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Friday, April 06, 2012

have yourself a very archie easter

The anti Catholic Irish Times is full today of twee attempts to pose Christian.
There's a fine photo of a cross on the cover.
There's a cosmically insincere editorial wherein the atheistic abortionist anti Catholic editor of the anti Catholic Irish Times tries to convey the risible notion that he is himself a Catholic.
There's a large colour photo of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin with an equally large extract from Archie's latest press release, presented in the form of news.
All the atheistic abortionist anti Catholic newspaper groups in Ireland are trying to pose Catholic.
Don't let them.
They have sought the destruction of our ancient Church.
They have sought to label a generation of ageing priests and nuns and Bishops as concealers of child abuse.
And Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has helped them do it.
Archie, more than any single figure, was responsible for replacing the presumption of innocence with a new malign presumption of guilt.
Archie, more than any one else within the Church, colluded with the atheistic abortionist media, to call for the resignation of a generation of Bishops, without according any of them the right to speak for themselves.
And now Archie's fellow destroyers of faith, his accomplices in the murder of reputations, his coconspirators in his putsch against the Pope, his vicious and invidious allies, now the anti Catholic Irish Times, the atheistic abortionist Stalinist State broadcaster RTE, and the anti Catholic atheistic abortionist Independent Newspapers, all of them I say, all of them are terrified that the Catholics of Ireland are reading my blog and will no longer bow to their oppressors.
The sales of the anti Catholic Irish Times and the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers have fallen through the floor.
They're gone.
They exist now only through government sponsorship and free money from idiot gangster banks.
RTE's only remaining revenue stream comes from compulsory taxation on the citizenry who are forced to finance RTE whethere we watch it or revile or not.
By the way, Archie's Easter greetings courtesy of the anti Catholic Irish Times were heavy with mendacious irony.
The anti Catholic Irish Times reported Archie as saying to a congregation in Dublin: "You know and I know that in this archdiocese we have great priests, men of prayer and care, of generosity, dedication. We are here today in a special way to celebrate the ministry of our priests. I ask you to support your priests. I ask our priests to support each other."
This from the man who colluded with the anti Catholic Irish Times, the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers, the anti Catholic RTE, the anti Catholic Judiciary, the anti Catholic atheistic abortionist Marxian rackateering Fine Gael Labour combo government, and shadowy anti Catholic Marxians hiding within the upper echelons of the Civil Service, in seeking to expel from office and from ministry every Bishop in Ireland through the ruination of the Bishop's reputations via contrived tendentious allegations of concealing sex abuse which the Bishops were not even to be allowed to answer.
Hey Archie.
You're arriving a little late at the "Respect Your Priests" party.
I am reminded of a few salient cases that have been brought to my attention by readers recently...

1. A retired nun was falsely accused of sex abuse. Her lawyer advised her to write in her affidavit that she simply didn't remember working at the location where the false allegation of sex abuse was being falsely claimed to have occurred. Here lawyer told her: "Just say you don't remember. The person is in dire circumstances. If you say you don't remember, the Institutional Redress Board will give her some money."
2. A second nun, falsely accused of sex abuse, received the same advice from her lawyer about saying she didn't remember working at the location in question. Both nuns remembered precisely that they'd never worked there and that they had never abused anyone. Both ended up taking lawyers advice which allowed the Institutional Redress Board to award money to criminals who regard making sex abuse claims as a great rick quick scheme.
3. Atheistic Marxian government Minister Ruairi Quinn last month went to various ageing priests and nuns, demanding that they pay more money into the Instituional Redress Board.
4. The government of Ireland recently purchased a worthless gangster bank styling itself AIB using ten billion quid of public money. AIB has as one of its principle Board Members a certain Mr Lochlainn Quinn, who is a brother of atheistic Marxian government Minister Ruari Quinn. It seems the Quinn family can't lose in these harsh recessionary times.
5. A ageing priest facing a sex abuse allegation from thirty years ago killed himself.
6. Ireland's Stalinist State broadcaster RTE attempted to force another priest Father Kevin Reynolds to commit suicide by falsey maliciously and malignly accusing Father Reynolds of child rape. RTE staff members paid an African woman to lie in claiming Father Reynolds had raped her when she was a girl. RTE would have gotten away with it if they'd kept the claim to one of child rape. But they couldn't resist going for broke. They also paid the African woman to claim Father Reynolds had fathered a baby with her when she was a child. Father Reynolds was able to expose the RTE attempt to kill him by taking a paternity test. If RTE had restricted their lies to false allegations of child rape, there would have been no way for Father Reynolds to clear his name.
7. Another priest who was falsely accused of child abuse resumed his ministry last week having been under investigation for two years. His accuser has never been identified publically. The incompetent liberal showboating organisation styling itself the Organisation for the Protection of Children Within the Catholic Church, welcomed him back to his ministry. Nice of them. These crowing liberals have helped copperfasten Archie's presumption of guilt upon priests facing false accusations. They should hang their liberal heads in shame. And get out of my Church.

Well folks.
What can we do?
What can we do when the confederacy of anti Catholic dunces is arrayed before us in such power and includes an infiltrating Soviet era KGB spy called Archbishop Diarmuid Martin?
What can we do when the greatest scoundrels among us are now posing Catholic in order to try and save their damned newspaper groups?
Here's what we can do.
We can look em in the eye and say: "F--- off you anti Catholic c---s."
I gotta tell ya.
It works.

an open letter to mary kenny feature writer with independent newspapers

A few years ago I won a bet with my brother Doctor Barn about your career and personal principles.
I bet him that you would resign from the Daily Express when porn baron Richard Desmond took over the company.
I said: "I don't hold Mary Kenny's writings in high regard. But there's something about her Christian conversion. It's like Peter Hitchens one. It has the quality of the genuine."
You did resign and I won the bet.
Hitchens resigned too as I remember.
Mary, why are you working for Tony O'Reilly's anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group?
Why are you allowing yourself to be used as a Token Catholic to give overall credibility and plausible deniability to the most invidiously anti Catholic newspaper group in Western Europe?
Why are you lending your gravumen, intellect, and reputation to help a Nazi newspaper group hide in plain sight?
Why, Mary?
James Healy

Footnote: Tony O'Reilly's anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group currently has a publishing deal with British porn baron Richard Desmond to produce the Daily Star.


At the age of 46, I've just realised I will never drive around the Old West in a Stutz Bearcat with a catchy theme tune playing in the background, as I help Hank Brackett and Johnnie Reach solve mysteries.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

an open letter to something called gavin o'reilly

Gavin O'Reilly.
I have written to your Daddy about certain matters and I understand he now plays no active role in the running of the anti Catholic Independent Newspapers organisation beyond taking a few hundred million a year out of the company in personal remuneration and dividends.
This is the O'Reilly method of running large companies, isn't it.
You borrow hundreds of millions from idiot gangster banks. You take over companies you know nothing about and have no capacity to run. (I am referring in particular to Waterford Crystal, the phone company Eircom and Independent Newspapers itself.) Then you asset strip those companies by paying massive salaries and dividends to your Daddy and yourself and your wives and lovers and children and friends and for all I know your cat Tiddles as well. Over the coming years you continue to borrow thousands of millions against the companies you've taken over. These borrowings are continually deferred in your balance sheets and although your companies never make a real profit, or heaven help us, pay back their ten billion dollar loans, these same companies declare profits every year from the cash flow achieved through borrowings, while you and Pops and Tiddles pocket dividends and salaries supposedly from the profits but in reality from the bank loans, and all this continues until either the companies evaporate in debt, or some idiot mercantilist crook with even bigger borrowings from idiot gangster banks than you, buys the doomed asset stripped debt laden companies from you, and the whole vomitous merry go round starts again.
Hilarious no.
Still the above venal criminality pales in comparison to the manner in which your father Daddy Warbucks founded the O'Reilly fortune, ie by stealing trade secrets from the Irish Food Company and parlaying them into a career by giving them to the HJ Heinz corporation.
But he was a younger man then.
And we won't hold it against him.
The story of the origin of the O'Reilly billions has remained long out of the public domain simply because your father bought up the print run of a tell all biography which detailed the scam, and then pulped the whole bunch.
By the way I note that you are currently trying to stampede the Irish people into buying shares in your oil company Providence Resources.
You are doing this through highly tendentious press releases suggesting you have found commercial quantities of natural gas.
Bollocks, Junior.
You've found nothing.
You've found exactly what your Daddy found when with Providence Resources antecedant, a certain bankrupt Atlantic Resources, way back in 1987, he provoked a share price explosion through similar inflammatory and purely fictional press releases.
Every one lost money on Atlantic Resources, didn't they.
Except the O'Reillys.
In spite of your claims to have lost more money than you put in, I don't see any of you going hungry.
But I'm boring you.
Normally you are not an important enough fellow to merit my attention.
Today is different.
In spite of my better nature, my attention has been drawn to the O'Reilly family and your ill gotten gains, by one of your drones in Sector Seven G who has launched an attack on me.
Now listen carefully Junior.
A contributor to your newspaper The anti Catholic Irish Independent, wrote in his column last week claiming falsely that I had called him a paedophile.
Now as a matter of fact I do regularly refer to your columnist Paedophile Ian O'Doherty as Paedophile Ian O'Doherty since a couple of years ago when that same Paedophile Ian O'Doherty falsely maliciously and malignly asserted in your newspaper that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
But while calling him Paedophile Ian O'Doherty whenever the mood takes me, I have never suggested he is a paedophile.
I always make it clear when applying the epithet Paedophile to Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, precisely why I am doing it.
Incidentally, I also regularly refer to another of your colmnists, a Mr John Cooney, as Sacraments Cooney, ever since he falsely maliciously and malignly claimed that the Irish people were about to launch a boycott of the Catholic Church Sacraments.
No one would seriously suggest that in calling him Sacraments Cooney, I am claiming John Cooney is himself a Sacrament.
These distinctions can become important in a court of law Junior.
The most obtuse legal points can be vital, as Monica Leech said to the Bishop.
In last week's Irish Independent, Paedophile Ian O'Doherty also threatened me in the aforementioned column with vague and unspecified menaces asserting that I would receive "a surprise shortly."
I was not named in the column but a simple google search using the details Paedophile Ian O'Doherty gave about me, would have enabled any one of your supposed million readers a day to identify me.
Tell me Mr O'Reilly.
Do you think it's a good idea to allow your flagship title to be used by a young Carlow drug scruff to wage personal vendettas against a failed journalist with a blog that no one's ever heard of?
I mean, what's in it for you Mr O'Reilly?
Am I really the calibre of enemy you welcome into your life?
When Paedophile Ian O'Doherty writes about me in your publication, you incur liability Mr O'Reilly.
Liability is a rum thing, as Monica Leech said to your Daddy.
Dear oh dear.
Some of these druggies get a bit high on the ganja and they start thinking they're the Bolton Wanderers football team.
These David and Goliath battles don't always end in favour of the Goliaths you know.
Sleep well Junior.
Don't let the bed bugs bite your bawls.
James Healy

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

the last knight of europe

It was Spring.
Spring in Dublin.
And Heeler the Peeler was accompanying a group of religious maniacs on a prayer vigil outside the selfstyled Wellwoman abortion referral centre.
They call emselves Wellwoman.
They don't call emselves abortion referral centre.
But that is what they are.
And well they are not.
So there we are, seven of us, standing on the pavement praying the Rosary aloud in a city that has forgotten itself and acts as though it never knew God.
An elderly man on a bike turns his head towards us as he cycles past.
His face is flushed.
"You fuhen Catholic cunhs," he roars in fluent Dublinese. "Deh people in dat clinic are helpin women. Yiz Catlic basthurds."
The front of his bike wobbles dangerously.
The road is busy.
A bus is approaching behind him.
We motion to him concernedly and he regains control.
He disappears around the corner with a final roar of "yiz fuhn cunhs."
I am quite charmed although a bit disappointed that the bus didn't at least slightly maim him.
Clearly I am the least Christian of this merry group.
But charmed I am.
I've never actually suffered anything on behalf of the Lord so it is quite a refreshing experience to be called a Catlic basthurd by a native red faced wobbling galoot in broad daylight.
The prayers continue.
Presently the manageress of the Wellwoman abortion referral centre emerges to mingle.
She has a face on her like a boiled shite.
She looks like the bitchiest bitch in the history of bitchdom.
"Stop leaning against the wall," she barks. "I would have thought professional protestors like you would know you're not allowed to touch our premises."
She returns to her kennel, the door of the premises tinkling abortionistically behind her.
An elderly lady protestor elbows me in the ribs.
"She thinks we're being paid," says the lady. "I'm a granny, there's no one paying me."
The sun is in his zenith.
In Ireland that means the temperature is only a few degrees below zero.
A chill wind whips up from the quays.
It's all very bracing.
There's been talk among the group that maybe we should reduce our numbers so as to avoid frightening women as they enter the premises seeking to kill their babies.
Before we disperse I quietly lobby group leader Maisie Baines on the matter, investing my two cents in favour of ever increasing numbers.
"You know," I murmur, "that one day there will be a hundred thousand people praying here if the spirit calls us. I wouldn't try to turn anyone away. And another thing. We're not just here to save the babies. We're not just here to help the women. We're here too because God is working in our own lives and perhaps healing us of our own sickness. God is finally calling our bluff as armchair Christians and asking us to get up and do something. Our numbers give the lie to the con job that the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers want to perpetrate on the citizenry in claiming we have no support. And one other thing. If more and more people are coming here, at some stage the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers are going to send along their own spies to infiltrate us. And they'll all be full of nice, civilised, well meaning advice about limiting our numbers so as not to cause offence to the helpless little waifs who come here to kill their children."

Monday, April 02, 2012

enda kenny in wonderland

The anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper today lauded Prime Minister Enda Kenny for what it called his determination and integrity.
As per usual the anti Catholic Irish Independent carried two glossy and utterly unnecessary photos of Enda Kenny in case we'd forgotten what he looked like, since yesterday.
The anti Catholic Daily Mail only carried one.
The Sunday edition of the anti Catholic Irish Daily Mirror carried three.
They're all playing the same game.
It's a game called Cosy Up To The Anti Catholic Prime Minister And Maybe He'll Give You Tax Payer's Money For Your Bankrupt Newspapers.
Pathetic bstaads, the lot of them.
In particularly sycophantic form, today the editor of the Irish Independent wrote: "Kenny is like a poker player who has been dealth a dreadful hand... And he's refusing to resort to bluffing."
Such naivete in ones so young.
The hand he was dealt indeed.
Enda Kenny is significantly different from the glowing description being proffered of him by the editor of the anti Catholic Irish Independent.
He is different in the following ways.



1. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak, vacuous, vapid, venal hairstyle of a man, to close Ireland's embassy to the Vatican.

2. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to falsely maliciously and malignly accuse the Vatican of obstructing Irish government enquiries into child abuse.

3. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to allow his atheistic Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to criminalise the Catholic ceremony of Confession with legislation neither the Nazis nor the Communists ever attempted.

4. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to allow bigotedly Marxian atheist Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn to seize Catholic run schools.

5. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to purchase for ten billion quid on behalf of the nation a worthless gangster bank called AIB which just happens to have on its Board of Management a plush bottomed scruff called Lochlainn Quinn, the brother no less of bigotedly atheistic Marxian Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn. Lochlainn Quinn is the proud owner of a vineyard in France for which he paid 30 million quid. Lochlainn Quinn is being allowed keep his vineyard even though the impoverished Irish people are being compelled to pay for his gambling losses and thievery at AIB. Ah yes. If you look across Ireland of an evening, as the sun sets on our economy, our culture, our ancient faithfulness to the beautiful and true Catholic religion, on our heritage, on our very lives our very souls no less, you can almost hear Lochlainn Quinn singing a la Maddonna Ciccone: "Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep. Papa don't preach, I'm on losing streak. But I've made up my mind. I'm keeping my vineyard. Yeah. Gonna keep my vineyard."

6. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to bring almost every other worthless gangster bank as well as the aformentioned AIB, into public ownership using money borrowed against the impoverished citizenry. The latest worthless gangster bank to be so acquired is the EBS. As per usual Enda Kenny paid top dollar for something that is worth nothing. That is to say he borrowed billions of dollars against the future of the citizenry, and left the citizenry and unborn generations liable for his borrowings, in order to purchase something that is worth nothing. Again.

7. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to continue to pour thousands of millions of dollars into the ultimate bankrupt gangster bank formerly styled Anglo Irish Bank, the bailout of which was used by his predecessors in government the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party as an excuse to loot the treasury and whose bailout was singlehandedly responsible for bringing Ireland into the third world overnight. Anglo was literally a gangster bank by the way. It was systematically robbed by its own Chief Executive Sean Fitzpatrick and other corrupt senior management figures through an asset stripping process whereby multi billion dollar loans were lavished on an outside coconspirator called Sean Quinn who along with his progeny Peter Quinn and Sean Quinn Junior, and their hideous wives, mistresses and cat Tiddles, then laundered the money through and on behalf of their copious IRA terrorist nouveau rackateer and Russian gangster accomplices. Lovely lovely people. They have burgled every household in Ireland in perpetuity.

8. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to continue paying at public expense the Boards of Management, Executives and staff at Ireland's newly sovietised banks, exorbitant salaries, funny money wages that they are not now earning, nor indeed have they ever earned.

9. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to remain indifferent when his Minister for Finance Michael Noonan issued a highly prejudicial statement of support for one of Ireland's leading white collar gangsters, the above mentioned Sean Quinn, a man who was key to the robbery of billions of dollars from the above mentioned Anglo Irish Bank, through an above mentioned criminal asset stripping process whereby corrupt Anglo Irish Bank staff robbed their own above mentioned bank via above mentioned billion dollar loans to the above mentioned odious Sean Quinn and his equally odious and above mentioned corrupt family, which absolutely illegal and corruptly obtained loans Sean Quinn and his family never hoped nor intended to repay, in a thoroughly invidious lending process which also involved the above mentioned ultra corrupt Anglo management then receiving hundred million dollar back handers under the table from the same above mentioned Sean Quinn and his newly agrandised above mentioned family, and afterwards when the above mentioned Anglo Irish Bank collapsed as it had to having been so above mentioned and blatently burlged by its own staff in collusion with the above mentioned Sean Quinn who was also facilitated by the way with a couple of extra above mentioned billion dollar loans just to build up an illegal 25 percent shareholding in the very bank that was giving him these loans and limitless untold other loans, leaving the above mentioned Sean Quinn sitting back and laughing all the way to the above mentioned bank as Ireland's ruling pseudo elite politicians from the corrupt kleptocatic Fianna Fail party and their more recent successors in the atheistic Marxian anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour combo government at his bidding spent Ireland into the Third World overnight in order to cover up the above mentioned burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank and the above mentioned looting of the treasury and the above mentioned instant impoverishment of the next five hundred generations of Irish citizens. But I digress. Justice Minister Michael Noonan, on foot of all this remarked: "I feel sorry for Sean Quinn." So we all know who he's working for. And Enda Kenny is leaving Michael Noonan as our Minister of Finance. So we all know who Enda Kenny is working for too. Hint: It's not us.

10. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to pack the Judiciary with atheistic Marxian anti Catholic judges drawn from the ranks of failed Fine Gael and Labour Party political candidates.

11. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to impose a poll tax on every householder in Ireland, while absolutely failing to cut back the exorbitant salaries of parliamentarians, uncivil servants, teachers, nurses, lawyers, corrupt cops, and indolent soldiery.

12. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to engage in continual round the world trips in a pathetic attempt to drum up positive headlines for himself and to avoid facing public fury at the closure of the Vatican embassy. His most recent trips on the public dime were a showboating holiday in New York followed immediately by yet another showboating holiday in China. These things don't come cheap. But why worry. Only the citizenry are starving.

13. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to pay his personal adviser two hundred grand a year, having promised to cap such salaries at a ridiculously high in any case ninety grand.

14. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to tolerate his Ministers annually paying their advisers public money higher wage than the President of Russia.

15. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to tolerate the practice of hiring corrupt developers by the National Asset Management Agency NAMA, the State organisation which was formed to seize properties from corrupt bankrupt developers, all of whom had been engaged in the banks' illegal burglarising of themselves through the acceptance of loans they could never repay and the commensurate payment by the same newly aggrandised corrupt developers to the bankers themselves of multi million dollar back hander bribes under the table. Nama was supposed to seize the properties of these corrupt bankrupt criminal developers. Instead Nama hired the developers as advisers and awarded them each half a million dollars a year in salaries. The salaries for these corrupt developers, who helped the corrupt banks to bankrupt Ireland, are being paid by the people of Ireland. I kid you not. This is beyond incompetence. This is criminal activity, outrageous, high octane and top notch.

16. Nothing in the hand Enda Kenny was dealt has forced him to accept the management at bankrupt banks which he now controls, paying themselves each three times the annual salary of American President Barack Obama.

17. Nothing in the hand he was dealt forced Enda Kenny to allow the workforces at bankrupt gangster banks to restyle themselves as civil servants, thereby obtaining the same vastly excessive pay rates, pension entitlements, bonuses and privileges which Irish civil servants routinely accord themselves.

18. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has compelled Enda Kenny to fail to take action against government Minister Phil Hogan who sexually harassed a 70 year old woman at a golf do.

19. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has compelled Enda Kenny to be photographed with Irish gangster Denis O'Brien, who had previous bribed a Fine Gael Minister called Michael Lowry with five million lids in order to obtain a mobile phone licence that was worth a billion.

20. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has compelled Enda Kenny to take no action against the dissolute gangster criminal scum Michael Lowry.

21. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to allow gangster Denis O'Brien continued associations with the Fine Gael party.

22. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to look the other way while corrupt superthieves, the Drumms, the Gillian Bowlers, the Sean Quinns, et al (Particularly Al. I hate him.) up to their necks in the looting of Ireland's banks through false loans to people that would never repay, retain their liberty, their pomp, their privileges and their stolen billions.

23. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to allow the rackateering McCarthy Dundon gang to take over Limerick City.

24. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to acquiesce to the mafia gangs that rule Dublin.

25. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to take no action against Judge Liberals refusing to impose the ten year sentences on drug dealers mandated by Irish law.

26. Nothing in the hand he was dealt forced Enda Kenny to allow his Minister Frances Fitzgerald to suppress a report into the 198 children murdered in State care over the past ten years. The suppressed report focusses on just 110 of the murders. The real number of people dying in State care over the past ten years will be far higher than the 198 which I have currently managed to embarass them into admitting.

27. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to allow Judge Liberals to jail 7000 honorable decent Irish citizens last year for non payment of parking fines.

28. Nothing in the hand he was dealt has forced Enda Kenny to permit Judge Liberal and the Courts service to release serial killers like Larry Murphy, Sean Courtney, Michael Bambrick, and Malcolm McArthur into the community.

today they said

Larry Bass (self styled, hardly his real name, producer of a television talent competition on Ireland's Stalinist State broadcaster RTE): "If people don't like what we're doing, there is an off button on their remote control."

James Healy: "No one cares about Larry Bass's attempts to drum up publicity for his unwatched television programme. No one cares about Larry Bass's use of skimpy underwear on dancers to try and create a public stir. No one cares about any of these crapweasles or about their cruddler press releases carried by the Daily Mail as fake news items. What we do care about, is being forced to finance Larry Bass's lack of principle through a compulsory tax known as the Licence Fee which every Irish citizen must pay regardless of whether they watch Larry Bass's juvenile defilements of human sexuality or not."

yet another thrill a minute open letter to tony o'reilly proprietor of independent newspapers

A few years ago one of your contributors, a certain Paedophile Ian O'Doherty, (so called because of his false, malicious and malign allegation propagated in your newspaper the anti Catholic Irish Independent wherein he falsely maliciously and malignly claimed that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring) was permitted by your anti Catholic newspaper styling itself the Irish Independent to propagate falsely maliciously and malignly an invidious allegation to your supposed million readers a day, falsely maliciously and malignly stating that the Catholic Church is a paedophile ring.
O'Reilly, does this view represent the opinion of Independent Newpapers, its management and employees?
Does it represent the views of the staff of the bankrupt (morally and financially) newspapers you own, such as the anti Catholic Irish Independent, the anti Catholic Sunday Independent, the anti Catholic Sunday World, the anti Catholic Evening Herald, and the anti Catholic Ireland's Own.
Yeah most people don't know you own that one, do they.
But I knew, when you offered me editorship of Ireland's Own, I knew, I knew exactly what was going on.
They wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town, eh O'Reilly.
Does Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's casual incitement to hatred represent the views of the staff in the Daily Star which you produce in association with British porn baron Richard Desmond, or the views of staff at the Daily Mirror which everyone thinks you own though no one can prove it.
Let me know O'Reilly.
Time is running out.
James Healy

second blood o'reilly the mission

Tony O'Reilly, Lord High Executioner of Independent Newspapers (Proprietor surely? - Ed note) sprawled on his couch in the TV room at Castlemartin.
He was enjoying a video night with his trophy wife Stavros Niarchos.
They were sitting cuddled together while the old First Blood film played on the box.
O'Reilly watched closely as the famous scene with Richard Crenna as the Green Beret Colonel Trautman tried to persuade slimeball Sheriff Teasle, played by former Johnston Press chief John Fry, not to steal ten years of James Healy's pension contributions.
It's a dramatic moment.
Richard Crenna snarling: "For God's sake man, I've seen Heelers tell jokes that would make a billy goat puke."
And Sheriff Fry smirking back: "What are you trying to tell me? You think this Heelers is some sort of Rambo?"
And Richard Crenna replying grimly: "No. He's worse. Rambo would eventually get bored and go away."
Tony O'Reilly's eyes narrowed as he watched.
The words of the actors seemed imbued with a strange high mystic significance.
But he couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

dove and dover

In the garden of my father.
Warm sun and ruffling wind.
The ring tailed dove and his mate have once more landed on the branch in front of me and are cooing insistently.
They are cooing about the holiness of God.
I take this as a message from my Dad in heaven.
The Mammy used to always send robins.

jihad hunter

I had the feeling Amal was trying to curse me during our last encounter.
Curses are big among Moroccan Arabs.
That day the spite seemed to roll from her in a wave.
And she did seem inordinately keen to talk specifically about curses and demonic possession and such, as if she was trying to fix the notion in my mind.
Some scholars think that for these things to work, the victim must believe in them.
I ended things.
But, let's face it, not until she wanted them ended.
She had found out, or done, most everything she wanted to.
Since that afternoon encounter in a Dublin cafe, I have enjoyed not a little stomach upset.
And every now and then I wonder.
A curse would be one thing.
I just hope the bitch didn't put Moroccan worm tablets in my tea.

today they said

Nickolas Sarkozy, President of France: "He was French. Let him be buried. Let there be no more polemic about this."

James Healy: "The French and their President have compelled the mayor of Toulouse to allow a Muslim Al Qaeda psycho called Shitface Merah who murdered three soldiers, a Rabbi and three Jewish children in Toulouse by shooting each one of them in the face, to be buried in a cemetary in Toulouse. The Muslim Al Qaeda psycho killer, lest we forget, also shot no less than six French police officers, as their idiot politically correct commanders, instructed them to take him alive. The murdering Muslim psycho killer's mother had refused to help the police talk him out. She is being allowed stay in France with no adverse consequences to herself. The murdering Muslim psycho killer's father is threatening to sue the French nation for not taking his son alive. There have been adverse consequences for the father of the murdering Muslim psycho killer. He is being allowed to retain French citizenship. All the other relatives and supporters of the murdering Muslim psycho killer are also being permitted to retain French citizenship in spite of the fact that they lovingly thronged his funeral even after his slaughter of three soldiers, a Rabbi, and three Jewish children had become known, and who have regularly threatened film crews and non Muslims on the streets of Toulouse since his death. The murdering Muslim psycho killer's brother and sister who assisted him in his murders and hid him during his campaign, are currently being treated with kids' gloves by French pattycake investigators. I'm willing to bet there will be no serious consequences for them either. And today the French President upholds the insane abjectly culturally suicidal decision to bury this Muslim monster in close proximity to human beings in the town where he murdered by shooting in the face one by one, three soldiers, a Rabbi, and three Jewish children. France is finished."