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Saturday, September 11, 2010

nine eleven

At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them

arrivederci roma

The reason France is expelling Roma gypsies who have illegally infiltrated that country is because the French people have become unwilling to look the other way while their country is stolen from them by crime gangs.
A growing cadre in France's political sphere now recognises this fact.
France is waking up.
French people have become tired of being labelled racist for daring to oppose the trafficking of minorities into France by any gangster grouping styling itself an ethnic minority.
French people have been angered by the actions of trafficked minorities in robbing and terrorising French people in their homes and in the streets.
French people have been disgusted by members of trafficked minorities shooting police officers, murdering French citizens, and torching French cities.
French people have been infuriated at the spectacle of street thugs with expensive lawyers accusing French people of racism.
French people have become incensed by the failure of the French political establishment to recognise that people traffickers now threaten the existence of the French Republic.
Finally a French President has drawn a line in the sand telling illegal immigrants: "Don't attack my citizens and don't attack my police. If you think we're so racist, get the hell out."
Of course, the grand panjandrums of the European courts and the invisible atheistic socialist elites who rule us by decree will not tolerate this.
They can't.
The Lords of Court and of the hidden upper echelons of society, the puppet masters who have become accustomed to governing France and the rest of us from the shadows (with or without the collusion of the figureheads we think we've elected to parliament), these same shadowy elites cannot tolerate an elected President's recognition of the public will.
For if the public will were recognised in these matters, the shadowy elites would themselves be finished.
Have no doubt about it.
The liberal atheists of our invisible upper echelons will attempt to overturn the expulsion of the Roma by criminalising those responsible for it.
They may or may not succeed.
The French are mad as hell and comparatively disinclined to take it anymore.
Still, it was never really about the Roma.
The Roma are going going gone.
They have been most unlucky.
As illegal immigrants, they were comparatively small fry.
They were certainly small fry in terms of their arrant criminality and attempts to label French people as racist.
Small fry, that is, compared to the seven million Muslim infiltrators of France.
The expulsion of the Roma should be seen as a message to the Muslims.
A warning to them.
No it wasn't deliberately cynically contstrued as such.
It has indeed happened because of the manner in which Roma people were conducting themselves towards the country that had offered them a home.
But it also unmistakeably arose as a frustrated reaction to the behaviour of the Muslims in France.
The expulsion of the Roma is unthinkable without the Muslim mass arson attacks on cities across France which began in 2005 and have continued intermittently since then.
The expulsion of the Roma is unthinkable without the Muslim stabbing of the Mayor of Paris.
It is unthinkable without Muslim terrorist bombing attacks on train stations in France.
It is unthinkable without Muslim enforcers harassing and intimidating French citizens as they go about their daily business on the streets.
The congenitally mellow and delusionally left wing French would never have moved against the Roma had France not been living for decades with far worse behaviour from the Muslims.
In this context the expulsion of the Roma is a warning to Muslims.
I honestly think French frustrations at being criminalised and humiliated by Muslim barbarians for three decades have simply crystalised around the Roma.
The expulsion of the Roma is a metaphor for what French people really want.
French people want rid of the Muslims.
Yeah the French have woken up.
Very very late in the day.
Most of the infiltrating Muslims who came to their country after the 1980's, now actually have French passports.
To expel Muslims, France will have to fight a war.
Don't get me wrong.
I think Muslims are going to inflict this war on France and the rest of us anyway, whether we expel them or not.
The process is just further advanced in France.
The war is coming into plain view in France.
If France expels her Muslims then the Jihad is over in France for another generation.
If she doesn't, then France is over.
With a Muslim population of seven million France is at the tipping point.
The Muslims are either about to take power or lose it.
They, and no others, are the ethnic and ideological minority that French people really live in fear of.
The seven million Muslims of France got their passports by virtue of a decision in the 1980's by a liberal atheistic President called Mitterand to buy 14 years of power for his dessicated Socialist Party simply by giving millions of passports away to Muslims who despise France and the French people but who will vote socialist in perpetuity, right up until the declaration of Sharia Law when it will no longer matter how anyone votes.
Mitterand guessed that giving citizenship to millions of Muslims would not only ensure he was President until the end of his worthless life, but it would also push forward a process whereby France's conservative parties were being effectively stampeded into becoming socialists themselves in order to compete with him.
I remember in the 1990's a minor French theatre director called Didier Vieville telling me that the Catholic Church was evil.
He insisted that Catholics were seeking to subsume France and swamp every other mode of thought, by forbidding the practice of abortion and contraception.
He couldn't see that abortion and contraception guarantee the destruction of any society that embraces them.
He regarded pro life principles as merely a shabby manouvre by Catholics to make themselves a majority in France.
I often wonder how he's been getting on with the Mussies who are swamping his country now.
These liberal atheists all thought the doctrine of the sanctity of life was such a threat to their freedoms.
I have a feeling they've been repenting at leisure.
Back to the present.
I'm telling you the recent expulsion of the Roma was all about Muslims.
The Roma were unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a sort of transference of concern.
France is well beyond the opening phase of a civil war between the people of France and the Muslims who are endeavouring to steal France.
It has come to this.
The same conflict will leave no nation in Europe untouched.
The wars of the future will be Muslim.

Friday, September 10, 2010

the kid

The neighbour's kid, Hannah, beetled into the kitchen.
"Can I have a slice of madeira cake?" said she.
"Yes," said I, cutting a slice. "It's the first piece. You see. You get the bit with the brown on the side as well as on the top. It's the tastiest bit."
She inspected it.
"I don't want that one," she pronounced.
"Why not?" said I.
"Because it's the end bit with brown on the side."
"Here then," said I cutting her another slice.
She accepted it graciously.
A thought struck her.
"Okay," quoth she, "I'll take the first one as well."
And she did.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

la grande illusion

As we move towards the officially sanctioned Irish Times and Independent Newspapers Boycott The Catholic Church Day, being held in association with RTE and based on an idea by Jennifer Sleeman (Who she? - Ed note), it is interesting to note just how long the tripehound media have been endeavouring to destroy the ancient faith in this fair country.
Back in the 1950's, poet Patrick Kavanagh had already seen fit to write a poem warning about the persecution of believers by bolshie media liberals.
Ah yes.
There's nothing new under the sun.
Today, hilariously, Kavanagh is the poet the liberal atheists seem most anxious to posthumously coopt.
Irish Times in house harridan Eileen Battersby is forever wittering on about him as though they were old friends.
But what could she know about him.
She's a dessicated semi literate semi senescent abortionist contraceptivist divorcenik atheist apparatchick from a godlessly moronic newspaper whose short hey day came only with its quisling advocacy of Russian world conquest during the Cold War.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
We're approaching Boycott The Catholic Church Day and the liberal atheists have done a lot of work promoting it.
They've been slaving to transform the maunderings of the hitherto unknown Jennifer Sleeman into a national movement.
Apparently Jennifer Sleeman merited front page splash coverage when she proclaimed: "Everyone should boycott the Catholic Church on September 19th."
To the barricades citoyens!
Having destroyed Ireland, why don't we destroy it some more!
Neither the Irish Times nor Independent Newspapers have ever seen fit to so heartily publicise my calls for a boycott of their organisations.
But then my calls actually do have some public support.
The Irish Times lost more than a hundred million dollars last year.
Independent Newspapers owes it creditors more than two thousand million dollars.
They're more bankrupt than the banks.
They have no popular mandate.
And let's face it, their latest anti Catholic pogrom hasn't exactly been going swimmingly for them either.
In spite of repeated claims in the anti Catholic Irish Independent that Jennifer Sleeman has won widespread public support for her calls to boycott the Church, there seems to be precious little real support for her outside of the imaginations of that same anti Catholic Irish Independent and its fellow travellers at the anti Catholic Irish Times and anti Catholic RTE.
Ho hum.
A boycott of the Catholic Church by a coterie of media hoor masters was never exactly going to register very high on my personal richter scale.
I mean what difference does it make if venal hypocritical bigoted Tony O'Reilly worshipping swine who never go to mass, declare that on September 19th they're not going to go to mass?
Call the feds Ma Kettle.
Wake me up and tell me when it's over.
And so on.
Today I'm inviting these same clapped out liberal atheists to take a break from their wearisome bigotries and endless campaigns seeking to stamp out or undermine or infiltrate our beautiful ancient and true Catholic religion. I'm inviting these toe rags to sit back and relax a moment, and see how Ireland's second greatest ever poet, regards their ongoing campaign to debase the nation and debauch the peasantry.
Below is Patrick Kavanagh's take on the first wave of anti Catholic media attacks which began emerging in Ireland in blatent form during his lifetime.
His poem is written in response to the media's worshipful accolades bestowed upon a book, now long forgotten, which purported to expose corruptions in the Church. In today's parlance the situation would be likenable to the accolades heaped on Patricia Burke Brogan's vapid feminist anti Catholic theatre play Eclipsed.
Patricia Burke Brogan was a nun for at least a full week in her long distant youth. During that time she claims she worked for a few days supervising unmarried mothers at a laundry run by nuns.
She has dined out on the experience ever since.
Her play purports to be an indictment of the care nuns gave to unmarried mothers.
Needless to say, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE have never ceased from lauding her work which they find variously "wondrous," "brave," "searing," and "bold."
The words that spring to my mind are: "conformist," "pseudo," "anti Catholic," and "drivel."
But Kavanagh wasn't writing about Patricia Burke Brogan or her present day media fans.
He was writing about the fathers and mothers of Patricia Burke Brogan and her present day media fans.
Here's what he wrote.
House Party to Celebrate the Destruction of the Roman Catholic Curch in Ireland
By Patrick Kavanagh
Her book was out, and did she devastate
The Roman Catholic Church on every page!
And in Seamus's house they met to celebrate
With giggles high the dying monster's rage.
When Seamus gazed upon this woman he
Reflected on one absolute disgrace
Outside the bounds of every decency -
'A female replica of Cromwell's face'
Was how some rural savage had described
This noble woman - she was not blotched,
Her wart was a beauty mole. He had been bribed
To rhyme his sneer. Some Bishop had been touched.
So terrible was Seamus's emotion,
The sherry glass was dancing in his hand -
The Jansenistic priesthood of the nation
Had perished by this woman writer's hand.
With fighting admiration in his eyes
He could not see his wife but only Her.
He stammered: 'You did more than satirise.
Great artist! The Irish Voltaire."
The reviews were coming in by every post,
Warm and fulsome - Seamus read extracts:
'The Roman Catholic Hierarchy must
Be purple now with rage. She states the facts
With wit, and wit is what they cannot bear.'
In far off parishes of Cork and Kerry
Old priests walked homeless in the winter air
As Seamus poured another pale dry sherry.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

great moments in theatre

Macbet whirled.
His senses reeled.
After losing two grand betting on John McCain to win the American Presidency he'd just followed it up by losing another five hundred squid on David Cameron to gain outright victory in the general election in Britain.
Now Macbet's voice rose in a howl of anguish.
He thundered:
"All life is but an actor
A poor player who struts and frets a brief hour
Upon a painted blog
It is a tale printed in the daily star
By an idiot
Full of sound and fury
And salacious details about some poor footballer's private life

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

miscellaneous extraneous aneous

A new activist group supposedly for priests has been established in Ireland.
The organisation includes Peter McVerry, Enda McDonough and Brian Darcy. Names to conjure with. Apparently they asked Karl Marx to join but he considered the group a little bit too leftwing and anti Christian for his liking.
Nice little mini riot staged in Dublin by Al Qaeda to welcome Prime Minister Tony Blair to our shores. They didn't take long to hijack the discourse, did they? The Irish may like Tony Blair for bringing peace to our land, but why should we be able to welcome him if Al Qaeda says nay! Mr Blair was here for a book signing when the Muslims intervened. It was interesting to see the heroic lengths to which RTE and Sky News cameramen went, in order to avoid showing Muslims on screen during the riot on O'Connell Street. By panning suddenly and showing only close ups, they were almost able to conceal the 200 Muslims who made up the body of the rioters and focus instead on the five actual Irish people there. These five were all members of the IRA and various splinter groups from the IRA. The Mussies have found new friends. Bless.
Editor Ger Colleran stared at the printout. He was a bearded grinning slatternly little egg yolk of a man. But his grin lacked anything you might mistake for humour, wit or intelligence. It was the venal grin of pure banal evil. He was reading an article from The Heelers Diaries. His hand slowly balled into a fist, crumpling the parchment. Although his rictus grin hadn't altered, his servants knew he was seething with rage. "I want this Heelers... dead!" he roared. "I want his sheepdog... dead! I want his budgies... dead! I want his hamster... dead! I want his other hamster, the hairy one... dead! I want his plum tree... dead! I want his decrepit 1998 Nissan Almera... dead! I want that wooden bench he tried to build in the corner of his garden... dead! I want those sexy Russian women he's always meeting... to come in here for a job interview." His minions cowered in abject terror. They knew it was going to be a long day.
Al Qaeda, sponsored by Iran, is currently trying the same strategy in Pakistan that it tried in Iraq in 2006. They're blowing up as many people as they can wherever they can. Al Qaeda is trying to provoke a civil war between any and every Muslim faction so that Al Qaeda can then step into the chaos and take over. I gotta tell ya folks. This is one crisis you won't solve by allowing the UN to ship food aid to the terrorists who are currently complaining about getting their feet wet in floods that have occurred only because a substantial proportion of the population of Pakistan spends its time engaged in Jihad rather than building flood defences and working for a living. Incidentally, although General Petraeus defeated the Al Qaeda strategy in Iraq, thanks to the persistence and courage of President Bush, freshman American President Barack Obama has now snatched defeat from the jaws of that victory by precipitively withdrawing the American army from Iraq and announcing an end to combat operations. You could imagine what would have happened after World War Two if America had simply left Europe to deal with Communist Russia on its own. Russia would have taken the lot. Al Qaeda and the Iranians must be dancing in the streets. Well they will be very soon. Dancing on the dead.
A few years ago, the notion was being put about that America was the only superpower remaining on earth. This notion was being propagated mainly by those who detested America, ie those who wanted to blame her for every problem on the planet and those who hoped to thereby damn her with insurmountable responsibilities. It was a notion being propagated consistently by Communist sympathisers in dying media groups like Time Magazine, and Newsweek, and the Washington Post, and the New York Times, and Channel Four, and Le Monde, and The Times Of London, and the Guardian, and the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, and the Irish Times, and CBS, and CNN, and NBC and ABC and the BBC, all who felt history had come to an end merely because Communism had failed to take over the world. The notion that history might end simply because the Soviet Union had collapsed was of course cretinous. But it was also malign and vindictive. It was a view perpetrated by faux academic media atheists who rather than admit they were grievously wrong about communism, even with the evidence before their eyes, preferred to reiterate their proto communist analysis of society under a new terminology. The Soviet Union had dropped dead at their feet and without a pause for thought or self examination, they had shunted the corpse to one side, and resumed their anti Western attempts to question the Free World and more importantly the human soul, and most importantly God, out of existence. Here is the news. History cannot come to an end. Communism has never really gone away although the Russian people's attempted repudiation of it was, in my view, genuine. But history at an end? No. Certainly the ancient evil which has stalked us from the camp fire to the sky scraper, the worm of old whose name is satan, he most assuredly had not given up his age old battle to divide the human race against itself. I say it again. History cannot come to an end until God chooses to end it. Suggesting history was over was an attempt to lull humanity into letting its guard down and abandoning its duties to itself. But I digress. There are in fact five superpowers on earth. America is a superpower simply because of who she is, the freedoms she accords her citizens and her historical championing of freedom worldwide. Western Europe is a superpower because of her Christian cultural heritage which the present socialist rulers of Europe are attempting to expunge. Russia is a superpower because she has the largest land area of any country. China is a superpower because she has the largest population of any country. India is a superpower because she is the world's most populous democracy. Thus the five superpowers on earth are America, Western Europe, Russia, China and India. And you know what? The Muslims are at war with all of them. In the past ten years, Muslims have toppled sky scrapers in America. Muslims have sown carnage across Western Europe, blown up trains in London and Madrid, torched French cities, stabbed the mayor of Paris, murdered Prime Minister Pym Fortyn in the Netherlands, cut down Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh, and attempted to poison Rome's water supply with cyanide. Muslims are trying to detach southern Russia from Russia, and in pursuit of this aim have blown up trains, planes, and automobiles, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants, along with butchering 337 school children at Beslan. Muslims have spent fifty years trying to detach Kashmir from India, shooting up the Indian parliament, bombing yet more trains and slaughtering ever more citizens in the streets of Bombay and other cities. Muslims are trying to secede Xinjiang from China using similar methods. And that's just what Muslims are doing to the superpowers. Muslims have murdered thousands of people in Thailand in the past ten years, attempting to secede the Southern Thai provinces for an independent Muslim State. The Buddhist Thais have been saddled with a Muslim President in a coup d'etat that was utterly unreported internationally. Muslims have spent half a century shooting up the Philippines in an attempt to secede Mindanao island from the Philippines. Muslims have successfully seceded Northern Cyprus from Cyprus. Muslims have successfully seceded Kosovo from Serbia. Muslims have killed more than a hundred people in bombings in Argentina directed against Jewish organisations. Muslims have instituted Sharia law in parts of Nigeria and Uganda, countries which had no Muslim tradition until recently. Muslims have killed three million people in a race war against the Christians and Animists of Southern Sudan. Muslims have spent sixty years trying to wipe the State Of Israel off the map, in the process getting their arses kicked comprehensively every time they launched yet another sneak attack on Israel, and then relying on the UN to step in and prevent the Israelis wiping THEM off the face of the earth. The Muslim fascist expansions and aggressions which I have just described have all occured within the past forty years. They are all ongoing. They are all happening now.
Irina stared at me.
"You think all Muslims are bad," she pronounced.
"No," I said. "I think that there is a cultural dysfunction arising within Islamic society generally which now threatens the world. We either fight it or surrender to it."
She held up her lily hand with all the regal authority of the beautiful.
"James," she murmured. "I think it's time to end this conversation. It is going nowhere."
That's the problem bold readers.
Most of us just don't want to know.
We think if we criminalise President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, maybe the Jihad will go away.
This one's true.
Some years ago Father Benedict Groeschel an American Padre visited Ireland's national broadcaster the famously anti Catholic RTE.
Afterwards he commented drily: "I felt about as welcome there as a ham sandwich at a Jewish picnic."

Monday, September 06, 2010

the monica leech religion in

Local Yokel: "Hey Heelers. What are you praying for?"
Heelers: "I'm praying for the conversion of Sinead O'Connor."
Local Yokel: "I thought Sinead O'Connor already considers herself a Catholic. She even claims she's a priest, doesn't she?"
Heelers: "No, no, no. You misunderstand. I'm praying she'll convert to Islam. I think it'll do the Mussies good to have Sinead O'Connor hanging out at the mosques for a while. She's shed quite enough of her light on the Christian religion for one lifetime. And maybe when she's finished reforming Islam, she'll have a whack at the Buddhists. That should really give em something to chant home about."

Sunday, September 05, 2010

an autumn storm at kilcullen

the evening concerto has begun
sweeping through twilight from the fields
a masterwork of music at random
rain drums on windowsill and eaves
its offnote lyric rhapsody in grey
as squalls lust gustily in sprays
a bullock bells forlorn out of sight
light sound shadow harmonise
at once a dreary monotone of night
at once a heady gloriole of praise
that says it all about this place
it's torn me in my love and hate for it
village prison earthly paradise
small town insensate to my spirit
oh universe in me and i in it

my interview with ger colleran of the daily star

In the dim and distant days of youth I went for a job interview at The Daily Star.
The Daily Star is a low rent tabloid newspaper produced by the bankrupt Tony O'Reilly in association with British porn baron Richard Desmond.
Its editor is Ger Colleran.
Ger Colleran is most famous for a grotesque lie he propagated on national television when with malice aforethought he viciously, maliciously and malignly claimed that children had been abused in every Catholic Church presbytery in Ireland.
The Daily Star would not normally be the sort of place you'd find me hanging out.
But to be honest, I was desperate.
In any case, proprietor Richard Desmond's porn business was then unknown to me.
And editor Ger Colleran's mendacious bigotry had not yet come to light on national TV.
So I wandered along to be interviewed.
The innocent abroad.
I entered a featureless shoe box like building in the Dublin suburb of Terenure.
It looked like something the cat had built.
The interior looked like it had been decorated by the same cat.
The corridors were dark.
There were bits of paper strewn everywhere.
Half opened doors presented detritus strewn vistas of dank and mouldy offices.
I could sense ye parfait odour of pure misery.
As I searched for Ger Colleran's office a silly looking blonde tottered towards me on silly high heels.
As we passed in the corridor she gave me a glance of rarified gormlessness.
She just looked silly.
Kind of sad.
Buxom blondes wearing high heels normally have my approval for whatever they do.
I consider them a glory of the universe.
But something about this one was just depressing.
Straight away I knew there was only one reason she was there.
She was there to make the place interesting for the useless lechers who had hired her.
Great scot.
I found the whole thing infinitely bleak.
Ger Colleran's office materialised ahead of me through the mist.
I tapped on the door and a voice bid me enter.
In I walked.
Ger Colleran was a grinning slatternly egg yolk of a man.
When I beheld him a wave of nausea swept over me.
The Christian religion apparently requires me not to despise people whom I instantly find despicable.
With difficulty I mastered the urge to simply turn around and walk out of the office.
I am a kindly and accepting fellow.
My reaction to Ger Colleran was not typical of me.
For no reason that I could discern, I found him instantly contemptible.
Without merit or ability.
His bearing and mien proclaimed him to my eyes as a loathsome objectionable opprobrious lout.
All this I concluded just from one look at him.
When all is said and done.
He can't have been a total dud.
He obviously knew enough about running newspapers not to hire me.

evidence of international high society collusion with serial killers and/or devil worshippers

***The Netherlands***
Serial killer Joran Van Der Sloot is the son of a Dutch Judge. His father Judge Van Der Sloot helped him elude justice for the murder of Natalie Holloway. He has since killed again. His father is, as usual when Joran kills an innocent human being, facilitating his efforts to remain free.
***The USA***
(1) Amanda Knox, an American citizen, and her friends murdered Meredith Kercher in Italy. The killing had all the hallmarks of a satanic ritual. The brutal and merciless Amanda Knox has no shortage of friends in high places. Within minutes of cold blooded slaughterer Amanda Knox being found guilty of murder in an Italian court, high level representations were made on her behalf from the heart of what passes for high society in America. The editor of Vanity Fair magazine went on air on CNN to falsely claim that the verdict was the result of anti Americanism. A congresswoman released similar tendentious statements. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's office released a statement saying they were monitoring the situation. Television zed list personality Oprah Winfrey did her bit to try and save heartless murderess Amanda Knox from justice by interviewing her family members and serving up pattycake questions to them about how much they must miss their sibling. There was precious little concern for Meredith Kercher the innocent girl who had been unfortunate enough to be selected by Amanda Knox as a victim in Amanda Knox's murderous ritual invocation of satan.
(2) A little girl called Jon Benet Ramsey was discovered dead in the basement of her parents home. She had been tortured and killed. Her parents were billionaires. The Ramseys initially refused to be interviewed by the police and were facilitated in this manoeuvre first by lawyers and then by corrupt elements within the Boulder Colorado police force itself. Mrs Ramsey has since conveniently died. The fact that the Ramseys could avoid proper police questioning for months is the best evidence we'll ever get of collusion in the United States between bestial murderers and those charged with upholding the law. The nature of the violation and death of Jon Benet is the best a priori evidence we will ever get that the super rich are involved in devil worship.
(3) Congressman Gary Condit was having an affair with intern Chandra Levy when she was murdered. Her body was found months after she went missing. After Chandra's disappearance Gary Condit refused to take a lie detector test or answer police questions. This is a very bad sign. Gary Condit repeatedly changed his story about his relationship with the murdered girl. Gary Condit was photographed surreptitiously disposing of items in a dumpster. Another man has since been arrested for the murder. Gary Condit is no longer a Congressman. Gary Condit still has questions to answer about Chandra Levy's murder. For a start he should be taking a lie detector test just so that those of us in the general public and among Chandra's family and friends who believe he was directly involved in Chandra's death can have our concerns laid to rest.
This week a paedophile ring in Portugal has received sentences for the rape and abuse of children. The ring included a television presenter and a former international Ambassasdor for Portugal.
French soldier Pierre Chanal is believed to have murdered at least 16 people. The mother of one of his victims has told me that elements within the French establishment were protecting Chanal. She spent many years fighting to have him brought to trial. She had been informed by French sources that Chanal was procuring young men for orgies attended by member of the Judiciary and politicians. When a trial was finally held for Chanal, someone slipped him a razor blade, in spite of round the clock security, and enabled him to commit suicide before justice could be served.
The Marc Dutroux case. Dutroux aided by his wife and others, was kidnapping and torturing and murdering children in a dungeon in his home. Evidence of police, political and judicial collusion in the case is overwhelming. The indications of devil worship are also significant.
The investigation of the Haut La Garenne children's home on the island of Jersey has effectively been shelved. A hard headed investigator has been removed from the case. A few minor convictions have been secured. The truth that children were being raped and murdered in satanic rituals at Haut La Garenne for decades, has effectively been suppressed. Nobody should take a holiday in Jersey or indeed on any of the other Channel Islands until this case is properly dealt with.
It couldn't happen here, could it?
Yes it could.
(1) Police Commissioner Fachtna Murphey has refused to reopen the case of Cynthia Owens. Cynthia Owens as an eleven year old child was prostituted by her parents to a devil worship ring in the Dublin suburb of Dalkey. The Sunday World newspaper has clearly identified six living members of the ring. Members of the ring were friendly with police officers. Two babies born to Cynthia Owens as a child were murdered by her mother. Her father has since conveniently died. Police Commissioner Fachtna Murphy's refusal to countenance any reopening of the case is an outrage and a disgrace. It is also very very telling about who and what Police Commissioner Fachtna Murphy is.
(2) Judge Brian Curtin was paying to see children being raped over the internet. He was detected in these activities by an international police investigation. The international coppers informed the Irish police. Judge Brian Curtin remains at large because Irish police officers inexplicably enacted a search warrant on his home one day after the warrant had expired. Another Judge than ruled that this frivolous legal technicality meant all evidence against child abusing Judge Brian Curtin was inadmissable. Clearly the Judge who heard the case, and the Irish police who couldn't even enact a search warrant properly, clearly all of these were protecting their own. Child abusing Judge Brian Curtin's legal defence was financed through tax payer's money. Child abusing Judge Brian Curtin has been allowed to retire with a hundred thousand dollar annual pension. Maybe Irish Judges and our government just don't think paying to watch children being raped, is all that serious a crime.
(3) Double murderer Malcolm MacArthur was discovered hiding in the Attorney General's flat. That is to say, while the entire country was searching for him, he was a house guest in the home of the highest legal appointee in the land, to wit the legal adviser to the government of the now deceased Prime Minister Charles J Haughey. Malcolm MacArthur has never been charged for the second of his two known murders. Someone is very keen that he should be given any opportunity to talk about how he ended up staying with the Attorney General after he'd just committed two murders.
(4) The recent release of serial killer Larry Murphy from jail after serving just ten years of a 14 year sentence is certainly an indicator of low standards in high places.. The paltry 14 year sentence which he received for kidnapping, rape and attempted murder, should be enough to tell us that our Judges are either criminally incompetent or culpably evil. Larry Murphy kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie MacCarrick, and others. When asked about the fate of these girls, he simply refused to answer questions. Apparently refusing to answer questions about people you've slaughtered is considered legal in the Republic of Ireland.
(5) Government Minister Bobby Molloy was found to have been writing letters to legal authorities seeking the early release of child abusers. He was permitted to retire quietly and remains out of sight.
(6) Wayne O'Donoghue was sentenced to just four years in jail for throttling a little boy to death. Judge Paul Carney in bestowing such a pathetic sentence made a mockery of the law and showed utter contempt for the slaughtered child. There has also been deep disquiet about the behaviour of prosecutors in the case, ie those who should have been seeking justice for the dead child.
(7) The Sheedy Case. Two Judges who were caught helping a Fianna Fail government supporter circumvent the law were permitted to retire quietly with full pensions.