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Saturday, July 02, 2016

a psalm of james

The vermouth burnishing of evening shade drifting towards the Wicklow mountains, rivers cacaphonous, eternal fields.
All the promises of God are true.
He made every human being on earth.
He did not make any mistakes.

break of day

leafen wood enwintered
by a soft ice surplice
fallen forth on timbers in a fronded fretwork charabanc
that neath a network braided
steaming cattle breathed
earthen kingdoms frothed
into dying into life

on with the motley
rejoice rejoice


No more epitaphs
- Ed note

Friday, July 01, 2016

another one bites the dust

Another gang banger shot dead in the streets of Dublin today as IRA skang gangs continue their turf war over drug deals, territory and who has the biggest Glock.
(Dick surely - Ed note)
(Gerry Adams' Glock is probably bigger than Dick's since Gerry Adams is head of the IRA mafia - Heelers note)
Prime Minister Enda Kenny says it may take a decade to sort out the IRA mentored gangland assault on our freedoms.
We don't have a decade Prime Minister.
Intern the Hutch, Kinahan, INLA and AN Other IRA skang gangs without trial.
End them.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

comparative depravities

In the Netherlands doctors will murder a child aged twelve and upwards who requests to be suicided.
Similar assisted suicide laws prevail in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Doctors in these countries will also murder any working age adult who requests to be suicided.
Quite ofen they murder adults who have made no such request but who find themselves in hospital and whose lives the doctors think are not worth living.
All these countries routinely murder the elderly through euthanasia.
All these countries and the rest of Europe routinely murder unborn children through abortion.
Although among European nations, euthanasia and assisted suicide are only officially legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, unofficially they are being practised in all our countries.
All of this is worse than the worst crimes committed by the Jihadis.

the silence of the pseudo elites i mean disingenuous noise

The most curious factor observable among those charged with reporting news and commenting on it, is the near unanimous attempt across all media outlets in Europe to present the British decision to leave the European Union as somehow wrong.
There has been virtually no recognition of the courage, insight and historical daring of those who voted to bring about this momentous change.
There has been a continual harbinging about how dreadful it will all turn out.
Let me dwell on a few points.

1. The predicted stock market collapse has now been entirely reversed. Today the British stock market is higher than it was when the vote was predicted to go the other way.

2. The fall in the value of Sterling, the British currency, against the Dollar has already rebounded to the benefit of as many companies as initially it seemed to be hurting. Rueful admissions about the benefit accruing to such companies are starting to creep into the public domain.

3. Great play is being made in media outlets that most of Scotland voted to stay in Europe. The suggestion is being advanced that Scotland should be entitled therefore to break with Britain and stay in the European Union. But there was no such talk on the eve of the vote when analysts were saying Scotland's electorate alone might be sufficient to overturn popular majoritarian votes in the rest of the United Kingdom thus forcing the rest of Great Britain against its will to stay in Europe. This possibility was being hailed as wondrous by the conformist pro European Union pundits. There was no suggestion at the time that the possibility the Scots' votes might gerrymander the whole thing against the will of everybody else in every other region, would somehow entitle the rest of Britain to cry foul. In any case I don't think the Scottish Nationalists speak for the people of Scotland on this matter. Forty percent of Scots who voted, actually opted to leave the European Union. Another thirty five percent of Scots overall chose not to vote either way.

4. The Welsh, famously left wing in their politics, have voted to leave Europe contrary to the all those manipulative predictions emanating from media and political peudo elites.

5. In Northern Ireland the vote was similar to the Scottish vote with a clear majority favouring remaining in the European Union. That famous lover of peace, tolerance and democracy, IRA terrorist mafioso torture kingpin Gerry Adams is suggesting that Northern Ireland may somehow stay in Europe and leave the United Kingdom. I think he advocates a local vote on the matter. At the moment he's not openly threatening to activate his IRA skang gangs, redeploy them from their current drug dealing and people trafficking businesses, and use them to inflict all out terrorist war on our countries. (Again.)

6. My own view is that the British vote shows the vitality and accountability of their democracy and culture.

7. There is extraordinary arrogance and spite in the attitude of continental politicians who without consulting their electorates are saying Britain cannot now trade freely with Europe unless she maintains a free travel zone. The free travel zone is applauded by crime gangs and a few rich people. Everybody else wants our borders enforced. It's not like the free travel zone ever meant we could go through airports quicker. Thanks to those loveable Jihadis we all still spend three hours getting through an airport. The free travel zone is and always was a disgraceful European Union hijacking of sovereignty. The British have chosen to re-establish their borders. The rest of us should do likewise. Let the IRA and the Jihadis worry about being turned away from our countries. Our friends and partners can still come, show their passports, and be made welcome.

8. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel or European Union Supremo Jean Claude Junckers collapsed immigration law by compelling members States of the European Union to admit immigrants posing as refugees, they did so in the sure knowledge that neither Frau Merkel nor Monsieur Junckers will ever have to answer to the electorates in any of the countries across Europe which they have bound to their whims. For the first time in European Union history, the power brokers of the EU have been made accountable to an electorate. The British have accomplished this, We should celebrate the accomplishment not denigrate it.

9. European media groups are going bust not because of the internet. European media groups are going bust because not one of them is willing to recognise public concerns about the destruction of our borders and the admission to our countries of millions of people from the Third World without our consent. Not one of these bankrupt viewerless media groups is prepared to recognise public concerns about the loss of sovereignty from our electorates to the unaccountable, uncountable anonymous power broking committees of the European Union. Not one of these fervourless conformist destitute media groups is prepared to celebrate the triumph of democracy in Britain this week over the pseudo elites who wish to rule us all from the shadows.

10. Just how crassly manipulative of public opinion are these media groups? Consider the Irish State sponsored broadcaster RTE. The lead story on RTE tonight was about corruption in a little known Irish charity. The charity is little known in Ireland itself, I mean. Most of us have never heard of it until RTE's main news broadcast this evening. The story went on for ten minutes. This story was used to overshadow news of yesterdays Islamist attacks on Turkey's main airport where 42 people are now known to have died. After ten minutes of their main evening news broadcast, RTE finally found the inclination to reluctantly report the attacks on Turkey. I am suggesting that RTE deliberately downplayed the bombing by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda's Isis franchise of Ankara Airport simply because such attacks show the absolute legitimacy of public concerns about immigration in general and the absolute urgency regarding the free expression of the public will vis a vis the repudiation of Muslim immigration in particular.

11.  Europe could be a family of nations freely trading and enforcing our borders. We could even allow each other to work in each other's countries. That's the way it will be between Ireland and Britain anyway. It's not such a big deal for most of us to show a passport at any border if such a measure prevents the Jihadi conquest of our nations. But the European Union must go. And it will go.

12. The British decision to leave the European Union may yet be the saving of Europe.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Star Bores 9

Luke and Darth Vader are having one of their periodic light sabre duels.

(Swords clash. Lotsa sparks. Eventually the two are caught in a clinch which allows momentary conversation.)

Vader: "Lu-u-u--u-u-ke... I know what you got Obi Wan for Christmas."

Luke: "You couldn't know."

Vader: "You got him a board game."

Luke: (Furious) Grnghh. (Breaks, lunges, fighting renewed.)

(Swords clash again for a bit. Then another heavy breathing clinch.)

Vader: "Lu-u-u-u-u-u-u-uke... I know what you got Princess Leah for Christmas."

Luke: "But that's not possible."

Vader: "You got her a... teddy bear. Nyah ha, ha, ha."

(They break and swing their swords again for a bit. Ktersh, ktersh, ktersh, and all that. Presently another close quarters grapple means more conversation.)

Vader: "Lu-u-u-u-u-u-ke... I know what you got Han Solo for Christmas. You got him... a shirt."

Luke: But Lord Vader, how do you know what I got everyone for Christmas?

Vader: I felt your presents Luke.

Luke: Heelers over heard a girl telling that one to her friends years ago on a train to Galway.

Vader: He sure did.

Monday, June 27, 2016

star bores 8

Luke and Obi Wan Kenobi discuss the villain.

Luke: "Who is Fart Brader?"
Obi Wan: "He was my most promising student. Really good at maths. Could do a great French accent. But my greatest failure."
Luke: "He didn't pass the Leaving Certificate?"
Obi Wan: "Worse. He became consumed by the dark side of the Force. Staying in bed till two in the afternoon. Leaving used towels scattered around the bathroom. Eating all the Viscounts. He was insufferable."
Luke: "Oh."
Obi Wan: "If only he'd stopped at the Viscounts. Now he is a being of limitless evil with an insatiable lust to rule the galaxy."
Luke: "Ben."
Obi Wan: "Yes Luke."
Luke: "Is Fart Brader my father?"
Obi Wan: "Let me this way put it. One of your parents he is. Your mother, he ain't."
Luke: "Hey! You lifted that line from Mad Magazine."
Obi Wan: "I know, I know."

live european soccer championship report

England 1
Iceland 2
The fat man will be mad as a snake.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

star bores 7

Luke Thighstalker and the evil Emperor are engaged in a fight.
Luke is doing okay until the Emperor turns the tables by shooting blue lightning bolts at Luke from his hands.

Luke: "Ow, ow, argh, aiiieeee, ow, ouch, that really hurts. Wait, Why isn't this killing me? It's... It's... Ow... Not that bad really.... It's like being pushed about a bit. Ow, ow, That one smarted. You got me in the cules there. Ha, ha, ha. That tickles. Stop it. Stop. Oh please. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I really must say as the man on the receiving end, this is a most inefficient way of killing someone. I mean, what is the point? What is the point of having million volt blue lightning bolts come from your hands if all they do is mildly inconvenience your opponent? Oh stop it. Stoppppp ittttt. You're boring me. Please stop. Ha, ha, ha. Oh that one really tickled...Why don't you just pick up a gun and shoot me? You low life Rah b-st-rd?"