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Saturday, August 21, 2010

death and the maidens

Coffee with Rowena.
She's looking a bit green.
She tells me why.
She's just realised that more than a decade ago she got serial killer Larry Murphy to install a floor for her at her house.
Her daughters had played near him.
Once while she shepherded the children down to bed, serial killer Larry Murphy had looked up from the floor and called out to her.
"I've never in my life seen a woman as calm as you," he said.
And something about the way he said it chilled her to the bone.

upper echelons

For a while now I have attempted to point out to my readers that a persecution of the Catholic Church is underway in Ireland.
The persecution is proceeding.
It is being conducted by atheistic liberal leftists in the Judiciary, in the media, and in the upper echelons of the Civil Service.
These people are essentially anonymous.
They are the unelected power brokers who run Ireland from the shadows.
They do have political allies.
But these are merely puppets.
Governments come and go.
Real power in Ireland remains with the hidden elites.
The persecution they are conducting uses child sex abuse victims to provide moral cover for a permanent pogrom.
The ultimate aim is to shut the church down through perpetual law suits and the seizure of assets.
These persecutors are more diabolical than the Nazis, the Communists, the Muslims, and indeed all the other persecutors who have sought to lay low the church throughout history.
These persecutors kill no one.
The only murders they commit are the murders of reputations.
Their conspiracy is rendered even more potent by the suggestibility of a generation narcoticised by sex culture, porno, violence, and, er, nacotics.
The permanent televisual bombardment of masturbatory images and experiences has rendered many people unable to think for themselves, let alone realise they are being led by the gonads into slavery.
This generation, essentially sexually incontinent, is presiding over an unprecedented explosion in the level and extent and extremity of child sexual abuse while at the same time wallowing in the hysteric wrong minded delusion that sexual abuse is carried out primarily by religious people.
We have seen some strange things these last few months.
The liberal atheistic conspirators have activated their infiltrator Archbishop, a certain Diarmuid Martin who has endeavoured to criminalise a generation of Bishops and remove from them the very basic right to speak for themselves.
Diarmuid Martin has replaced the presumption of innocence with a presumption of guilt.
And he thinks he's gotten away with it.
We've seen the media championing a boycott of Catholicism supposedly being proposed off her own initiative by an 80 year old woman whose lifetime of anonymity guaranteed her front page headlines on the Irish Times as soon as she agreed to betray the ancient Church. (Hint: I mean a Church that wasn't set up by Henry The Eighth.)
Jennifer Sleeman's boycott will go the way of the boycott which Irish Independent bigot John Cooney tried to engineer last year.
Cooney had called for a boycott of the sacraments, if you remember.
The response was underwhelming.
Whatever next?
Paedophile Ian O'Doherty calling for a boycott of God?
(I refer to Irish Independent journalist Ian O'Doherty as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty ever since last year when the Irish Independent published his grotesque lie asserting falsely, maliciously and malignly that the Catholic Church was a paedophile ring.)
Or how about Daily Star editor Ger Colleran calling for a boycott of heaven?
(Ger Colleran became famous for a particularly miserable mendacious bigoted and vile assertion on RTE television when he falsely claimed that children had been abused in every Catholic Church presbytery in Ireland. Ger Colleran edits the Daily Star which is jointly owned by Independent Newspapers proprietor Tony O'Reilly and British porn baron Richard Desmond. The Daily Star having negligible readership gets its main revenue from the publication of phone sex lines. Ads for these phone sex lines endeavour to give the impression that the lines are staffed by children, to wit "sexy teen," "new girls," etc etc. It is highly likely that phone sex lines contribute to the objectification of women and disruption of male sexualities that is a contributory factor in the societal dynamic leading to child abuse, rape and murder. What do you think? Is Colleran a base hypocrite? Or something worse. The man who works for a porn baron, whose salary is paid from the proceeds of the exploitation of women, whose travelling expenses are covered by income from such high minded publications as Asian Babes and Readers Wives, that man is the same Ger Colleran who slandered a generation of Irish Christians, trahaising the faith of our fathers, crushing their reputations in the mud, just because he wanted to make a name for himself on TV.)
Yes we've seen a lot.
Before Sleeman came along, we had the Irish Times and Irish Independent directing their readers to a website which offered a form for resignation from the Catholic Church.
The site was supposedly getting thousands of visitors.
Of course anyone can stop being a Catholic simply by deciding not to be a Catholic.
No resignation has ever been necessary.
The website was just a little bit of liberal leftist showboating.
This didn't stop the media claiming that thousands of people had visited the website and had downloaded its forms in order to defect from the Catholic Church.
I had a feeling these visitors consisted mainly of the index fingers of the website founders hitting the refresh bar on their computers fifty thousand times.
That old gag.
The Johnston Press knows what I'm talking about.
In spite of copious publicity, the media attempt to engineer an exodus from the Church was again distinctly underwhelming.
Although infiltrating leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin did endorse the resignation website by having his office issue formal certificatory acknowledgements on receipt of the completed website forms.
Never necessary before.
Never happened before.
Why is it happening now?
Because Archy is one of them.
So all this has been happening.
At the same time the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers and the Bolshevick broadcaster RTE have given plenty of publicity to an activist group set up by Father Gerry Hoban and some left wing priests.
The group is going to campaign for the implementation of a liberal leftist agenda within the Catholic Church.
It represents a second front for the media in their attempts to infiltrate the Church.
First they just had Archy.
Now they've got Hoban and company.
Someday they'll answer to a higher power than the Heelers Diaries.
(Hint: Not the Daily Mail.)
And just last week the contours of the conspiracy became a little clearer.
A Department of Education Report instructed the Catholic Church to prepare to divest itself from primary education.
That's what the liberals have been after all along.
The liberals want to get their hands on those children.
Because if they can control what they're taught, they can control what they think.
Evil, isn't it?
You bet your sweet bippy it is.
Let us end our considerations of the present persecution of the Catholic Church in Ireland on a note of poignancy.
Some months ago I wrote that sex abuse was endemic in Ireland and that no family had been untouched by it.
Shortly afterwards the former IRA terrorist leader and current Sinn Fein parliamentarian Gerry Adams called on Cardinal Sean Brady to resign over some woefully contrived media allegation that in his youth the Cardinal had handled an abuse case badly.
Gerry Adams' niece then spoke out to say she had been sexually abused by her father who is Gerry Adams' brother and that she had told Gerry Adams it was going on and that Gerry Adams had done nothing to help her and that Gerry Adams had done nothing to stop his brother working with children and that Gerry Adams basically had a lot of explaining to do.
The hypocrasy of those who have been manipulating the reportage of sex abuse as a tool against the Catholic Church is beyond belief.
But lest you think it's just the terrorists and their media sympathisers who have this problem...
The man who set up an utterly worthy organisation called Families Against Intimidation And Terror, a group which opposed all forms of murder, extortion and violence in Northern Ireland, a group that at times seemed to quite heroically defy the IRA and the loyalist equivalents of the IRA, that man has been outed by his daughter as a child abuser.

an open letter to david quinn feature writer with the near bankrupt irish independent newspaper

Last week you wrote that it was a fifty fifty call whether Bishop Eamon Walsh should have been fired.
How dare you.
How dare you flippantly impute guilt to a decent honorable man.
How dare you Quinn.
Of course Bishop Eamon doesn't have the use of an entire near bankrupt newspaper group to defend his good name when a scruff like yourself casually demeans it.
Nor does any Bishop have access to the power of the courts when a Nazi bitch like Judge Yvonne Murphy, or a failing newspaper group like your own, casually misconstrues past attempts to exercise responsible discretion in dealing with sex abuse cases as a cover up.
Nor does any sex abuse victim have access to due recompense and atonement when Independent Newspapers blithely conceals the 99.99 percent of the most extreme sex abuse cases that do not involve anyone with a connection to the Catholic Church while perpetually recycling the 0.01 percent of relatively minor cases that do, cheapening even the victimhood of those whom you have hijacked in order to use them as little more than a tawdry Trojan Horse in your permanent culture war with the ancient, true and beautiful Christian faith.
Quinn, oh Quinn, tis a far far worse thing ye did then than you had ever done.
Well you know what I mean.
I note that Independent Newspapers owes its creditors more than 1.5 thousand million dollars.
I note that the Irish Independent admits its sales figures fell by five percent last year.
That meant one in twenty of your readers simply walked away.
But those are the figures the Independent admits to.
The real figure for your loss of readership will be higher.
Many years ago my Uncle Scutch told me about a situation that prevailed in the United States during the 1960's.
Large corporations became terrified of being accused of institutional racism.
Each company quickly appointed a black member on its Board Of Directors.
Civil rights activists were not impressed and referred to such appointees as token niggers.
I always thought Uncle Scutch was being a bit of a Bolshevick when he trotted out this story.
For years I thought the corporate behaviour he described was improbable in the extreme.
I waited all my life to actually see a token nigger.
Quinn you pose Catholic.
You were hired by Independent Newspapers simply to give that organisation the ability to conduct a bigoted anti Catholic persecution while posing in plain sight as an organisation with high profile Catholics on its staff.
I've waited thirty years.
At least I've seen a token nigger.
Quinn you are the token nigger.
James Healy

Friday, August 20, 2010

the rain in pakistan falls mainly on the jihadis

The head of the United Nations, a certain Mr Banky Moon, announced last week that the monsoon flooding through Pakistan was the worst disaster in modern history.
It isn't.
It isn't even close.
What it is, is an annual flood that has hit Pakistan every year for a thousand years.
The UN claims 1500 people have died in this year's floods.
The figure is most probably inflated as all UN figures are inflated when the UN is hot for international disaster fund cash.
Hundreds of millions of dollars are being thrown at the Pakistanis.
The Mussies are laughing all the way to the Banky.
In an ironic twist the floods devasting the Swat valley, struck just as Taliban terrorists returned to their hide outs there, fresh from killing ten western doctors who had spent years treating the poorest of the poor in Afghanistan.
The Taliban slaughtered the doctors in Afghanistan and then returned to Pakistan to announce that they had killed the doctors for the "crime" of telling Muslims about Jesus Christ.
This didn't stop Banky Moon and the UN from once more pouring fresh doctors, supplies and money into Pakistan's flood hit region which is of course the current head quarters of Al Qaeda on the planet earth.
Oh the humanity.
I mean if the UN wasn't requiring us all to clean up the Pakistanis' mess for them, why then the heroic peaceloving slaughterers of Al Qaeda and the Taliban who are based in Pakistan might actually have to take time off from inflicting mass murder on the rest of humanity and actually do a little work for a change.
Imagine the Jihadis having to dig their own flood defences instead of us doing it for them.
Imagine the Jihadis having to grow their own crops.
Imagine the Jihadis having to let any doctor who shows up stay alive for fear there might never be another one.
Oh we can't have that.
Send in the clowns.
By which I mean the UN.
Banky and the UN have become desperate to inflate the Pakistani death toll.
So now they're talking about cholera outbreaks.
That should juggle it up a bit.
And every now and then the UN adds a couple of million to the number of people they claim have been "affected" by the flooding.
At present they're telling us 20 million have been affected.
Presumably you can qualify for inclusion in that affected statistic simply by having gone a bit off your food parcel.
Still the UN is going to need a lot more cholera deaths to convince anyone that it's time to wade in with even greater largesse.
Banky's gonna have to fake the figures even more than he has been doing.
Failing that the Pakistani branch of the Taliban might lend a hand by killing a few more western doctors and claiming those as flood victims.
Every little bit helps, eh.
Interestingly enough some 1500 people also died in floods last week in China.
That figure is probably correct as it came from the Chinese government who had nothing to gain by exaggerating it.
I wonder why Banky rates the Pakistan floods as more significant than the Chinese ones.
There's something about Muslims, eh Banky.
As for his nonsense talk about the Pakistan floods being worse than any other disaster ever...
In Pakistan itself in 2005, in the exact same Swat region which has been hit by the present floods, an earthquake killed 85,000 people.
That disaster like the present one provoked much international hand ringing and free money hand outs.
Pakistan took the money, the international aid, and the food parcels.
Pakistanis continued their fifty year surreptitious terror war to secede Kashmir from India.
Pakistanis continued murdering their women and girl children in astonishing numbers (far higher numbers annually than have died in the present flood) for sundry crimes such as daring to go to school or bringing dishonor on their families by daring to get raped.
Pakistanis continued barbarising their boy children.
Pakistanis continued attacking India at every opportunity, in one terror mission shooting nearly 200 people to death in Bombay.
Pakistanis continued hiding Al Qaeda.
Pakistanis continued building nuclear weapons.
They didn't build any flood defences.
They didn't move their villages to high ground.
They didn't build water proof or earthquake proof houses.
That would have been too much like hard work.
They can't build flood defences for a monsoon that hits their country every single year.
But they can build A Bombs.
Anyone sending money to Pakistan now is f------ nuts.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a scientist's prayer

bright the sky
the god of miracles
and molecules
sits on his throne tonight
that the humble and the mighty may rejoice

dial m for murderer

Today's Irish Independent carried no coverage of ongoing public fury at the release of serial killer Larry Murphy into the community.
Today's Irish Times carried no coverage of ongoing public fury at the release of serial killer Larry Murphy into the community.
Today's Daily Mail carried no coverage of ongoing public fury at the release of serial killer Larry Murphy into the community.
Not a single article or reference.
Not a mention of the terror ordinary people feel now that this merciless slaughterer of women has been loosed to stalk the land once more.
Not a mention of the girls he kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed.
Not a word about the cruel and merciless death he gave to Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dollard and the others.
After representations from the police acting on instructions from Minister for Justice Dermot Aherne, Ireland's major publications have dropped the story.
The powers that be have silenced them all.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the monica leech philosphy in

Alexander The Great strode through the market place at Corinth.
After a busy month's conquering he was on his day off.
The sun streamed over the teeming crowd.
Alexander halted opposite an elderly beggar clothed in rags who was squatting in a little alcove at the northern end of the market.
He knew the beggar was the legendary wise man Diogenes.
Alexander The Great addressed the beggar.
"Ask anything of me," Alexander said. "Any request at all. And I will grant it."
The beggar looked up.
"Would you move two steps to the right," he said. "You are blocking the sun."
Alexander's henchmen lunged forward to strike him for his impertinence.
Alexander stayed them with a word.
"Back!" he cried. "Of all the people in the world, if I was not Alexander, I would rather be Diogenes."


Facebook websites tracking the whereabouts of newly released serial killer Larry Murphy have been closed after representations from Senior Figures in the Irish police force.
Not ordinary police officers, mind.
Senior Figures.
Ordinary police officers want him dead.
Newspaper coverage of public fury at the release of serial killer Larry Murphy has also been toned down after similar representations from on high.
Justice Minister Dermot Aherne who was so adament that serial killer Larry Murphy must be released says that in recognition of the public outcry about Larry Murphy's unsupervised release into the community, the Minister has instructed the probabtion service to reengage with Larry Murphy.
It is interesting to see the liberal elites of the Republic of Ireland closing ranks to ensure that this serial killer is once more given the freedom of movement he wants to hide in plain sight so that he can kill, kill and kill again.
Serial killer Larry Murphy is suspected by police of kidnapping, raping, torturing and murdering Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dollard and others.
One thing is sure.
They were too good for what he did to them.
Serial killer Larry Murphy was arrested ten years ago after walking up to a woman in a car park, smashing her face in to put her in shock, bundling her into the boot of his car, raping her, taunting her that he was about to release her, and then attempting to strangle her.
After receiving a paltry 15 prison sentence from a liberal Judge he has now been released five years early to resume his reign of terror.
After his arrest, serial killer Larry Murphy simply refused to answer any police questions about Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick and Jo Jo Dollard and other women who had gone missing and whom he and his friends killed.
He thinks he has gotten away with their murders.
On Friday according to police, serial killer Larry Murphy presented himself at a police station seeking police protection from the general public.
Unfortunately they gave it to him.
It was more protection than was ever given to Deirdre Jacob, Annie McCarrick or Jo Jo Dollard.

Monday, August 16, 2010

odd ditties

The tyranny of liberals is a tyranny no less... because it permits everything.

the waiting

grey light upon sleeping fields
the stillness i have come to love
time and tide cease surcease
peace sits like a glove
shadow sifts like memory
the dog stirs at his chain
and whines and lifts his eyes
for the walk he knows we'll take
though storm clouds steal the skies
and grey light curtains into rain
so waits the world tonight
in darkness and in pain
the world waits for Christ

Sunday, August 15, 2010

archy rides forth

John Cooney, one of Tony O'Reilly's anti Catholic drones in Sector Seven G at the Irish Independent, reports that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is taking a holiday.
As many of you know, the odiously manipulative Cooney has been to the fore in providing a propaganda outlet for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's dishonorable attempts to remake the Catholic Church in his own image.
Both Cooney and Archy are party to a Liberal Leftist conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church as a locus of influence for the people of Ireland by forcing a generation of Bishops from office.
You are all aware that I believe Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a Soviet era infiltrator whose mission is to destroy the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The first clue is his brother.
His brother is the pro Soviet former political editor of the Irish Times, Seamus Martin.
Archy may have started out as a communist agent, but he has found happy bedfellows in John Cooney and the posse of bigots at Independent Newspapers as well as in the arrantly Bolshevick anti Catholic Irish Times and at the clownishly left wing monopoly broadcaster RTE.
It is not possible to say for sure whether the conspiracy starts with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, or with elements in the Irish Times, or among the Liberal Leftists of the Civil Service and Judiciary who run Ireland from the shadows.
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
My own analysis is that Archy and Cooney are merely public faces on a massively extended conspiracy which includes Senior Civil Servants, Judges and media barons.
People who have never been elected to anything are seeking to subsume our ancient beautiful and true religion to themselves.
It is possible to say that all of those I have mentioned are part of the same conspiracy.
How did they join it, and which of them began it, is a case for the historians.
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin may just be a liberal leftist self styled progressive who wants women priests and abortions for all.
Or he may really have been, as I think, a part of Soviet era attempts to infiltrate the church.
Remember an Archbishop in Poland was unmasked a few months ago as a communist era infiltrator on the eve of his scheduled appointment as Cardinal.
Shit happens.
And sometimes Shit infiltrates what is best and brightest and most holy in the world.
One thing is certain.
This is an age of persecution of the Catholic Church.
It is a tougher persecution in a way than what has come before.
Few of us are being asked to die just yet.
Mostly we're being asked to accept ridicule, humiliation and marginalisation.
The dying part will come later.
There are other reasons why this persecution brings particular challenges.
The Irish in the past could normally depend on our senior churchmen to resist communist or free masonic or satanic attempts to infilitrate and subsume our royal religion.
Archy came at us out of left field.
Hoo boy.
We've had to come to terms with a persecution where by and large we are not murdered.
The murders in this persecution are the murders of reputation.
Such murders are just as deadly and the intent is just as evil as the more direct form of murder.
So John Cooney would have us know Archy is taking a holiday.
John Cooney presents the information in an article where Cooney pretends to be objectively reporting Archbishop Diarmuid Martin suffering a set back in the Pope's refusal to fire certain Bishops.
John Cooney adds that there is a perception that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has lost the confidence of Bishops and priests.
Yeah Cooney.
Finally figured that one out, did ya?
Of course all this flannel amounts to nothing more than the Irish Independent struggling to preserve some credibility for itself as a commentator on events and not a manipulator of them.
In truth Cooney and Archy have worked hand in glove in seeking to oust a generation of Bishops from office.
That's what they've been doing folks.
They are the public face of the Liberal Leftist persecution of the Catholic Church.
Cooney is Archy's Boswell.
A malign snivelling lying cheating distorting corrupting Boswell.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
For two years Cooney has placed leaks from Archy in prominent positions all over Independent Newspapers, mendaciously alleging the vilest wrongdoing among Bishops who unfortunately lacked a national newspaper group to defend their good name.
And now Cooney is pretending to objectively report that Archy has suffered a defeat.
But no.
There has been no defeat.
Pope Benedict is a tough old codger.
As soon as he showed signs of refusing to be stampeded into firing Bishops, the media began falsely alleging that Benedict himself had covered up child abuse.
And they still couldn't shake him.
But it's not a defeat.
Cooney and Archy are laughing.
I say it again.
Cooney and Archy and the other more high octane Liberal Atheist power brokers who lead the anti Catholic conspiracy from the shadows, have suffered no defeat.
A small setback maybe.
As Archy sits alone in his palace, refusing to take phone calls and turning aside public enquiries with the lie that he is on holiday, as he sits there in a welter of his own evil, he is smiling.
He reviews the battle so far.
True he had to break cover in his attempt to oust the Bishops and remake the Church in his own image.
But those who have figured out what he is attempting, do not control any big newspapers or television stations.
Archy is confident he will bury them.
True his Bishops and priests consider him something lower than pond scum.
But they are going to be forcibly retired one way or another, sooner or later.
And Archy is going to have a big say over who replaces them.
True, battle has been joined and he's taken some shots.
Cardinal Sean Brady no longer takes his phone calls.
But Archy always held Cardinal Brady in contempt mistakenly believing him to be a weak easily manipulated figure.
Cardinal Brady's unforgiveable sin as far as Archy is concerned, was to jump ship at a meeting with the Pope, and not support Archy's attempts to have Bishops fired from office for reasons contrived by Archy and his media pals.
At the meeting with the Pope which Archy had engineered through a media campaign in the Irish Independent, the Irish Times and RTE, Cardinal Brady suddenly remembered who he was and pulled the rug from under Archy.
After Cardinal Brady rebelled against the ersatz Archbishop's manipulations, Archy had his friends in the media dig up some old sex abuse case, and deliberately misconstrue Cardinal Brady's role in handling it.
The Cardinal himself didn't resign but Archy had his revenge.
And Archy still thinks he'll bag the Cardinal before long.
True Archy's standing among believing Christians is at an all time low.
Not everyone bought his pretence at being genuinely concerned about the victims of sex abuse.
More of us saw through his attempt to create a presumption of guilt for Bishops he wished to remove and to deny those Bishops the right to speak for themselves.
An even greater number of us have noticed the inexplicable incongruity of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin getting such adulatory press coverage from viciously and virulently anti Catholic media groups like the Irish Independent, the Irish Times and RTE.
Oh people are figuring it out alright.
But Archy doesn't worry overmuch about the people.
Archy's gambling that the liberal leftists of Ireland's hidden elites have their hands on the reins of power in the courts and in parliament and that the people are utterly irrelevant.
Archy doesn't think the people have a say in this ball game.
Archy is smiling.
After decades biding his time, he has finally made his play for total control of the church in Ireland.
His allies in other sectors of society are pressing forward their attacks.
The Irish Times is spearheading calls for a boycott of Catholic Church services.
The Irish Department of Education has demanded the Catholic Church prepare to remove itself from Primary Education facilities which the Church has created, nurtured and developed since the foundation of the State and beyond.
Corrupt Judges and their lackies are preparing new attempts to seize Catholic Church assets using sex abuse victims as a Trojan Horse excuse to close down religious orders by bankrupting them.
Archy sits in his palace.
Archy is smiling.
His eyes suddenly drift to the sacred heart picture hanging above his fire place.
For a moment Archy starts guiltily.
"What are you looking at?" he snarls.

an open letter to geraldine kennedy editor of the irish times

Dear Sir or Madam or Whatever.
On the cover of your newspaper on Saturday you carried a statement by your contributor Mary Raftery falsely, mendaciously and malignly claiming: "The Catholic Church has joined firmly with the world of disgraced bankers, speculators, and financiers in adopting the 'we are where are' approach."
Such blatent bigotry and incitment to hatred is another sign of the break down in law and order which you Liberal Atheists have brought to this country.
Mary Raftery can tell any lie she wants to about the Catholic Church.
She has a long track record of manipulating public perceptions of child sexual abuse as part of her own personal vendetta with Christian belief.
She knows she will not answer for it to any earthly judge.
Because she knows the judges are on her side.
But surely Mary Raftery's sneer would be more correctly applied to the Irish Times itself.
You at the Irish Times have spent forty years attempting to destroy the Catholic Church.
You spent the Cold War rooting for the Russian Communist Party in its attempts to establish an atheistic dictatorship over the planet earth.
You lose a hundred million dollars every year and are kept in business only by public money lent to you by the same corrupt bankers Mary Raftery pretends to despise.
You have done more than any other organisation to deculture Ireland and deliver it lock, stock and barrel into the violent debased murderous suicidal abortionist contraceptivist cesspit of hedonism which it has become.
You have committed worse crimes than those of which you falsely accuse any Bishop, in that you have concealed the vast preponderance of sex abuse cases occurring in the community in order to mislead the public into believing that the preponderance of such cases and the most serious ones occur at the hands of churchmen.
You have fostered nay championed the culture of the lie.
And you have done it all for pure spite.
You have in a few short decades Kennedy repudiated 1500 years of Christianity and left us a nation desolate and dying.
Surely Kennedy it is you who are proclaiming with vilest and most hypocritical arrogance, that you are where you are and nothing can move you.
And the violent society, and sex culture, and the suicides of children, and drug gangs running our cities, and rape and murder becoming a daily occurrence, and serial killer Larry Murphy wandering free, none of it is enough to change your mind about what you have done to our country, the havoc you have wrought, the lives you have ruined, nor to cause you to repent of your miserable little Marxian propaganda war, your permanent ideological pogrom against the Catholic Church, the only institution that might have brought us through the snares of this age of satan.
Shame on you.
James Healy

has penchant for killing women. will travel.

Serial killer Larry Murphy was permitted by Ireland's government and judicial authorities to apply for a driving licence and a passport while in prison.
Obviously a man like serial killer Larry Murphy may need to travel to far distant places at short notice.
You know what folks.
The Liberal Judges and Liberal government officials and Liberal prison wardens and liberal defence lawyers aren't going to stop this.
They're never going to change.
Until we make them accountable again.
Until we take it all back.
Not just take back serial killer Larry Murphy's driving licence and passport and freedom to travel around the country while he plans his next kidnapping, torture, rape, strangulation and murder.
But take back the whole country.
Remember it folks.
What the ruling liberal elites have done in releasing the merciless murderer Larry Murphy into the community is the single most calculated insult they have ever extended to the people of Ireland.
We need to get together and end them.