentenced to no less than one hundred and fifty years in jail.


Sean Fitzpatrick: A supposed Irishman. His crime was to bankrupt Ireland by robbing his own bank of billions of dollars through loans to himself and his co conspirators Sean Quinn and family. Fitzpatrick was also assisted by political allies including the now deceased gangster Brian Lenihan and the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government, along with its successors in government the corrupt kleptocratic Fine Gael and Labour Parties, all of whom looted the treasury to conceal Sean Fitzpatrick's burglarisation of his own bank. His punishment has been to remain scot free and absolutely unpunished.

David Drumm: Was employed in management at Anglo Irish Bank. Assisted Sean Fitzpatrick in robbing Anglo Irish Bank. His punishment has been to be let off scot free and to be allowed to live in palatial splendour in Boston.

Sean Quinn: Gangster with terrorist connections posing as a businessman. With his family assisted Sean Fitzpatrick in robbing Anglo Irish Bank of billions. His punishment has been to be let off scot free and to retain his stolen billions in concealed overseas investments.

Gillian Bowler: Helped the above conceal their thievery through billion dollar transfers. Scott free.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

the night my father died

The button on the electric shaver wall socket jammed.
The chord on the bedside lamp snapped.
The TV stopped working.
It was as if by some grace of God, the very house knew its master was leaving.

the amal

"We can find you any time," she said with a mocking Muslim smile.
I would never be sure if she meant it or if she was playing to my incipient paranoia.
"Just remember," I said in a steady voice, "if you find me, and I don't want to be found, I may not be as nice as you've always known me to be."

our television listings

(The Irish national fraudcaster.)
3.00 The Bill. Miffley. Bateson. GBH. Cor blimey. I've got you bang up to rights. Sarge. Guvnor. You're nicked toe rag. DOA. DI. DUI. DIY. WHY WHY WHY?
3.30 How Clean Is Your House. Come back Jessica Fletcher, all is forgiven.
4.00 The Afternoon Show. Show me the way to the vomitorium. Oh right. We're already there.
5.45 Nuacht. Read by Dilin O'Deamhas.
6.00 The Angelus. Thirty seconds of bell ringing from the RTE Male Atheists Choir.
6.01 News. Read by the Fembo Commie Pinkos.
7.00 Nationwide. There's no escape. They're everywhere.
7.30 Garda Ar Lar. The word Garda tips you off that this programme will be about the Irish police force. I'll bet you a million pounds it won't be about their corruption though.
8.00 Eastenders. Anissa and James flee to Syria to get married but sparks fly when the Imam recognises James as the writer of this blog.
8.15 Fawlty Towers. The famous episode where a group of Al Qaeda members come to stay at the hotel and Basil keeps making politically incorrect remarks to them. At dinner he announces their order as: "Okay, a prawn Al Zawahiri, a meatball head hacker sandwich, spaghetti Muslim murderers, and an Osama Bin Laden Allah U Akbar Goebbels Himmler stew." There's a serious bit at the end though when Basil screams: "Who won the bloody war?" And the Al Qaeda members reply quietly: "We're winning it."
8.30 Living The Wildlife. Drivel.
9.00 News. The Fembo Commie Pinkos are back and out for blood.
9.35 Pure Mule The Lost Weekend. Nobody on the planet earth cares what this is.
10.45 Blood Of The Irish. Blechhhh.
11.45 News. More indoctrination from the Fembo Commie Pinkos.
11.50 The Late Late Show. Repeat of Friday's programme in which a poor little rich boy from the corrupt kleptocratic Andrews family Fianna Fail political dynasty walks into a presenter's job at RTE that pays a million a year because his cousin has been given the other sinecure the Andrews family clutches to its bosoms to wit the Andrews family's permanent titular seat in the Irish parliament, and by titular you know I don't mean anything to do with titles, I mean the Andrews family are a shower of corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail tits, and here are the rest of us sitting scratching our heads and going: "Hang on. Who's that privileged grinning neo feudal tit breath on the television? How did he get there? Not another corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Failer walking into a television presenter's job surely? This isn't Soviet Russia is it? Is it?"
1.55 Getting Out. (Film Drama, 1993.) Starring Rebecca De Mornay. No one will watch this except Rebecca De Mornay's granny, so I'm not going to review it.

(The Irish national fraudcaster's default setting.)
6.00 The Simpsons. Clapped out leftie cartoon from the States which stopped being funny twenty years ago.
6.30 Home And Away. RTE's explores its Australian porn fetish while debauching the teenagers of Ireland.
7.00 The Last Duel. Yawn fest.
8.00 MNS. This is a sports programme, believe it or not. The title letter stand for Mordant Mindnumbing Shite which is also the motto of RTE2.
9.00 Private Practice. Doctor fetish.
9.55 Private Practice. More of RTE's doctor fetish.
10.50 News. With ideological guidelines for those accustomed to thinking for themselves.
11.20 Shortscreen. Don't know. Don't care.
11.30 24. Fantasy programme starring Kiefer Sutherland. Intended for people who prefer to fantasise about the nature of the Al Qaeda threat rather than do anything about it.
12.20 King Of The Hill. It's after midnight and RTE finally decide to risk a cartoon that has occasionally entertaining moments.
1.05 The James Healy Show. Improbable new adversarial interview programme getting its first airing well after midnight or when hell freezes over. This week's guest is Michael Mansfield QC, the British lawyer famous for obtaining get out of jail free cards for members of Al Qaeda. Among the murderers and would be murderers that Michael Mansfield has ensured are free to kill, kill and kill again, are the plotters who tried to poison half of Britain with ricin, and most of the scum who recently sought to down a dozen jet liners over the Atlantic. (Three of em were convicted out of at least twenty operatives known to British Intelligence services.) Mansfield has just released a book about himself entitled Radical Lawyer. I suppose it is a kind of radicalism ensuring that the Islamic Nazis living in our midst are given maximum freedom as they go about their dastardly business plotting and committing mass murder. Yeah, it's fairly radical alright. Hoo boy. Expect Healy to give him a radically unfriendly interview. Mansfield has been to the fore in promoting the innocence of the late Brazilian Al Qaeda agent Jean Charles De Menezes whom Healy has stated was as guilty as sin. Menezes was shot dead by British security agents while engaging in a teaser mission to sow panic among the public after the Al Qaeda train bombings in London a few years ago. Of course Mansfield gives us his word that Menezes wasn't Al Qaeda. So that just about incontrovertibly means he was. It's easy to figure out when you understand the unmitigated treachery of these bstaads. Radical lawyer indeed. Watch out for the bit where Heelers claims that QC stands for Qaeda C********r. Mansfield really looked a bit sick at that stage.

(The only alternative to RTE available in Ireland. A perpetually loss making television station owned by Canadian scruff who's sole strategy for competing with RTE is to try and out pornographify them. It's really time the Irish government allowed the rest of us to establish our own television stations.)
4.30 Judge Judy. I quite like Judge Judy, particularly when she shouts: "Madam, Madam."
5.30 News. From a tinselly pro abortion atheistic perspective.
6.00 Xpose. Don't ask.
6.30 Friends. I quite like Friends.
7.00 Emmerdale. Duck drool.
7.30 Coronation Street. Wearisome yurghhh.
8.00 Nothing To Declare. I declare this programme is unwatchable.
8.30 Coronation Street. No you're not dreaming. Another episode of Coronation Street on again within half an hour of the last episode. In case the brain dead viewers of TV3 forget they've just seen it.
9.00 More Money Than Sense, How We Blew The Boom. Pretentious TV3 cretins analyse what caused the financial collapse. One thing is sure. They won't tell you the Irish economy collapsed because our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government paid extortionate pay rises to corrupt nurses, police officers, teachers, bus drivers and civil servants who have together ensured that the younger generation will live their lives in poverty trying to pay off the debts run up by their Mammys and Daddys. Nor will the programme suggest that the cause of the Irish economic collapse lies with the senior executives of Irish banks who used accountancy tricks to declare billion dollar profits for twenty years and then suddenly went bust overnight when reality kicked in. Went bust having never really made a profit but having paid themselves million dollar salaries every year. Salaries they continue to pay themselves by the way. I'm telling you folks no one in Allied Irish Banks, Bank Of Ireland, Anglo Irish, TSB or the Ulster Bank or any other Irish financial services company, should be earning more than ten thousand Euro a year. And that's if they actually manage to produce a profit. Every small business man knows that if his company isn't generating profits, then the Chief Executive doesn't draw a salary. That's the way the small businesses who are the bedrock of our freedoms operate. The same small businesses who were put out of business by the banks if those small businesses couldn't repay their bank loans. So why have we allowed the banks pay their management huge salaries while the banks have gone bust. Why have we allowed them to operate any differently to the way other businesses operate? Why are the hard men in TSB, Anglo Irish, AIB and Bank Of Ireland entitled to be bailed out after the collapse of their corrupt attempt to corner the property market through a corrupt alliance with corrupt Fianna Fail supporting property developers. Why are we letting them away with this? But you're not going to hear any of this stuff on TV3. Best not to worry about it. Go to sleep while these swines lay waste our country, our culture and our future. There's a meths lab on Malavista. Blah blah. The mayor will have my ass. Blah, blah, blah. Do this by the book. Blah. You young cops and your heroically reckless ways. Blah. On a more serious note, someone recently told me that my advocacy against bankers paying themselves a lifetime's wages for doing no work, meant I'd become a socialist. I replied: "No. The socialism was when our governments gave the banks billions of dollars of our money to cover up the bankers' gambling losses. The socialism was when governments forced the general public to pay for the banks' failed attempt to corruptly corner the property market. The socialism was when we allowed the banks to drag all of us, small businesses and ordinary decent citizens, along with them into recession. The mayor will have my ass blah etc."
10.00 Law And Order Special Victims Unit. Pass the sick bag Alice.
11.00 Nightly News. Oh give us a rest.
11.05 Tonight With Vincent Browne. Ageing Maoist sits in judgement on Christianity to the delight of his seven viewers in the TV3 canteen.

Monday, July 02, 2012


Tony O'Reilly's epitaph: He lived to see his empire stolen by a bigger thief than himself.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

the hijacking of ireland by the quinn family and their accomplices

1. Sean Quinn robbed billions of dollars from the Irish nation simply by burglarising Anglo Irish Bank through the use of his accomplices on the bank staff, to wit then Anglo Chief Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm and others, who granted him and themselves multiple billion dollar loans that they could never repay.

2.The Daily Mail has received video footage of members of the Quinn family negotiating with Russian and Ukrainian gangsters who have been helping the Quinn family to conceal some of the billions the Quinns have stolen from Ireland by siphoning the money into supposed property deals in Ukraine.

3. My analysis is that the video footage has been forwarded to the Daily Mail by the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters with a view to destroying the Quinns so that the Quinns will be thereby prevented from hassling the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters for the stolen money that the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters had been helping the Quinns to hide.

4. Russian gangsters are dangerous people.

5. The Quinn family have associations with Irish gangsters formerly involved in IRA terrorism.

6. The Quinn family are dangerous people.

7. Corrupt Irish parliamentarian Liam Lawlor who served a pattycake prison sentence in Ireland, died in a car crash in Moscow. I do not believe for a second that the car crash that killed Liam Lawlor was an accident.

8. I believe the Quinns are lucky that their gangster associates are trying to ruin them by sending video tapes to the Daily Mail rather than by killing them.

9. There is reasonable doubt that the Irish courts system is capable of trying the Quinns.

10. It is not known how many Judges the Quinns own.

11. Circuit Court Judge Patricia Ryan was married to the recently deceased Irish government Finance Minister Brian Lenihan. Brian Lenihan looted the treasury and borrowed Ireland into a hundred years of unrepayable debt (mortgaging the nation and its future) to conceal the burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank by the Quinn family and by their allies within the management of Anglo Irish Bank and by their accomplices in the Russian mafia. Brian Lenihan bankrupted Ireland to keep the Quinns in BMWs. Brian Lenihan escaped justice by dying. In view of the fact that his wife is a Circuit Court Judge, what chance have any of us of getting redress for the theft of our nation, our prosperity, our freedoms and our very lives, by this cabal of criminals?

12. High Court Judge Leonie Reynolds is a daughter of Albert Reynolds, a former Fianna Fail Prime Minister most famous for claiming he didn't know about a million pound donation to his pet food factory from a Muslim who later received an Irish passport.

13. Judge Eamon De Valera, a descendent of the founder of the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party continues to preside over frivolous libel cases against anyone who attempts to speak the truth about the corruption of Fianna Fail supporters and connections. Among his greatest hits was the award of two million dollars to Monica Leech, a woman who claimed to feel libelled by Independent Newspapers attempts to report on the circumstances in which she received hundred thousand dollar government payments for designing websites no one ever visited, a situation she explained as having occurred when: "The government Minister saw me in a restaurant and called over: Design that website for me." She claims that this casually called out salutation in a restaurant represented the entire tender process for a 150,000 dollar government contract. A second such contract for a similar amount was awarded to Monica Leech after a more conventionally staged tender process. Following half hearted media attempts to even mention, let alone report, the dubious circumstances in which Monica Leech obtained two contracts for her worthless services from a corrupt Irish government Minister, various (massive) sums of money have been paid out by those same media groups to that same Monica Leech for supposedly libelling her. The circumstances in which more public money founds its way to Monica Leech from State owned broadcasters without any Judicial ruling on their liability, touch on grand farce. I'm laughing so hard, one of my sides just split. Get this. The Irish national broadcaster RTE gave Monica Leech hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money without any libel court ruling, after an anonymous caller to an RTE radio show suggested that Monica Leech had received hundred thousand dollar government contracts because she had given blow jobs to a government Minister. This anonymous caller was never identified. Could he have been a friend of Monica Leech's engaged in a double cross? It's an easy 140 Grand. He was never identified and RTE gave this dreadful woman another 140 G's of my money without any court proceedings or public hearing into the matter whatsoever. The Monica Leech case against Independent Newspapers at least found its way into a court room. We didn't exactly get justice, mind. But why worry? No matter how often the nation loses, Monica Leech and her crass co conspirators in the Fianna Fail political party, stay well in front. So Judge De Valera forced Independent Newspapers to pay Monica Leech two million dollars for the crime of stating the bleedin obvious. Judge De Valera was also responsible for the similarly disgraceful gift of twelve million dollars via a spurious libel award to Donal Kinsella, known as the naked ape, for his attempts to gain access while naked to the hotel bedroom of one of Kinsella's underlings at the company where he worked. Judge De Valera's justification for awarding Kinsella a king's ransom against the company, was that Judge De Valera and his tainted jury believed the company's damage limitation press release following public consternation about the naked ape's exploits, had hurt the naked ape's feelings. Kinsella and Leech are, like Sean Quinn, Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, their wives, mistresses, odious families, et al (particularly Al, I hate him), and their cats Tiddles, part of the same pseudo elite that uses established political parties and corrupt judges like DeValera, to reduce the Irish people to the level of farm animals.

14.The present Minister for Finance in the Republic of Ireland, Michael Noonan, who is a member of the corrupt kleptocratic Fine Gael party which is in coalition with the corrupt kleptocractic Labour Party, ie the parties elected to repudiate Fianna Fail's kleptocracy, has stated: "I feel sorry for Sean Quinn."

15. Senior Irish Times journalist Kathy Sheridan stated on national television that she felt sorry for Sean Fitzpatrick the former chief of Anglo Irish Bank whom she claimed was a decent man. Fitzpatrick was a key figure in Sean Quinn and his family's burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank and of the nation.

16. Alan Dukes, a former leader of Fine Gael who lost his parliamentary seat after corrupt police officers from his security detail leaked details of his philandering with his secretary, is now Chief of Anglo Irish Bank. The appointment of Alan Dukes, a Fine Gaeler, came during the final two years of Fianna Fail's government and was a key factor in Fianna Fail's looting of the treasury to bail out their gangsters friends in gangster banks, giving the whole blagg the veneer of cross party non partisanship. In my view, Alan Duke's complicity in Fianna Fail's grand theft of the nation makes Alan Dukes a thoroughly opprobrious figure.

17. The present Fine Gael and Labour Party coalition, which was elected to repudiate Fianna Fail kleptocracy, has in fact upheld and extended Fianna Fail kleptocracy.

18 Fine Gael and Labour have purchased the bankrupt worthless gangster bank styling itself Allied Irish Bank for the bargain basement fee of ten thousand million Euro of public money. One of the Board members of Allied Irish Bank is Lochlainn Quinn who is a brother of Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn.

19. Fine Gael and Labour have continued the Fianna Fail practice of packing the Judiciary with Judges chose from among their sons, daughters and party apparatchiks.

20. Ireland has been hijacked. The question is: What do we do about it?

we idlers

Something called Brenda Power, writing in something called The Daily Mail, has once again turned her formidable intellect to the subject of people in receipt of unemployment benefits attending the European Soccer Championships.
The Daily Mail is obsessed with the unemployed.
Apparently its proprietor Lord Dacre was waylaid by a group of passing unemployed people in his youth and bitten badly on the testicles.
He was an unlucky fellow Lord Dacre.
As he stumbled away from his encounter with the unemployed, he was ambushed by a gang of wild homosexuals who savagely paid him compliments on his natty dress style.
He never recovered. (cf Rupert Murdock who was waylaid by the same maurauders in similar circumstances with the same results.)
But I digress.
We're talking about Brenda Power's marvellous insights on unemployed people who dare to attend football matches.
The Daily Mail's British edition owes bankrupt idiot banks in excess of a thousand million dollars. (These banks are idiots and bankrupt precisely because they loan money to a bankrupt idiotic anti Catholic newspaper like the Daily Mail.)
Brenda Power writes for the Irish edition of the Daily Mail.
The Irish edition of the Daily Mail owes idiot banks in excess of a hundred million dollars.
The Daily Mail will never repay any of these debts.
Its staff can draw a salary solely because bankrupt idiot anti Catholic governments in Ireland and Britain have thrown public money at banks whose commercial nous is zero, as evidenced by the fact that these same banks are out of pocket to the Daily Mail to the tune of more than 1200 million dollars and counting.
Here is the news.
Brenda Power you are unemployed.
Brenda Power you are receiving unemployment benefit disguised as a salary from the bankrupt Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail has no money.
Brenda Power, you are being paid with public funds from bankrupt banks that are being financed by the bankrupt Irish government using more public funds which they are borrowing from the Germans.
The only difference between you and unemployed people on social welfare benefit is that the unemployed people on social welfare benefit are honorable enough to admit that they are unemployed and to claim the modest sum that is officially reserved for them.
Brenda Power you are... oh words fail me.
There is no market on earth for your writings beyond the vastly inflated State sponsored subsidies that you and the rest of the staff at the bankrupt Daily Mail receive each week courtesy of State owned bankrupt banks.
I would ask you to please try moderating your tone with a little humility and self awareness when you discuss issues relating to the unemployed.


Interestingly enough, the subject of unemployed people receiving social welfare payments is also currently agitating the great minds at yet another similarly bankrupt anti Catholic newspaper group styling itself Independent Newspapers.
Today in the Sunday Independent something called Eilis O'Hanlon writes: "The culture of long term welfare entitlement is innately damaging."
I do not wish to be over critical of Independent Newspapers.
It's all already been said.
There is a whiff of something degraded over this newspaper group.
The Sunday Independent in particular is bathed in the roseate hue of a vague congenital hoordom: Editors marrying their hag assistant editors whose daughters clutter the corridors with purple (anti Catholic) prose as conformist as it is invidious, moving confidently through a mist of canabis fumes and nepotism, while saturnine talentless career lefties sneer at the ancient faith but never utter a word about the neo feudal hijacking of power and opportunity within Ireland by the paper's hoormaster proprietor Sir Anthony J O'Reilly and his odious keleptocratic corporatist rackateering cocaine addicted sons.
I'm not saying Eilis O'Hanlon got her job by riding some hoary dessicated cocaine addicted old goat among the plethora of hoary dessicated cocaine addicted old goats on the company Board.
Nor am I saying that she got her job by being the daughter of some talentless bitch who rode a hoary cocaine addicted old goat among the hoary cocaine addicted old goat management and directors of the company Board.
I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
I am merely saying that I cannot detect a smidgen of merit in her writings.
Independent Newspapers owes uncounted thousands of millions of dollars to idiot banks.
Offiicially we know that around 470 million dollars worth of debt is due for payment to creditors soon.
Independent Newspapers will never pay these debts.
Like the Daily Mail group, Independent Newspapers, and its scruff anti Catholic staff, and even the immortal Eilis O'Hanlon, exists solely on borrowings from idiot bankrupt State owned banks.
They are paid with State funds.
This is a peculiarly immoral and unfair form of social welfare.
Eilis O'Hanlon like the unconquerable Brenda Power, is paid a salary from bank borrowings, ie from the money the Irish government gives corrupt bankrupt gangster banks so that they can maintain the farcical pretention that the banks are still trading.
Eilis O'Hanlon you...
Oh just read my message for Brenda Power.
And shut your hole.